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01142317440 is the signature phone number of Bluestone Debt Collectors, a leading UK debt collection agency. They’re on the line, but the burning question remains. You might be thinking, why are they chasing after you? 

Dont worry. We are here to guide you through. Let us dive deeper to uncover the mystery behind these incessant calls from 01142317440 and learn the tricks to navigate them.

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Last updated on 28 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Beating Bluestone Debt Collectors
2. Who Called Me from 01142317440?
3. What are Bluestone Debt Collectors that called you via 01142317440?
4. Does the Bluestone Debt Collectors agency that called you via 01142317440 a legit business?
5. Who do Bluestone Debt Collectors collect for?
6. Why has 01142317440 contacted me?
7. What should you do when Bluestone agents getting touch with you via phone number 01142317440?
8. Can I ignore Bluestone Debt Collector calls from phone number 01142317440?
9. How do I stop Bluestone Debt Collectors from contacting me?
10. How do I Complain about Bluestone Debt Collectors?
11. What if you cannot handle the debt issue with Bluestone Debt Collection company alone?
12. Bluestone Debt Collection Contact Details
13. Key Points
14. FAQ


Receiving a call from an unknown phone number like 01142317440 asking to pay a debt can give you a surprise filled with a mixture of Stress and intimidation. Thus it’s really important to know who is contacting you through it to find a precise solution to the debt request.

With this article below, we will tell you exactly whos reaching out to you via phone number 01142317440 and what actions you could take to prevent them from chasing after you. Keep in mind it’s not a good idea to ignore phone calls from 01142317440 for a longer period of time.

Beating Bluestone Debt Collectors

The first step in tackling a call from 01142317440 is understanding who’s behind it and what they want. Equipping yourself with the right knowledge and strategy enables you to navigate this challenging scenario effectively.

Who Called Me from 01142317440?

It’s Bluestone Debt Collectors who called you via phone number 0142317440. Their primary agenda is to recover the debts they’ve been assigned by their client. In addition to this number 0142317440, they use different numbers to get in touch with you to ask for settling the debt.

Yes, their reach outs can seem intimidating, but being informed gives you an edge. Thus we have already written an in-depth article on Bluestone Debt Collection to give you more information about their practices and what action you could take to resolve your particular debt issue.

The increased volume of individuals inquiring about this company on the internet led us to compose the Bluestone Credit Management – Do You Have to Pay 2023. We advise perusing this manual if you have received calls from them. 

Prior to doing so, gather additional details about these calls and necessary actions from the section below.

What are Bluestone Debt Collectors that called you via 01142317440?

Bluestone Debt Collectors, who called you on 01142317440, has been a staple in the UK debt collection industry since 1971. Operating for decades, they have built a vast network and accumulated a wealth of experience. Known by various monikers like Bluestone Credit Management and Empingham, they’re adept at what they do. 

But keep in mind they are not Bluestone Arm. Bluestone Arm is another debt collection company that does not have any connection with Bluestone Debt Collectors agency.

Bluestone Debt Collectors mainly generate their revenues through two methods. Such as,

1. Collecting debts on behalf of another creditor. They receive a commission or fixed fee for each amount they collect.
2. Or they purchase the ownership of bad debt from other creditors for a fraction of the total debt and chase after the debtor to collect the total debt giving them a huge profit in return.

But after all, Bluestone Debt Collecting agents are not Bailiffs. Therefore they do not possess any legal powers to enter your home and seize your belongings. 

Does the Bluestone Debt Collectors agency that called you via 01142317440 a legit business?

Yes, Bluestone Debt Collecting agency is a legit business. Below are some of the facts that may help you to verify their legitimacy.

1. Bluestone Debt Collecting agency is a UK Companies House registered business. Their company was registered under the company name “BLUESTONE CONSUMER FINANCE LIMITED” in 1971.
2. Their company-registered address – Westfield House, 60 Charter Row, Sheffield, United Kingdom, S1 3FZ.
3. And Their Company Number –01028803.
4. Bluestone Debt collection company is authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under reference number – 716347.

As you can see, they are a legitimate business that operates in the UK.

Who do Bluestone Debt Collectors collect for?

Primarily, their major client is HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The HMRC takes Bluestone Debt Collectors service to collect unpaid tax debts and sometimes overpayments made by the government. 

The HMRC website itself verifies this fact by including Bluestone Debt Collecting agency on their list of debt collectors that collect debt on their behalf.

However, their reach doesn’t end there. They handle a range of other debts, including utility bills, council tax arrears, and more. If you’re in doubt, always ask them for verification.

Why has 01142317440 contacted me?

There can be mainly three reasons for Bluestone Debt Collecting agency to get in touch with you via phone number 01142317440. They are as follows.

1. Your Original creditor has hired Bluestone Debt Collectors to chase after you and recover their debt on behalf of them.
2. Or your original creditor has sold your debt ownership to Bluestone as they are tired of asking for your to settle the debt.
3. Or simply, it’s a mistake. You can call Bluestone Debt Collecting agency and tell them about their mistake and get done with it.

Keep in mind, getting a call from 01142317440 is like a mid-stage of an operation to recover debts. It means the debt collectors initially start conversations with their debtors through written letters. By law, a series of notice letters should be sent upon in certain stages in debt matters before taking any legal action.

After sending those initial notice letters, they will start contacting you in every way possible if you ignore them. These contact methods include,

1. Letters,
2. Emails,
3. Phone calls,
4. Home visits in extreme cases where they cannot reach out to you with other methods.

While the debts are true, If you are experiencing an increase in their phone calls, It means you have ignored their initial letters or haven’t received them at all due to changing your address to a new one. 

What should you do when Bluestone agents getting touch with you via phone number 01142317440?

If you have thoughts of cooperating, Below are some of the steps you could follow when the Bluestone Debt Collection agency contacts you via 01142317440.

Understanding the Call from phone number 01142317440

You might be wondering who exactly is on the other end when your phone buzzes and the screen displays “01142317440”. It’s the Bluestone Debt Collectors. But why?

Unsettled Debts

Bluestone’s primary reason for getting in touch is unsettled debts. Maybe you have any pending bills, a credit card payment you overlooked, or an old utility bill you assumed was cleared. Likewise, one of your original creditors will hire them to chase after you.

The Authenticity of the Claim

Before you stress, always ensure the call is genuine. Just because “01142317440” shows on your phone doesn’t automatically imply you owe money. How to be certain? Here’s a simple checklist:

  • Request documentation in writing as proof that shows you really owe their client. Their reply should include at least a copy of your initial credit agreement with the original creditor.
  • Cross-check the information with your own records for any mismatches.
  • If you’ve already paid, provide evidence to them.
Mistaken Identity?

We live in a world of data. Sometimes, errors creep in. Maybe they have confused you with someone else. These things happen more than you’d think. So, before taking any drastic step, verify all the details. Check whether they are addressing you by the correct full name and whether the address they read out matches yours.

Outdated Information

There’s another angle to consider. There can be instances where Bluestone might be operating on old or incomplete data. Maybe you cleared that debt ages ago. But their records haven’t been updated. It’s essential to challenge any details you believe are outdated or incorrect.

Addressing the Call

What should you do when “01142317440” rings again? Here are a few steps:

  • Stay calm: Panicking won’t help. Remember, there might be an easy explanation.
  • Seek clarity: Ask pointed questions to understand the root of the claim.
  • Record Details: Jot down dates, times, and the essence of the conversation.

Can I ignore Bluestone Debt Collector calls from phone number 01142317440?

Yes, you are not required by law to answer calls from Bluestone Debt Collector phone calls that come through phone number 01142317440. 

But you need to keep communicating with them in other ways, like letters, to show them that you are really into settling debt. Otherwise, they will surely take legal action against you if you completely block their reach outs.

You can request Bluestone Debt Collector via a letter that you prefer to communicate with them through letters only. And they have to honour that request by law. Only this way you will be able to stop their bombarding constant calls. 

Plus, we all know the time that it takes to send and receive a letter is long. Thus you can use that time to find a reliable solution.

You stand a chance to negotiate or even prove if the debt isn’t yours by establishing open communication. Avoiding them only prolongs the inevitable and could potentially escalate to legal repercussions.

How do I stop Bluestone Debt Collectors from contacting me?

If you find the constant communication overbearing, you have rights. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) allows you to set boundaries on how debt collectors engage with you. Draft a clear letter to Bluestone detailing how and when you wish to be contacted. 

Always remember to keep copies for your records. This copy will come in handy if things get out of control and they keep breaking your request.

How do I Complain about Bluestone Debt Collectors?

Your comfort and rights matter. Since Bluestone Debt Collection company is authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), there are a set of guidelines (set by FCA) they need to follow when dealing with debtors like you.

Take a stand if you feel that Bluestone’s approach has been inappropriate or aggressive. You can start by lodging an official complaint with their head office to give them a chance to solve the issue internally.

As your secondary option, If their response is unsatisfactory, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is your next point of contact to complain about their unethical practice. They can evaluate your complaint and even impose sanctions on Bluestone if necessary.

Sometimes with the seriousness of the case, Bluestone Credit can end up paying a huge fine or compensation to you. In the worse case can lose their licence to conduct debt collection operations in the UK.

What if you cannot handle the debt issue with Bluestone Debt Collection company alone?

There are a number of charity debt service-providing institutes in the UK that focus on helping individuals like you for free. For them, your debt issue is not a surprise since they might have given advice to thousands who have faced the same debt issue like yours. Below is a list of charity debt institutes that you could use to get aid in solving your particular debt issue.

  • National Debtline 
  • Citizens Advice 
  • Debt Advice Foundation.
  • StepChange 

Bluestone Debt Collection Contact Details

Open communication can solve many disputes. Here are some ways to reach out:


Telephone number Companies House queries: 0114 212 8531

HMRC queries: 0114 231 7509

Other queries:  0114 212 8644

Email address info@bluestonecm.co.uk
Postal address Not provided

Key Points

  • Bluestone Debt Collectors uses the phone number 01142317440 to get in touch with their debtors to ask to settle their debts on behalf of their clients.
  • Legal opportunities exist for numerous individuals in the UK to write off a portion of their total debt.
  • Bluestone serves various clients, including HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), to recover unpaid tax debts and exceed tax credit payments.
  • Neglecting interaction with Bluestone could lead to debt enforcement, legal repercussions, and potential bailiff involvement.
  • You can ask Blustones through a request letter that you prefer written communication over phone calls from 01142317440, and they should honour that request by law.
  • You can directly complain to the Blustones debt collection agency head office if dissatisfaction arises with their agent’s responses. And you can escalate the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if they fail to solve your issues with their agents.


How should I address a call from 01142317440?

Stay calm and seek clarity. Ask specific questions, and remember to record details of the conversation for future reference.

Could the call from 01142317440 be a case of mistaken identity?

Yes, errors in data and confusion with names or addresses can lead to calls intended for someone else. Always verify all details when addressed.

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