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The mysterious number 01246488923 popping up on your phone belongs to UKSL, a debt collection company. They might be dialling you to collect a payment, gather more information, or even intimidate you. Keep reading to find out how to handle these calls effectively.

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Last updated on 08 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who Called Me from 01246488923?
2. Beating UKSL International Debt Collectors and Calls From 01246488923
3. Reasons Why You Were Called by 01246488923
4. How to Stop UKSL and Calls From 01246488923?
5. Should You Ignore 01246488923?
6. UKSL Debt Contact Details
7. Key Points


Who Called Me from 01246488923?

Your phone rings, and it’s 01246488923 on the display. Don’t ignore it; this number belongs to UK Search Limited (UKSL), a debt collection agency. They may be calling to request you to pay off the debt or any payments that you have fallen behind on.

Beating UKSL International Debt Collectors and Calls From 01246488923

Feeling cornered by UKSL? Don’t fret just yet! The UK has multiple routes to shake off these debt collectors. Among them taking aid from debt solutions offered by UK has become popular in recent years. But a word of caution first: Picking the wrong solution might drag you into deeper financial waters. 

So, are you ready to find out which option fits you like a glove?

Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA)
  • Why Consider an IVA: An IVA lets you consolidate your debts into one manageable monthly payment. 
  • The Pros and Cons: An IVA offers a structured repayment plan, but it also hits your credit score. 
  • The Timeframe: Typically, an IVA lasts for five years.
Debt Management Plans (DMP)
  • Why Choose a DMP: Unlike an IVA, a DMP is more flexible. 
  • The Pros and Cons: A DMP offers more wiggle room but doesn’t write off any of your debt
  • The Timeframe: Generally, the duration of a DMP is variable and based on your unique financial circumstances. 
Risk of Choosing the Wrong Plan

What Happens If You Choose Wrong? The pitfalls are deeper than you might think. Wrong choices could escalate your financial woes. Can you afford to take that risk?

Making the Right Choice

How to Decide? It boils down to your financial stability and your long-term plans. Your decision can either get you out of the financial mess or worsen the situation. 

There you have it. You’re not just stuck with UKSL’s demands; you have options. And understanding these options is your first step toward financial freedom. 

Reasons Why You Were Called by 01246488923

Have you ever wondered why UKSL might be so persistent in calling you from 01246488923? Well, let’s unravel the mystery together. And trust me, the insights might be more straightforward than you think.

Collecting Payment

Why Do They Want Immediate Payment? It’s simple: UKSL’s primary goal is to recover the money they believe you owe. When they call from 01246488923, they’re hoping you’ll confirm the debt’s ownership. And ideally, they want you to pay the full amount right then, over the phone. This would close your account swiftly, benefiting them immensely.

Gathering More Information

Why Do They Need More Details: Not everyone can pay immediately. Sometimes, financial situations can be tight. If you express an inability to pay at the moment, UKSL will shift its focus. In this case, they will try to gather information about you, such as:

1. Financial status
2. Employment details
3. Monthly expenses

This enables them to identify the best method that they can use to recover the debt from you. 

Intimidation Tactics

Why Do Phone Calls Feel More Personal: Here’s the thing – written letters can be easily overlooked or even discarded. But a phone call? It’s instant and direct, making the situation feel so much more personal and serious. 

This is precisely what UKSL banks on. They believe that by making direct phone calls, preferably from numbers like 01246488923, they can create a sense of urgency. In most situations, this tactic works as people end up paying the debt out of fear and panic. 

Remember, knowledge is power. By understanding the reasons behind UKSL’s calls from 01246488923, you’re arming yourself with information. And this information is your shield against potential manipulative tactics. 

How to Stop UKSL and Calls From 01246488923?

You’re probably wondering if there’s a way to stop these calls. Good news: there is. Understanding your legal rights is the first step. Debt relief options like IVAs and DMPs can also aid you. 

I have created an extensive guide regarding actions to take when contacted by UKSL and strategies to prevent their outreach in the article linked below:

UKSL Debt – Should You Pay? Clear, Simple Advice 2023”.

If you want further guidance on how to tackle them, make sure to contact a debt charity for free advice. Some debt charities you can consider include:

1. National Debtline
2. Citizens Advice
3. StepChange

Should You Ignore 01246488923?

Ignoring 01246488923 might seem like the easiest route, but it’s not recommended. Ignorance can make your situation worse. You can actually turn the tables if you understand your legal standing. 

UKSL Debt Contact Details

If you decide to face the issue head-on, here are UKSL’s contact details:

Address: Unit 4 Gander Lane

Barlborough, Chesterfield

Derbyshire, England, S43 4PZ

Phone: 01246 488 924


Email: enquire@uksearchlimited.com

Key Points

  • The phone number 01246488923 is operated by UK Search Limited (UKSL), a debt collection company with the primary goal of recovering overdue payments.
  • If you’re receiving calls from 01246488923, know that UKSL aims to either collect a payment, get additional information, or possibly intimidate you into settling your debt.
  • Many residents in the UK have legal avenues to write off a portion of their debts. If you’re getting calls from 01246488923, this might be an opportunity you’d like to explore.
  • Ignoring calls from 01246488923 is not advised. Instead, educate yourself about your legal rights and avenues to counteract potential exploitation.
  • Have you considered how to free yourself from UKSL’s debt collection attempts? There are various debt solutions available in the UK that can help you combat collectors from 01246488923 effectively.
  • Understanding the law can give you an edge. Equip yourself with the knowledge to counter any unethical practices by debt collectors like UKSL calling from 01246488923.
  • If you’re contacted by 01246488923, it’s crucial to act promptly. Various debt solutions have deadlines that you might want to meet to maximise your benefits.
  • Knowing how to reach UKSL can be beneficial. Whether you want to negotiate or dispute, direct contact is key. Use our dedicated article “UKSL Debt – Should You Pay? Clear, Simple Advice 2023” to gain more knowledge about them.

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