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DRS company, also known as Debt and Revenue Services, uses phone number 01513054958 to get in touch with their debtors. They are one of the leading debt collection agencies in the UK. 

There’s more to this story than meets the eye. Stay with us as we unravel the mystery behind 01513054958…

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Last updated on 30 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who Called Me on 01513054958?
2. Who is Debt and Revenue Services: Who is DRS’s debt collection agency that called you via 01513054958?
3. Who does Debt and Revenue Services collect for?
4. Why has 01513054958 contacted me?
5. Can I ignore the Debt and Revenue Services’ calls that come through 01513054958?
6. How do I stop Debt and Revenue Services from contacting me through 01513054958?
7. Beating DRS Debt Collectors who are reaching out to you via 01513054958
8. How do I Complain about Debt and Revenue Services?
9. Debt and Revenue Services Contact Details
10. Key Points


Receiving an unexpected call from 01513054958 might leave you puzzled. This post will reveal to you exactly who called from 01513054958. 

Who Called Me on 01513054958?

It’s the DRS, also known as the Debt and Revenue Services agency, that called you via phone number 01513054958 to discuss a debt issue. And keep in mind they also have other numbers that could be used to contact you.

They are Recognised as one of the UK’s eminent debt collection agencies as their outreach is vast. And their debt collection operations are also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Identifying the caller can often be the first step in managing what comes next, whether it’s a missed payment or a forgotten debt. That is why they might have reached out to you already.

This debt collection group is widely recognised and highly engaged within the debt collection sector. That is why the MoneyAdvisor team has already covered their activities and remedies for their trouble in a separate article titled ‘DRS Debt Collection – Ultimate Guide 2023‘.

We strongly suggest you circle back to the article we mentioned above for more information in case you do not find answers to questions that pop into your head in the guide below. 

It’s because that guide includes comprehensive details on tackling such questions and being aware of your rights.

Who is Debt and Revenue Services: Who is DRS’s debt collection agency that called you via 01513054958?

Debt and Revenue Services, also known as DRS Agency, is a debt collection service that works on behalf of other lenders to recover their debts. The Original creditors pay a commission of a fixed fee to the DRS agency proportional to the debt amount they recover from their debtors.

Plus, they are a member of Ardent Credit Services Ltd, which is one of the largest debt collection groups in the UK. 

At first, DRS agents will only use letters to reach out to you as they are required by law to send you relevant warning notices before going to court to solve this debt matter straight. They will start calling you via number 01513054958 if they feel like you are ignoring them or haven’t received any notice due to the address change.

DRS agents will visit your home to convince you to settle the debt in extreme cases where they are unable to reach out to you through normal contact methods. But keep in mind they do not have any legal authority to enter your home and seize your belongings unless they are bailiffs with a warrant or a writ of conduct in hand.

The first thing you should do on these occasions is to ask for their ID and legal notice that allows them to enter your home. You don’t need to speak with them or open the door for them at all if they fail to provide those documents.

Who does Debt and Revenue Services collect for?

DRS or Debt and Revenue Services’ versatility is evident in their broad spectrum of clientele. Thus, their expertise isn’t confined to just one sector. DRS agency operates across the board, from loan providers trying to recuperate pending dues to telecommunication companies seeking unpaid bills.

The variety of industries they serve emphasises the need for being prepared, especially if you have diverse financial debts with various creditors.

Why has 01513054958 contacted me?

It is most likely Debt & Revenue Services (DRS) is trying to contact you through 01513054958 to convince you to settle a debt that you owe to one of their clients. Therefore, do not take these calls lightly. 

It’s customary for such calls to follow letters of notice first. If a letter hasn’t popped in your mailbox, it’s plausible that there’s been an addressing error or oversight. 

So, what should you do in such cases? Read on.

Can I ignore the Debt and Revenue Services’ calls that come through 01513054958?

Yes, you can ignore calls from Debt and Revenue Services’ that come through 01513054958. However, it is not advised to ignore all reach outs from them as it escalates to a situation where you might not be able to resolve it easily. 

Particularly when legal measures are pursued to compel your payment, there’s a risk that you might eventually find yourself obligated to pay a higher amount. 

Thus it’s advisable to acknowledge and address upon receiving a debt letter from Debt and Revenue Services. In the previously mentioned guide, we elaborate on the optimal approach to handling such debt letters and calls.

How do I stop Debt and Revenue Services from contacting me through 01513054958?

Receiving unanticipated calls from 01513054958 can be quite disconcerting. You may already be seeking a way to stop these constant reminders. Below are some general steps that you could use to silence those calls. Let’s dive in.

Setting Boundaries

You cannot completely block DRS agents’ reach outs if the debts are true. But you have the right to control in ways how they can reach you. For that, you just need to get in touch with them and state your preference in communication. Let me explain further.

Put It In Writing

We advise you to ask them via a written letter stating your communication preference. And remember to keep a copy of the letter and send it via a traceable mail service. They are bound by law to honour that request. In addition to that, FCA’s Strict guidelines make sure these debt collection agencies work according to law.

Plus, we strongly suggest you request them to communicate only via letters as it helps to put a full stop to other annoying communication methods.

This copy of the request letter and tracking number for the mail will be helpful when making a complaint against them for not honouring your request. 

Beating DRS Debt Collectors who are reaching out to you via 01513054958 

Facing the might of the DRS agency’s agents can stir a myriad of emotions. Yet, it’s essential not to panic when the call comes from 01513054958. It’s because the UK brims with legal avenues that can offer you solace from your debt dilemmas. 

Let’s journey together through the maze of the UK’s debt relief solutions and strategies that are all tailored to cater to individual financial challenges. Ready to dive in?

Understanding the Debt Landscape

Debt can spiral high up with interest when unmanaged. It can make simple tasks seem impossible, like buying groceries or paying for utilities. If you’ve missed a payment or perhaps overlooked a due date, that’s probably why the phone’s ringing.

Other solutions you could seek when it feels challenging to deal with calls coming from 01513054958 

It’s essential to view the call from 01513054958 as a potential turning point. It might seem like just another hurdle right now. But think again. It might just be the nudge you need to re-evaluate and reshape your financial future. Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading.

The UK has offered several other debt solutions that are aimed at helping individuals:

Now, which one sounds the most fitting for you? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

Exploring these debt Solutions in Depth

You might be intrigued by the DMPs or considering an IVA. It’s because you need to fulfil certain unique conditions in order to get acceptance to one of those solutions. Due to these risks, it is strongly recommended to take debt advice from a professional debt advisor. 

  • DMPs: These are best for short-term debts. But remember, you’ll need a steady income stream.
  • IVAs: Ideal if you have a larger debt and can commit to long-term repayments. Yet, it affects your credit rating.
  • Bankruptcy: Sure, it writes off debts. But the implications on your assets and credit score are lasting.
  • DROs: This might be your way out if you have low income with few assets and less than £20,000 in debt. 

But how do you even begin the decision-making process?

Taking the First Step

If 01513054958 has indeed made contact, see it as your cue to act. It’s time to review your financial position. 

List down your,

1. Assets,
2. Debts,
3. Monthly income,
4. And expenses.

It’s only knowing where you stand can aid in choosing the best route forward. Yes, I know it’s challenging. But trust me, the journey is worth it.

Seek Expert Guidance if you find hardship in dealing with calls that come from 01513054958 

No one expects you to face these complex decisions alone. Numerous UK-based debt advice services can guide you. They’ll walk you through the intricate paths of debt solutions, ensuring you make informed decisions. 

Now that we’ve laid it all out, do you feel the pieces of the puzzle coming together? I bet you do. But remember, the story doesn’t end here. Deciding on a debt solution is just the beginning. 

Ahead lies the actual journey of beating debt and showing the DRS agency that you’re in control. 

How do I Complain about Debt and Revenue Services?

You can stand up for your rights if you believe you’ve been unjustly treated by DRS debt collection agents. 

First, it is best to complain with proof in hand to the DRS head office regarding not complying with your request. This movement will give them a chance to resolve that issue internally. 

As your secondary option, you can complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if the DRS company did not resolve your issue satisfactorily. Surely, The DRS Agency will end up paying large fines or compensation for you if FOS resolves your complaint in your favour as the accusations are proven true.

Therefore, keep in mind that your voice and rights matter. Being informed can make all the difference.

Debt and Revenue Services Contact Details

Website: my-drs.co.uk
Telephone number 0151 545 1500
Email address Not provided
Postal address 1st Floor, Moorgate Point, Moorgate Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, Liverpool, L33 7XW

Key Points:

  • The number 01513054958 is associated with DRS, a prominent UK debt collection agency.
  • A significant number of UK residents have the potential to legally write off a portion of their outstanding debts. If you’re contacted by 01513054958, consider it an indication to explore these options.
  • Debt and Revenue Services, or DRS, play an instrumental role in recovering debts for a number of sectors, including loan agencies and telecom firms.
  • Ignoring or neglecting their calls can set the stage for possible legal actions and additional costs.
  • An effective way to deter persistent calls from 01513054958 is by laying down clear communication boundaries. Expressing a preference for written correspondence is a recommended course of action.
  • If their practices seem questionable or excessive, there’s always a route to address grievances. Initiating a complaint directly to them is a primary step, but taking matters up with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is a feasible alternative if the need arises.
  • It’s essential to distinguish Debt and Revenue Services from bailiffs. Unlike the latter, they lack the authority to seize assets or intrude into personal spaces without permission.
  • Armed with the right knowledge and tactics, managing interactions with 01513054958 becomes significantly smoother. Always remember that clarity and documentation are your allies in these circumstances.

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