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When your phone buzzes and the screen displays the number 01622528543, know that you’re being contacted by STA International, a company specialising in debt collection. They may call you for different reasons. But what is the best course of action? Keep reading to find out. 

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Last updated on 11 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who Called Me from 01622528543?
2. Who is STA International?
3. What Powers Does STA International Have?
4. Beating STA International Debt Collectors and Calls From 01622528543
5. Reasons why you were called by 01622528543
6. How to Put a Stop to Debt Collectors from STA International and Calls From 01622528543?
7. Should You Ignore 01622528543?
8. STA International Debt Collection Contact Details
9. Key Points


Who Called Me from 01622528543?

It’s STA International, a reputed debt collection agency in the UK. They could be calling for various reasons, such as:

  • Council tax
  • Parking fines
  • Unpaid bills. 

Who is STA International?

STA International is a well-known debt collection agency. The company was founded in 1955 in New York. Over the years, STA International has expanded to:

  • Mexico
  • England
  • Scotland

Apart from collecting debts, STA International also focuses on Confidential Credit Control and tracking down individuals who have skipped invoices. 

They work for various clients, which includes both commercial and consumer. In the UK, most of the activity of STA international is for unpaid student debts and B2B debt collection. This indicates that they work for other companies in order to help them recover debts. 

Even though you do not directly owe any money to STA International, they collect debts on behalf of other creditors. So, if a creditor you owe money to sell your debt to STA International or hires them to recover the money, you should expect to hear from this debt collection company.

Just like most debt collection agencies, they purchase large amounts of bad debts from creditors for a lower price and then chase debtors to collect these debts in order to make a profit.  

What Powers Does STA International Have?

As a debt collection agency, STA International has certain powers, like going to court against you. However, this is not something you should worry about as their powers are no different to what your original creditor had. So, they have the right to chase you for debt, but they have limited powers.

STA International is not an enforcement agency (commonly known as bailiffs). So even if they come to your house, they cannot:

  • Enter your home
  • Take your belongings to pay the debt. 

But if they say they have rights as such, they are being dishonest. So simply ask them to leave or make a complaint. However, they have the ability to take you to court. This means that they can:

1. Request for bailiffs.
2. Secure a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you.
3. Get an Attachment of Earnings order against you.

Beating STA International Debt Collectors and Calls From 01622528543

The phone rings, and it’s that dreaded number again: 01622528543. STA International is trying to tighten the screws on you. Here is what you should do:

Consider Applying for Debt Solution that could aid you in Write-off some portion of your debt.

Have you ever heard of writing off your debt? Yes, it’s possible in the UK. Below are some of the debt solutions available in the UK that you could use to write off some of the debt.

Be Wary of Monthly Instalment Plans

STA International might suggest setting up a monthly payment plan. But there are some points you must consider before you agree to one. 

  • Interest Rates: Monthly plans often come with interest. 
  • Flexibility: Will STA International be flexible if you miss a payment? Don’t make a move until you know.
Challenge the Debt

It’s always best to confirm if the debt is yours and if it is enforceable. So make sure to check for the following:

  • Check Documents: Always ask for proof of the debt. You’d be surprised how often records are incorrect.
  • Statute-Barred Debt: Is the debt too old to be collected? Sometimes, STA International may be chasing a debt that’s expired. A debt becomes statute-barred after six years in the UK. However, in order for a debt to be statute-barred, it should meet the following criteria:
1. You have not admitted to owing the debt in the last six years
2. You haven’t made any payments in the last six years
3. You haven’t received a County Court Judgment (CCJ) it
Know Your Rights

Remember, you have rights, even when you’re in debt.

  • Harassment: STA International can’t harass you. Harassment can include: 
  • 1. Calling you at unreasonable times
    2. Threatening you
    3. Pretending to be bailiffs
    4. Entering your home without permission
  • Legal Recourse: They might threaten legal action, such as County Court Judgments (CCJ). However, you have certain legal rights in situations like these, so always stay informed. 
Consult an Expert

If it all seems too much, remember help is available.

  • Debt Advisory Services: These experts can guide you on which solution best suits your situation. Some debt charities you can consider for free advice include:
  • 1. National Debtline
    2. StepChange
    3. Citizens Advice

So, beating STA International debt collectors isn’t impossible. In fact, you have more options than you may have thought.

Reasons why you were called by 01622528543

You see the number 01622528543 on your phone, and your heart skips a beat. STA International is on the other end, but why? They may call you for the following reasons:

To Collect Payment

The first and most obvious reason STA International would call you is to collect a payment. But why are they so urgent about it?

  • Immediate Settlement: STA International loves it when you can pay the debt in one go. They may offer you options to pay right over the phone. 
  • Monthly Plans: If you can’t pay all at once, they might push for a monthly instalment plan. 
  • Types of Debt: They are usually chasing people for different kinds of debt
  • 1. Council tax
    2. Parking fines
    3. Utility bills
To Gather Information

STA International’s second motive can be a bit sneaky. They’re trying to size you up. Why?

  • Monthly Budget: They often ask for a snapshot of your income and expenses. This helps them to identify the best course of action to get you to pay. 
  • Assets: If you can’t pay, they’ll want to know if you have any valuable assets like a car or property. 
To Intimidate You

The third reason might make you uneasy, but it’s crucial to know.

  • Frequent Calls: You may start receiving calls from 01622528543 more often. They’re trying to make you uncomfortable enough to force a payment. 
  • Legal Threats: Words like “court judgments” or “home visits” might be tossed around. 

So you see, the reasons for getting a call from 01622528543 aren’t as mysterious as they seem. Each strategy has its pitfalls and loopholes.

How to Put a Stop to Debt Collectors from STA International and Calls From 01622528543?

The easiest way to put a stop to STA International and their calls is by directly speaking to them and making the payment on the spot. If this is not an option for you, you can consider debt solutions to write off your debt. 

Before doing all that,

We created an exceptionally detailed guide on how to handle communication from STA International Debt Collectors and effectively halt their persistent efforts, as detailed in the linked article below.

STA International Debt Collection – Should You Pay or Not?

You can use this main guide to find answers to question that did not find answers here.

Should You Ignore 01622528543?

It might seem tempting to simply ignore calls from 01622528543, but ignoring them is not a good idea. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it vanish. Instead, it could escalate the situation. They might even go to court and get a CCJ against you. 

STA International Debt Collection Contact Details

If you want to confront the issue head-on, here’s how you can contact STA International directly:

Address: The Drying Loft, 25/26 Turkey Court, Turkey Mill Business Park, Ashford Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5PP
Phone: Interested in using our services? Call:

01622 600 921

Are we chasing you for payment? Call:

01622 528 543 (Individuals)

01622 600 905 (Businesses)

Website: www.stainternational.com

Key Points

  • Calls from 01622528543 typically come from STA International, who primarily engage in debt collection activities for various entities.
  • STA International’s number 01622528543 focuses on collecting debts like council tax, parking fines, utility bills, and high-street brand liabilities.
  • When 01622528543 calls you, STA International aims to collect payment, gather more information about your financial situation, or employ intimidation tactics to compel payment.
  • Good news! It’s entirely possible for UK residents to write off some of their unaffordable debt, offering a reprieve for many.
  • STA International may propose a monthly instalment plan when contacted through 01622528543, which could accrue more cost through interest rates.
  • Before agreeing to any repayment, always request documentation for proof of debt, especially when the call is from 01622528543.
  • Understanding your legal standing can help you prevent harassment from STA International. Familiarise yourself with these rights to feel more empowered when you see 01622528543 on your caller ID.
  • When in doubt, consult debt advisory services for a solution tailored to your needs. It’s a smart move after receiving a call from 01622528543.

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