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Did you just receive a call from 01653604434? Orbit Debt Collection Limited is reaching out. But why would they contact you? Stay tuned; we’re about to unravel the mystery.

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Last updated on 20 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who Called Me on 01653604434?
2. Beating Orbit Debt Collectors
3. What is Orbit Debt Collection?
4. Who does the Orbit Debt Collection collect for?
5. Why has 01653604434 contacted me?
6. Can I Ignore Orbit Debt Collection’s Calls?
7. Will I have to Pay Orbit Debt Collection?
8. How do I Stop Orbit Debt Collection from Contacting Me?
9. How do I Complain about Orbit Debt Collection?
10. Orbit Debt Collection Contact Details
11. Key Points
12. FAQ


Orbit Debt Collection

Who Called Me on 01653604434?

If you recently spotted a call from 01653604434 on your phone, it’s none other than Orbit Debt Collection, a reputable UK-based debt collection agency. If they’ve contacted you, it’s essential to understand the reason, ranging from unpaid debts to a simple case of mistaken identity.

Beating Orbit Debt Collectors

Are you feeling overwhelmed by constant calls from 01653604434? You’re not alone. Many across the UK grapple with such calls from Orbit Debt Collectors. But what if I told you you could change the game with the right moves? Let’s unravel the steps together.

Understand Your Debts

First things first. Do you know precisely what you owe? Sounds simple, right? Yet, many still need a clear picture of their debts. So, after going into deep talks, let’s get a clear idea about what you already owe.

  • Document everything: Every call, every letter, and every debt. Keeping a neat record provides a robust foundation for your next steps.
  • Ask questions: Why are they calling you? What is the specific debt they’re referring to? Your right to know can’t be undermined.
  • Analysing information – Always keep a clear idea about your debt-related data, including the creditor’s name, the type of debt, the outstanding amount, the interests, any additional charges, the payment dates, etc. 
  • Understand Repayment Terms: Debt repayment terms can differ according to the situation, and it’s important to understand the repayment terms, like the amount due, due date, interest rates, and any penalties for overdue payments.
  • Daily update on Credit Score: Your credit score is one of the most important things to consider if you want success financially in the future. So, always keep checking what’s going on with your creditworthiness and how your debts will affect your credit score.
Know Your Rights

Orbit Debt Collectors, associated with 01653604434, might sound intimidating. But did you know they operate under strict regulations?

  • They can’t harass you: They can contact you but within limits. Understanding these boundaries ensures you’re never at their mercy.
  • Written communication: Feel overwhelmed on calls? You can request all contact in writing. It’s your right. 
Exploring Debt Solutions

In the UK, the law offers multiple avenues for those in debt. Surprised? Most people are. These solutions might seem complex initially, but they can be a lifesaver once you grasp their essence. Not spending much more time, let’s delve into these options.

  • Debt Relief Orders (DROs): Suitable for those with a debt of under £20,000 and little to no assets owed. You can get help from an approved debt adviser, and if your DRO receives approval, it will last for about 12 months. 

The good news will be that you do not need to pay any more after the relevant period. But one thing you should be concerned about is that your credit report will hold the DRO for about six years.

Insolvency practitioners will lead you to an IVA, and two fees will be charged.

1. There is a setup fee
2. and a handling fee each time you pay.
  • Bankruptcy: It sounds daunting, doesn’t it? But sometimes, it’s the best way out. It wipes the slate clean, but it’s not without consequences.

You can apply for bankruptcy through the Insolvency Service online, and the negative point can be your credit rating. Bankruptcy typically lasts for six years; after six years, the bankruptcy details will be removed from your credit report.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements

Take Control of the Conversation

Are you feeling more informed? Good. Now, when 01653604434 rings next, you’ll know how to navigate the conversation.

  • Stay calm: Easier said than done, but it’s crucial. A clear head thinks better. Avoid getting confrontational or angry, as it won’t be productive. But how can you maintain composure amidst stress? For that, always think before you speak in the conversation and always keep in mind your future financial state, which should not be affected by today’s actions.
  • Ask for details: Don’t shy away. Get the specifics of every debt they claim you owe. Often, being proactive can shift the dynamics.
  • Verify the debt: Request a written validation notice, which will act as proof in the future.
  • Avoid providing personal or financial information: Always stay alert during the conversation when you share your details, especially your bank account or social security number.
Seeking External Help

You’re not in this battle alone. Various agencies and charities in the UK specialise in debt advice. They can be the guiding light you need. But with so many out there, how do you pick the right one?

  • Free debt advice services: Yes, they exist! And they can offer unbiased advice tailored to your situation.
  • Negotiating on your behalf: Some services can even talk to Orbit Debt Collectors for you. 

What is Orbit Debt Collection?

 Orbit Debt Collection is a certified debt collection agency that acts on behalf of various clients, predominantly water companies, chasing owed funds. 

Further explaining, they introduce themselves as partners in payments and the UK’s specialist water industry service partner. Over the last 20 years, they specialised in household debts and cooperated with the UK’s biggest water companies. 

Moreover, they cover a wide range of financial  problems related to 

  • Credit Card Debts
  • Overdraft
  • Council Tax Debt
  • Utility Bills
  • Parking Fines

While their persistence might seem intimidating, it’s crucial to remember they’re not bailiffs and don’t possess the same powers. Understanding the nuances between the two can significantly influence how you respond. 

If you want to know more about Orbit Debt Collection in detail, we have created an article titled 

Orbit Debt Collection: Should You Pay? Essential 2023 Guide which is a detailed guide that will provide you additional information on this debt collection company. So simply click to know more. 

Dealing with Orbit Debt Collectors

Who does the Orbit Debt Collection collect for?

As I have shown, Orbit’s primary mission is collecting household debts, specifically those due to water companies. According to their website, they are responsible for collecting debts on behalf of other companies. 

1. Anglian Water
2. Essex and Suffolk Water
3. Hartlepool Water
4. Northumbrian Water
5. Southern Water
6. United Utilities
7. Yorkshire Water
8. South West Water

In addition, their Group Partners are listed as 

1. Cabot Credit Management
2. Wescot Credit Management

A noteworthy fact is that even if you need to catch up on payments, a water company must allow you access. Wondering why? It’s because having access to water is deemed a basic human right.

Why has 01653604434 contacted me?

If you received a call from 01653604434, the most obvious reason is a debt you might owe. Furthermore, we can identify the cause as 

  • Unpaid Bills
  • Overdue Accounts
  • Unresolved Debts

But other scenarios can exist. They could have outdated contact information or have mistaken you for someone else. Clarifying why they’re reaching out can offer you peace of mind.

Can I Ignore Orbit Debt Collection’s Calls?

Is paying no heed to these calls an option? In short, yes. But its long-term impact can become worse than you can ever imagine. So, let’s get a clear idea about this important point. 

When you try to ignore their call, and after you do it, it eventually becomes a habit. What does that mean? Ignoring a call will give you temporary comfort and relaxation in your mind. But when you continually do it repeatedly, that comfort zone converts into the most terrible site. 

With each unanswered call, your burden of debt will increase gradually. But how? Well, with time, debt collectors can add additional charges to your outstanding amount. This can make it even more challenging to repay.

Ignore the Debt Collectors’s Call

 Picture this:  a haunting symphony of ringing phones from 01653604434, but you intentionally ignore them. After you check your credit report after a time, you see that it significantly harms your credit score. Then, you realise it gradually limits your financial opportunities for years. With that, you receive documents regarding legal actions that they took against you. 

After all this, you finally land on a more dangerous platform than you ever imagined. Do you like to put yourself into such a situation? Nobody wants to create more difficult situations in life, especially in these debt issues. 

So, Many leading debt charities even suggest maintaining communication strictly in written form. Avoiding their calls can prevent stressful confrontations, and a well-drafted letter can often communicate your stance more effectively than a hurried phone call.

Will I have to Pay Orbit Debt Collection?

In brief, If you genuinely owe money and Orbit Debt Collection presents valid proof, settling the debt might be in your best interest to avoid legal complications. 

However, you aren’t without options. As I have said, whether considering repayment plans or other debt solutions like Debt Management Plans (DMP) or Debt Relief Orders (DRO), understanding each can help you make the right choice. In this particular section, we will discuss Debt Management Plans in depth. 

A Debt Management Plan can be known as a formal agreement between you and your creditors or debt collectors to pay all your debts. This can be done by yourself by discussing with them or through a licensed debt management company authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This will require an additional fee. 

If you can tell and prove that the debt is too old to be enforced (statute-barred), then you may not have to pay at all. 

Statute-barred debt is no longer legally enforceable due to the passage of time, usually six years. Further explaining, if a creditor or debt collector has not taken any legal action to recover the debt within six years from its due date, the debt becomes statute-barred. You should also not have admitted to owing the debt or made any payments in the last six years. 

As a special note, some types of debts have different limitation periods. In this circumstance, seeking legal advice before taking any action is more advisable.

How do I Stop Orbit Debt Collection from Contacting Me?

Are you at your wit’s end with non-stop calls from 01653604434? It’s not just bothersome, but it can feel like an invasion of your privacy. But what if I shared a roadmap to halt these unwanted interruptions with you? Here’s how you can take control.

Understand the Regulations

Firstly, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is on your side. Remember it. FCA is the regulatory body overseeing and regulating the UK’s financial markets and financial services. They handle both parties: consumers and financial firms. 

As a consumer, what are the benefits you can gain from them? Well, let’s see.

  • You can report or make a complaint if you are unhappy about any financial product or service.
  • You can check whether a relevant business is authorised or not 
  • Also, you can report any financial scam or unauthorised firms and individuals
  • Moreover, you can prevent the most up-to-date warnings of firms and individuals recognised as scams.

Following this, you should understand these rules before you get startled by the next call or letter from Orbit Debt Collection.

  • Communication frequency: Did you know there are stipulated guidelines on how often a debt collection agency can contact you? They cannot harass you with continuous calls especially at unreasonable times. 
  • Modes of communication: Yes, you have the right to decide! Be it calls, letters, or emails. 
  • People in vulnerable circumstances – Debt collection agencies should carefully deal with people who have health issues.
  • Fair Treatment – Consumers should be provided with clear and transparent information about their debts, interest rates, fees, and charges.
  • Affordability Assessments will ensure that debtors are not established with loans or credit they cannot afford to repay.

The list goes on, and you can always access the FCA website for more information regarding your situation.

Setting Your Boundaries

Conversation with Orbit Debt Collection might be the last thing you want. But, trust me, this might be the way out. But where do you start?

  • In writing: Pen down your preferences. If you feel harassed or overwhelmed, express it. Mention when they can contact you or if you prefer written communication over calls from 01653604434.
  • Document every interaction: From every call duration, the nature of the conversation, to the representative’s name. This isn’t just a record; it’s your arsenal if things turn sour.
  • Set Boundaries for Contact: Clearly state the times and modes through which the debt collector can contact you. That will make some kind of comfortable environment when you are dealing with them. 
  • Do Not Engage in any Harassment: If a debt collector crosses the professional line, you can always inform them. Even if they do not respond properly, you should file a complaint with authorised entities.
  • Request Debt Verification: This is a must. Debt collectors should legally provide accurate information to you, which will protect you from unwanted scenarios in the future.

Always remember that dealing with debt collectors can be stressful, but it’s important to assert your rights and set clear boundaries to protect yourself.

Know Your Rights, and Use Them!

Your rights aren’t just on paper; they’re actionable. They’re the shield against any undue stress. Therefore, you should always keep a good understanding of your rights as a debtor. Let’s reveal some of your rights in this paper.

  • Fair Treatment and Respect: The most important right for you. Debt collectors or creditors should not use any kind of  Harassment, intimidation, or abusive behaviour.
  • Cease and desist: It’s a formal request to stop any further communication. This might sound like an extreme measure, but sometimes it’s necessary. 
  • Negotiation of Repayment Plans: you can always propose and discuss reasonable repayment plans with debt-collecting agencies based on your financial circumstances. 
  • Options on extreme financial hardships: debtors may have the right to request debt rescheduling or even debt write-offs through their journey. 
  • Seek external counsel: You’re not alone. Free debt advisory services can guide you. They can help articulate your rights and even meditate on your behalf.

Debt Counselling

When Boundaries are Crossed

Regrettably, sometimes, Orbit Debt Collection might not heed your preferences. But remember, you’re not powerless. In such a case, navigating the situation carefully and assertively is important. 

  • Review your rights: Get more familiar with your rights and check the options available to solve your issue. 
  • Report the misconduct: Armed with your documented interactions, you can report any breaches to the FCA.
  • Consider legal counsel: as I have noted, parts specialising in debt collection disputes can be your ally. They’ll understand the nuances you might overlook if things escalate.
  • Keep records: this will save you in a way you cannot imagine. Therefore, maintain a record of all your communications with the debt collector, including copies of letters, emails, and notes from phone calls.

This journey might seem daunting, but every step is a stride towards peace of mind. So, are you ready to reclaim your tranquillity? And what’s the first actionable step? Stay with me, and we’ll uncover these answers together.

How do I Complain about Orbit Debt Collection?

If you find Orbit Debt Collections behaviour unpalatable, remember that you hold the right to complain. Initiating a complaint is straightforward, starting with directly contacting the agency. But if that avenue proves fruitless, where can you turn? Higher authorities can intervene, and their decisions carry weight.

Orbit Debt Collection Contact Details

Need to get in touch? Here are the essential contact details for Orbit Debt Collection:

Telephone number 01653 695674
Email address Not provided
Postal address PO Box 92 Malton YO17 1BN
Website www.orbitservices.co.uk
Opening Hours
  • Monday – Thursday: 9 am-8 pm
  • Friday: 9 am-6 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am-1 pm
  • Sun: Closed

Also, you can always send your concerns and matters to them through their website where an option is stated as ‘Message Us’. 

Key Points

  • Orbit Debt Collection Limited is known to make calls from 01653604434 to collect household debts, particularly those owed to water companies.
  • A significant number of individuals in the UK have the potential to write off a portion of their outstanding debt legally.
  • There’s a possibility that 01653604434 might contact you regarding unpaid debts. There’s also a chance they have dialled the wrong number.
  • Prioritising written communication with Orbit Debt Collection is advised. If you’re confident that the debt isn’t yours or need time to consider your options, it’s entirely acceptable to ignore their calls and respond to their letters at your own pace.
  • You must pay if the debt is legitimate and Orbit Debt Collection can substantiate their claim. It’s crucial to assess your options, whether arranging a repayment plan or considering debt solution avenues.
  • To halt or modify the frequency and mode of communication from 01653604434, it’s crucial to explicitly communicate your preferences to the Orbit Debt Collection, preferably in writing.
  • You can lodge a formal complaint if Orbit Debt Collection breaches FCA guidelines, especially after communicating your preferences.


What is the Significance of the Number 01653604434?

This number is likely associated with Orbit Debt Collection Limited, a debt collection agency in the UK. They may be contacting you regarding unpaid debts.

How Can I Stop Receiving Calls from 01653604434?

To stop calls from this number, you can inform Orbit Debt Collection of your communication preferences in writing. The FCA mandates them to respect these preferences.

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