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Debt Managers Services Limited is one of the reputed debt collection agencies in the UK that uses phone number 01709537258 to get in touch with their debtors like you. 

But what’s the reason behind their call to you? And how should you handle it? Dive deeper with me to unravel the mystery…

Yusuf Khan
Last updated on 30 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who Called Me from 01709537258?
2. Beating Debt Managers Debt Collectors who called you via 01709537258
3. What is Debt Managers Ltd, who called you via 01709537258?
4. Who do Debt Managers Debt Collectors Work for?
5. Why has 01709537258 Called Me?
6. Can I Ignore the Debt Manager’s Debt Collectors’ Calls?
7. How Do I Stop Debt Managers Ltd from Contacting Me via Number 01709537258?
8. How Do I Complain about Debt Managers Ltd Debt Collectors?
9. Debt Managers Debt Collectors Contact Info
10. Key Points


It is always not a pleasant thing to see a debt collection company’s number pop up on your phone. But there are things that you could do to control their constant phone calls from 01709537258.

Keep reading to find your options for dealing with the company that owns the 01709537258 number.

Who Called Me from 01709537258?

The phone number 01709537258 is used by Debt Managers Limited to get in touch with their debtors. They have other numbers as well to reach out to you in case you block the number that they used to call you recently.

Over the past years, we have gone through numerous accounts of individuals managing their interactions with Debt Managers Ltd. Therefore, we composed a blog post detailing efficient strategies for handling them. 

This encompasses methods to potentially alleviate the debt to make payments. You can locate these insights in our comprehensive guide titled “Debt Managers Services Ltd – Navigating Payment Obligations in 2023.” 

Don’t hesitate to revisit this guide to access additional support if you require more extensive assistance. 

Beating Debt Managers Debt Collectors who called you via 01709537258

Nobody likes that sinking feeling when you see an unfamiliar number like 01709537258 flashing on your screen. More so when you find out, it’s from a debt collector. But don’t let this put a damper on your day. 

Tackling this head-on is easier than you think. And by the time you finish reading this, you’ll know exactly how.

Know Your Debt: Is it Really Yours?

First things first. You might be surprised when the number 01709537258 appeared on your caller ID. Surely, you may wonder about what debt they are talking about. A critical step in handling these situations is understanding what’s at stake.

  • Request them to send you proof:
    • Send them a letter requesting to reply to you with proof that shows you really owe them through a written letter titled “Prove the Debt”.
    • Always ask for a written breakdown of the debt.
    • Their reply should at least include a copy of your initial credit agreement.
  • Validate: Ensure that the debt is yours. Mistakes do happen.
Open Lines of Communication: Let’s Talk

Hiding or avoiding calls from 01709537258 isn’t a solution. More often than not, opening a dialogue can make things a lot clearer. So, what should you do?

  • Initiate a Chat: Instead of avoiding it, try calling back. Discuss the debt and understand the details.
  • Negotiate: Debts can sometimes be negotiated down. Did you know that?
Seek Sound Advice: You’re Not Alone

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t. There are professionals out there who deal with cases like yours daily.

  • Consult Experts: Consider taking guidance from a debt advice agency.
  • Benefit from Their Experience: They often have insights and strategies you might not have considered.
  • Institutes like StepChange, a charity debt organisation, will help you free if you reach out to them.
Know Your Rights: They Can’t Harass You, Can They?

Many people are unaware of their rights when it comes to debt collectors. Did you know that there are strict regulations in place in the UK?

  • All debt collection agencies are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Thus, they need to always follow FCA guidelines when dealing with debtors.
  • UK Laws: Familiarise yourself with the regulations. It’s essential to know what collectors can and cannot do.
  • Report Harassment: If you feel threatened, it’s crucial to know you can take action.

What is Debt Managers Ltd, who called you via 01709537258?

The phone rings, and the caller ID displays 01709537258. A number, sure, but also a connection to one of the UK’s longstanding debt collection firms. Dive in with me to understand Debt Managers Ltd’s story and workings.

Debt Managers Ltd is not just another company name you might have heard of. Its roots go deep, all the way back to 1976. That’s nearly five decades of experience in the financial recovery realm. Their tenure speaks to their adaptability, understanding of the changing landscapes, and commitment to ethical practices.

They generate their revenue by chasing after debtors on behalf of other creditors. And for each recovery, they get a commission or fixed fee in return.

More Than Just Debt Collection

At its core, Debt Managers Ltd focuses on debt collection. But let us see what that really means.

  • Bridging Creditors and Debtors: Their main role is to act as intermediaries, bridging the gap between you and the party you owe money to.
  • Professional Approach: When Debt Managers Ltd reaches out, their objective isn’t to intimidate. They’re agents representing creditors. They aim to find a solution. And they do not seek problems.
The Legal Boundaries

It’s imperative to understand that Debt Managers Ltd operates within strict legal parameters, like any professional debt collection agency. So, let us see what this means for you.

  • They are not Bailiffs: Thus, they cannot enter your home and seize your belongings unless they are bailiffs with a warrant or writ of conduct in hand.
  • Fair Play: They’re bound by laws that prevent them from using threatening tactics. No midnight calls, no constant harassment, and certainly no baseless threats.
  • Your Rights: You have rights. And Debt Managers Ltd acknowledges them. While they aim to recover unpaid dues, they should respect the laws that safeguard your interests and mental peace.

Who do Debt Managers Debt Collectors Work for?

You’d be surprised to learn the range of clients that Debt Managers Limited Debt Collectors represent. They cover a wide spectrum of sectors. They include,

1. Debts owed to energy companies
2. Loan and credit card arrears
3. Store card and catalogue debt
4. Private parking fine debts
5. Council tax arrears

Why has 01709537258 Called Me?

If you’re receiving calls from 01709537258, it usually implies one of four things:

1. You owe money: They believe you have an unpaid debt.
2. You received a debt notice letter but did not respond to them about it.
3. You owe them money and changed your living place address without noticing them. Thus, all notice letters have gone to your old address.
4. Wrong number: Mistakes happen. They might be looking for someone else.

Answering the call from number 01709537258 and asking them directly is the only way of finding the reason for them to reach out to you. Keep in mind to let them speak out the reasons first. Do not jump into the discussion via call accepting the debt voluntarily. Let them give you the reasons from their side.

However, it’s better to address the issue through written communication. The previously mentioned manual concerning this firm will outline optimal approaches to react to correspondence about a Debt Managers Ltd debt. It also includes information on potential methods to write off debts.

Can I Ignore the Debt Manager’s Debt Collectors’ Calls?

An immediate sense of unease might flood in when your phone buzzes and the screen displays the unfamiliar number 01709537258. You might wonder whether it is possible to ignore it. But ignoring the call is not the best course of action. 

Let’s dive deeper into this conundrum.

Understanding the Implications of Ignoring

You might experience fleeting thoughts like It’s just one call and what harm ignoring it could do. But let’s unpack what could follow:

  • Persistent Calls: Once could turn into twice, thrice, and before you know it, 01709537258 could become a number you see way too often.
  • Letters in the Post: Ignored calls might escalate to formal letters. And it will bring a tangible aspect to the looming debt.
  • Increased Anxiety: Each missed call could amplify stress levels, keeping you on edge. 
  • They will surely let you know via one last letter titled Letter Before Action (LBA) stating that they are going to court if they do not settle the debt or get in touch with them before the due date mentioned in the letter.
  • Next, they will go to court to take a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you. The court will grant a CCJ against you if the debt is true and you neglect the LBA
  • Receiving a CCJ will make you legally responsible for the debt and will last for six years in your Credit history if you do not settle the debt before 30 days of issuing the court order.
  • Again, they will go back to court to take a warrant or writ of conduct to use bailiffs to visit your home and seize your belongings if you ignore the CCJ as well.
Addressing the Situation: The Proactive Approach to handle the calls from 01709537258

Consider these actionable steps instead of hitting the ‘ignore’ button:

  • Take the Call: Yes, it might seem daunting, but it could provide clarity. You will be able to clarify whether it’s a mistake with their response. Or a debt you weren’t aware of.
  • Clarify Details: Ensure you get all the necessary information. It’s your right to understand what the call pertains to.
  • Verification: Check whether they have the right person. Confirming this might just relieve you of any associated burdens.
What If It’s Not My Debt?

An essential point to wonder about. Yes, mistakes can happen. And maybe, just maybe, they have the wrong person. What then?

  • Request Written Confirmation: This will provide clarity on the debt details.
  • Cross-check: Compare the information provided with your records. Perhaps it’s not even your debt!

How Do I Stop Debt Managers Ltd from Contacting Me via Number 01709537258?

Continuous calls can be bothersome. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Send a Written Request: Ask them to contact you only through writing.
2. Report Harassment: If calls persist, report them to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) for breaching the FCA guidelines.
3. Seek Legal Counsel: Consult with a solicitor for persistent issues.

How Do I Complain about Debt Managers Ltd Debt Collectors?

Receiving a call from 01709537258 can certainly be daunting. But might be wondering what to do if there’s a sense that the Debt Managers Debt Collectors might have gone beyond their boundaries. 

Don’t take it lightly if you feel harassed or unfairly treated by them. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how you can make your voice heard and lodge a complaint against them.

Recognise the Problem

Before diving into the complaint process, it’s vital to ascertain if there’s a genuine problem. Make sure whether there has been misconduct or they are pressuring you unbearably with harassment and threats. Once this is clear, the next steps become evident.

The Power of Documentation against calls from 01709537258
  • Track Every Call: Note down every call’s date, time, and the nature of the conversation (record if you can) to show as proof of any threats or unprofessional conduct from 01709537258.
  • Save All Communication includes letters, emails, and even voice messages. A paper trail can be incredibly useful.
  • Witnesses: Anyone who has overheard the conversations could play a pivotal role in vouching for the misconduct.
Filing a Formal Complaint
  • Direct Communication: Begin by sending a detailed complaint to Debt Managers Debt Collectors directly to give them a chance to solve the issue internally. Be clear and concise, and mention all your grievances.
  • Await a Response: They should typically reply within a stipulated time frame. It might be time to take things up a notch if they don’t.
Time to Escalate?

If the response from Debt Managers Debt Collectors is unsatisfactory or non-existent, you have further options:

  • Regulatory Bodies: In the UK, organisations like the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and FCA oversee such agencies. It might be time to bring them into the picture.
  • Seek Legal Counsel: Taking consultation from a legal expert can provide clarity on your next steps if things still don’t seem to be moving in the right direction.
Remember Your Rights when dealing with calls from 01709537258

Throughout this process, always remember you have rights. The UK has strict guidelines for debt collection practices. Don’t let yourself be bullied or manipulated.

Debt Managers Ltd debt collection agents might end up paying huge fines or even compensation to you If the legal authorities find out they have done an unlawful thing. Therefore, do not be afraid to rise up and complain about these issues.

Debt Managers Debt Collectors Contact Info

Website www.debt-managers.com
Telephone number 01709 758449.
Email address client.services@debt-managers.co.uk
Postal address Debt Managers (Services) Ltd

One Arleston Way


West Midlands

B90 4LH

Key Points

  • Yes, it is possible to ignore calls from debt collectors. But completely disregarding communications might result in legal actions and potential court orders.
  • The number 01709537258 is used by Debt Managers Limited, a debt collection agency established in 1976.
  • If the agency violates regulations, you have the option to file a complaint with them. And you can escalate the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if necessary.
  • Send your communication preferences in writing to halt communications from Debt Managers Ltd while adhering to FCA regulations.
  • Debt Managers Limited handles various debt categories, such as loan arrears, credit card debt, and council tax arrears, catering to a wide array of businesses.
  • Certain individuals in the UK have the legal option to write off specific portions of their debt.

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