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It’s Advantis Debt Collection company that uses phone number 01782401192 to get in touch with their debtors. They are one of the most active debt collection agencies that operate in the UK. But there’s something crucial you should know about these persistent calls before you even think of responding…

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Last updated on 01 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who called me from 01782401192?
2. Beating Advantis Debt Collectors
3. What is Advantis Debt Collection that contacts you through phone number 01782401192?
4. Who does Advantis Debt Collection work for?
5. Are the Advantis Debt Collection, which contacted you through 01782401192, legitimate?
6. Why has 01782401192 contacted me?
7. Can I ignore Advantis debt collectors’ calls that come through 01782401192?
8. How Do I Stop Advantis Debt Collectors from Contacting Me?
9. Can I Complain About Advantis Debt Collectors?
10. Advantis Debt Collection Contact Details
11. Key Points
12. FAQ


Taking note of 01782401192 is advisable. This isn’t just any typical scam number that you can dismiss and ignore. Thus it’s essential to pay attention to this post if you’ve received a call from 01782401192. 

Therefore continue reading to discover the identity of the caller from 01782401192 and the necessary steps to take.

Who called me from 01782401192?

It’s Advantis Debt Collection company who called you through phone number 01782401192. This isn’t a random sales call. Instead, a recognised debt collection agency in the UK is reaching out. 

Keep in mind Advantis Debt Collection agents could use other phone numbers as well if they thought of getting in touch with you. Whether you owe money or not, knowing how to handle these calls professionally and ensure you’re protected is essential. 

We have already produced an in-depth article on Advantis Debt Collection separately to guide you on how to deal with them. You check on that article by clicking here if you dont find what you are looking for from the below article.

Beating Advantis Debt Collectors

The relentless ringing from Advantis might become unnerving. But the good news is there are practical steps you can take. Below are some of the general practices you could use to deal with them efficiently.

1. Firstly, ensure the debt is indeed yours. Occasionally, they may contact the wrong person.
2. If it’s yours, understand your rights and consult with debt advisers.
3. They can guide you on reducing or potentially eliminating what you owe.
4. With the right knowledge and assistance, you can overcome this financial challenge.

What is Advantis Debt Collection that contacts you through phone number 01782401192?

Advantis Debt Collection, also known as Advantis Credit Limited, has been in the debt collection business since 2004. Their primary goal is to recover debts for their clients. They have a track record of resolving millions of debt cases with a dedicated team of over 250 members.

They mainly focus on collecting debts on behalf of other companies instead of purchasing bad debt from other major lenders. Thus their revenues are generated from charging a fixed amount for the recovered debt or a commission on payment by the debtor.

The Advantis Debt Collection getting in touch with you via phone calls through 01782401192 is not the only one way of contacting you. In addition to that, they use letters, emails, and eventually home visits if they are not able to contact you through other methods.

But keep in mind Advantis Debt Collection agents are not bailiffs. Therefore they cannot enter your home and seize your belongings. Plus, they are not allowed to pretend like bailiffs too. Simply ask for their ID if you encounter a scenario like this. You can ask them to leave if they are not bailiffs. And they are bound by law to honour that request.

You are not required to open your door even to them if they aren’t bailiffs. You state them via letter noticing that you prefer to communicate via letters only. And You can call the police on them in case they dont leave. As you can see, knowing how they operate is key to handling any interactions with them correctly.

Who does Advantis Debt Collection work for?

Advantis Debt Collection isn’t a standalone entity. They collaborate with several significant partners in the UK. Their client base is expansive, from utility companies and credit card firms to government departments like the DVLA and HMRC. 

Also, it doesn’t matter whether they are large or small businesses; many businesses and lenders are known to take Advantis’s Debt Collection service gradually. Keep in mind they do all these services in addition to collaborating with these major institutes. From this, you can understand how big they should they be to manage all these debts.

Are the Advantis Debt Collection, which contacted you through 01782401192, legitimate?

Yes. You might think at some point Advantis Debt Collection company is a scam if you are hearing their name for the first time. But Advantis Debt Collection, which contacted you through 01782401192, is a legitimate company. Below are some of the facts that may help you to verify their legitimacy.

1. Advantis Debt Collection is authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority under reference number – 705478
2. They have registered their company in the Companies House of the UK under the registered name – “ADVANTIS CREDIT LIMITED”.
3. Their company number in companies house registration – 05223252.
4. Their registered office address – Floor 9 Peninsular House, 30-36 Monument Street, London, England, EC3R 8LJ.
5. They are a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA).

We think the above information is enough for you to understand their legitimacy. So, if you’re getting calls or letters from them, it’s crucial to address the matter promptly.

Why has 01782401192 contacted me?

It indicates that the Advantis Debt Collection agent who called you from the 01782401192 number has a matter they wish to discuss. Possibly one of your previous creditors gave them your contact details to chase after a debt they believe you owe. 

It is true they might get in touch with you mistakenly. But it’s really a rare incident as your original creditor himself provides those details to Advantis company.

Always confirm the details. There have been instances of errors or even fraud where individuals were wrongly contacted.

Keep in mind they use these constant phone calls and home visits only if they are unable to get in touch with you through letters. Getting a debt call as their first contact means they sent the initial debt notice to the wrong address, probably to your last home address.

Can I ignore Advantis debt collectors’ calls that come through 01782401192?

Yes, you can keep ignoring Advantis debt collectors’ calls that come through 01782401192. But we strongly suggest you not ignore their notice letters. It’s because they use written letters to communicate crucial legal notices with their debtors.

You can keep ignoring all of their requests only if the debts are not belong to you. Otherwise, it’s better to get serious about their letters as there is a risk for you eventually facing in-court action if you do not get in touch with them.

As you can see, ignoring calls is one thing but turning a blind eye to their official correspondence letters can escalate matters. So it’s in your best interest to respond and clarify the situation.

How Do I Stop Advantis Debt Collectors from Contacting Me?

You hear that all-too-familiar ringtone, and as you glance at your screen, the number 01782401192 pops up. The lingering question that’s likely on your mind is: “How do I get these calls to stop?” 

Rest assured, you’re not alone in this, and there are clear steps you can take. Let’s break it down.

Understanding Your Rights

The first and foremost thing to grasp is that you have rights. The perception that debt collectors hold all the power is a common misconception. Specific rules and regulations protect consumers from aggressive debt collection practices.

So, what are these protections?
  • Preferred Communication: Did you know that you can decide how Advantis communicates with you? Whether you prefer emails, letters, or another method, the choice is in your hands. Simply write them a letter telling them about your preferred communication method, and they should honour it according to the law.
  • Limited Contact: There are restrictions on the number of times a debt collector can contact you. So, that relentless ringing from 01782401192 doesn’t have to be your daily soundtrack.

Now, you might be asking, “How do I set these boundaries?” Here’s how.

Communicating Your Preferences

Open communication is pivotal. It’s often the most effective way to manage the situation, while contacting a debt collector directly may seem daunting.

Steps to consider:
1. Written Request: Always put your communication preferences in writing. This way, there’s tangible evidence of your request.
2. Be Clear: Specify that you only want to be contacted through your chosen method. For instance, make that clear if you only want letters and no calls from 01782401192.
3. Know the Regulations: Familiarise yourself with the FCA guidelines. When you reference these, it shows Advantis that you’re informed.

The looming question remains: “What if they don’t comply?” Stay with me; the answer’s coming.

Ensuring Compliance from Advantis

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) isn’t just a name. It’s a regulatory body with teeth. You can report them if Advantis doesn’t adhere to your wishes or the FCA’s guidelines. The FCA can then take appropriate action against any firm that doesn’t follow the rules.

Reflect and Act

Yes, it’s crucial to be proactive. On the other hand, it’s equally vital to be reflective. Why are you getting these calls from 01782401192 in the first place? Addressing the underlying debt or misunderstanding can be the ultimate solution to halting those pesky calls.

Can I Complain About Advantis Debt Collectors?

Yes. You can complain about Advantis if they violate any FCA guidelines.

The phone rings, and the number 01782401192 flashes across your screen again. 

It’s natural to wonder, 

  • What if they’re not following protocol? 
  • Can you take action? 

The straightforward answer is yes, you absolutely can. Let’s delve into the specifics of how you can voice your concerns.

Your Right to Complain

Nobody should be subject to mistreatment or harassment. It’s essential to know that you’re not powerless against Advantis if you believe that they have overstepped their boundaries. The law is on your side. Whether it’s the frequency of the calls, the tone of the communication, or even misinformation, you have the right to complain.

The First Step: Reach Out to Advantis

Before escalating the issue, it’s crucial to communicate your grievances directly to Advantis. Why?

  • Open Channels: Sometimes, misunderstandings occur. It might be a simple miscommunication that they’re willing to rectify once pointed out.
  • Record Keeping: By formally lodging a complaint, you create a record of your concerns. This might come in handy if you have to escalate matters further to legal action.

You’re probably thinking, “But what if they don’t listen?” Hold onto that thought!

The Second Step: Escalating to the Financial Ombudsman Service

Here’s where it gets interesting. If Advantis doesn’t address your concerns adequately or within eight weeks, you have another powerful ally. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). They’re an independent body designed to assist consumers like you.

What can the FOS do for you against these constant calls from 01782401192?
  • Investigate: They will thoroughly examine your complaint by considering all available evidence.
  • Mediation: They can facilitate a resolution between you and Advantis if deemed mediation is necessary.
  • Enforcement: FOS can ensure they take corrective action if Advantis is found in violation.

Yet, you might be pondering, “Is this the final stop?” Just wait. There’s more.

Further Steps After the FOS

Hypothetically, What if your concerns remain unresolved even after the FOS’s involvement? It’s a rare occurrence but fret not. Remember the number 01782401192? You might have grounds for legal action if they continue to pester you against FOS’s advice.

But let’s address the burning question: How to ensure you never get to this stage with 01782401192 

The answer lies in being proactive, informed, and always aware of your rights. Only in that way, you may be able to control Advantis reach outs through that phone number 01782401192 you hate most.

Advantis Debt Collection Contact Details

If you wish to engage in a conversation with Advantis, here’s how you can reach them:

Website  www.advantiscredit.co.uk
Telephone number 01782 401 100
Email address admin@advantiscredit.co.uk
Postal address Advantis Credit Ltd

Minton Hollins Building

Shelton Old Road



United Kingdom


Key Points

  • The number 01782401192 is linked to Advantis Debt Collection, a genuine and operational UK debt collection agency.
  • A number of individuals in the UK might be eligible to legally write off a portion of their debt.
  • Advantis collaborates with different businesses, lenders, and government departments, including the DVLA, for debt recovery on their behalf.
  • Receiving a call from this number 01782401192 likely indicates an attempt to collect a debt. Calls and texts can be ignored, but disregarding their letters may lead to legal action.
  • To halt frequent calls, provide Advantis with your preferred communication method in line with FCA guidelines and regulations safeguarding debtors from harassment.
  • If Advantis violates rules or neglects your preferences, you have the option to lodge a complaint and escalate it to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if needed.


I keep receiving calls from 01782401192; who is it?

The phone number 01782401192 is associated with Advantis Debt Collectors. It indicates attempts by Advantis to contact you regarding a debt matter if you see this number often on your phone.

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