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Ever wondered about those persistent calls from 01782971401? It’s natural to feel anxious about answering it if you see that number for the first time. Take a deep breath. Usually, Advantis debt collection agency uses phone number 01782971401 to get in touch with their debtors.

Here’s everything you need to know and the actions you can initiate.

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Last updated on 28 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Beating Advantis Debt Collectors
2. Who Is Calling From 01782971401?
3. Who is Advantis Debt Collection that used phone number 01782971401 to reach out to me?
4. Why Is Advantis Debt Collection Calling You through phone number 01782971401?
5. What happens if your debts are already older than 6 years when Advantis calls through 01782971401?
6. What Happens if You Don’t Speak to Advantis
7. Will Advantis Take You to Court?
8. The Silver Lining: Paths Forward
9. How To Stop Advantis From Calling You from 01782971401?
10. Getting Help With Your Debts
11. Key Points
12. FAQ


It’s likely that the caller attempting to reach you is a debt collection agency if you’ve been receiving frequent calls from 01782971401, potentially on a daily basis. This assumption gains more weight if their calls persist during the early evening and weekends

Within this article, we will help you to identify the source of these calls originating from 01782971401 and provide guidance on curtailing such communication.

Beating Advantis Debt Collectors

Are you tired of the never-ending calls and eager to bring them to a stop? The first thing to understand is that you’re not powerless. In the UK, numerous people have legally managed to write off significant portions of their debt. 

Choosing the right strategy and knowing how to navigate the debt landscape can make a considerable difference. There are several debt solutions in the UK. Picking the correct one could help you waive a part of your challenging debt.

Who Is Calling From 01782971401?

It’s most likely Advantis Credit, whos calling you from phone number 01782971401, one of the UK’s more sizable debt collection agencies. They are not just a random telemarketer if your phone is repeatedly buzzing during the early evenings and weekends. 

And they try to get in touch with you via phone only when they cannot establish communication with you via letters and emails. They have the technology to use automated systems call systems to make you impatient by bombarding a number of blank calls where nobody responds to you from the other side you pick up the phone.

Knowing who’s behind them is crucial when things come to a stage where you get a number of blank calls raising your depression level to an unbearable level.

Let us find out who they are in deep in the next section.

Who is Advantis Debt Collection that used phone number 01782971401 to reach out to me?

Advantis Debt Collection is a reputed debt collection agency that has operated in the UK since 2004 from Stoke-on-Trent. They are an agency that specialises in Debt Collection and Credit Management. They usually collect debts on behalf of other major and small creditors.

Severn Trent Water, Vodafone and Next are some of the clients that Advantis work on behalf when it comes to debt collection. Plus, they are one of the only two agencies trusted by the official receiver for bankruptcy-related debt collections in the UK.

Below are some of the legal facts that may help you to verify their legitimacy.

1. Advantis Debt Collection agency is authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Under reference number – 705478.
2. They have registered their business in Companies House in the UK under the registered name “ADVANTIS CREDIT LIMITED” since 2004.
3. Advantis Company House registration number – 05223252.
4. They have a membership from Credit Service Association (CSA) as well.

Why Is Advantis Debt Collection Calling You through phone number 01782971401?

There can be mainly three reasons for debt collection agencies like Advantis Credit Limited to get in touch with you via phone number 01782971401. They are as follows.

1. Advantis Debt Collection gets hired by original creditors to chase after their debtors onbehald of them. Here, they charge a commission fee or a fixed fee for each recovery they succeed.
2. Your original debtor is tired and sold your debts to Advantis Credit Limited for a fraction of the total debt. Then Advantis Debt Collecting agents change after you recover the whole debt, making them a huge profit.
3. Or simply a mistake. Mistakes can happen due to various reasons. Therefore get in touch with Adavantis Credit Limited and tell them about the mistake they have made.

Surely one of the first two reasons may be the cause for them to get in touch with you if the third one is not a possibility. The intention of the company is to establish communication with you, aiming to formulate a payment plan for repaying the debt. 

However, it’s important to remember that despite any claims they might make on their websites, debt collectors are not advocating for your interests. Their profitability relies solely on your payment. Consequently, they might resort to aggressive or intimidating tactics in an attempt to coerce you into settling the debt. 

It’s imperative not to be swayed by these tactics. Each collection agency operates under strict regulations. You possess the right to file a complaint if their actions transition from mere debt pursuit to harassment. We will delve into this process in more detail later in this article.

What happens if your debts are already older than 6 years when Advantis calls through 01782971401?

Thinking of playing the waiting game? Consider the consequences. Technically, if you avoid any contact for a straight 6 years, you could sidestep the debt. It’s a special case where your debts sorts under the Statute-Barred category making your debts not enforceable in the curt. 

But you need to fulfil 3 conditions simultaneously in order to get acceptance to this excuse by law. They are as follows.

1. Your debts must be older than 6 years from the day you made the last payment.
2. You should have any provable communication with the original creditor or Advantis Credit limit within the 6-year period mentioned above first point.
3. You should not have got a court order regard to this debt case within the 6-year period mentioned above first point.

You don’t need to pay the debt if it fulfils the above 3 conditions at the same time. But this does not mean your debt will be cleared from your credit history report as well. Thus gaining a Statute-Barred excuse may impact your credit records negatively, making it difficult to get new loans and credit cards in the future.

However, with today’s technological advancements, it’s increasingly challenging. Plus, with Advantis’ resources, the threat of legal ramifications is ever-present. Being informed is your best defence.

What Happens if You Don’t Speak to Advantis

Advantis will keep trying to get in touch with you using various communication methods that they have on you. Mostly these reach outs are done by using,

1. Letters,
2. Phone calls,
3. Emails
4. And home visits in extreme cases where their agents cannot reach you using other general methods.

Next, they send you one last letter titled “Letter Before Action (LBA)”, noting that they will take the debt issue to court if you do not settle the debt or get in touch with them before the due date mentioned in the letter.

Next, Lets us see what will happen if you ignore their LBA letter.

Will Advantis Take You to Court?

Yes, they will surely go to court to solve this issue if the debts are true and it’s worth going to court to solve it. It’s a tough pill to swallow. But evading debts isn’t a good long-term strategy. Therefore lets us show you some of the general steps that the Advanstis Debt collection agency will follow if you ignore their LBA letter.

  • They will surely go to court and take County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you if the debts are true.
    • As a result of receiving a CCJ, you will be legally responsible for paying the debt.
    • This CCJ will last in your credit history for 6 years if not settled the debt before passing 30 days of issuing the court order.
    • Plus, you may find difficulties in getting new loans and credit cards in the future due to the negative impact of the CCJ record on your credit history.
  • Next, the Advantis debt agents will go back to court to take a warrant or a writ of conduct against you to use bailiffs to visit your home and seize your belongings if you ignore the CCJ court order.
    • The bailiffs store your seized belongings in a warehouse and eventually sell them in an auction to recover the total debt and all bailiffs’ charges. 
    • They will surely take another court order to cut your wages from your job until their debt gets settled if the auctioned money is insufficient to settle the whole debt.

As you can see, it’s not a flowery road you could travel if you ignore their notices. There is plenty of time in between these procedures. Thus we strongly suggest to you to use that time to find a reliable solution to your debt issue before things get escalate to this extent.

The Silver Lining: Paths Forward

It’s easy to feel trapped, imagining worst-case scenarios. But what if we told you there’s hope? Even if the court looms, it’s not the end of the story.

  • Legal Counsel: Equip yourself with a legal expert by your side. It will help you to navigate the complexities of the court with less daunting.
  • Open Communication: Answer that call from 01782971401. It might not be a friendly chat. But open dialogue could divert the course from courtrooms to compromise.
  • Payment Plans: Propose a realistic repayment plan if you can’t pay everything at once. Slow and steady often wins the race.

How To Stop Advantis From Calling You from 01782971401?

The simplest thing you could do is to write Advantis via letter stating that you prefer to communicate with them via letters only. They have to honour that request and start communicating via letters by the law. 

And by law, they have to stop all other communication methods approaches, including phone calls, through phone number 01782971401.

There are instances where some Advantis agents may break those ethics and try to contact you via these constant phone calls from 01782971401.

There exists a relatively straightforward procedure you can adhere to if halting the calls from 01782971401 is your goal. By law, any form of harassment is classified as a criminal offence within the United Kingdom.

Initially, it’s crucial to determine the identity of the original creditor. Once this is accomplished, your task is to amass substantiating proof that showcases Advantis’s persistent harassment. Legitimate forms of evidence encompass:

1. All correspondence and documents that are forwarded to you by Advantis.
2. A comprehensive record detailing the precise dates and times of incoming calls from 01782971401.
3. Affidavits from acquaintances, family members, or neighbours who can serve as witnesses.

With this evidence compiled, dispatch a letter to the creditor (retain a duplicate and forward the original via registered mail). In this letter, include your demand for the cessation of harassment and tell them about your preferred means of future communication. 

Subsequently, within a span of three business days, the creditor is obliged to provide an informal response. 

As your secondary measure, you should complain to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) about your bad experience with Advantis Debt Collectors phone calls through 01782971401. This action is generally adequate to terminate the persistent stream of phone calls.

Getting Help With Your Debts

Drowning in debt can be more than just daunting. It can keep you awake at night, questioning your next move. But remember this crucial point: help is not just a dream. It’s a reality waiting for you to grasp it. 

Your journey to a debt-free life might seem like a mountain climb. But you can reach the summit with the right guide. And the map to starting this journey prevails in the famous debt charity organisation, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). 

Let’s dive into the steps you can take with their support.

A Friendly Ear at the CAB: They will surely guide you through all your options to deal with phone calls from 01782971401

The first step to solving any problem is to Accept it. It’s a reminder that it’s time when the phone buzzes with a call from 01782971401. The CAB is not just a resource. It’s a haven for those facing debt challenges. Here, you’ll find more than just advice with their compassionate experts on hand. 

You’ll find understanding.

  • Approachability: The CAB ensures you feel at ease, providing a judgment-free space to discuss your debts.
  • Expertise: They’ve seen it all. Their seasoned advisors know the solutions inside out, from minor credit card dues to major loans.
  • Tailored Advice: Every debt story is unique. At the CAB, you’re not just a number. Your situation gets the personalised attention it deserves.
Initiating the Dialogue with Creditors

It’s time for a conversation once you’ve got the CAB by your side. The answer might surprise you. But not just any chat. A constructive dialogue with your creditors can pave the path to resolution. Wondering how? Keep reading.

  • Preparation: Draft a plan after being armed with insights from the CAB. Know your rights, your dues, and the potential solutions.
  • Open Dialogue: Make that call. When 01782971401 rings, answer it. Initiate a conversation, not with fear but with confidence.
  • Negotiation: With guidance from the CAB, you can propose feasible payment plans that work for both parties.
Exploring Advanced Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all in the debt world. Sometimes, the standard solutions might not fit your scenario. But it does not mean that it’s the end of the road. There are a number of other debt solutions available in the UK that you could use to get relief from your unique debt issue.

But you need to fulfil certain unique conditions in order to get acceptance for any of those debt solutions. We know how important those solutions are. Thus we have dedicated a separate article series explaining all information you need to know before choosing any of those debt solutions. 

Below is a list of other debt solutions available in the UK. And we strongly suggest you take legal assistance to determine what option matches the most to your debt issue. It’s because some debt solutions can help you write off your debt while others can worsen your debt issue.

Key Points

  • 01782971401 is directly associated with Advantis Debt Collection, which is a UK-based debt collection agency.
  • A significant portion of the UK population can legally write off some of their debts.
  • Always stay informed about your rights against potential harassment.
  • Expert advice can be the guiding light leading you out of debt-induced darkness.
  • Knowledge is your greatest weapon against such challenges. Equip yourself and stand firm.


What is the significance of the number 01782971401?

The number 01782971401 is associated with Advantis Debt Collection. If you receive a call from this number, it is likely regarding your debt or account with them.

Is it advisable to ignore calls from 01782971401?

It is not recommended to ignore calls from a known debt collector’s number, like 01782971401, which is owned by Advantis Debt Collection. Answering and addressing the issue directly can help in resolving the matter amicably and avoid further complications.

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