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It’s most likely Advantis Debt collection agency who is calling from 01782971404 to you.

They are one of the UK’s renowned debt collection agencies. There are some crucial things that you need to know before considering your next move. So, let us walk you through to find out more about them…

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Last updated on 20 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who called me on 01782971404?
2. Beating Advantis Debt Collectors who calls from 01782971404
3. Who is Advantis Debt Collection?
4. Who does Advantis Debt Collection collect for?
5. Why has 01782971404 contacted me?
6. Can I ignore Advantis Debt Collection’s calls?
7. Will I have to pay Advantis Debt Collection?
8. How do I stop Advantis from contacting me?
9. How do I Complain about Advantis Debt Collection?
10. Advantis Debt Contact Details
11. Key Points
12. FAQ


Curious about the caller from 01782971404? Here, our primary focus in the following discussion is to unveil their identity. Uncovering the genuine caller’s identity will likely lead to further inquiries on your part.

Regrettably, we don’t advise you to dismiss a call from 01782971404. Therefore keep reading to acquire comprehensive information about calls originating from this number and discover ways to ensure your safety.

Who called me on 01782971404?

01782971404 is one of the designated contact numbers that Advantis Credit Limited uses to contact its debtors. Advantis Credit Limited is a leading UK debt collection agency that specialises in Debt Collection and Credit Management. They may also use other phone numbers if you ignore calls from 01782971404.

Recognising this number can help you prepare mentally and gather the necessary information before picking up the call.

Beating Advantis Debt Collectors who calls from 01782971404

Dealing with Advantis debt collecting agents, those who call from 01782971404 can surprise anyone once they see that number for the first time. Just because you owe a debt doesn’t mean you will end up paying them every time. 

Below are some general guidelines you could follow to stay ahead of them and find a solution to your debt issue.

Knowledge is Your Shield

Knowledge is the most formidable weapon against debt collectors. Yes, that’s right! Understanding the legalities surrounding debts can empower you to approach these calls confidently. And don’t you want that upper hand when 01782971404 rings again?

For that, you need to keep good,

  • Awareness: Know your rights. Debt collectors have a set of rules they need to follow all time when dealing with their debtors.
  • Documentation: Always keep records. It does not matter whether it’s the debts you owe or communications with collectors. Documentation as proof can be your saviour. 
  • Confirmation: Before making any payments, always ensure the debt is yours. Surprised? Well, there have been cases of mistaken identities or old debts resurfacing.
Strategic Moves Against Advantis debt calls that comes through 01782971404

While knowledge equips you, a strategy puts that equipment to use. Think about these questions.

1. How do you respond when you receive a call from 01782971404?
2. Do you panic over their call? 
3. Or do you avoid them completely?

Most likely, the answers to these questions are as follows if they pop up in your mind for the first time.

1. You don’t know how to respond to a call from 01782971404 because you don’t know them or have no idea who they are.
2. Yes, surely you might panic over their call. 
3. Yes, for sure. Hoping they will look the other way around.

But you can easily negotiate with Advantis debt collection agents if you have knowledge of what you are dealing with. Imagine handling that call like a pro!

Do not be afraid of them. Instead, plan your negotiation by understanding the below key points.

  • Open a Line of Communication: Talk to them. Understand the exact nature of the debt they’re referring to.
  • Negotiation: You’d be amazed at what a calm conversation can lead to. Perhaps a reduced sum? Or a more feasible payment plan? It’s all in the art of negotiation.
  • Seek Advice: Not confident in facing them alone? Debt advice agencies can provide guidance, sometimes even for free.

Who is Advantis Debt Collection?

Advantis debt company, or Advantis Credit Limited, is one of the UK’s reputed debt collection agencies that has been providing their services for almost 20 years since 2004. They specialised in Debt Collection and Credit Management. 

With the above two specialities in hand, they focus more on collecting debts on behalf of other businesses instead of purchasing bad debt from other creditors. They generate their main revenue by taking commissions from recovered debt or charging a fixed fee for each debt they recover successfully.

Their website states that each year, they have managed to help over 2 million customers through their services. Plus, they have managed to secure this kind of large customer base by providing debt-collecting services to the largest companies in the UK.

Most of these large companies are from sectors such as,

1. Utilities,
2. Government Bodies 
3. And Retail Finance

They might resort to strong-worded letters or threats of legal action when trying to convince you to settle the debt. But It’s essential to understand that they do not have the power of bailiffs. This means they cannot enter your home or seize your belongings unless they are bailiffs with a warrant in hand.

Who does Advantis Debt Collection collect for?

Advantis Debt Collection agents will surely get in touch with you through phone number 01782971404 if you have bad debts in one of the following types.

1. Utility and telecommunication arrears
2. Credit card arrears 
3. Loan arrears
4. Catalogue company arrears

Compared to all clients in the above sectors, the DVLA is the biggest client that hires Advantis Debt Collection agents to recover their bad debts. Thus Advantis debt agents might be the ones ringing you up if you’ve ever missed out on paying your road tax. 

They play a crucial role in collecting arrears by partnering with the DVLA. Here, Advantis’s debt collection service ensures that every vehicle owner pays their bad debt to DVLA.

Why has 01782971404 contacted me?

The reason for Advantis Debt agents to contact you via phone number 01782971404 could be 1 of the 3 reasons mentioned below.

1. Your original debt owner has hired Advantis Debt collection agency to collect their debts on their behalf.
2. Your original creditor has sold your debts to Advantis Debt collections agency as they are tired of chasing after you to ask to settle the debt. 
3. Simply, it’s a mistake. Mistakes can happen to anybody, as we all are humans. In those instances, call Advantis Debt agency head office and tell them about their mistake.

It’s likely the first cause for Advantis Debt to get in touch with you through phone number 01782971404 since they focus mostly on recovering debts for their clients. On the other hand, Calling by mistake is very rare.

Debt collection agencies commonly turn to calls and texts after unsuccessful attempts to reach you through written communication. This shift occurs as sending letters is a necessary step before pursuing legal action.

Consequently, Advantis Debt Collection is inclined to contact you if their debt request letters have been disregarded or if those letters were sent to an incorrect address, like to a previous residence.

Can I ignore Advantis Debt Collection’s calls?

Technically, yes, you can. There’s no law stating you must answer every call you receive. However, ignoring these calls might escalate the situation, leading to more aggressive collection tactics. Communication is often the key to finding a mutual solution.

Will I have to pay Advantis Debt Collection?

Yes. You’ll likely have to address it only If you genuinely owe the amount they claim. However, there are legal frameworks and potential solutions to either reduce the debt or set up manageable payment plans. Engage with them, and you might be surprised at the options available.

How do I stop Advantis from contacting me?

You cannot completely stop Advantis debt collectors from reaching out to you. But you can limit their communication methods. Simply write them a letter stating that you prefer to communicate with them only using your chosen communicational method. 

We strongly suggest you ask them to talk with you through letters to stop their annoying phone calls and home visits. And they are bound by law to honour your request and start communicating through your preferred channel.

And keep in mind to keep a copy of your request letter and send it through a trackable mail service so you can use them as proof when making a complaint if Advantis Debt does not honour the request.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) offers guidelines on how debt collection agencies can communicate. Familiarising yourself with these can give you the tools to set boundaries and ensure you’re treated fairly.

How do I Complain about Advantis Debt Collection?

Advantis Debt company is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FOS). Thus, they need to follow strict guidelines when conducting debt collection practices. It’s not a lie that most debt collectors tend to break or bend these laws to their advantage. 

Every debtor has rights too. You start by filing a complaint directly with Advantis’s head office if you feel Advantis is overstepping or treating you unfairly by breaking FCA guidelines. This will give them a chance to handle the accusation internally.

As your secondary option, you can escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if Advantis does not solve your issue satisfactorily.

Advantis Debt Contact Details

Telephone number 01782 401 100
Email address email admin@advantiscredit.co.uk
Postal address Advantis Credit Ltd

Minton Hollins Building

Shelton Old Road



United Kingdom


Key Points

  • The contact number 01782971404 is employed by Advantis Debt Collection agency to contact individuals they believe owe money.
  • Advantis specialises in collecting arrears related to credit cards, loans, catalogues, utilities, and telecommunications and collaborates with the DVLA.
  • You have the opportunity to initiate a formal complaint initially with Advantis debt company and subsequently with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if they violate FCA regulations.
  • Legal options in the UK might allow many people to write off specific portions of their debt.
  • Requesting communication preferences through letters in writing is possible.


What is 01782971404, and why am I receiving calls from this number?

01782971404 is a contact number associated with Advantis Debt Collection agency. If you are receiving calls from this number, it likely means that Advantis is attempting to collect a debt they believe you owe.

Is the 01782971404 Advantis Debt Collection number legitimate?

Yes, 01782971404 is a legitimate contact number for the Advantis Debt Collection agency. However, it is important to verify any requests made during the call and be cautious of sharing personal or financial information.

How can I stop receiving calls from 01782971404?

You cannot completely stop calls from 01782971404 unless you can settle the debt in one go. The Advantis Debt Collection agency uses this phone number 01782971404 to get in touch with their debtors. 

But you can ask them via a letter to let them know about your preferred communication method. And they are bound by law to honour your request.

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