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Zinc debt Collection agency uses the number 01789405056 to get in touch with their debtors. They are a debt collection agency. Thus, there can be many reasons for them to call you. Maybe they are hungry for payment, probing for more details about your financial life, or aiming to rattle your cage. 

So, whatever the reason, Hold tight, as I’m about to reveal some options that could turn the tables.

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Last updated on 14 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who Called Me from 01789405056?
2. Beating Zinc Debt Collectors
3. Why Was I Called by 01789405056?
4. How to Hold Off Pressure from Zinc that called you via 01789405056?
5. Can I Get Away with Ignoring 01789405056?
6. Zinc Debt Collection Contact Details
7. Key Points


Who Called Me from 01789405056?

It’s Zinc Debt Collection Agency’s agents who called you via phone number 01789405056. These guys are pros at buying unsecured debts and making you believe you have no options but to pay up. 

But keep in mind not everything they describe will happen accordingly. Thus, being aware of those tactics is the key to defeating them in their own game.

Beating Zinc Debt Collectors

If you’re dealing with the Zinc Debt Collection agency, which contacted you at 01789405056, there’s some positive news. In the UK, there are various legal avenues that can potentially assist you in reducing a portion of your overwhelming debt. 

One way you could use to write off some of your debt is to choose a Debt Solution offered by the UK.

However, it’s important to exercise caution. It’s because while certain options may lead to a partial debt write-off, others could exacerbate your financial difficulties. Therefore, we highly recommend seeking advice from a qualified debt advisor before considering any debt solution.

Why Was I Called by 01789405056?

You might be wondering why the Zinc Debt Collection agency is reaching out to you, specifically via the number 01789405056. Keep in mind that they have other phone numbers as well to get in touch with you if you block this number. These calls are not random dial-ups. There are compelling reasons for their call.

To Collect payment from you:

First and foremost, their primary objective is to collect payment for outstanding debts. If you’ve seen 01789405056 pop up on your phone, you should already have received a letter in the post.

But here are some questions that might bother you deeply:

1. How much do they say you owe them?
2. And what happens if you can’t pay it all right now?

Here’s the scoop: The Zinc Debt Collection agency will try to lure you into accepting one of the below options if the debt is proven true.

1. Monthly Instalments: If you can’t pay the entire sum, they often offer you the option to pay in monthly instalments via a payment plan.
2. Statement of Amount: Zinc Debt Collection agency uses this call to make it crystal clear how much you owe. They’ll usually ask for a card payment right then and there to cover the full balance.
They might call you to Gather Information about you:

Here comes the second reason why 01789405056 might be calling you. It might be for information gathering.

But now you may wonder why they want to gather information about you. It’s because Zinc Debt Collection agents want to check on your feasibility of settling the debt. These verifications and authentications help them greatly in determining what to do next regarding your debt issue from their side.

In order to gather information about you, they will inquire about your,

  • Your Current Financial Circumstances: If you claim that you can’t pay the debt in full and decline monthly instalments, then their next step will be to gather more information about your financial situation.
  • Your Current State of Incomes and Expenses: They will ask about your current income status and living expenses. Yes, it might sound intrusive. But they’re building a profile regarding your financial capability. And it helps them in figuring out how best to recover the debt.
  • They will document these interactions for Future Debt Recovery: The information they collect isn’t just for show. It will be used in future attempts to recover the debt.

How to Hold Off Pressure from Zinc that called you via 01789405056?

The power is in your hands. Knowing your legal rights can give you the upper hand in these conversations. For starters, debt collectors like Zinc Debt are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. They can’t harass or intimidate you. They also can’t enter your home unless invited.

Understanding your rights and taking appropriate action can effectively put a stop to the Zinc Debt Collection agency’s debt collectors. 

To assist you in this endeavour, we’ve prepared a dedicated article titled “Zinc Group Debt Collection – Essential 2023 Guide on When to Pay” to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the Zinc Debt Collection agency. 

Within that article, you’ll discover answers to any questions that may not have been addressed in the current article you are reading.

Can I Get Away with Ignoring 01789405056?

You can choose to disregard phone calls from the Zinc Debt Collection agency at 01789405056. Still, it’s not advisable to ignore all forms of communication from them, as doing so could lead to more complications than resolutions. This may include:

1. Sending numerous letters.
2. Filling your inbox with emails.
3. Persistent phone calls.
4. In extreme cases where normal communication methods fail, potential home visits.
5. The possibility of legal actions, such as initiating a County Court Judgment (CCJ).
6. As a last resort, they may seek court warrants to deploy bailiffs to your residence, seize your possessions, and auction them to cover the total debt along with all bailiffs’ charges.

As you can see, it’s not a wise thing to ignore all communication from the Zinc Debt Collection agency. There is plenty of time in between these procedures. Thus, we strongly advise you to seek debt help from a professional debt advisor. 

Or you can simply fill out our online forum from here and get in touch with us to get help. 

Zinc Debt Collection Contact Details

You can get in touch with a Zinc Debt Collection agency using one of the following methods.

Address: Kings House, 4 Elm Court, Stratford Upon Avon, CV37 6PA, United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (1789) 273149
Fax: +44 (1789) 405 065
Website: https://www.wewanttosayyes.co.uk/

Key Points

  • Phone number 01789405056 is associated with Zinc Debt Collection, a firm specialising in acquiring unsecured debts across various industries.
  • When you receive a call from Zinc Debt Collection agents via 01789405056, it’s usually for one of three reasons: to collect a payment, gather information about your financial situation, or to intimidate you into settling the debt.
  • Several Debt solutions are there that you can potentially use to write off unaffordable debts in the UK. The right choice could relieve your debt, but choosing the wrong plan might dig you deeper into financial trouble.
  • Ignoring calls from 01789405056 can have legal repercussions. It’s crucial to consult debt advisors for expert advice on handling Zinc Debt Collection.
  • By understanding your legal rights and the limitations of the Zinc Debt Collection, you can hold your ground against intimidation tactics. For detailed strategies, refer to resources like the guide “Zinc Group Debt Collection – Essential 2023 Guide on When to Pay.”
  • Ignoring 01789405056 is not advisable. This could escalate the situation, potentially leading to house visits or court summonses.
  • Dealing with Zinc Debt Collection is often a cat-and-mouse game, and it’s not over until you’ve resolved the debt or found a solution that works for you.

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