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Have you ever received a call from 03335565564 and wondered who’s on the other end? That number belongs to Lowell, a leading debt collection company in the UK. In this article, we will discuss how you should handle calls from Lowell debt collectors. 

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Last updated on 04 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who Called Me from 03335565564?
2. Beating Lowell Debt Collectors
3. Why am I being called by 03335565564?
4. How do we handle Lowell Collectors and Calls from 03335565564?
5. Should I Ignore 03335565564?
6. Lowell Financial Debt Collection Contact Details
7. Conclusion
8. Key Points
9. FAQ


Who Called Me from 03335565564?

If you got a call from 03335565564, it means Lowell Financial Debt Collectors is trying to contact you. They primarily call to collect debt or gather information about your financial situation. Lowell does not have a specialised debt category that they love to pursive more often. Thus they are known for buying huge quantities of debt from various industries.

Below are a list of largest companies they purchase debt oftenly.

1. O2,
2. Littlewoods,
3. Vanquis Credit,
4. Capital One.

Worried? Don’t be. Let’s dissect why they are reaching out to you. Trust me, the reason will become clear in just a moment.

Beating Lowell Debt Collectors

The easiest way to get rid of Lowell debt collectors or calls from 03335565564 is to write off some of your unaffordable debt. There are many debt solutions in the UK. Choose the right one, and you will be able to write off your debt, but choosing the wrong one will only worsen your situation. Here are some debt solutions that you can consider: 

Why am I being called by 03335565564?

If 03335565564 keeps popping up on your phone, it’s probably because they want to:

1. Collect Payment: The first and most urgent reason Lowell uses 03335565564 is to get you to pay up and fast. They’d love it if you could just clear the debt right then and there because they aim for instant payment or at least a payment plan. 
2. Gather Information: If you can’t clear the debt, their next move is to gather information. Using 03335565564, they start asking you questions like: 
  • How much do you earn? 
  • What do you spend your money on? 
  • Do you own anything valuable? 

They’re gathering data to figure out their next move. 

How do we handle Lowell Collectors and Calls from 03335565564?

Dealing with Lowell Debt Collectors isn’t as complicated as you might think. There are several tried-and-true strategies to keep them at bay and protect yourself from intimidation or worse. 

The best way to handle them is to talk to them and avoid ignoring their calls. Make sure to explain your situation and agree on a payment plan or take up a debt solution. 

I’ve crafted an in-depth article detailing strategies for managing Lowell Debt Recovery and various methods to thwart their efforts. You can access this informative guiding article through the following link: 

Lowell Financial Debt Collectors Agency

Should I Ignore 03335565564?

NO, Ignoring a call from 03335565564? A tempting thought, indeed. But hold on; ignoring them may not be in your best interest. If you ignore calls from Lowell Debt, it will make the situation worse. 

You may have to pay more as they might add charges and interest to your account. Further, it can even lead to court action such as County Court Judgements (CCJ). 

Lowell Financial Debt Collection Contact Details

Before we wrap up, let’s jot down some essential contact details for Lowell Financial. Whether you decide to confront them or implement an evasion strategy, having this information is crucial.

Address: Ellington House, 9 Savannah Way, Leeds, LS10 1AB
Phone: 0333 556 5552
Opening hours: 8 am-8 pm Monday to Friday, and 8 am-2 pm on Saturday
Website: www.lowell.co.uk


Navigating the calls from 03335565564 and handling Lowell Debt Collectors doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If you think wisely and make the right decisions, you can easily handle this situation without any hassle. 

Key Points

  • 03335565564 is directly linked to Lowell Financial Debt Collectors. Their main objective is to make contact with debtors. Whether it’s to collect payments or to simply gather information, their primary method is through this number.
  • When 03335565564 pops up on your phone, it’s typically because Lowell Debt Collectors are trying to secure a payment or gain more details about a debtor. Always be cautious and informed.
  • If you’re in the UK and are being hounded by debt, there’s a silver lining. Many residents have the legal right to write off parts of their burdensome debts.
  • Getting a call from 03335565564 can be nerve-wracking. But instead of panicking, explore various UK debt solutions. With the right approach, you could potentially write off an unmanageable portion of your debt.
  • Lowell doesn’t just stop at calls. They might resort to intimidation tactics, including threats of Country Court judgments and even unexpected home visits.
  • Ignoring 03335565564 or avoiding dealing with Lowell Collectors might not be the wisest choice. Equip yourself with the right tools and information to handle the situation proactively.


Who does the number 03335565564 belong to?

The number 03335565564 belongs to Lowell debt. They may be contacting you to ask you to pay off your debts. 

Will I have to face court action if I ignore calls from 03335565564?

It’s not guaranteed that you will face court action if you ignore calls from 03335565564. But there is a high possibility you will face court action, especially if you ignore Lowell’s debt for a long time. 

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