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The LCS Debt Collection Agency uses the phone number 03445439169 to get in touch with their debtors. They could be ringing you for several unsettling reasons: to collect a payment, pry into your financial situation, or even to intimidate you into submission.

So, what should you do when this particular set of numbers appears on your phone? The answer might surprise you—stay tuned to find out what your options are.

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Last updated on 15 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who Called Me from 03445439169?
2. Beating LCS Debt Collectors who called you via phone number 03445439169
3. Reasons Why You Were Called by 03445439169
4. How to Stop LCS Debt Collectors
5. Should you ignore 03445439169?
6. Contact Details of LCS Debt Recovery Company
7. Where Can I Get Free Debt Advice?
8. Key Points


Who Called Me from 03445439169?

It’s LCS Debt Collection Agency’s agents who called you via phone number 03445439169. They are a UK-based debt collection agency. You might want to reconsider if you’ve been tempted to dodge their calls. Ignoring it could worsen your financial situation. 

They are known for collecting debt on behalf of various major companies. Their client companies include utility firms such as E.ON, British Gas and HMRC debts.

So what should you do now? Well, before you take any action, you should first understand who LCS is and what they want. Keep reading, and you won’t be disappointed!

Beating LCS Debt Collectors who called you via phone number 03445439169

If you find yourself facing challenges with LCS Debt Collection Agency’s representatives, who reached out to you at 03445439169, there’s some encouraging news. In the UK, several legal avenues can actually help you in reducing portions of your overwhelming debt.

Among these legal avenues, seeking assistance from debt solutions provided in the UK has gained significant popularity in recent years. 

However, we strongly advise exercising caution— while certain options may alleviate your financial burden, others could potentially exacerbate your financial situation. Therefore, we highly recommend seeking guidance from a professional debt advisor before contemplating any of these debt solutions.

Several debt solutions are available in the UK, and we have provided dedicated articles explaining them due to their significance. You can explore more about these options using the links provided below:

Reasons Why You Were Called by 03445439169

You might be wondering why LCS Debt Collection Agency is getting in touch with you through the number 03445439169. It’s important to note that they have alternative contact numbers at their disposal, so blocking this one won’t deter their efforts. Rest assured, these calls are not random; there are always legitimate reasons behind them.

Their primary objective when reaching out to you is to either request debt settlement or collect payment. 

If you’ve received a call from 03445439169, it indicates that they have already sent you postal letters in the past. 

They don’t typically initiate phone calls in the early stages of the debt collection process. This is because they are required to send you certain legal notices in written communication before pursuing legal action. 

So, if they are now calling you, it likely means that you missed or ignored their previous notice letters, prompting them to seek resolution over the phone.

However, here’s the intriguing part:

  • The Amount Owed: The call from LCS Debt Collection Agency at 03445439169 aims to clarify the total debt owed. They may often request an immediate card payment to cover the entire balance.
  • Monthly Payment Options: If making a full payment upfront is not feasible for you, they might propose the option of spreading payments through a monthly instalment plan.
Another reason behind the call from 03445439169 could be information gathering. 

You might wonder why they need more information about you. This is done to evaluate your capacity to settle the debt and decide on their next steps regarding your debt issue.

For this purpose, they may inquire about:

  • Your Financial Circumstances: If you express that paying the debt in full or through monthly instalments is challenging, they will seek additional information about your financial situation.
  • Income and Expenses: They will ask about your income and living expenses. While it may seem intrusive, they are building a profile to determine the most effective way to recover the debt. You may be curious about how to use this information to your advantage – continue reading, as this is a crucial point.
  • Future Debt Recovery: The information they gather is not just for show. It will be used in future attempts to recover the debt.

How to Stop LCS Debt Collectors

Frustrated with LCS Debt Collection Agency disrupting your financial peace? It’s time to take control. Being informed about your rights and devising effective strategies can put an end to the LCS Debt Collection Agency’s tactics.

To assist you, we’ve already prepared a comprehensive guide titled “LCS Debt Recovery – Can You Ignore Them? – Ultimate Guide 2023” to offer you a thorough understanding of this debt collection agency. Inside this guide, you’ll find answers to any questions that may have been left unanswered in your current research.

Should you ignore 03445439169?

You might consider ignoring phone calls from LCS Debt Collection Agency, who have reached out to you at 03445439169. However, it’s not advisable to completely disregard all forms of communication from them, as this approach could lead to more problems than solutions.

Potential issues that may arise include:

1. Receiving numerous letters
2. Accumulating a high volume of emails in your inbox
3. Persistent phone calls
4. In more severe cases, home visits when standard communication methods prove ineffective
5. The possibility of legal actions, such as pursuing a County Court Judgment (CCJ).
6. In extreme circumstances, they may resort to obtaining court warrants to send bailiffs to your residence, where they can seize your possessions.
7. These seized items may then be auctioned off to cover the entire debt along with associated bailiff charges.

Therefore, it is essential to be aware of your rights and utilise them effectively in such a situation.

Contact Details of LCS Debt Recovery Company

Website: www.lcsdr.com
Phone: 0344 543 9001
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8 am-8 pm and Saturday 9 am-1 pm
Email: contact@lcsdr.com
Trading address: First Floor West Wing

Town Centre House, The Merrion Centre

Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 8LY

Where Can I Get Free Debt Advice?

If you’re uncertain about how to handle your debt with LCS Debt Collection Agency, I recommend seeking help from a debt charity.

There are numerous charitable and organisational resources in the United Kingdom that offer free debt counselling services. And they provide valuable financial guidance too. Their experienced advisors can help you explore your options and determine the best solution to match your circumstances.

You can seek assistance from organisations like:

1. StepChange
2. National Debtline
3. Citizens Advice
4. Debt Advice Foundation.

Key Points

  • The number 03445439169 is associated with LCS Debt Recovery, a debt collection agency working for utility companies and HMRC.
  • You can potentially write off some of your debt by selecting an appropriate debt solution in the UK.
  • Avoid disregarding the call. Instead, educate yourself about your rights and how to prevent LCS Debt Recovery by consulting the linked article “LCS Debt Recovery – Can You Ignore Them? – Ultimate Guide 2023“.
  • Certain individuals in the UK may have legal options for writing off some portion of their unaffordable debt.
  • The purposes of their calls include debt collection, information gathering, or inducing payment through intimidation.

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