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If you’ve ever received a call, from the number 08081965550 it could be from PRA Group which is one of the most well-known debt collection agencies in the UK.

If you’re curious about their contact it’s probably because they think you might owe them some money. To get information we suggest taking a look at our guide.

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Last updated on 20 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who Called You From 08081965550?
2. Beating PRA Debt Collectors
3. Is 08081965550 or PRA Debt Collectors legit?
4. Who Is PRA Debt Collectors?
5. What Happens if You Don’t Answer the Phone to PRA Debt Collectors?
6. Will PRA Debt Collectors Take You to Court?
7. How To Stop 08081965550 From Calling You
8. Finding More Help With Your Debts
9. Key Points


Who Called You From 08081965550?

If you receive constant calls from 08081965550, it is none other than PRA Debt Collectors. They may try to contact you by using this phone number after they have identified that you may owe debts to one of their clients.

Also, you need to be aware that these calls are made automatically with the help of a computerised system, and once you answer the phone call, it will be transferred to a human, which is why you may get constant calls from 08081965550.

Beating PRA Debt Collectors

One way to eliminate some of your debts is by writing off some of them. When it comes to handling debts in the United Kingdom, there are strategies (Debt Solutions) that you can consider. It’s crucial for you to determine the course of action as it can safeguard you against difficulties.

Some of these options you can consider include:

Is 08081965550 or PRA Debt Collectors legit?

The answer to this question is that 08081965550, or PRA Debt Collectors, is a legitimate debt collection agency. It is primarily because the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates them. 

Who Is PRA Debt Collectors?

08081965550, also known as PRA Debt Collection, is reputed to be one of the prominent debt collection agencies in the United Kingdom.

08081965550, or PRA Debt Collection agency works in two ways:

1. Buys Debts from Companies and chases the debtors to recollect them.
2. Works on Behalf of other companies as a middleman to help them recollect debts.

If you ever need to reach out to PRA Debt Collection you have a couple of options. You can. Send them an email at enquiries@pragroup.co.uk or give them a quick call, at 08081965550.

However it’s important to keep in mind that contacting a debt collector shouldn’t be driven by fear. It’s crucial to have an understanding of your situation. To gain clarity it is advisable to get in touch with a debt charity like Step Change, for guidance.

What Happens if You Don’t Answer the Phone to PRA Debt Collectors?

You are not legally required to answer the phone calls that you may receive from 0808 196 5550 or PRA Group. Still answering them can be an ideal choice because by doing so, you would be able to understand the exact reason why you may receive constant calls from them.

In case you owe them or their clients debts, if you can ignore  their phone calls and if you don’t make payments for six years, you would be able to make it unenforceable (Statute-barred). However, it is not recommended as it can lead to further issues like County Court Judgements (CCJ). 

This can also be extremely difficult to achieve as PRA Group would put absolute pressure on the debtors to recollect their debts. Moreover, do expect to receive frequent letters and phone calls until you engage with PRA Group to establish a repayment plan for your outstanding debt. 

Disregarding these attempts at communication may result in PRA Group resorting to alternative measures to compel you to settle your debt, which will be elaborated upon in the next section.

Will PRA Debt Collectors Take You to Court?

Most certainly, if you can’t come up with a good agreement with 08081965550 or PRA Group Debt Collectors to have the debt written off, you’ll likely need to settle it to avoid facing a court case. PRA Group will initiate legal proceedings to establish your legal obligation to repay the debt. 

Your first indication of this impending action will come in as a pre-claim letter from the company titled Letter Before Action (LBA). This letter will signal that PRA Group will go to court if you do not interact with them or settle the debt before the due date mentioned in that LBA.

Subsequently, you will receive a claim form pack from the County Court, which you must complete and return. The court will then decide whether to issue a County Court Judgment (CCJ), effectively commencing the process of legal debt enforcement. It could lead to county court bailiffs visiting your house to enforce repayment.

However, the decision of a court judgement can extend even further. These potential consequences include:

  • Money being taken out of your wages/salary or pension payments.
  • A charging order being placed on your home, eventually forcing you to sell it to pay the debt off.
  • Getting Declared Bankruptcy

You must become highly aware of these escalating legal repercussions to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to address the situation.

How To Stop 08081965550 From Calling You

To stop calls from 08081965550, you can simply send a letter titled “Proof of the debt” requesting a written copy of provable documents showing you really owe them. They are bound by law to reply to you with proof. Sometimes, they even stop bothering you if they cannot prove the accusations regarding your debt.

There are two situations; if they are unable to provide evidence of your debts they will stop contacting you. However, if they manage to prove that you owe them money you will be required to repay the debt in order for them to stop calling you.

Alternatively, suppose you believe PRA Group Debt Collectors harass you. In that case, you should identify who the original creditor was, and you must contact them after you collect sufficient evidence about harassment such as:

  • Letters sent by PRA Group Debt Collectors.
  • A list of dates and times you received calls from 08081965550.
  • Ask neighbours or other people living in the house to give a witness statement.

You must send them a letter explaining that harassment is illegal in the UK. And that you want these phone calls to stop, or you will take matters further. However, to do this, you need to make sure that you keep a record of the letter that you may send while sending them the original copy via recorded delivery post.

Once you send them the letter, they must inform you within three days and notify FCA that they have made a complaint. 

Finding More Help With Your Debts

If you find yourself struggling with debt problems, it would be beneficial to seek assistance from the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). Their trained team can guide you through your situation and work with you to create a suitable plan for repaying your debts. 

Additionally, they can connect you with an expert who can provide guidance on debt solutions, such as establishing a Debt Management Plan (DMP) or considering a Debt Relief Order (DRO) in severe cases.

Key Points

  • The number 08081965550 is from PRA Group, a respectable debt collection agency in the UK.  
  • Dodging calls for six years isn’t a reliable strategy for avoiding debt. PRA Group will find alternative methods, like sending bailiffs.
  • Bankruptcy is the end game of debt collection efforts by PRA Group. It’s a harsh but real possibility.
  • The ideal way to deal with 08081965550 is to negotiate, ideally after consulting with the Citizens Advice Bureau or another debt advisory service.
  • A well-crafted payment plan can provide a sustainable way to pay off debts without leading to further action.
  • You have legal rights, and can report harassment to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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