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1st Locate UK Debt Collection, facing a debt collector might not lead to an obligation to pay, but brushing or rejecting them off is not advisable. You have to come across a problematic situation as a result. What could be the repercussions of such a situation? Well, they could be severe. 

Stay tuned, as I’m here to dive into your potential legal paths and options to survive forward with 1st Locate… Be confident and always be calm in such situations where we are under pressure. Even if you are weak in this situation, make your weakness into strength. 

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Last updated on 21 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Understanding Who 1st Locate Are
2. What is the Objective of the 1st Locate Debt Collection Agency?
3. Is the Debt Yours?
4. Have the Means to Pay, But Choose Not To?
5. Strategies Used by Debt Collectors – 1st Locate
6. The Legal Insights About 1st Locate Debt Collection Agency
7. Managing Interactions with 1st Locate Debt Collection Agency – A Comprehensive Guide
8. When 1st Locates Visit Your Place
9. Coping with the stress
10. Support is Within Reach
11. Is Choosing an IVA the Most Suitable Choice?
12. A Caution from the Government
13. How to Reach Out to 1st Locate Debt Collection
14. Other Debt Collectors, You Should Watch for on Your Credit Score
15. FAQ


1st Locate UK Debt Collection - Should You Pay or Not?

Understanding Who 1st Locate Are

1st Locate, or 1st Locate UK, Ltd, is one of the UK’s largest and most well-known entities that has gained prominence in the UK debt recovery landscape. This registered company offers various services

  • Handling the collection of owed money, 
  • Disaster recovery, 
  • Tracing and debtor management, 
  • Overflow support and Data API
  • Self-serve solutions etc.

1st Locate has alliances with numerous corporations like British Gas and Scottish Power and even collects on behalf of HMRC. Also, the fascinating fact is that their services connect with an innovative in-house IT platform called Actius. It will allow us to easily interface with client systems and provide the best solutions quickly.

What is the Objective of the 1st Locate Debt Collection Agency?

The primary mission of any debt collector is the same in general, which will be the process of recovering outstanding debts. It applies to the 1st Locate as the same. These are usually debts purchased from different organisations, which initially owe to those establishments. This means they only recoup their expenditure and profit when they start paying off the debt. 

Therefore, they are known as leading providers of customer debt resolution services in the UK. They first try to understand the reason and financial situation of the debtor without judging them and make sure that clients are always handled relatively and that cost and mental wellness are considered.

Is the Debt Yours?

When 1st Locate contacts you multiple times, you may fear since you can’t pay the debt, or you might need clarification because you’re unfamiliar with them. You are always more intelligent than them. 

When contacted by 1st Locate, an essential step is to verify the debt. It would help if you ensured that the debt they’re claiming you owe is your responsibility. Additionally, it’s crucial to check that the total amount is accurate, reflecting the original debt plus any interest and fees accrued.

If there’s any doubt about the legitimacy of the debt, request a copy of the original credit agreement from 1st Locate. If they can provide this, take your time making payments. Sometimes, those with expertise in this area will give guidance, such as writing “Prove the Debt” letters to debt collectors. (Not a full legal opinion)

Is the Debt Yours?

Have the Means to Pay, But Choose Not To?

Most of the time, debtors might think, especially in a critical financial condition, “Why should I pay this debt if I don’t want to create a worse financial condition for me ?” ‘I will forget this debt for some time and repay after my financial state improves’. 

But you will never repay, and you continue to forget it. While this is a common sentiment, and that’s why most people try to escape their debt intentionally. But the reality is, if the debt is yours, it is your responsibility to pay it at the correct time. 

Sometimes, it might be unfair to pressure someone who is struggling financially. 1st Locate should act reasonably, allowing you to repay the debt in instalments or other options.

Strategies Used by Debt Collectors – 1st Locate

While most debt collectors use harassing tactics, some, like 1st Locate, frequently use persistent and robust approaches to obtain their money. Bullying and unfair actions are always inappropriate, and we are all legally entitled to take action against them. These behaviours could include actions mentioned below.

1. Frequent calling 
2. Automated voicemails
3. Threats of house visits

When we think of respectable debt collectors, they always approach you respectfully and appropriately. The strategies are always not engaging with debtors, but there are many more practices for Debt collection and debt management done by the company. Debt collection strategies can be listed as below.

  • Reviewing your invoicing and billing processes 
  • Hiring accountants 
  • Understanding your clients’ payment processes

The Legal Insights About 1st Locate Debt Collection Agency

In this section, Guidelines published by The Office for Fair Trading will support the borrowers to protect and feel safe against undue harassment from debt collection agencies. So are you aware of the guidelines published by The Office for Fair Trading?

Now these guidelines are regulated by a new government authority named as Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They provide some illustrative examples of the relevant acts and rules against improper practices of debt collectors and any other financial agencies.

Under these guidelines, 

  • they mainly advised collectors to operate pretty and fairly, 
  • And they are not allowed to mislead you or confuse you by throwing loads of technical terms-rich information at you.
  • provide clear information 
  • show empathy. 

If you feel and have proof that 1st Locate isn’t adhering to these rules, you can lodge a complaint without thinking twice. Online complaint methods are now available for you. 

Your first line of defence is knowing what to say and what not to say when dealing with a debt collector. So always be more innovative than them.

Managing Interactions with 1st Locate Debt Collection Agency – A Comprehensive Guide

Dealing with debt collection agencies like 1st Locate can be stressful. But remember, you’re not alone. Please do not ignore them to make worse scenarios and be tricky to get rid of stressful conditions. For that, Here are practical steps you can follow, helping to make your interactions with 1st Locate as manageable as possible.

Start a Communication Chain

Ignoring 1st Locate won’t make them go away. Instead, try to make some engagement with them. Communication with honesty is one of the keys to making a proper connection. Explain your financial circumstances and your commitment to resolving the debt. Let them know if you are willing to pay the total amount or partial amount with the time duration. 

You’d be surprised how cooperative debt collectors can be when faced with transparent communication. That will make you strong to face the situation correctly.

The Legal Backing You Have

Even though you are responsible for paying the debt, you shouldn’t have to deal with debt collectors’ harassing or excessive stress. There are always legal safeguards available to you. You can make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman of your area with provable proof if you feel like they have crossed the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to stand up for your rights. Always be conscious of your rights and make appropriate use of them. Remember this while looking for the best way to pay off your debt. 

Document Everything

Despite what society thinks, maintaining a record of all communications with 1st Locate is essential. It can be 

  • Phone calls
  • Letters
  • Past-due notices 
  • Emails
  • Voicemails
  • Transactional records of repayments
  • Any relevant documentation

Good record-keeping entails ensuring the safety of your future when dealing with debt collectors. Due to any circumstances, they will bully you for debt payments, you can use these records as proof of your justice, and you need them when you complain.

Consider a Debt Management Plan

If you’re struggling with multiple debts from various agencies, a debt management plan (DMP) might be one of the beneficial solutions for you. It suits your non-priority debts such as credit cards, store cards, overdrafts, personal loans, etc.

You will be assigned to a professional debt management provider, and they will allow you to make monthly payments to a debt management company, which then the company distributes these funds to your agencies properly as 1st Locate. The disadvantage is that you cannot cover the priority debts using this, such as 

  • Income Tax
  • National Insurance
  • VAT
  • court fines etc. 

Discussing your options with a qualified debt counsellor before enrolling in a Debt Management Plan is always best.

Seek Professional Advice

Several non-profit organisations offer free advice on dealing with debt collectors like 1st Locate. Citizens Advice Bureau and StepChange are well-experienced organisations for this service. 

When considering  StepChange from above mentioned two as an example, they provide the advice and support you need to achieve long-term financial control by paying off your debt again. They have 30 years of experience, and 25,516 clients got their support. 

Is it some relief to you to know that point? These entities can guide your rights and possible courses of action when dealing with debt collectors.

Seek Professional Advice

Report Unfair Practices of 1st Locate

If you believe that 1st Locate is acting unreasonably, you can file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). First, they investigate complaints, and FOS accepts several types of complaints. 

When the debtor is not the person who owes the debt, their obligation isn’t enforceable, or the amount debt collectors are asking to pay is incorrect, FOS can require the company to correct its actions.

Maintain Composure

Dealing with debt collectors can be emotionally draining. It’s crucial to take care of your mental health during this process. Remember, help is within reach, and you have rights. So, what’s the next step? What happens if things don’t go as planned? Stay in touch with us; by reading our article, you can find out more.

Is it Ever Over?

No, this will not be over easily. The final step in managing interactions with 1st Locate is settling the debt. Once you’ve paid off the debt, please Don’t leave it up to the debt collector to give a verbal agreement. Definitely ask for a confirmation letter.

This will help prevent any future claims on the same debt. Otherwise, you may fall for the same trick again. But remember, this is the end of one chapter, not the entire book.

There you have it from our side- a comprehensive guide to managing your interactions with 1st Locate. By following these steps, you’ll be better prepared to handle any situation that arises or is created by a debt collector. 

But this can continue your debt management journey. Are there more options? Can you avoid dealing with debt collectors in the future? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

When 1st Locates Visit Your Place

Running a debt-collecting company is a challenging task due to the fact that many people tend to escape from their payments. Therefore, debt collectors always try to make a way to get their costs done, and they will cross their legal limits to achieve the company’s primary goal. 

But as debtors, you should know they do not have the right to threaten to visit your home. Only the enforcement agents who have a warrant or a writ of conduct in their hands against you are allowed to enter your home and seize belongings. Therefore It’s essential to protect your boundaries and personal safety.

Coping with the stress

We all understand how stressful and difficult a situation you have been passing with the debt collectors, especially regarding the 1st Locate Debt Collection Agency. Taking measures to manage this stress and maintain your mental well-being is vital. Know that it’s okay to seek help when needed, and many people are out there to guide you.

Support is Within Reach

You can now get hundreds of Assistance facilities when dealing with debt issues. There are several Not-for-profit organisations that offer free advice and support, such as  

  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Christians Against Poverty
  • StepChange 

Then you can end up with suitable repayment plans with the aid of specialists in the field.

Is Choosing an IVA the Most Suitable Choice?

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) could be a feasible option for managing your debt with the help of IVA insolvency practitioners. They guide you to make regular payments or do according to the payment plan, and then money will be divided between your creditors who gave the debt. This will avoid bankruptcy

But the disadvantages or the risks are that it damages your credit rating, and there are some costs (set up fee, handling fee) included in this service that you should be aware of before working with them.

Also, the IVA can cancel due to the delay of your repayments, and it will cause you to go bankrupt again. Be sure to seek professional advice before making any decisions.

There are other options available, like Debt Relief Order (DRO). This method includes rules such as debt owed less than £30,000, monthly income should be less than £75, and you do not own your home etc. You can contact an approved debt adviser to get your Debt Relief Order but be aware of restrictions.

A Caution from the Government

Remember, the UK government warns you sincerely against companies claiming to write off debts. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)  stated that unauthorised claims management firms target consumers with ‘write-off debt’ schemes and leave consumers paying fees even if unsuccessful. 

The firms often charge a fee for this, and with time, they used to increase the charging fee. These fraudsters spread the idea that the UK government and the laws of a country have no power over people, and citizens get confused and act by crossing their city limits. Any promises that seem too good to be true usually are.

How to Reach Out to 1st Locate Debt Collection

1st Locate can be contacted through multiple channels, including website, phone, email, and post. Keep copies of all correspondence for your safety and secure future.

Website www.1st locate.com
Phone number 0113 297 7508
Email contact@1stlocate.com
Address Town Centre House

Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8L

Numbers they call from 01132977500



Other Debt Collectors, You Should Watch for on Your Credit Score

Watch for other debt collectors on your credit report outside there. Some of the notable ones include Moorcroft, Lowell, and PRA Group. As you keep away your attention from your credit reports for a moment, one of the debt collectors will purchase any of your debt. For that, there is a higher possibility. 

These could affect your ability to get credit in the future. So be more careful and investigative of their actions and be prepared for future difficulties.


What is 1st Locate Tax Credits?

The term “1st Locate tax credits” refers to the role of 1st Locate in collecting tax credit overpayments. If you’ve received more tax credits than you’re entitled to, you must pay them back, and 1st Locate could be the agency charged with recovering this debt on behalf of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

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