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You might be wondering why ACI Debt is reaching out to you all of a sudden. It is most likely due to an issue with not coming payments in time for a creditor of yours. 

Let’s dig deeper into finding, 

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Table of Contents

1. Who is Asset Collections and Investigations: Who is ACI Debt?
2. Why are they, ACI Debt contacting me?
3. ACI debt collection agency Legitimacy: Are they a legitimate company?
4. ACI Debt Review inspection.
5. Do I have to pay ACI debt collectors?
6. Should I ignore ACI Debt?: What action can Asset Collections and Investigations take?
7. Know Your Rights Against Asset Collections
8. Seeking Help Amidst ACI Debt: Where Can I get help?
9. Are You aware of other Debt Collectors that may appear in your Credit Report?
10. Wrapping It Up: The Final Verdict on ACI Debt
11. Contact Information of ACI Debt
12. FAQ


You should not ignore ACI Debt because ignoring them could escalate your situation to the worst scenario, where you will not be able to escape easily. Yes, there is a possibility that you might not have to pay ACI Debt at all. But you will need to dig deeper to find that path.

Thus, Brace yourself as I walk you on the tightrope of your options to find a solution for this serious issue…

Who is Asset Collections and Investigations: Who is ACI Debt? 

Asset Collections and Investigations, which is also known as ACI Debt in short, is a company that has been providing debt collection services for more than two decades in the UK. In addition, they have a reputation for helping customers to handle(manage) their outstanding debts.

There is no particular debt category which ACI Debt loves to chase down and recover. Thus it implies they provide a debt collection service for any debt category where their client hires them to follow up and collect the debt. 

These debt collections process can happen in two main ways.

1. The original creditor hires ACI Debt to chase down debtors like you on their behalf.
2. Or ACI Dept purchases and get the ownership of your total debts for a fraction (5% up to 40% discount) of a discounted price. Then they try to collect the entire debt from the debtors like you.

You might be thinking, why are they contacting you now? 

Let us discuss about it next.

Why are they, ACI Debt contacting me? 

There are mainly three reasons for ACI Debt collection agency to get in touch with you.

1. You have outstanding debts. And your creditor has hired ACI Debt Collections to chase after you to collect the money you owe.
2. Your creditor is tired of chasing after you to recover their debt. Thus they have sold your total debt to ACI Debt at a fractioned discount of the total value.
3. They reach out to you by mistake. We all are humans. Thus they may be rare instances where they have reached out to you by mistake.

In the first two instances, ACI Debt will use all methods of contact available under your name to reach out. Here your contact information will be provided to ACI by your original creditor. 

The Asset Collections and Investigations company will initially send you a letter reminding you to pay the debt to them, or else they will take further legal action. 

After their first letter of contact, you will receive counts of;

1. Phone call,
2. Emails,
3. Letters,
4. In extreme cases will send collection agents to your home to convince you to pay.
5. Worst case sending enforcement agents to seize your valuable items at home via a court order.

As you can see, they will not stop until they get a penny from you. They have a variety of payment options. Thus it’s better to reach out to them and discuss a payment plan that matches your financial status. These payments will include extra charges their charges and interest.

ACI debt collection agency Legitimacy: Are they a legitimate company? 

Yes. Asset Collections and Investigations, also known as ACI Debt, is a legitimate company that operates in the UK. Below are some of their legal information that helps to verify their legitimacy. 

  • The ACI Debt was established and incorporated back in 1999 under the registered name “Asset Collections & Investigations Limited”, basing the Blackpool area. 
  • Plus, they are registered in the UK Companies House under company number 03775287. 
  • Their Registered office address of ACI Debt: Unit 10 Whitehills Drive, Whitehills Business Park, Blackpool, Lancashire, England, FY4 5LW.
  • And they are a registered member of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under reference number 708400 

Obviously, there are scammers who try to scam you by using fake letterheads and addresses to reach out to you, pretending some like an ACI debt firm. On those occasions, always check the letter-sending address and the company name. 

Additionally, you can verify their legitimacy faster by reaching out to the debt collection firm via phone call.

But before you break into a cold sweat, remember that you are not alone in this journey, and various solutions are available to you. Keep reading. You will find them eventually.

ACI Debt Review inspection.

Checking reviews of ACI Debt Collection Agency in the UK is crucial. 

Reviews provide insights into their 

1. Reputation,
2. Reliability,
3. And effectiveness in debt recovery.

Positive reviews indicate a track record of success, while negative reviews may reveal potential issues. It helps you make an informed decision and choose a reliable agency.

Therefore we have included below some review

Trust Pilot Reviews of ACI Debt

They have managed to secure a Trust Pilot overall review score of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 1024 total reviews. And that’s a really good score compared to many debt collection companies present in the UK. 

But you will find mixed reviews on their review page in Trust Pilot. To prove that point, we have added some reviews taken from their review page.

1. Patrick Welburn has given a one-star review stating,

AS i have told you on now 5 occasions and also called you with the ref number which is 1141444 i am not paying this debt. I live over seas, and i am not paying. I am now contacting the police as per previous discussions with your rude advisors who you cannot understand. i have now asked you on 5 occasions and this is now harrasement. When i have told you over 3 times, then this according to the police cn be claimed has harrasement.

Date of experience: June 28, 2023 – Source

2. Meshanda Cyrus has given a four-star review stating,

Steph was amazing
Called in to settle an arrangement that was broken (not any fault of mine) and the first agent I spoke to literally hung up on me mid call, so rude!!! But then I called back hoping to get her again and tell her off, but instead I got Steph, lovely Lass! She maintained her professionalism and was extremely helpful. I didn’t want to go through all of the trouble of counting my expenses and just asked that a specific amount be paid, and she respected that. She should be a team leader! Definitely leadership qualities. 👏

Date of experience: June 27, 2023 – Source 

Google map reviews of ACI debt

They have managed to secure a Google Map overall review score of 4.0 out of 5 stars from 147 total reviews.

Below are some of latest reviews taken from their Google map location

Marcel was Brilliant thank you. Friendly, helpful, professional and I always appreciate some wit. Great to deal with would defo recommend. Source

Robin Leigh

I spoke with the lovely Mary and she was so help full and helped me sort out my debt and we had a good laugh thank you so much Mary. Source

Laura Bumann

As you can see in reviews you do not need to be afraid of ACI Debt. These reviews suggest most of their debt collection and debt management cases were handled in a way both parties get satisfied. 

Therefore we strongly suggest you reach out to them and discuss a solution for your debt issue. 

Let’s delve next into what will happen if you feel like not paying back the creditors or debt collection agency.

Do I have to pay ACI debt collectors?

The answer to whether you should pay or not to ACI dept depends upon the current circumstances of your debt and the financial situation of your life. 

#1. Check whether the debts are Older to enforce by law: The Statute-Barred category

According to UK law, Your debts will be categorised under the statute-barred category If your debts are valid and all three facts mentioned below are actual at once.

They are, namely,

1. Check whether the debt is older than six years
2. And Check whether you did not receive any communications from them.
3. Plus, check whether ACI or your original creditor did not take legal action within those six years

Statute-barred debts are the debts that full fill above three conditions that are categorised under older debts where they cannot be enforced on a particular debtor by law. Thus you will not need to pay back to Asset Collections and Investigations company.

But this does not mean it will be removed from your credit history. It will surely impact your credit history records negatively.

Simply, This means you will find hardships in getting loans and credit cards in the future. 

#2. Ask the ACI Debt Collection Agency to verify your debts via Written Document.

You should ask ACI Debt Collection Agency to provide written proofs that show the debts are really yours. And remember to keep a copy of your request letter as well. It’s because that copy of your request letter will come in handy if things get escalated to a court case while they did not respond to your request. 

The Asset Collections and Investigations company is bound by law to respond to you with the necessary proof documents to show you really owe them.

Again, After considering about above facts, you have two options to choose from. Namely, 

1. Reach out to them to discuss how you can resolve this matter if they send you the proof documents.
2. Or else wait and watch what they do next while keeping all the proofs of communications you had with them. Keep in mind ACI cannot do anything if they fail to prove you owe them.

Should I ignore ACI Debt?: What action can Asset Collections and Investigations take?

We Strongly suggest you not ignore ACI Debt Collecting agency reach outs if you really owe their client money. Below are some steps that the Asset Collections and Investigations company will take against you if you keep ignoring them.

Step 1 – They send you an initial letter of contact requesting to pay the debt.
Step 2 – They will try to reach out to you via several methods of communication. (Emails, phone calls, Letters, even possible home visits by collecting agents)
Step 3 – They will go to court and take County Court Judgement (CCJ) conjugation against you If you keep ignoring them. This CCJ conjugation will make you legally responsible for paying back the debt.
Step 4 – They will eventually go to court again to take a warrant or a writ of conduct to use enforcement agents(bailiffs) to visit your home and seize your valuable items if you keep ignoring them for so long.
Step 5 – they will keep your belonging in a store room and eventually sell them in an auction to recover the enforcement agent’s fees and total debt.

As you can see, ignoring ACI Debt is not the best option take. Instead, contact them and discuss with them in a way they get convinced about your ongoing financial struggle. 

Surely they will provide you with a payment plan you can manage while managing daily expenses. 

Know Your Rights Against Asset Collections

Your rights are crucial when dealing with any debt collection agency. 

Asset Collections cannot: 

1. Harass you,
2. Discuss your debt with others without your consent,
3. Mislead or confuse you with complicated language or letters.
4. Pretending like they have legal powers which they don’t have.

You can complain directly about these issues to ACI Debt collection company at first If you feel like your rights have been infringed. The Asset Collections and Investigations company is responsible for handling these kinds of issues internally and giving you a response.

But you can make a complaint to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if you feel like they(ACI Debt Company) are not addressing issues properly. 

It does not matter whether it’s ACI Debt head office or FCA or FOS; always remember to speak with them while having provable proofs in your hand. 

These proofs include,

1. Call records,
2. Copies of communication letters,
3. Emails
4. Home visit records.

Seeking Help Amidst ACI Debt: Where Can I get help? 

There are a number of debt charity organisations present in the UK that are dedicated to helping people like you free of charge. Some of those institution names are mentioned below.

1. National Debtline
2. Citizens Advice
3. PayPlan
4. Community Money Advice
5. StepChange Debt Charity
6. MoneyPlus Advice
7. Money Wellness
8. Debt Advice Foundation, Click here to read more about debt charity institutions

Alternatively, consider debt relief options such as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or a Debt Management Plan(DMP). Remember, help is always available.

Are You aware of other Debt Collectors that may appear in your Credit Report?

It is a known fact that there are a number of debt collection agencies present in the UK who are daily chase after debtors like you to recover money. Thus it can be a surprise for you if one of those companies appears in your credit report suddenly without your awareness.

Therefore, we strongly suggest you keep in touch with your credit history atleast once a month. 

Debt collection agencies like Cabot, PRA Group, and Lowell are bigger whales in debt collection. Most likely, they can appear in your credit history as they often purchase debts from original creditors.

Therefore you need further research if any of the above companies appear in your credit history.

Wrapping It Up: The Final Verdict on ACI Debt

It’s not a clear-cut decision to make when deciding whether you should pay ACI Debt or not. 

Factors such as 

1. The debt’s legal enforceability,
2. Your financial capability,
3. And the potential repercussions come into play.

We think you are now fully ready to deal with Asset Collections and Investigations company effectively. Therefore take a proactive stance. Know your rights and seek professional advice if necessary. It’s your debt, your decision.

Contact Information of ACI Debt 

Post: ACI, PO Box 123, Blyth, NE24 9ES
Telephone: 01253 531528

Monday to Thursday 8:30am – 6:00pm

Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm

Email: support@aciuk.uk
Website: www.aciuk.co.uk


What is ACI Debt?

ACI Debt is the financial obligation you owe to Asset Collections and Investigations Ltd. It is a company that specialises in debt collection.

Is ACI a Real Debt Collector?

Yes, ACI is a real debt collector. They are a registered and legitimate company that has been in operation since 1999. 

Why is ACI Calling Me?

If ACI is contacting you, it’s likely because a creditor has passed on your information to them. This usually implies that you have an outstanding debt that the original company has been unable to recover.

Who Does ACI Collect For?

ACI collects overdue payments for various companies. The Original Creditors pass their responsibilities over to ACI Debt when a Credit company is unable to recover a debt.

What Does ACI Payment Do?

ACI payment refers to the repayment of the debt you owe to ACI Debt Company. They offer various payment options to make the debt repayment process as feasible as possible for the debtors like you.

What Does ACI Stand for in Banking?

In the context of banking, ACI generally refers to ACI Worldwide, an international company providing payment systems. However, in this article, ACI refers to Asset Collections and Investigations Ltd. It is a debt collection agency based in the UK since 1999.

Is ACI a Private Company?

Yes, ACI, or Asset Collections and Investigations Ltd., is a private company that operates in the debt collection sector in the UK.

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