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Dodging your Allied International Credit Debt? Think again! Not paying may seem like an easy way out, but trust me, it’s a trap! Ignoring Allied International could lead you down a perilous path. Read on to know more!

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Last updated on 25 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. What Is Allied International Credit?
2. Who Does Allied International Credit Collect For?
3. Have You Received a Letter from Allied International Credit UK?
4. Ask This Debt Collection Agency to Prove the Debt
5. Discover the Exception That Could Eliminate Your Payment!
6. Understanding the Legal Rules Allied International Must Abide By
7. I’m in Debt; they’ve Got proof; now, What Do I Do?
8. How to Make a Payment to Allied International Debt Collectors
9. When Can I Complain About Allied International Credit Debt Collection
10. A Look at Debt Reviews Regarding Allied International Credit
11. Dial Now for Free Assistance on Your Debt Situation
12. Could We Possibly Erase My Debt with Allied International Credit?
13. Allied International Credit Debt Collectors Contact Details
14. Should You Check For Other Debt Collectors?
15. Key Points
16. FAQ


What Is Allied International Credit?

Allied International, commonly known as Allied International Credit, is a renowned debt collection agency in the UK. The company specialises in chasing debts on behalf of other businesses. It’s crucial to understand that Allied International Credit does not own your Debt but acts as an intermediary to collect the dues.

Allied International Credit is a UK company that other businesses will outsource tasks and projects to, such as customer service or lead generation. They are regulated by the FCA under the Consumer credit ACT 1974.

Who Does Allied International Credit Collect For?

Allied International Credit primarily collects for a broad spectrum of businesses across sectors. The debts they pursue could be from unpaid credit card balances, mortgage arrears, or unpaid utility bills. No matter the type, they chase the Debt vigorously, ensuring their clients get their money back.

Have You Received a Letter from Allied International Credit UK?

Receiving a letter from Allied International seems stressful at first. But there are many ways to settle this issue.
Have You Received a Letter from Allied International Credit UK?

Step 1: Avoid Ignoring the Letter

Even though ignoring the letter seems like the easy way out, don’t do it. If you ignore it, things will get worse. Instead, read the letter carefully and try to understand the details. AIC sends letters to anyone that owes money to their clients.

Formally, this letter is called Letter Before Action (LBA). This means it’s a letter that warns you to pay the Debt before they take legal action. This letter may stress you at first and push you to act fast, but before you pay, there are some things that you should do to check if you can avoid paying.

Step 2: Validate the Debt

First things first, is this your Debt? If you don’t remember owing any money to Allied International Credit or the company they’re collecting for, you have the right to challenge it. But how do you validate the Debt? Well, they must provide you with a detailed breakdown of the Debt if you request it.

Step 3: Seek Legal Advice

Seek legal advice if you’re not sure that the Debt is legitimate. There are many organisations that give legal advice, speak to them and explain your situation. Some of them provide free advice, so you don’t have to worry about any fees. 

Step 4: Dispute the Debt

What if the Debt isn’t yours? If Allied International Credit can’t prove you owe the Debt, you can dispute it. You must notify them in writing that you dispute the Debt, and they must cease collection activities until they can validate it.

Step 5: Seek Debt Advice

If the Debt is yours, seek debt advice on better ways to manage it. It’s important as it helps to understand the issue better. 

Step 6: Negotiate a Repayment Plan

Once you understand the situation, contact them. Discuss the details and ask for a repayment plan. But make sure that you can handle the repayment plan. 

Step 7: Keep Records

Remember to keep all communication and documentation regarding your Debt. If there are any disputes in the future, you will need it. 

Ask This Debt Collection Agency to Prove the Debt

Before you pay any debt, it’s crucial to ask them to verify it. Ask for proof; they should give you the details. If they don’t show proof, they cannot ask you to pay. If you have to go to court to settle the issue, the judge will ask them to show proof before stepping into the courtroom. 

Many debt collectors don’t give this because they should do a lot of research. Even if you know the Debt is yours, ask them to prove it; this will buy you time. You can also do this if you think it’s a mistake; it will make them realise it. 

Discover the Exception That Could Eliminate Your Payment!

There is a glimmer of hope! Certain exceptions can eliminate your Debt. One such exception is if the Debt is “statute-barred.” This means the Debt is too old to be collected, typically six years in the UK.

According to the law, a debt that is six years old or more cannot go to court because the court is too busy. To make time for other important issues, they don’t accept old debts. If a debt collection agency asks you to pay even after six years, they can’t use bailiffs to take your property. But keep in mind; this does not mean your Debt is wiped; they can still ask you to pay. 

Understanding the Legal Rules Allied International Must Abide By

Allied International Credit must follow specific legal rules when collecting debts. Many debt collectors bend the rules to get the money. But you can quote laws to stop them from bad practices. They cannot:

  • Harass you or use misleading tactics to make you pay
  • Contact you at unreasonable times
  • Disclose your Debt to a third party without your consent
  • Lie or deceive

Some things they should do include:

  • Give you affordable payments plans that suit your circumstance
  • Respect your decision to only use one mode to communicate, such as post or phone
  • Direct you to debt advice and support channels
  • Explain the details to make sure they don’t confuse you
  • Show understanding of the issue
  • Give you time to decide 

I’m in Debt; they’ve Got proof; now, What Do I Do?

So, you find yourself in a tricky situation. Allied International has validated the Debt. Even though it seems stressful, you have options. 

Step 1: Don’t Panic. Seek Help

If you feel worried, there are organisations like National Debtline or Step Change that are there to help. They give advice on the issue and prepare you to face the situation. 

Step 2: Make a Budget Plan

If you don’t have a budget, make one. It helps to manage finances and is very useful in this situation. It is definitely worth it. 

Step 3: Make Repayment Arrangements

With Allied International, you can make arrangements to repay the Debt in instalments. It’s crucial to ensure that you propose a repayment plan that you can afford, not a plan that’ll put you further into the hole.

Step 4: Prioritise your Debts

Not all debts are equal. You must identify which debts to prioritise. But how do you determine which debts are more important? Is it the highest amount or the one with Allied International? The priority is usually given to debts where not paying could result in the loss of your home, essential services, or even your freedom.

Step 5: Explore Debt Relief Options

There are many debt relief options. Each of these has benefits and drawbacks. Get professional advice and select one that suits your situation. Don’t let Allied International make you believe that paying the Debt is the only option you have. There are many options, including:

1. Individual Voluntary Arrangement– suitable if you have many large debts and want to save.
2. Debt Relief Order- cancel all your Debt if you don’t have much money or a home.
3. Debt Management Plan– Similar to the AIC offers, but this gives better repayment plans.
Step 6: Understand Your Rights

Did you know that as a debtor, you have rights? Yes, even when dealing with Allied International, you have specific rights. They can’t harass you or make you feel threatened. If they don’t respect your rights, make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

Step 7: Stay One Step Ahead

Follow the repayment plans and stick to your budget. Every payment you make helps create a debt-free future for you.

How to Make a Payment to Allied International Debt Collectors

It’s very easy to make payments to them. You can even make the payment over the phone if you have a debit or a credit card or through your online account. It’s best you pay online so that they can’t force you to pay more. 

To do this, visit their website and click on the ‘make a payment’ button. Afterward, enter your AIC reference number (you can find it in the letters they sent you). Lastly, verify your identity with your postcode, birth year, or customer account reference number. 

When Can I Complain About Allied International Credit Debt Collection 

When Can I Complain About Allied International Credit Debt Collection
If you face any issues, direct contact them and make a complaint. If you don’t get a response, contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). They will evaluate the situation and decide whether to penalise the Allied Debt Collection or not. If you want to prepare before making a complaint, contact a debt advice charity. Some things you can complain about include: 

If they are aggressive and intimidating

If agents become aggressive, record what went wrong and make a complaint. Some agents do this because they get a bonus or a commission if you agree to pay the Debt. So they use different methods to get you to make the payment. 

If they call you too much

If you ignore them, they will start calling you more. Some even have automated call systems so that they can annoy you and get you to pay. Write a letter asking them to contact you only through post if this continues to happen. If they still continue to do this, they are committing harassment. 

If they threaten to take your possessions

Debt collection agencies cannot forcefully take your belongings. Only a bailiff can do this. If they say this is possible, that means they are lying and threatening you so that you will pay. 

If they tell others about the Debt

Debt is a sensitive topic. So debt collection companies cannot tell your family members, co-workers, or any other person about your Debt. They should confirm who they are speaking to before they give away any details. 

A Look at Debt Reviews Regarding Allied International Credit

While Allied International Credit doesn’t have many reviews, various forum posts detail how they operate. Most describe the agency as relentless and rather intimidating. However, remember, they are simply doing their job, and dealing with them can be a straightforward process with the right advice.

Dial Now for Free Assistance on Your Debt Situation!

If you’re dealing with Allied International, you can get free debt advice from UK debt charities. 

They give advice on your situation along with tips to help you out. If you need help, simply contact them. 

Could We Possibly Erase My Debt with Allied International Credit?

While Allied International will not wipe your Debt voluntarily, you can explore options to eliminate or reduce your Debt. You might require the assistance of an insolvency practitioner for this. Remember, though, having your Debt wiped out can affect your credit score negatively. Some ways you can wipe off your Debt include:

1. Individual Voluntary Arrangement As mentioned before, this can wipe out 85% of your debts.
2. Settlement offers- These cut down small amounts of your Debt if you pay it off in one go.
3. Debt Relief Order – if you don’t have a high income, this will wipe all your Debt
4. Bankruptcy – this is another way to wipe all your Debt, but it is not a simple decision

Note that if you wipe out Debt, it will affect your credit score. So borrowing in the future will not be an option. You will also find it difficult to get a mortgage or even small mobile phone contracts. 

Allied International Credit Debt Collectors Contact Details

Allied International Credit is reachable through various methods, including phone and email. It’s always better to have open communication with them to resolve your debt situation.

Website: aiccorp.co.uk
Registered Address: Adamson House, Towers Business Park, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2YY
Postal Address: Anderston House, 389 Argyle St, Glasgow, G2 8LR
Phone number: 0141 457 7000
Email: contactuk@aiccorp.com
Numbers they call from: 01412283089



Should You Check For Other Debt Collectors?

The Office for Budget Responsibility stated that personal Debt in the UK will increase to £2.354 billion in 2025. Given the rising personal Debt, it’s advisable to stay aware of potential debt collectors. Ensure all your debts are under control to avoid unexpected letters or calls from debt collection agencies.  

Key Points

1. Allied International Credit Debt is a debt collection agency in the UK. They pursue debts on behalf of their clients, including businesses and banks.
2. People in the UK can write off a portion of their Debt Legally 
3. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates AIC. This means you can ask for proof before you pay.
4. According to the Limitations Act 1980, if the Debt is statute-barred (Six years or more), you don’t have to pay.
5. If you owe the Debt and you’re struggling to pay it, there are many options available. This includes Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Debt Relief Orders, or Debt Management Plans.
6. If you want support dealing with AIC, speak to UK debt advice charities like Step Change or National Debtline.


What is AIC Debt?

Allied International Credit Debt (AIC) is a debt collection agency based in the UK. They work on behalf of businesses, including banks, to collect owed debts. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates them. If they contact you, you have the right to ask for proof before you pay them. 

Who owns Allied International Credit?

Initially known as Allied International Credit (AIC), the company started with a focus on accounts receivable management. They quickly established a presence in the UK and branched into customer service. Today, they still operate as a family business under the leadership of David Rae and the executive team. 

Why is Allied International Credit calling me?

If Allied International Credit Corp keeps calling you, they’re likely attempting to collect a debt. Your best move? Don’t panic! Before you take their calls, seek advice from a company that can help you with this situation. 

How do I contact Allied International Credit?

You can reach out to Allied International Credit at 0141 457 7000. But before you dial that number, we have some crucial advice for you. Keep reading to know more!

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