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Allpay Debt Collection may not require payment from you. But it would help if you avoid disregarding them, as things can worsen. Let me take you through your choices.

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Last updated on 28 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. You Can Avoid Paying Allpay Debt Collectors!
2. AllPay Debt Collectors: Who Are They?
3. Are AllPay Debt Collectors Legit?
4. Beating AllPay Debt Collectors
5. What do AllPay Debt Collectors Do?
6. What is the AllPay Debt Collection Process?
7. The Reasons Behind AllPay Contacting You
8. Establish If You Owe the Money
9. Do You Really Need to Pay the Debt?
10. Are Debt Collectors Impacting Your Life?
11. AllPay Debt Collectors and the Legislation
12. Essential Knowledge About AllPay Debt Collectors
13. Reminder: AllPay Debt Collectors aren’t Bailiffs
14. Getting Out of Debt
15.How to Get Help
16.How to Write Off Some Debt
17.Final Thoughts
18.Should You Check For Other Debt Collectors?


You Can Avoid Paying Allpay Debt Collectors!

Are you being bothered by Allpay Debt Collectors over unpaid debt? Have you accumulated debt that you are unable to repay? Are you being asked to pay back the money you don’t believe you owe by the debt collectors? Read on if these queries or worries sound familiar because you might not be compelled to repay them.

AllPay Debt Collectors: Who Are They?

AllPay is not your typical debt collection company; they are committed to seeing that companies are paid. Whether this involves direct debits, credit cards, or debit cards, they deal with consumers who need to pay backdated debt in addition to monthly payments. 

All of these may be taken care of using their swipe card, and any debt they have on their account will be attached. They may not actively pursue unpaid debt, but they ensure companies are compensated.

Are AllPay Debt Collectors Legit?

AllPay is registered and affiliated with several organisations. They are fully compliant with PCI and DSS and have an ISOQAR registration. Although they belong to numerous organisations, it is crucial to remember that you might want to put off paying back your loan if this corporation is pursuing you for payment.

Beating AllPay Debt Collectors

Getting rid of some of your expensive debt is the first step for getting out of this situation. There are numerous debt relief solutions available in the UK. Selecting the finest one could reduce some of your overwhelming debt, but selecting the incorrect one could be expensive and time-consuming. What matters most is what is appropriate for your unique circumstance. 

What do AllPay Debt Collectors Do?

AllPay is a payment service that enables businesses to recollect unpaid payments from their clients; they do not purchase debt. AllPay will manage a payment made by a debtor on their account and ensure it is applied to their account and what is owed, even if they do not monitor or pursue the debt. They offer a specialised website that helps to receive money in various ways.

What is the AllPay Debt Collection Process?

AllPay offers some payment options for debtors and people on payment plans. These can be paid for online, through:

  • The safe payment portal
  • Over the phone
  • By speaking with some of the committed team members
  • Through the app they created
  • SMS text message
  • PayPoints
  • Direct debit.

The Reasons Behind AllPay Contacting You

The industry of debt recovery is prosperous. Thousands of people are battling challenges related to debt. There are many different kinds of debt collectors. Independent companies, debt collectors collaborating with the creditor to try and collect the debt, and even sole proprietors serving as debt collectors are all options.

The business model for debt collectors stays the same, regardless of how they operate. Debt collectors will purchase debt from other businesses, including banks, credit card firms, and energy providers. 

They settle the loan for much less than the face value, often as little as 20%. They profit once you pay off the debt and have recovered their early costs. This explains why they can be adamant about receiving the money because they need to avoid losing money on their purchase. Unfortunately, they frequently resort to dishonest methods, such as harassment and intimidation, to obtain money.

Establish If You Owe the Money

Do you owe the money they are pursuing you for, or is this your debt? You must establish this before paying, especially if you’re unfamiliar with it. If you are familiar with the debt, but it appears to be larger than you recall, there may have been additional charges and interest. This implies that it can be substantially higher than you anticipated.

To get confirmation, send a letter to Allpay Debt Collectors and request a copy of the original credit agreement. If they decline or say they can’t deliver it, you won’t be required to pay the debt.

Do You Really Need to Pay the Debt?

You are accountable for whatever debt you incur. Therefore, you should work to settle it as soon as possible. If paying the debt will make it simpler for you to pay your other expenses, such as your rent or mortgage, contact Allpay Debt Collectors and prepare to pay the debt. You could even pay back a portion of the debt to pay it off ultimately.

Are Debt Collectors Impacting Your Life?

Debt collectors will employ various strategies, some of which may not be legal, to attempt and persuade you to pay the money you owe. These strategies could involve:

  • Intimidation
  • Pressure
  • Empty threats

Your quality of life may suffer if Allpay Debt Collectors are harassing you about an unpaid debt, and you lack the resources to pay it back. Unfortunately, debt issues are relatively common and frequently have disastrous effects. 

According to the Debt Support Trust, up to 50% of people who are struggling with debt may even consider suicide. The government was asked to step in to try to fix the problem. Thankfully, it had an impact on the industry’s operations and how debtors are handled.

AllPay Debt Collectors and the Legislation

The Office for Fair Trading (OFT, 2012) established rules to guarantee that borrowers were given better protection and debt collection firms could not conduct themselves unfairly. Following these updated rules, Allpay Debt Collectors are obliged to:

  • Ensure that all information is brief, transparent, and consistently accurate. They cannot in any manner deceive the debtors.
  • Consider each situation separately while keeping in mind the debtors’ circumstances.
  • Avoid being angry or unfair in your interactions with debtors. They must always be fair to debtors.
  • Be considerate to debtors who might be having trouble handling their finances.

You can report Allpay Debt Collectors to the Office for Fair Trading if they are intimidating you about the debt you owe or if they are generally treating you unjustly. They might choose to cancel their licence.

Debt collectors must be honest with you about their identities and anything about your debt. They will break the law if they don’t comply, and you can report them for their actions.

Essential Knowledge About AllPay Debt Collectors

It could be challenging to understand how businesses like Allpay Debt Collectors function if you have never had the terrible experience of dealing with debt collectors. You should be aware of a few crucial factors like these.

They Lose Money if You Don’t Pay

You might be questioning why they are even attempting to collect the debt from you if it is only a few hundred pounds because your debt can seem like a drop in the bucket. However, this might add up to a substantial expense if you multiply it by thousands of borrowers defaulting on their obligations. 

Debt collectors, like Allpay, lose money if you don’t pay because they purchase the debt from the creditor. If few debtors pay the debt, they risk a significant loss because they buy debt in bulk.

This can help you comprehend why they approach you regularly to collect the debt. No matter how eager they are to fulfil their job, they do not have the right to treat you unfairly. You can complain if they continue to do this.

They Will Keep Trying

As we’ve previously demonstrated, Allpay Debt Collectors would lose money if you don’t pay. So they will keep calling. If you ignore their calls and letters, they might take more drastic measures. Debt collectors desire payment, but they know it is not always feasible. So contacting the debt collector and offering them a future due date is the best option. 

Allpay Debt Collectors violate OFT regulations if they repeatedly call you. They have no right to do so. You can file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman if they are doing this. Never allow debt collectors to mistreat you in any way.

Typical Behaviour

When debt collection professionals attempt to collect money from you, they adopt a direct approach. They want to end the contract by receiving cash or setting up a repayment plan. Debt collectors typically start conversations with you in an approachable and kind manner to warm you up. 

You can observe that their attitude toward you abruptly changes once you let them know that you are unable to repay the loan or that you want to defer the payment. It could be a slight shift, like losing friendliness, but it might get worse and become aggressive and abusive. They use this strategy to hope you will feel humiliated and pay the loan, regardless of your financial situation.

When dealing with debt collectors like Allpay, it is best to be prepared. You must maintain your composure and refuse to let them abuse your rights. You can report them to the OFT if they mistreat you.

Discussing the Debt With Other

Some debt collectors believe they can discuss your debt with others if you don’t respond to them. It is ok if it is a family member, but it’s still prohibited. However, it is much worse if they discuss your financial difficulties with a coworker. 

This violates privacy regulations and OFT standards. Rather than just ignoring it, you should report this behaviour to the Financial Ombudsman at 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123.

Reminder: AllPay Debt Collectors aren’t Bailiffs

Some debt collectors will claim to be bailiffs to get you to pay the bill since they know it makes them appear more powerful. Debt collectors have different legal authority than bailiffs do. 

Some debt collectors will even threaten to sue you or make plans to visit your home, among other extreme measures. You shouldn’t take them seriously as the threats are not real. They should be made aware that they lack permission to enter your property and that you will report them for breaking the law if they do.

Getting Out of Debt

You must address your debt issues and get out of debt immediately. Avoid ignoring Allpay Debt Collectors if they call you. Make sure you get in touch with them and work out a fair repayment plan for the debt. 

Everything can be resolved, but you must do so before it worsens and becomes a significant issue. You will have peace of mind and won’t need to worry about them turning up at your house if you resolve your debt problems.

How to Get Help

If your debt issues are severe, seeking expert debt assistance is the best option. You can choose either commercial businesses that charge for their services or nonprofit organisations that offer free debt assistance. Depending on your situation, nonprofit organisations would be the better option.  

Companies that provide free debt advice and assist you in regaining financial control include:

  • Christians Against Poverty (CAP) helps debtors escape poverty by providing debt counselling.
  • StepChange helps people take charge of their financial condition by offering free online debt advice.
  • Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), an established company, is renowned for offering debt help from knowledgeable and experienced professionals. They can also help you with any other problems you might be having.

How to Write Off Some Debt

One approach to eliminate some of your debt is to enter into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). You can combine all your debts into one manageable monthly payment under this official agreement. 

After approximately five years, any outstanding debt would be waved off. If you owe money to several lenders, choosing this option will prevent you from dealing with numerous debt collectors.

There are many alternatives to an IVA that are worthwhile to consider. For example, you could apply for a debt consolidation loan or join another debt management program. You should seek professional advice if you still need to determine your case’s best course of action.

Final Thoughts

Despite changes in the law and warnings from other organisations, debt collection companies occasionally act illegally. Debtors have felt humiliated, nervous, upset, and even depressed due to debt collectors’ conduct.

Always make an effort to pay off your debts, but use a strategy that works for you. You can file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman if you believe the debt collection company is not treating you fairly. If the debt collection company has a track record of abusing debtors, their licence might be revoked.

Should You Check For Other Debt Collectors?

In the UK, personal debt is gradually increasing. The Office for Budget Responsibility anticipated that by 2025, there will be £2.354 billion in total household debt in the UK, up from £2.006 billion in 2020. This makes it understandable why so many individuals in the UK are in debt. 

Make sure your debts are under control if there’s a danger you might accumulate extra debt. As a first step, look for correspondence from debt collectors in your bank statements, email, and mail.

The following are some of the largest debt collection agencies to watch out for: 

  • PRA Group
  • Cabot Financial
  • Lowell Financial


Do I have to pay Allpay Debt Collection?

If you genuinely owe the debt, it’s generally advisable to pay. However, if you’re in financial hardship, there are options available such as payment plans, Debt Management Plans, or Individual Voluntary Arrangements.

Can I negotiate with Allpay Debt Collectors?

Yes, you can negotiate with Allpay regarding your debt. This could be about setting up a payment plan, reducing the amount you owe, or other alternatives.

How can I stop Allpay from contacting me?

You have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If Allpay’s behaviour becomes intrusive, you can write a cease and desist letter or speak with a financial advisor for further steps.

What happens if I can’t pay my Allpay Debt?

If you can’t pay your Allpay debt, it’s advisable to contact them directly and explain your situation. They may offer you a payment plan or other alternatives.

Can Allpay take me to court?

If you ignore the debt, Allpay can take legal action, which may result in court action. It’s always best to respond to their communications promptly.

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