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Andrew James Enforcement LTD has become a name you can’t ignore if you’re dealing with debts in the UK. You may not have to pay them, but ignoring them is not an option. This article aims to provide you with comprehensive insights about this company. Read till the end for valuable guidance.

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Last updated on 25 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who is Andrew James Enforcement Ltd?
2. Who uses Andrew James Enforcement bailiffs?
3. What is an Andrew James Enforcement letter?
4. Should You Pay Andrew James Enforcement?
5. What Happens If You Ignore Andrew James Enforcement?
6. I Want to Pay Andrew James Enforcement – But I Can’t Afford It!
7. Can Andrew James Enforcement bailiffs break into my home?
8. What Is a County Court Judgment (CCJ)?
9. What is a Notice of Enforcement?
10. Andrew James Enforcement Ltd Reviews
11. Should You Check For Other Debt Collectors?
12. Andrew James Enforcement Contact Information
13. Discover top tips for dealing with Andrew James Enforcement
14. Key Points


Who is Andrew James Enforcement Ltd?

Andrew James Enforcement LTD is a UK-based company specialising in debt collection and enforcement services. They are based in Swansea and offer bailiff services in order to enforce debts in Wales and England.

This indicates that they are a part of the bailiff enforcement process, which can be used only after the issuance of a court order warning the debtor to make the payments.

This enforcement company works on behalf of a wide range of creditors, including private companies and local authorities. Legally authorised to operate, this firm often acts as the final recourse for creditors.

Who uses Andrew James Enforcement bailiffs?

Andrew James Enforcement works with multiple sectors in order to help local authorities recover unpaid debt. This includes:

  • Council tax arrears
  • Unpaid council parking tickets (Penalty Charge Notices)
  • Business rate arrears
  • Commercial business rent arrears
  • Sundry debt collection.

What is an Andrew James Enforcement letter?

An Andrew James Enforcement letter serves as an official demand for payment. When you receive a letter from this enforcement company, it means you’ve ignored multiple prior notices from your creditor. If you don’t make the payments within the time period mentioned in the letter, expect bailiffs to visit your home.

Receiving a letter from this company is a serious matter and can even be stressful. Also, note that receiving such a letter means that they add a £75 fee to your total debt for the process of sending the letter.

Should You Pay Andrew James Enforcement?

The quick answer is yes. It is advisable to settle your dues with Andrew James Enforcement if you have received a Notice of Enforcement after neglecting a court order (County Court Judgement) instructing you to make a payment,

Ignoring Andrew James Enforcement will only make things worse and even cause the debt to grow bigger. But let’s dive into the why and how of it.

At this stage, we recommend that you get some legal advice. There are also multiple debt charities at the bottom of the page that we have discussed. Feel free to reach out to one of them if you want free debt advice regarding your situation.

What Happens If You Ignore Andrew James Enforcement?

Ignoring Andrew James Enforcement can lead to severe consequences. This includes:

Seizing your valuable belongings

Ignoring the letter doesn’t just mean legal problems. Once the bailiffs visit your home and you don’t make the payment then and there, Andrew James Enforcement can escalate matters by seizing your property. This includes:

  • Cars 
  • Electronics
  • Other valuables could be on the line.

The items they seize will then be kept in storage or sold at auction in order to recover the debt. However, keep in mind that they cannot seize goods that are deemed essential for work, such as your work laptop.

Hefty Costs

The consequences of ignoring Andrew James Enforcement do not end with legal consequences and the seizing of assets. You will also have to pay additional charges and penalties for:

  • Keeping your seized assets in the storage 
  • Bailiff charges

I Want to Pay Andrew James Enforcement – But I Can’t Afford It!

If you want to pay Andrew James Enforcement, but you’re facing financial hardship and are struggling, there are many options you can take.

Communication is Crucial

Your first move should be to communicate openly with the enforcement company. Transparency is the key to showing you’re earnest about settling the debt. If you’re unable to pay, avoid ignoring them, as it will worsen your situation.

Simply write to them or directly speak with them over the phone and explain your situation. Make sure to express your willingness to cooperate and find solutions for your debt issue. Based on this, they will come to a decision and provide you with various options to resolve your situation.

Negotiating a Payment Plan

It’s likely that Andrew James Enforcement might consider a payment plan that suits your financial condition. They may do this to make the debt repayment affordable. Usually, this may require a lump sum payment upfront.

Note that if you want to make a payment plan proposal, it’s better to do it right after receiving a Notice of Enforcement. Waiting till the last moment, when bailiffs visit your home, will only reduce your chances of getting a payment plan.

This is because they may prefer to seize your assets instead of negotiating a payment plan with you at the last moment after the bailiffs arrive. You will also have to pay extra fees for bailiffs.

Typically, after receiving a payment plan, it involves a Controlled Goods Agreement. This indicates that in a situation where you miss payment deadlines or fail to make the payments according to the payment plan, they will have the right to seize specific assets to pay off the debt.

Alternative Payment Arrangements

If a standard payment plan doesn’t work, you might be able to negotiate other arrangements. These could include a reduced lump sum payment or deferred payments. Also, there are alternative debt solutions in the UK that you can consider.

Some of these debt solutions may help you to write off a portion of your debt. But in some types, you can even completely write off your debt if you meet the criteria. A few debt solutions that you can consider include:

Does This Put Me in the Clear?

Even if you agree on a payment plan or alternative arrangement, it may not completely protect you. As mentioned before, under certain circumstances, such as if you miss payment deadlines even after receiving a payment plan, IVA or an alternative debt solution, there is a risk of bailiffs seizing your assets.

If you don’t want this happening, it is important that you strictly adhere to your side of the agreement.

Can Andrew James Enforcement bailiffs break into my home?

Generally, bailiffs like those from Andrew James Enforcement can’t break into your home. But they have the right to walk into open or unlocked doors. Keep in mind that if you want to communicate with their bailiffs, it’s best to do so from an upstairs window than standing at your front door.

Note that even if the Andrew James bailiffs cannot break into your home, they can seize assets outside your house. This includes things like your car (if it is not under a Hire Purchase Agreement) that is parked on your driveway.

Also, Andrew James Enforcement bailiffs cannot visit vulnerable individuals such as the elderly. In a situation where you’re a vulnerable person and the bailiffs enter your home and seize your goods, make sure to seek legal advice.

Furthermore, if you have young children, then you should get some extra time to respond to the letters before the enforcement company can come to your home. But keep in mind that the protection of vulnerable individuals is complicated. So it’s best to speak to a debt charity and get some advice regarding this matter.

What Is a County Court Judgment (CCJ)?

A CCJ is a legal decree issued against you if you fail to pay the money you owe. If Andrew James Enforcement takes you to court for unpaid debts and you lose, you get a CCJ. It’s a serious matter that demands your attention.

A CCJ outlines that you have to pay the debt and that the court is in agreement with your creditor regarding the debt. The judgement usually includes:

  • How much you owe
  • How you should pay
  • Who you should pay 
  • Your deadline to pay

The CCJ will be recorded on the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines for a period of six years if you don’t pay within one month of receiving the CCJ.

How It Affects Your Credit Score

Having a CCJ on your record can impact your credit score dramatically. It will be visible on your credit report for six years, and getting credit during this time will be difficult for you. Most lenders check your credit report, if the credit report shows a CCJ, they will perceive you as a high-risk customer.

This is because a CCJ indicates that you have had trouble paying back debt in the past, and someone had to go to court against you in order to retrieve the money. However, after six years, the CCJ will be erased from the report, and you will find it easier to receive credit once again.

Consequences beyond Credit

A County Court Judgment impacts more than just your credit report. Once you get a CCJ, you will also find it difficult when it comes to things such as job opportunities and even housing applications. The repercussions are vast.

Removal and Settlement

A CCJ doesn’t have to be a life sentence. There are ways to remove it from your record or minimise its impact. Paying off your debt within six years is a good step to take. This is because once you finish paying off the debt in six years, you can ask them to mark the judgement as ‘satisfied’ on the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines.

You can easily do this by writing to the court mentioning that you have paid the debt. Also, don’t forget to attach proof with it. Note that if you pay off the debt within one month of receiving the CCJ, it will not be recorded in the register.

How to Avoid a CCJ

Avoiding a CCJ in the first place is obviously the best route. Simple steps can make a world of difference. In order to avoid a CCJ, always make sure to:

1. Check your credit report and ensure that you don’t have any overdue debts.
2. Do not ignore Andrew James Enforcement or any other debt collection company. Corporate with them and try to find a solution for your situation.

What is a Notice of Enforcement?

A Notice of Enforcement is a formal legal document. It signals that Andrew James Enforcement is planning on taking legal action and that the bailiff intends to visit your property to either collect the debt or seize goods. Don’t underestimate this notice; it’s your last warning.

If you ignore this letter, bailiffs will visit your home after 7 days. They can also add more fees to your existing debt.

Andrew James Enforcement Ltd Reviews

Online reviews of Andrew James Enforcement are mixed. While some understand that they are carrying out a job, others label their tactics as harsh.

Some of the Google map reviews of Andrew James Enforcement company are as follows:

“Their debt collectors are making public personal details of individuals, how much they owe and their address and the company is not prepared to take any action. I will be reporting this company to the ombudsman. They are an absolute disgrace…read more” –Janet Owen

“This company are completely and utterly uncaring, and when I spoke to them, they were so rude and unprofessional. Whilst I am responsible for paying my debt, these people are supposed to be professional when dealing with customers. Appalling people to deal with…read more” –Anthony Phillips

“They’re just doing their jobs. I actually find the bailiffs pretty fair here. The staff on the phone aren’t always pleasant; however, again, must be pretty hard hearing excuses day in and day out…read more” –John Jill

Should You Check For Other Debt Collectors?

Certainly, Andrew James Enforcement might not be the only company you owe money to. Keep track of your debts and know who you’re dealing with. In the UK, the personal debt amount is rising. Given this, it is not surprising that many people owe more than just one debt in the UK.

So, if you owe multiple debts, it is best to make sure that they are under control. Thus, make sure to check the following for correspondence from debt collectors:

  • Emails 
  • Post
  • Bank statements

Some of the largest debt collection companies to look out for include:

  • Cabot Financial
  • Lowell Financial
  • PRA Group

Andrew James Enforcement Contact Information

Address: Latheron Chambers, 41 Mansel Street, Swansea, SA1 5SW
Phone: 01792 645533
Email: enquiries@ajenforce.co.uk
Website: https://ajenforce.co.uk/

Discover top tips for dealing with Andrew James Enforcement

Overall, dealing with Andrew James Enforcement does not have to be daunting. Follow these tips, and you can avoid a lot of issues and complications:

  • Respond immediately to any letters or notices. 
  • Negotiate directly if you’re experiencing financial hardships.
  • Never ignore a Notice of Enforcement. 
  • Seek legal advice if you feel overwhelmed or confused.

If you want additional advice on how you can handle this enforcement company, there are many debt charities in the UK that you can reach out to. Some of these include:

  • National Debtline 
  • StepChange
  • Citizens Advice

Key Points

  • Andrew James Enforcement Ltd is a company based in Swansea, providing bailiff services primarily for local authorities across England and Wales. 
  • Many UK residents might have the option to legally write off a portion of their debts, and this could apply to debts managed by Andrew James Enforcement.
  • Receiving a Notice of Enforcement letter from Andrew James Enforcement is a serious matter that requires immediate attention. Ignoring the letter can escalate the situation and could even lead to asset seizure. 
  • Although Andrew James Enforcement bailiffs can’t break into your home or harm you physically, they have the legal right to enter through unlocked doors and take possession of outside assets, like your vehicle.
  • Before taking any steps to interact or negotiate with Andrew James Enforcement, it’s crucial to seek professional advice to explore all your available options and to understand your legal rights. 

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