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You might not have to part with your precious cash to settle Arrow Global Debt. However, throwing their letters to the wind is not a good idea – trust me! Things could spiral out of control with Arrow Global, and you don’t want that. 

So, what should you do? I’m about to unravel a secret strategy that could be a game-changer.  Stay glued because what’s coming next will blow your mind!

Riana Johnson
Last updated on 04 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Understanding Arrow Debt Collection: Who is Arrow Global?
2. Why is Arrow Global Ltd Featuring on My Credit Report?
3. An Introduction to Capquest Debt Recovery Limited
4. Evaluating the Legitimacy of Arrow Debt Collectors: Are They Genuine?
5. Exploring the Capabilities: What Can Arrow Debt Collection Agency Do?
6. Crafting Responses: How Should I Tackle Arrow Global Debt Letters?
7. Verifying Obligations: What Steps to Take If Arrow Global Have Confirmed My Debt?
8. Facing Legal Actions: Arrow Global is Taking Me to Court – What’s My Course of Action?
9. Empower Yourself with This Free Debt Advice
10. Getting in Touch: Arrow Global Debt’s Essential Contact Information
11. A Glimpse at Other Debt Collectors in Comparison to Arrow Global
12. Key Points
13. FAQ


Understanding Arrow Debt Collection: Who is Arrow Global?

Arrow Global is a giant in the European credit management world. 

They’re experts in 

1. Handling loans,
2. Debt purchasing,
3. And managing specialist assets.

But why would they contact you? Arrow Global purchases debts from various companies, such as credit card lenders, retail banking stores, and telecom companies. They buy these debts for less than the face value, and then – you guessed it – they chase after debtors to pay up the total. What’s next, though? Keep reading!

  • The Arrow Debt Collection Agency company registration number is 05606545. 
  • Their registered office is in Manchester, but they also have offices in Europe, Ireland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.

They describe themselves as “Europe’s leading investor and asset manager in distressed and non-core assets”. If you owe money, Capquest Debt Recovery Limited or another company owned by Arrow may contact you to settle your debt. Carquest is part of the Arrow Group and works on debt collection in the UK.

Capquest Debt Recovery Limited and Arrow Global say they are dedicated to working with those who owe money to develop a repayment plan that works for both parties. 

Why is Arrow Global Ltd Featuring on My Credit Report?

Here’s where things get intriguing. Arrow Global might pop up on your credit report because they have purchased your debt from your original credit provider. The very reason they’re calling you is that they believe you owe them money. 

Wait a minute, though. There’s a twist here. Want to know why you’ve not heard of Arrow Global before? Stick around, and there’s more!

Arrow Global is calling you because the company has bought your debt from your old lender and believes you owe them money. Why you have not heard of Arrow Global may be a mystery, but your transfer notice, the “Notice of Assignment”, should state who originally owned your debt.  

An Introduction to Capquest Debt Recovery Limited

Capquest Debt Recovery Limited works alongside Arrow Global to recover debts in the UK.  Imagine having a big, muscular buddy to have your back. That’s what Capquest is to Arrow Global. They’re essentially part of the same family.

But what’s the real story behind Capquest? What do they bring to the table? Don’t go anywhere; the revelation awaits!

Capquest Debt Recovery Limited is a licensed and regulated company that claims to help people get out of debt through debt settlement. However, Capquest is affiliated with Arrow Global, so it only agrees with a payment plan to settle its debt with Arrow through another company. 

Arrow Global Group will purchase the bonds as DCA, and Capquest will arrange the payment path for debtors like you to pay. 

Evaluating the Legitimacy of Arrow Debt Collectors: Are They Genuine?

This question is critical. Are Arrow Debt Collectors legitimate? The answer is yes. Arrow Global is authorised to purchase debts and chase debtors for payment, adhering to debt industry laws. They operate under the watchful eye of the Financial Conduct Authority

They are part of the UK’s most extensive debt through other businesses such as Capquest.  

Exploring the Capabilities: What Can Arrow Debt Collection Agency Do?

It’s time to unwind the powers of Arrow Debt Collection. They can contact you through calls, letters, and indeed emails. But there’s a restrain to their qualities. 

1. They cannot be inconsiderate or beguiling in their communications since they are licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and comply with the Financial Services Registry, or they may be fined for each violation of guidelines.
2. On the other hand, they will go to court if you do not pay or cannot stick to the payment plan they accept for you due to your financial difficulties.
3. The court can give a county court judgement(CCJ) and make you responsible for paying back the debt if they are able to prove you owe them. Arrow employees cannot come to your home and repossess items.
4. At last, the Arrow Debt Collection Agency will go to court to take a warrant or a writ of conduct against you to use enforcement agents (bailiffs) to visit your home and seize your belonging if you ignore this CCJ order.

Crafting Responses: How Should I Tackle Arrow Global Debt Letters?

So, here we are! You’ve got a letter from Arrow Global Debt in your hands. What now? Are your palms sweaty? Relax! We’re here to cook up a game plan together. First, let’s ensure we’re on the same page: Don’t rush to pay or do anything hasty. This is your chance to take control. Is your thinking cap on? Let’s dive in!

Don’t Freak Out – Stay Cool!

Getting a debt letter from Arrow Global might make your heart skip a beat. But hold on! Staying calm is the secret ingredient to sorting this out. Worried? Take a few deep breaths. There’s plenty you can do.

Scrutinise the Letter – Be Sherlock Holmes!

Unleash your inner detective and go through the letter like a pro. Look for:

  • Your name and address (Is it really for you?)
  • Details of the debt (Does this ring a bell?)
  • Arrow Global’s contact details (Check if they’re legit!)

Do any details seem fishy? If yes, it’s time to bring your A-game!

Time to Write Back – Keep It Formal

Alright, you need to write back to Arrow Global. But wait, there’s a trick to it. You’ve got to be super polite and formal. Ask them to prove the debt is yours. Why? If they can’t, this might just be your winning ticket!

  • Start by saying, “Dear Sir/Madam.”
  • Politely ask them to prove that the debt belongs to you
  • Do not sign the letter at the end. Because they can forge your signature to something terrible. Instead, simply write or type your name after “Yours faithfully.”

Send the letter and sit tight. What will they do? Stay tuned!

What if They Prove the Debt is Yours? – Plot Twist!

Okay, so Arrow Global has sent you a proof. Don’t panic! You still have options:

1. Check if it’s Outdated: Debts have an expiration date! Is yours too old to collect? You might be off the hook. (Court might put your debts to a statute-barred state if the debts are old by more than 6 years or more and no communication or court involvement within that period.)
2. Negotiate a Payment Plan: Can’t pay all at once? Talk to Arrow Global about paying bit by bit. They might just agree!

But what if they don’t? Hold on, and we’re getting to the exciting part!

Standing Your Ground – Like a Warrior!

If Arrow Global isn’t budging, don’t worry! You can seek help from debt advice organisations. They can:

  • Give you advice
  • Help you with your rights
  • Maybe even chat with Arrow Global for you!
Prepare for the Unexpected – Always Be Ready!

So, we’ve secured a parcel, but there’s one final mystery weapon! Continuously be arranged for shocks. Bolt Worldwide might toss you a curveball. But figure what? You’re prepared to thump it out of the stop!

What’s Next? – The Cliffhanger

You’ve battled the great battle; it’s time to hold up. Will Bolt Worldwide acknowledge your terms? What will happen on the off chance that they do not? There’s more to this story, and your travel is distant from over. Keep your eyes peeled since the following chapter is far around the corner! 

Verifying Obligations: What Steps to Take If Arrow Global Have Confirmed My Debt?

Now, this is where the tide could turn. Arrow Global has provided proof of your debt. What should you do? Is this the endgame? Hold your breath because this is where we roll out an action plan to tackle the situation. And yes, there are options!

You may have ended your life largely innocent, but if Arrow Global turns up proof of your debt, you will have to pay the outstanding balance on your account.

If you have the evidence, you will win the court case and be asked to pay. So act early to avoid further fees and debt interest. You can agree on a repayment plan or find a better solution with debt reduction methods.  

Facing Legal Actions: Arrow Global is Taking Me to Court – What’s My Course of Action?

The heat is on! Arrow Global has escalated matters to the court. But is it game over? Not just yet. There are still cards you can play. What can you do to handle this? Is there any way out? Hang tight because we’re diving into an action-packed section next!

If you disregard Arrow Global or come up short of reaching a discount understanding, they can look for a County Court Judgement(CCJ). CCJ will make you responsible for reimbursing the debt to its creditor. Disregarding CCJ may result in advanced lawful activity.

You ought to fully reimburse the obligation within one month of the CCJ issuance date. In this case, you’ll request that the enlistment section be erased. At that point, the credit reference agencies will be informed that you just have paid off the obligation, and the CCJ will be expelled from their records.

You must enter a reimbursement assertion if you cannot ultimately pay off your obligation within the preceding month. Tragically, CCJ will still remain on your credit report for six a long time. 

This would not be deleted from your credit history even if you paid off the debt within 6 years. Thus it negatively influences your credit score and capacity to win credits.

Can I Use a Debt Solution?

Yes. You can. There are solutions such as applying for,

1. Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) – This can help you write off some of your debt within 5 years.
3. Debt Management Plan (DMP) – you will negotiate with your creditors to freeze or reduce your interest and agree to a repayment plan.
4. Bankruptcy – You will lose everything you own if you choose this option.

Empower Yourself with This Free Debt Advice

Knowledge is power! It’s time to arm yourself with the best free debt advice available. Let’s explore how you can tackle Arrow Global Debt like a pro. Wait, did we say free? Yes, we did! Ready for this treasure trove of information?

If you need help filing a complaint about Arrow Global or need help determining how best to get out of debt, please contact the UK charity.

Here are some helpful links:

1. Step Change
2. Advice for citizens
3. National Debt Line
4. Money advice service
5. Government website

Getting in Touch: Arrow Global Debt’s Essential Contact Information

Staying informed is critical. Here’s how you can get in touch with Arrow Global Debt in case you need to discuss something with them. But what exactly should you say? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Telephone: +44 (0)800 130 0169

Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 5 pm

Closed weekends and public holidays

Address: Arrow Global Group Limited

Belvedere, 12 Booth Street, Manchester M2 4AW

Post: PO Box 5498, Manchester, M61 0PG, United Kingdom
Website: www.arrowglobal.net
Email: queries@arrowglobal.net

A Glimpse at Other Debt Collectors in Comparison to Arrow Global

Lastly, how Arrow Global stacks up against other debt collectors? Is Arrow Global a unique beast, or are there others like it? What separates Arrow Global from the rest? Don’t miss this final piece of the puzzle!

You can also look for outstanding debts with other companies or debt collection companies. There are four steps you can take:

1. Check your credit report for other defaults
2. Check emails and posts for reminders and reminders
3. Check CCJ’s court record against you
4. Check your bank statement for the name of the other collection agency.

Hundreds of different collection agencies in the UK work with other companies to collect debts. For example, Cabot Financial is known to collect receivables for DVLA, while Lowell Financial and PRA Group purchase receivables from various credit card companies such as Barclaycard. If you see a name on your bank statement you need to recognise, check MoneyNerd to know if it’s a collection agency. 

Key Points

  • Arrow Global is a European credit management company that buys bonds and tracks debtors’ repayments, potentially making a profit.
  • Many people in the UK can legally write off part of their debt.
  • They may contact you through Capquest Debt Recovery Limited or another company they own to request payment or suggest a repayment plan.
  • Arrow collecting agencies are legal and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • When you receive a letter from Arrow Global, please request proof of debt first. The statute of limitations may apply if the debt is over six years old.
  • If Arrow Global proves you are in debt, consider a repayment plan or other solutions. If you are sued in court, a county court (CCJ) ruling can affect your credit report.  


Let’s pause for a second! You might be buzzing with questions right now. So, let’s tackle them head-on! We will answer frequently asked questions that might be playing on your mind. Ready? Let’s go!

Is Arrow Global a Debt Collector?

Yes, Arrow Global is a legit debt collection company. Their full title is ASHWORTH MOTORING LAW LTD, and their company number is 09774600. Furthermore, the Budgetary Conduct Specialist (FCA) has given them a thumbs up to gather obligations within the UK. So, they’re the genuine bargain!

What is Arrow Global Debt?

 Arrow Global is a debt collection agency that deals with loans, specialist assets, and buying debts. They’re like a giant umbrella company for credit management and are based in Europe, with their main office in the UK. They have a business registration number of 05606545.

Are Arrow Global Bailiffs?

No. But sometimes, Arrow Global might send bailiffs if someone hasn’t paid their debts and the court has stepped in and issued a warrant. These bailiffs have the green light from the court to collect property and assets equal to the value of the debt. So, it’s serious business!

Is Arrow Global Legit?

Yes! Arrow Global Debt is 100% legitimate. But here’s the catch – sometimes they use different names, which can be confusing. For instance, you might get a letter from Capquest Debt Recovery instead of Arrow Global Debt. It’s all part of the same team, though!

 Is Capquest Arrow Global?

 Kind of! As of 31st May 2023, Arrow Global passed the baton for most of its accounts to new owners. But guess what? Arrow Global and the new owners chose Capquest Debt Recovery Ltd to handle these accounts. Capquest is a whiz at collections and is part of the Intrum Group.

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