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You might not have to part with your hard-earned cash for Arvato Financial Solutions. But be cautious. Ignoring Arvato could be like playing with fire! Because what’s waiting around the corner could seriously impact your life. 

What options do you have? Brace yourself – the answer could be a game-changer! Keep reading to dive into the heart of your choices…

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Last updated on 08 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Can You Avoid Paying Arvato Financial Solutions Ltd?
2. Who Is Arvato UK
3. Examining the Legitimacy of Arvato Debt Collectors: Are Arvato Debt Collectors Legit?
4. Diving Into Arvato Financial Solutions’ Functions: What Does Arvato Financial Solutions Do?
5. Make Arvato Debt Collection Work a little more!: How to buy some time to deal with Arvato Debt Collection Company
6. The Exception – Strategies for Avoiding Payments to Arvato Debt Collectors!
7. A Glimpse into Arvato’s Debt Collection Procedure
8. Does Arvato Deploy Bailiffs?
9. Assessing the Viability of Arvato’s Payment Plan
10. Major Concerns About Debt Collection Agencies like Arvato
11. Understanding the Legal Framework Arvato Debt Collectors Must Follow
12. Make a Complaint About Arvato Debt Collectors
13. Be Vigilant of These Tactics Employed by Arvato Debt Collecting Agents
14. Support Systems for Handling Arvato Debt Collectors
15. Exploring Ways to Write Off Your Arvato Debt
16. Additional Debt Collectors to Monitor Your Credit Report
17. Contact Information for Arvato Financial Solutions
18. Key Points
19. FAQ


Can You Avoid Paying Arvato Financial Solutions Ltd?

No. Eventually, you will end up paying them at some point in time. It’s a matter of time before that happens because Arvato Financial Solutions Ltd is a debt collection company that makes profits out of recovering debts. They are not just like your original creditors.

But there are options you can choose where you may get a chance to write off some of your debts for sure. Therefore keep reading the article to find out more…

Who Is Arvato UK

Arvato Financial Solutions is a financial solution-providing company in the UK. Their products and services come under three main categories. They are, namely,

1. Collections Management
2. Payment & Financing Services
3. Credit Risk Management

They have kept providing a vast range of products and services under their Collections Management category. And it mainly includes financial services such as debt Collection management and Credit management services. Plus, it provides debt collection services where they chase after borrowers on behalf of their Creditors to recover debts.

They do not have a specific industry which they focus on when it comes to debt collection. Below are some of the sectors where they have kept giving their debt collecting services laterly. 

1. Banking and Finance
2. E-commerce
3. Insurance
4. Media & Entertainment
5. Energy & Utilities
6. Internet & Telecoms
7. Public Sector

Arvato Financial Solutions has a global network of more than 40 countries around the world where they have kept providing their financial services. Additionally, they are a proud member of the Bertelsmann group as well. 

But wait, is it just another debt collection agency? Not quite. They also offer customer support and various financial services. We have mentioned a summary of it above. You may wonder how this affects you. 

Keep reading to find out!

Examining the Legitimacy of Arvato Debt Collectors: Are Arvato Debt Collectors Legit?

“Are Arvato debt collectors legal?” you may ask. Absolutely YES

They’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) under reference number – 708669

And they have registered their business in the UK Companies House under the Registered name “ARVATO FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED” since September 2001. Their Company House register’s reference number is SC223606.

According to their website, To prove their legitimacy, they have stated that they have, 

1. CSA Certificate
2. ICO Certificate
3. PCI Certificate
4. Financial Services Qualification System (FSQS) Certificate

We believe this information is enough proof for you to verify the legitimacy of the Arvato Debt Collection agency.

But there’s more to it. You’ll be surprised to learn what practices are not legitimate.

Diving Into Arvato Financial Solutions’ Functions: What Does Arvato Financial Solutions Do?

What do Arvato financial solutions really do? More than you think! They manage credit and customer relations. But their role in debt collection might interest you the most. 

After all, you might think their debt collection and debt management service must play a small role compared to the service list they have stated on their website. But It’s not like that. Actually, it’s the opposite of it. 

Do not get tricked by the fancy words used on their website because Debt Collection and Debt management services are the most profitable among all other services.

You might wonder why Arvato financial solutions are reaching out to you when you have never dealt with them before. Keep reading. You will find it eventually.

They provide these services in two ways,

1. One of your Original Creditors hires Arvato Financial Solutions to chase after you to recover their debts.
2. Or your Orginal Creditor has sold your debts to Arvato Financial Solutions as if they get tired of asking you to settle the debt.

As a result, you get to deal with these debt collectors in the end instead of your original creditor. 

Sometimes, there are rare cases where they might reach out to you mistakenly for real. You can reach out to them and verify whether it’s really for you or a mistake. 

But we strongly suggest you do not reach out to them until you thoroughly read this article. It’s because sometimes there are instances where it becomes a loss for you due to the initiation of communication without knowing what you are getting into.

Discover how their debt collection process can impact you.

Make Arvato Debt Collection Work a little more!: How to buy some time to deal with Arvato Debt Collection Company 

This work only if you acknowledge the debt and need some time to find more options. 

First, what you have to do is send a Prove the Debt Letter to Arvato, asking them to provide written proof. They are bound by law to reply to you with proof. And do not sign the letter to prevent them from forging your signature for something you did not agree upon. 

Making a reply letter with proof could take some time as the debt collection agency has to get in touch with your original debtor and make the perfect document with no loopholes. 

Surely, you will have extra few days ahead or a maximum of two weeks time until they can send you a reply. Therefore use this time wisely to find a solution that could help you to overcome this debt problem.

Some debt collection agencies tend to drop the debt collection case if they are unable to document a strong allegation against you. In that case, you are not needed to pay if they are unable to prove the debt. 

On the other hand, you will have to pay at some point of the time they manage to prove the debt.

Let us find instances where you might get a chance to avoid paying Arvato company at all.

The Exception – Strategies for Avoiding Payments to Arvato Debt Collectors!

Yes, you heard it right! There are legal ways to avoid payments under specific conditions. But you must tread carefully. How can you utilise these exceptions without legal repercussions? The answer lies ahead!

The first thing you should do is verify the debt. Then check how old these debts are. Your debt will not be responsible by law if they are,

1. Older than six years 
2. Your Creditor did not have any form of communication within that period
3. Plus, Your creditor has not taken any legal action within that period.

The court sorts this debt under the Statute-Barred category. As a result, you will not have to pay. But for this to work, you have to be 100% sure that this debt falls under this category.

Additionally, this will not get deleted from your credit history. It negatively impacts your credit score. As a result, you might find difficulties getting new credit cards and loans in the future.

We all need loans at some point in our life to jump a giant leap ahead. Therefore let’s find out how we can stay one step ahead of Arvato company by knowing their debt collection process.

A Glimpse into Arvato’s Debt Collection Procedure

Now you might be thinking about “how the Arvato Debt collection works” and “what to do next when Arvato contacts you“. Fear not. We got that covered for you below.

The procedure can include below key points.

1. Communication

Arvato will initially send you a letter to remind you to pay the debt to their client or to Arvato themselves as your debt’s new owner. From that moment onwards, they will officially start reaching out to you using all your contact methods.

These reach outs include,

1. Letters, 
2. Phone Calls,
3. Emails
4. Sometimes they send collection agents to your home to convince you to pay in extreme cases.

You might be wondering how they found out your contact information. Your original Creditor passes all information regarding your debt case to the debt collection company when they are hired. 

Hence, there is nothing to get surprised by it. So don’t start fights with your close ones thinking they might have leaked your personal contact information.

Keep this in mind! You might end up paying at some point in time If the debts are valid and cannot be categorised under the statute-barred category.

What will happen if your debts are not old enough to get sorted under the statute-barred category?

If that’s the case, you can check your credit history and ask the Arvato company to verify your debt. For that, send a letter asking them to provide written proof showing you really owe them. 

Remember to keep a copy of your request letter. Because this letter comes in handy if things get escalated to the court without them replying to you. And do not sign at the end of the letter because they might forge your signature to use in their favour.

  • You should start discussing with Arvato company about ways that you can settle the debt if they reply with a letter showing the proof. 
  • Or You can wait to see what they are going to do next if they reach out to the court without replying to your request. That is where you should show the copy of the request letter (prove the debt letter) we mentioned earlier to the court. 
2. Repayment Plans – Find out ways you can settle the debt with Arvato

You can pay off the debt and get done with it if the debt is valid and you have extra money to spend on it. 

Otherwise, reach out and discuss with them to get into a payment plan agreement that you can keep paying while not making your financial stability vulnerable.

What if you accepted the debt is true but were unable to get into an agreement? Dont worry. We are here to help you. So, Keep reading to find out what other options are available. 

3. Arvato might possibly take legal actions  

The possibility of Arvato and their client taking legal action rises when you keep ignoring reach out for a longer time. But they will send you one last letter titled Letter Before Action(LBA) to notify you that they will go to court to solve this matter unless you come to an agreement before the due date.

Next, they will surely go to court to take County Court Judgement(CCJ) against you. The court will surely give CCJ conjugation against you if the debt is proven true. Thus you will become legally responsible for paying this debt. 

Additionally, this CCJ will be recorded on the public finance register and also in your credit history. You can remove this CCJ and clear your credit history if you pay the debt within 1st month of receiving the court order. 

Otherwise, the CCJ conjugation status will be updated to satisfied and will remain in your credit history for six years if you manage to repay the debt after the first month of receiving the court order.

Let’s find out that next what will happen if you keep ignoring this CCJ conjugation. 

Does Arvato Deploy Bailiffs?

No, they do have the legal authority to deploy bailiffs without acknowledgement of the court.

But they can request the court to order a warrant or writ of conduct to use enforcement agents(bailiffs) if you keep ignoring the CCJ conjugation. The bailiffs will visit your home with the new court order and seize your valuable items until you fully pay the debt before due time.

They will store your belonging in a warehouse and eventually will sell them at an auction to recover the total debt and bailiff charges. The balance after recovering all costs will be debited back to your bank account.

As you can see, It is not a pleasant thing to watch your own valuables get seized by bailiffs. Thus we urge you to find a solution before things get escalate to this extent.

Keep reading to find out more solutions to resolve your issue.

Assessing the Viability of Arvato’s Payment Plan

Arvato offers payment plans. But we cannot assess whether it’s good or bad by watching from outside. Because it solely depends on the total number of debts you have and your current financial situation prevailing in your life.

Debt collection agencies do not always tend to offer great deals that could favour to borrower’s side. Because As we all know, the longer time passes, the value of money gets inflated. So even in Arvato, there is no difference. That’s why there is a high chance of getting a payment plan where you might not really be satisfied.

After all, the ability to pay online is the least positive aspect you might enjoy while dealing with Arvato. 

Don’t worry if you are unable to accept Arvato’s payment plan. The article is not over yet. Keep reading, and you will find more options and solutions that can aid you in going through this journey.

Major Concerns About Debt Collection Agencies like Arvato

Hold on! Be aware of common debt collection agency concerns before engaging with Arvato.

Most of the employees in any debt collection agency, including Arvato Debt Collection Agency employees, work under a small monthly wage and an additional bonus for each conversion basis. 

Therefore they try to add more and more conversions to the table as possible to win the bonus at the end of each month. As a result, you might experience friendly communication turning into totally bad and harassing conversation with time if they feel like you aren’t going to pay soon.

  • There are guidelines that Arvato company has to follow when dealing with a borrower like you. These guidelines are placed by the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) for the betterment of reducing these kinds of issues. 

Yes, someone can feel scared and mentally break down due to this constant torcher. Even there are cases where some have committed suicide due to being depressed over being unable to pay their debts. And the latest stats suggest that more than 50% of UK citizens who are in debt have suicidal thoughts.

  • But don’t think for a second you are alone in this journey. There are a number of charity debt organisations in the UK that help people like you who cannot handle these issues alone to overcome this problem. We have mentioned some of it by the end of this article.

Keep reading the article. Eventually, You will find all the significant guidelines enforced by law that they need to follow while dealing with their borrowers. And that includes the action you can take if they are not following them.

Understanding the Legal Framework Arvato Debt Collectors Must Follow

Debt collection agencies like Arvato Company must comply with Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) and Credit Services Association(CSA) guidelines at all times if they hope to keep doing business operations in the UK without experiencing any law barriers. 

Below are some of the general guidelines you should know when dealing with them.

1. Debt Collecting agents should comply with the debtor’s communication preference. 
2. The debtor can request the debt collecting agents to stop calling on specific time slots if requested.
3. Debt-collecting agents must treat the debtor fairly. They are not allowed to do any provocative practices such as harassment, bullying, lying, deceiving or using confusing terms on purpose when dealing with the debtor.
4. They must always provide all the options that are available for the debtor to choose. Additionally, must give enough time to asses these options and make a decision.
5. Show Consideration towards the difficulties that the debtor faces while going through his life financially and non-financially.
6. It is essential to take into account all the factors and situations that encompass their current life when deciding on the next course of action regarding the debtor.

These Guidelines were initially monitored through The Office for Fair Trading (OFT, 2012). But this governing body officially closed on 31 March 2014. Since then, FCA has started monitoring these guidelines regarding the debt collection sector. 

Make a Complaint About Arvato Debt Collectors

Always make a complaint to Arvato Debt Collectors at first if you experience any unlawful activity from them. You can complain to Financial Ombudsman if you feel like Arvato Debt Collectors have violated any of the guidelines mentioned above while doing their operations. 

But keep in mind there is no use in complaining if you don’t have enough proof to show their violation. Thus always keep copies and records of all types of communication you had with Arvato Company.

Let us see what types of tactics Arvato Debt Collecting agents generally use when it comes to collecting debts.

Be Vigilant of These Tactics Employed by Arvato Debt Collecting Agents

Arvato may employ certain tactics. Sometimes, they might even be breaking the law due to the use of those tactics. Therefore keep an eye out for these cunning tactics and report them to Financial Ombudsman if they violate any of the guidelines.

Frequent Calls and Messages from Arvato Debt

First off, Arvato might flood you with calls and messages. It’s annoying. Note down at what times and how many times they call you for a day. 

1. Make a complaint to Arvato company about this torcher first. And notify them at what time you are free to communicate with them. You can lodge a complaint to the Financial Ombudsmen with proof that shows Arvato has not taken steps to solve the issue.
2. Or notify them by a letter that you prefer to communicate with them with letters only. They are breaking the law if they do not comply with your request.
Pushing for Immediate Payment

They might press you to pay immediately! This pressure can be immense. However, they should allow you reasonable time. 

Telling Family, Friends and Colleagues You’re in Debt with Arvato company

In the United Kingdom, privacy laws prohibit companies from disclosing information regarding an individual’s debt or providing any additional details about the obligation to any third party. This means they have to verify who they are talking to before starting any conversation.

You can make a complaint to Financial Ombudsman if you feel like they have reached out to people who are close to you. 

Misrepresenting the Amount Owed and Adding Unauthorised Charges

Hold on! Arvato may state a higher amount than you owe. 

1. Sometimes, there can be instances where they have added interest and fees compared to the time you have kept ignoring to pay payments.
2. You can reach out to them and ask them to prove the debt via the method we discussed earlier. They will indeed send you a detailed explanation if the obligations are valid. They will not reply to you if the debts are fake.
Arvato is Threatening to take Legal Action

Imagine being threatened with legal action. 

  • You might have to face legal subjugations if you really owe them. 
  • On the contrary, you can report these threats to Financial Ombudsmen if you are 100% sure that you don’t owe them.

Surely, Arvato might use this tactic. As you can see, they can’t always follow through! 

Communication During Odd Hours

Are they calling you at odd hours? That’s a big no-no! There are specific time frames they must adhere to. You won’t believe how easy it is to stop those late-night calls!

1. They are allowed to contact you within office hours and on weekdays only. Report this to Arvato company first and educate them about what times you are free to discuss with them.
2. Complain to the financial ombudsman with proof that shows they have broken the law if Arvato company did not take any action against it.

Here’s a summary of ideas to guard yourself against these types of debt collection agencies:

1. Document Everything: Jot down every call and message. Dates, times, and content – keep them handy. This can be your ultimate shield!
2. Know Your Rights: Familiarise yourself with debt collection laws.
3. Don’t Be Bullied: Stay calm and assertive. You don’t have to agree to anything on the phone.
4. Verify the Debt: Always ask for a written statement. This could reveal unauthorised charges.
5. Seek Legal Advice: Consult a lawyer if things get rough. But legal fees are expensive. Well, there are places where you can get free legal advice. Keep reading to find out.
6. Lodge a Complaint: If Arvato crosses the line, file a complaint to FCA.

Now, you’re armed with the knowledge to protect yourself from Arvato’s tactics. But wait, there’s more! What if I told you there was a way to turn the tables on Arvato? The next section is so explosive; it might as well be d

Arvato Debt Collection Reviews
Trust Pilot Reviews of Arvato Financial Solutions Limited

Arvato Debt Collection Company has managed to secure an overall score of 1.3 out of 76 votes. (Source – Trust Pilot)

Trust Pilot

Below are some of the latest reviews taken from their trust pilot review page.

#1. Chelsie Clements from the UK has stated,

If I could give a minus rating I would…
If I could give a minus rating I would ! Horrible predators who pray on vulnerable people. Breaking into my home and bullying me and my children even though we are on the priority services register ! Daniel Holman who works for this company was very rude and nasty and made us feel frightened in our own home when he entered and approached my then 14 year old child who is being assessed for autism. Vile nasty predatory company !!!

Date of experience: September 26, 2022 – Source

#2. MR Robert Macfaran from the UK has stated that, 

Sick joke
Are these the miserable wretches from the telly breaking in to people’s homes whilst saying that’s the exciting bit?
Bunch of sick nasty vultures preying on the old and vulnerable. You make me sick!

Date of experience: February 06, 2023 –Source

Google Map Reviews of Arvato Financial Solutions Limited

Arvato Debt Collection Company has managed to secure an overall score of 1.6 out of 31 votes. (Source – Google Maps)

Google Maps

Below are some of the latest reviews taken from their Google Map review page

“A genuinely evil company that incentivises their “engineers” to illegally break into the homes of the disabled and pensioners to force fit prepayment meters… (Source)

#1. Stewart White from the UK has stated that (One-star review)

Had a text message out of the blue for £27.00 owed. No explanation just a link to make a payment. No answer when called and no reference from any authority or company that a minimal amount has been passed to a debt collection agency. I have blocked them as they do not appear legitimate…(Source)

#2. Daniel Cartwright from the UK has stated that (One-star review)

We think we don’t need to explain more about why these review scores have become so low. Because these reviews alone have spoken for themselves. Therefore find a solution as soon as possible and get done with them. That is our only advice here.

Are you feeling scared after seeing all this information? Fear not we have a solution for that also. Just keep reading.

Support Systems for Handling Arvato Debt Collectors

You don’t have to face Arvato alone. Several support systems can help you. There are debt charity services that provide professional help free of charge. You can seek help from these institutions if you feel like you cannot handle Arvato alone. 

They are such as

1. Document Everything: National Debtline
2. Know Your Rights: MoneyPlus Advice
3. Don’t Be Bullied: Step Change UK
4. Verify the Debt: National Debtline
5. Seek Legal Advice: Citizens Advice
6. Lodge a Complaint: Christians Against Poverty

For them, it does not matter whether what category of debt you have. Thus we strongly advise you to take help from these institutes as they have years of experience in how to deal with debt collectors effectively. 

Let us find out what are your options if you cannot afford a payment plan. 

Exploring Ways to Write Off Your Arvato Debt

Yes, There are legitimate ways to write off at least a portion of your debt. The secret lies in the options available to you. Below are some of the options you can choose to write off some debt.

1. Debt Consolidation – You will get a debt consolidation loan to cover up your old debts and stick to one single debt for the rest of the future.
2. Apply for a Debt Relief Order (DRO)
4. Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) – You make monthly payments to an insolvency practitioner and divide your debt proportionally among all your creditors.
5. Bankruptcy – You will lose all your belongings if you get approved.

Additional Debt Collectors to Monitor Your Credit Report

Yes, Arvato isn’t the only one. There are others you should be cautious of. Knowing them can save you from future problems. Companies like Cabot, PRA Group, and Lowell are some of the biggest debt collection agencies you need to be aware of.

We strongly suggest you make a habit of checking your credit history at least once a month. Because your credit history gets updated if any of the above debt collectors purchase your debts. 

Additionally, you need to do more research if any of these companies pop up in your credit history before things could escalate to deeper trouble.

Contact Information for Arvato Financial Solutions

Need to get in touch with Arvato? Here’s their contact information. 

But what should you say when you call them? This information could change everything!

Website: https://finance.arvato.com/en-uk/
Email  CRMSE@arvato.co.uk
Contact form: finance.arvato.com/en-uk/about-us/contact/
Address 24 George Square, Glasgow G2 1EG, United Kingdom
Call +44 344 472 9388

+44 844 846 0800

Key Points

  • It is worth considering various debt solutions such as Debt Relief Orders, bankruptcy, settlement offers, or Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) as potential options for debt elimination.
  • If you encounter difficulties with Arvato, it is advisable to first lodge a complaint with the company and, if necessary, escalate the matter to the Financial Ombudsman.
  • A number of individuals in the UK may have the opportunity to legally eliminate a portion of their debt.
  • Explore the resources provided by UK debt charities such as Step Change UK, National Debtline, and Citizens Advice, which offer support and guidance.
  • Arvato debt collectors operate within the bounds of legal authorisation and regulation, yet it is essential to be aware of your rights and safeguards against harassment or false information.


Are you puzzled about Arvato? You’re not alone! Here are some FAQs that can shed light on this intriguing company.

Does Arvato Buy Debt?

Yes! Arvato buys debts, and they are a powerhouse in this field. With over 20 years in the game, they’ve bought more than 500 portfolios. Whether it’s e-commerce, telecommunications, or banking & finances – they’re on it!

Why Is Arvato Calling Me?

They might be calling to ask you to repay the debt you owe to one of their clients. Or, they might have bought your debt from your original Creditor. Which means now they are your new credit owner.

Is Arvato Part of British Gas?

Yes, Arvato Financial Solutions is indeed connected to British Gas. They are a legitimate debt collection agency that collects debts for British Gas.

What Does the Company Arvato Do?

Arvato is not just a debt collector. They’re also customer service wizards! They’ve won awards for their service. They work with some really big brands.

Can I Ignore Arvato?

No. You will surely end up making payments to Arvato. It’s just a matter of time.
Ignoring them is a risky game! If Arvato is on your tail for British Gas debt, ignoring them is not an intelligent move to make. They might take further action. But there’s hope. You can communicate and try to make a repayment plan. 

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