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Arvato Financial Solutions may be giving you a hard time nowadays. Avoiding Arvatofs may be tempting, but doing so could lead you down a dangerous path. 

You might be thinking that avoiding Arvatofs could seem like a solution to deal with the stress you are currently experiencing.  But we believe it is not the wisest choice, as it could spiral into severe circumstances. 

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Last updated on 14 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Understanding Arvato Financial Solutions: Who are they?
2. Defining ArvatoFS: What does it entail?
3. What could be the reason ArvatoFS Debt Collectors are trying to contact you?
4. How can one verify the authenticity of the claimed debt?
5. What steps should I take to clear the debt?
6. Is the pressure from debt collectors causing undue stress for you?
7. Legal Considerations Concerning ArvatoFS Debt Collectors
8. What are the potential alternatives available to handle your situation?
9. Do debt collectors occasionally resort to dishonesty? Is it commonplace?
10. Navigating the pressure exerted by the debt collector
11. Evaluating your situation: Is your debt spiralling out of control?
12. What steps to take when repaying the debt is beyond your means?
13. Understanding your legal protections and rights
14. How to get in touch: Arvato Financial Solutions Contact Information
15. Identifying other debt collectors that might appear on your Credit Report
16. FAQ


What if I told you that you might not even have to pay Arvatofs in some instances? Sounds too good to be accurate and gives some relief. This article may provide a solution for the issue that you are currently experiencing. 

Let’s explore further.. but hold on; the tale has a twist.

Understanding Arvato Financial Solutions: Who are they?

Arvato Financial Solutions is one of the leading and reputable companies that people can hire for debt collecting and debt management services in the United Kingdom (UK). Since it was founding in 1961, the company has expanded to employ over 7,500 individuals across 20 countries under the renowned name of ‘Arvatofs.’ 

They were previously recognised as Buchanan Clark and Wells, who buy cheap debt from companies struggling to collect, striving harder to regain it for profit.

Defining ArvatoFS: What does it entail?

ArvatoFS, also known as Arvartofs.com, is the website Arvato uses as a payment portal for its debt collection. They facilitate various payment options for people like you. And you can simply enter the website by inserting your reference numbers. 

Also, they accept submissions of account queries through this platform.
Defining ArvatoFS: What does it entail?

What could be the reason ArvatoFS Debt Collectors are trying to contact you?

At some point, you might be confused or wondering why Arvato Financial Solutions Debt Collectors are trying to reach you. In most cases, the direct answer is that you owe them money, While in rare cases, it can be a mistake. 

There are mainly two instances where you may owe them money,

1. Your original Creditor has hired ArvatoFS Debt Collectors to chase after you to acquire their debts.
2. Or ArvatoFS Debt Collectors has purchased the ownership of your debts from your original creditor.

Usually, ArvatoFs purchases debts from other organisations, such as credit card companies or banks. These companies sell their debts when they are tired of reaching out to their debtors and must come up with payments to manage year-end incomes.  

If the debts are true you might end up dealing with ArvatoFS Debt Collectors for any of the reasons mentioned above. Therefore, Keep reading to learn more about dealing with them.

How can one verify the authenticity of the claimed debt?

Nowadays, the majority of debtors fall for the sweet words of fraudulent debt collectors because we don’t do enough research before contacting them. Or we blindly trust someone else who has dealt with them in the past. 

Be always mindful and make wise decisions to avoid making your life more difficult in future. If you cannot identify the original debt, you shouldn’t attempt to pay it. 

Request via a written letter asking for a written copy of the credit agreement from Arvato Financial Solutions Debt Collectors to check the debt’s validity. If they fail to give you a proper answer for that in any circumstances, it brings into question the fact of the debt.

What steps should I take to clear the debt?

Once you establish the debt’s legitimacy, you are responsible as an educated citizen to cover the deficit by arranging relevant payment plans. 

1. You should discuss with them to make the whole payment at once.
2. Or arrange a partial payment to Avarto Financial Solutions Debt Collectors if a single full payment is impossible.

But you do not have to stress yourself out if you cannot afford either option. You can set up a payment arrangement that allows for small monthly payments until the debt is cleared, which will benefit both sides.

Is the pressure from debt collectors causing undue stress for you?

This topic needs more attention because, most of the time, debt collectors abuse their authority to harass you unnecessarily. Legal action is a more effective way to stop the harassment if they continuously try to call you or are just persistent in their calls. 

Always remember! Your situation can become better and less stressful due to debt collection efforts or worse and more stressful. 

You can take legal advice and more help from debt charity organisations if you find hardships in dealing with ArvatoFS alone. 
Is the pressure from debt collectors causing undue stress for you?

Legal Considerations Concerning ArvatoFS Debt Collectors

Arvatofs must abide by rules established by The Office for Fair Trading (OFT, 2012) for businesses engaged in debt collecting. 

The guidelines mentioned in OFT strongly emphasise, 

1. Treating debtors fairly and considerate
2. Openness,
3. show empathy.
4. Consider the current situation of life the debtor is experiencing when suggesting solutions.
5.Ensure transparency and provide clear and concise information to avoid misleading the debtor.

Arvatofs’ license could be cancelled if these rules are broken. Also, there is an online complaint procedure to apply a relevant complaint against Arvato Financial Solutions Debt Collectors.

You can complain to Financial Ombudsmen in your area if you feel like Arvato is breaking any rules. But make sure to provide enough proof to win your complaint.

Additionally, they provided debt collection agencies with suitable, practical strategies to follow when dealing with clients who have mental health obstacles. These guidelines are in place specifically to avoid unpleasant incidents due to the excessive pressure of debts.  it is necessary in today’s society.

What are the potential alternatives available to handle your situation?

Paying off debt can be difficult, mainly if your financial state appears to be highly dire. 

  • But what choices do you have? 
  • You probably look for thousands of options, but are they trustworthy? 

There are many alternatives available at Arvatofs to ease your pressure. Even when the task seems draining out there, there is hope. Are you ready to explore their alternatives in more detail?

Negotiating a Repayment Plan with ArvatoFS

It’s essential to remember that Arvatofs are not your enemies and that it would be unfair to ignore your debt to them intentionally. Avarto Financial Solutions Debt Collectors’ success mainly depends on how properly they reclaim the money you owe. Their company could not operate properly otherwise. 

Since they are open to discussion, you should either pay the total amount or choose a repayment plan rather than ignoring them.

You’ll then ask yourself, “How did I start such a conversation with them in a proper manner? Step-by-step thinking will help you arrive at the starting point for conservation. 

1. You can look over your financial condition and your monthly costs of living.
2. You must then evaluate your situation and decide if you are capable of repaying the debt without compromising your fundamental needs.
3. Or you need to change the repayment schedule to fit your budget while offering proof of your incomings and outgoings to build up your trustworthiness with the lender.
Deferring Payments: A Temporary Relief

Sometimes, circumstances can push you into a corner, making it impossible to fulfil your financial obligations. Can you seek reprieve? Yes, you can undoubtedly receive a reprieve because Arvatofs is there for you by providing an option to defer payments. 

This temporary relief allows you to sort out your immediate financial crisis before resuming your payments.

But this is a little reminder for you. you should always keep in mind that this is not a long-term solution, even though it might seem really great relief to you. The debt is still there, and the debt collectors are still waiting for you to pay the debt. 

You should always be open and honest with the debt collection agents and ensure not to fall into a worse financial predicament after the deferment period.

Staying Open and Honest About Your Financial Situation

As mentioned above, open-mindedness and honesty will be vital to receiving more flexible payment arrangements for your financial conditions. An honest relationship with Arvatofs will help you find better alternatives rather than getting worse legal consequences by hiding your financial setbacks or any difficulties in your financial situation. 

It would be challenging to deal with debt collectors in the real world, but you should be savvy enough to find a better solution. Also, you can report them to the Financial Ombudsmen of your area if they are crossing their boundaries as debt collectors by abusing you. 
Staying Open and Honest About Your Financial Situation

Seeking Professional Debt Advice

When your debt situation becomes overwhelming daily, it might be time to seek professional advice without waiting. Numerous non-profit organisations can help you understand your current financial situation and guide you toward suitable debt solutions. They could help negotiate better terms with Arvatofs on your behalf. 

These non-profit organisations have various options, and Each of these options has strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, always try to get a clear idea about your realistic financial conditions and take action based on that.

With a professional guide on your side, you can stand for a better chance of managing your debt. Isn’t it comforting to know people out there are willing to help you? Doesn’t it feel like you release your heavy burden slowly? So, what’s the next step for debt free life?

Exploring Other Debt Solutions

In some cases, you might need to consider more drastic debt solutions, such as 

1. Individual Voluntary Arrangements(IVAs)
2. or bankruptcy.

An IVA is a formal agreement between you and your creditors, including Arvatofs, allowing you to pay off your debt over a specific period. If you do not repay as agreed, the insolvency practitioner can cancel your IVA.

On the other hand, bankruptcy is legal for people who cannot repay their debts within a reasonable time. Compared to bankruptcy, an IVA can provide you with more control over your money.

Although these solutions might seem scary, they could offer a fresh start from debt. But remember, they should be the last resort due to their severe financial implications.

Now you all know that dealing with debt is not as easy as you think. However, knowing what options are available for you can make some kind of difference. Are you making some kind of sense of that? Are you ready to take the first step to free yourself from debt and make a stressful life ahead?

Do debt collectors occasionally resort to dishonesty? Is it commonplace?

People today claim that debt collectors will visit debtors at home to discuss the debt and take their belongings to recover the money. Unfortunately, this is still true today, but doing such things is unacceptable

It is because such threats are not legal and can always be reported to law enforcement. You can call the police for help if you experience any illegal activity. 

The Debt collecting agents do not possess power like enforcement agents(bailiffs) do. Thus they cannot enter your home or seize your belonging by law. Even bailiffs need to bring a court order in order to enter your home or seize your belongings. 

Simply ask for a bailiff identity card to verify who they are. 

Navigating the pressure exerted by the debt collector

The main intention of getting into debt is to get rid of any financial issues that you may be having and to lessen your worries and stress related to it. However, if you are specifically dealing with debt collectors like Avarto Financial Solutions Debt Collectors, you are going to experience stress until you pay the whole amount. 

Don’t let it discourage you, in any case. You can always have honest discussions with them regarding reaching arrangements that will be beneficial to both parties and move toward alleviating the stress caused by your debt.

Evaluating your situation: Is your debt spiralling out of control?

Are you ever faced with a situation where your debt spirals and you are under stressful conditions? If not, you are lucky enough. 

However, you do not have to live under pressure. You can seek assistance from debt management services or charity debt consulting organisations if such a circumstance arises. Some of the reputable and widely recognised organisations where you can receive aid include the 

1. Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB),
2. Christians Against Poverty (CAP),
3. and StepChange.

Citizens Advice Bureau is a network of independent charities that offers confidential advice online, over the phone, and in person, free of charge. Their information and assistance are under different categories, such as Debt management plans, Dealing with urgent debts, debt, and money, etc.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) also provides specific professional advice or information on debt-related situations since 1996 across the UK.
Evaluating your situation: Is your debt spiralling out of control?

What steps to take when repaying the debt is beyond your means?

If you are having trouble repaying your debt owing to certain conditions, you have additional choices accessible to you. 

Below are a few options that are available at your disposal.

1. An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA),
2. Debt Relief Order (DRO),
3. And a Debt Management Plan (DMP)
4. Or You can apply for a Debt Relief Order (DRO), which has particular qualifying requirements, through an authorised debt counsellor to deal with your present financial situation. This includes Credit cards, loans, past-due rent, taxes, etc.

When you are involved in a Debt Management Plan (DMP), your Debt Management Plan provider will make an affordable payment plan by talking to your creditors.

Understanding your legal protections and rights

Making the repayments of your debt on time is your responsibility, yet always remember that no debt collector can hassle or bully you into paying the debt. As a debtor, you have rights, and this will be a plus point for you. 

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has introduced rules and guidelines to protect you from unfair actions or traps from debt collectors. First, be aware of your rights and current situation, then act wisely.

How to get in touch: Arvato Financial Solutions Contact Information

You can contact Arvatofs by sending an email to their official Arvatofs email, visiting their website, or making a call.

Company Name:  Arvato Financial Solutions
Other Names:  Buchanan Clark and Wells


BCW Group

Credit Solutions



UMS (Utility Management Services)

Address: Arvato Financial Solutions

24 George Square, Glasgow, G2 1EG

Phone:  0344 571 4075
Website:  www.arvatofs.com 
Email:  general@arvatofs.com

Identifying other debt collectors that might appear on your Credit Report

Other than Arvato Financial Solutions, various debt collection agencies might appear on your credit report. These include Cabot Financial, Capquest, Lowell, and Wescot.


Let’s now look at some frequently asked questions from the Arvatofs to assist you in better understanding their operations and what to do if they contact you.

Is Arvato a Debt Collector?

Yes, Arvatofs is known as a  debt collector who provides a range of financial solutions to both public and private sector clients across the UK and internationally.

How Do I Contact Arvato Debt Collection?

You can simply contact them via their email, contactus@arvatofs.com, or call them at 0344 472 9388. 
Arvatofs could dispatch debt collectors to your home or even take your case to court if you fail to pay what you owe. Even if you are unwilling to pay at that moment, having a conversation with the debt-collecting company is always recommended.


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