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Not everyone out there would be required to pay Debt Collectors of Bluestone Credit Management. However, it is worth noting as this prevents potential conflict between you and the debt collectors.

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Last updated on 07 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Know Who You’re Dealing With
2. Beating Bluestone Credit Management Debt Collectors
3. Understand your situation.
4. Know Your Rights
5. Will Bluestone Credit Management Credit Affect My Credit Score?
6. Next Steps
7. Will Bluestone Credit Management Give Up Chasing?
8. Bluestone Debt Credit Management Contact Information
9. How Do I Complain About Bluestone Credit Management?
10. Can I Get a Debt Solution?
11. Where can I get free advice?
12. Key Points
13. FAQ


Know Who You’re Dealing With

The first step is discovering more about the business that has written to you. Many companies adopt similar names to provide legitimacy to their unethical operations. As a result, it’s crucial to complete your homework and comprehend who you’re dealing with. Regarding Bluestone debt collectors, I’ve already put in the effort: 

Who is Bluestone Credit Management?

Bluestone Credit Management carries some weight when it comes to finances and debt collection proeceding. The company in Sheffield was founded and incorporated in 1971. From their onwards they have subsequently expanded. 

The names Bluestone Credit Management (BCM), Bluestone, Empingham, and Mail Safe have also been used for them. But they should be distinct from the Hertfordshire-based debt collection agency Bluestone Arm. 

Why is Bluestone Credit Management contacting me?

If Bluestone Credit Management is trying to reach out to you. It means that there can be chances of you owing someone which has been passed over your debt to them. Especially for instance, overpaid tax credit or unpaid taxes where you owe to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) at first could be passed on to a debt collection agency like BCM..

Is Bluestone Credit Management legit? 

Bluestone debt collection is a completely legitimate debt collection agency. This is because it is registered under the Companies House UK under registration number 01028803 and the FCA under registration number 716347.  This means you may not be required to worry about their legitimacy whenever you receive a debt letter from them claiming to recollect your unpaid debts.

Beating Bluestone Credit Management Debt Collectors

You can eliminate Bluestone debt collectors by applying to debt solution that could help cancelling a portion of your unmanageable debt.

In the UK, several debt relief options are available; selecting the best one could cancel some of your unmanageable debt, but choosing the incorrect one could be costly and time-consuming.

Understand your situation. 

Once you identify with whom you have to deal, It’s the right time for you to focus on understanding your issues, 

For which you may be required to take the following things to consider:

Do you owe the money to Bluestone Credit Management? 

The key factor you must confirm is whether or not you owe them any money they claim you do. When they inform you that you have some unpaid debt, they must provide all the necessary information with full transparency. Also, you need to note that you must check them against your financial records to measure greater accuracy.

Is it statute-barred? 

Your debt is considered statute-barred if it has been six or five years in Scotland since your last payment towards it. In addition to that you should not have any court order or you have yet to write to your creditor during that time.

This means that they cannot legally enforce measures or force you to repay their debts, while technically, you still owe them the money. It means this will impact your credit history negatively making difficulties for you to get new loans and credit cards in the future.

Do not forget that not all debts are forever forbidden! Any HMRC debts, for instance, will continue to be collectable for years. Any obligation subject to a County Court Judgement (CCJ) during the 5- or 6-year period will continue to be enforceable during the CCJ’s term.

Can you afford to pay Bluestone Credit Management? 

Its a matter of time before anyone will repay their unpaid debts if proven the debts are true. However, to effectively do so, you need to check your financial situation and understand whether or not you can repay the debt in monthly instalments or in one lump sum at the same time.

Know Your Rights

Once you understand your current situation, you must consider almost all your legal options. This lets you identify what a company like Bluestone Debt Collection can do for you. The best part with this is that dealing with debt collectors in the UK is pretty much a simple task to carry out as they are legally forced to obey the laws set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Your rights 

When dealing with debt collectors, there are a few things to remember. These can guarantee that your rights are always upheld: 

  • They have no right to claim that they have legal authority over you or your property they don’t possess.
  • They cannot legally enter your house or take your belongings forcibly. 
  • They are not authorised to discuss your debt with anybody else without your prior permission. 
  • They are not allowed to verbally or physically abuse or harass you.
Actions Bluestone Credit Management can take

It is worth mentioning that Debt Collectors like Bluestone Debt Credit Management do not have any legal superpowers that they can implement to recollect debts. Instead, they will typically contact you via phone, email or visiting your home. 

Also, it would be best if you become aware that debt collectors are sometimes allowed to add extra charges or fees to your debts by coming up with an agreement with the original creditor.

If you sometimes ignore or miss some debt repayments, debt collection agencies such as Bluestone may take this case to court and get a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you.

This is where the judge agrees that you may owe money to Bluestone. Therefore, you may be entitled to pay a CCJ, but this would include a payment plan or a final due date.

Will Bluestone Credit Management Credit Affect My Credit Score?

Yes, Bluestone Credit debts may affect your credit score if you miss payments or your debts become defaulted. However, any previous missing payments to your primary creditor will also be considered.

Your credit score will suffer greatly if a CCJ is issued due to your refusal to pay or disregard for them. Creditors typically unlikely lend you money or, at times, may charge higher interest rates for six years, as CCJ records on your credit report.

Next Steps

It would be best to understand what you can do to address your Bluestone debt head-on. The preparation you’ve already done will be helpful for the following two primary steps: 

Contact them.

It is absolutely a great idea for you to contact Bluestone Consumer Finance or your original creditor. You will be asked to deal with Blustone if the debts are already transferred to them chase from your original creditors like HMRC. By doing so, you can discuss things such as errors in the debt letter and other issues such as your ability to repay at the current moment. 

Arranging payment, 

When it comes to repaying your debts, typically, you’re offered two choices:

1. Negotiate with the creditor and develop a payment plan that suits your financial situation.
2. Pay off your debts in one lump sum.

Will Bluestone Credit Management Give Up Chasing?

You might wonder whether you can avoid paying, and the debt collectors would stop coming behind you. But in reality, in most cases, debt collectors like Bluestone Credit Management will not stop their actions. In the past, it is known that some debt collectors did chase some debtors after many years of remaining without paying off the debts.

Other companies like Lowell Group, Portfolio Recovery, and Cabot Financial are frequently accused of purchasing Statute Barred debts and then pursuing customers for payment.

Bluestone Debt Credit Management Contact Information

Phone: HRMC accounts

0114 231 7509

Company house accounts

0114 212 8531

All other accounts

0114 212 8644

Post: Bluestone Credit Management, PO 3763, Sheffield, S9 9AB
Website: bluestonecm.co.uk
Email: info@bluestonecm.co.uk 

How Do I Complain About Bluestone Credit Management?

You can file a complaint if you believe Bluestone Credit has acted unfairly or improperly. If you think they have violated any Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules

Send Bluestone your initial grievance so they can attempt to resolve the situation independently. You can take issues further if you believe they have not taken your complaint seriously or improperly treated it.

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is the place to go if you have any secondary complaints. If your complaint is upheld, they will look into it, and Bluestone Credit can face penalties. And You might even be entitled to payment.

Can I Get a Debt Solution?

You might benefit from a debt solution if Bluestone Credit pursues you for unsecured debts.

 I advise dealing with a debt charity like Step Change as soon as possible because numerous debt solutions are accessible in the UK. 

Your options will be explained to you by their advisors, who can also ensure that you make the finest decision possible about your debt situation.

Debt Management Plan (DMP)

You can consolidate your debt into a single monthly payment with a Debt Management Plan (DMP). But you are not obligated to a DMP for a set minimum number of payments because it is informal and hence not legally binding.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

A legal agreement between you and your creditors is known as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). Your creditors agree not to contact you during your IVA, and you agree to pay a fixed amount divided among your debts each month. IVAs normally last for five or six years, after which any unpaid obligation is eliminated.

Remember that only some are good candidates for IVAs. To qualify, you must owe several thousand pounds to multiple creditors.

Additionally, you must show that you have some monthly disposable money.

Trust Deed

As IVAs are not available In Scotland. You will be provided with the option to pick a Trust Deed instead.

Like an IVA, a trust deed works by paying your creditors a predetermined monthly amount, preventing them from contacting you, and having any remaining debt written off after the trust deed’s term.

Debt Relief Order (DRO)

A Debt Relief Order (DRO) is a good alternative for people with no assets and limited income in difficult financial situations. You don’t make any payments for a year, but your creditors stop calling you and freeze your interest. The best part of DRO is that you can eliminate unsecured debts if your financial position is not improved over one year.


If you are facing extreme financial difficulty and struggling to make ends meet, then filing for bankruptcy could be an ideal option. But keep this as a last resort. By opting for this choice you may get the ability to start over financially.


In Scotland, Sequestration is the equivalent of bankruptcy. You can be eligible to file for a minimal asset process bankruptcy (MAP) if you earn little money and don’t have any valuable assets. A MAP is a better alternative to sequestration since it is simpler, quicker, and less expensive.

Where can I get free advice?

Are you negotiating with a debt collector or considering a debt relief programme? I advise talking to a debt relief organisation.

In the uk, you can find several organisations and institutions like charities, for instance, which offer help and advice related to debt counselling and financial assistance. This includes organisations such as:

  • Citizens Advice
  • Step Change
  • Debt Advice Foundation.
  • National Debtline

Key Points

  • “Bluestone Credit Management” often collaborates with HMRC for debt collection related to unpaid or overpaid tax credits. They are a legitimate company with registration in both Companies House and the FCA Register.
  • Many UK residents may be legally able to write off part of their debt. It is essential to understand your debt situation, including whether it is statute-barred and if you can afford to repay it.
  • Debt collectors, including Bluestone Credit Management, are regulated by the FCA and cannot harass debtors, force entry, or falsely claim to have legal powers. They can, however, contact you, potentially add fees in line with your initial agreement, and if ignored, may obtain a County Court Judgement (CCJ).
  • After confirming the legitimacy of Bluestone Credit Management and the debt owed, debtors should contact either the original creditor or Bluestone directly. Arrangements for payment can be made either as a lump sum or via a repayment plan.
  • Ignoring Bluestone Credit Management or hoping they will stop pursuing is likely futile. They, like other debt collectors, are known to be persistent.
  • If one believes Bluestone Credit Management has behaved inappropriately, complaints can be lodged first with the company itself and then escalated to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if not resolved satisfactorily.
  • Unsecured debts being pursued by Bluestone Credit Management might qualify for a debt solution. These include Debt Management Plans (DMPs), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Trust Deeds, Debt Relief Orders (DROs), Bankruptcy, and Sequestration. A debt charity can assist in understanding these options.
  • Free advice for dealing with debt collectors or evaluating debt solutions can be sought from UK charities and organisations such as StepChange, National Debtline, Citizens Advice, and the Debt Advice Foundation.


Is Bluestone Credit Management a legitimate company?

Yes, Bluestone Credit Management is a legitimate company. They are registered with Companies House and the FCA Register.

How can I settle my debts with Bluestone Credit Management?

You have several options for settling your debts with Bluestone Credit Management inside UK. These include Debt Management Plans, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, and Bankruptcy. It’s important to seek professional advice to understand the best option for your circumstances.

Can Bluestone Credit Management take me to court?

Yes, You must be aware that just like any other debt collection agency in the market, Bluestone Credit Management can take you to court and take legal action against you. This happens only if you fail to repay your debt to them. 

However, they will do this only as their last option after trying to reach out to you or after you fail to pay based on the repayment plans.

What should I do if I can’t afford to repay my debt to Bluestone Credit Management?

If you don’t have the ability to repay your debt, you must reach out to Bluestone Credit Management as quickly as possible. This is because it can help you discuss your circumstances. And you can also seek help from a debt advice organisation.

Can I negotiate my debt with Bluestone Credit Management?

Yes, it’s often possible to negotiate a repayment plan with Bluestone Credit Management that considers your financial situation. This is typically done through a Debt Management Plan or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

How will dealing with Bluestone Credit Management impact my credit score?

It must be said that the effect on your credit score mainly varies on the measures made by Bluestone Credit Management. 
If you are someone who has recently defaulted on your debt, and it has been passed on to them, this incident will be listed on your credit history, which can potentially lower your credit score. 
However, deciding to repay your debts or devise a payment plan can improve your credit score over the long run. 

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