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You dont have to pay Bristow and Sutor Debt Collection Agency if you can verify you dont owe them. Conversely, you will have to get in touch with them and find a way to solve your debt issue within 7 days if you receive a Notice of Enforcement.

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Last updated on 6 October 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Before you login to pay Bristow and Sutor Debt Collectors
2. Who are Bristow And Sutor Debt Collectors?
3. Why are Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection trying to speak to me?
4. But how can you be sure this is even your debt?
5. The debt is mine – what are the next steps?
6. What impact will Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection have on my life?
7. What regulations should they be following?
8. What You Need to Know about Bristow and Sutor
9. How do I complain about Bristow and Sutor Debt Collectors?
10. Does Bristow and Sutor give an enforcement visit warning?
11. Controlled Goods Agreements and how Bristow and Sutor use them
12. Is There Any Way to Write Off My Debts?
13. Where can I get free debt advice?
14. Bristow and Sutor Debt Collectors Contact Details
15. Key Points
16. FAQ


Before you login to pay Bristow and Sutor Debt Collectors

Bristow And Sutor might reach out to you through letters or phone calls concerning settling your owed debts. You can use this article to get help dealing with Bristow And Sutor Debt Collectors if you’re facing financial constraints or believe the debt isn’t rightfully yours.

With this article, you will discover effective strategies for managing their interactions and regaining control over your financial challenges. Remember, you’re not alone in grappling with debt; it’s a widespread issue.

Who are Bristow And Sutor Debt Collectors?

Bristow and Sutor Enforcement Agency is one of the reputed debt collection agencies that operates in the UK. They strive to retrieve debts on behalf of their clients by functioning as both debt collectors and enforcement agents. Their clientele is from local authorities, councils, and other organisations.

A notice from them might seem intimidating. But it’s pivotal to ascertain the legitimacy of the claim before you proceed.

Why are Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection trying to speak to me?

There can be mainly 4 reasons for Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection Agency Agents to get in touch with you.

1. Your original creditors have hired Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection Agency’s agents to chase after you and recover their debt. Here, Bristow And Sutor earn a commission or a fixed fee for each debt they successfully recover.
2. Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection Agency has purchased the ownership of your debts from your original credit order for a fraction of the total value. Then they chase after you to recover the whole total, making them a huge profit in return.
3. They might call you to inform you about the future actions that they are going to take against you if you ignore their reachouts. These actions can include going to court, getting a warrant from the court to take enforcement actions and etc…
4. Maybe it is simply a mistake. We all are humans. Thus, human errors can happen due to various reasons. You can simply get in touch with them and convince them about the mistake they have made.

From there onwards, you will have to deal with Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection Agency instead of your original creditors if the fourth reason is not the case. They will initially send you a letter notifying you of all these data and what to do next.

Then thereafter, they will use constant phone calls, letters, emails, and home visits in extreme cases to convince you to pay if you ignore their reachouts. It’s because the strings of communication are now in their hands.

But how can you be sure this is even your debt?

Sometimes, you may also get surprised if you are hearing about a debt from Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection Agency for the first time.

On those occasions,

1. The first thing you need to do is to collect all your financial history documents and compare them to find a match with the debt.
2. Then, you need to check whether the debt they referred to is statute-barred. You are not required by law to settle a debt if it gets sorted under statute-barred debt. Keep reading. We have explained what are statute-barred debt under a separate section within this article.
3. Now, you need to get in touch with Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection Agency and ask them to verify your debt. You will have to settle the debt if they succeed in proving you really owe them or their client.
What is Statute- Barred debt?

You are not required by law to settle the debt if your debts are sorted under the Statute-barred category. For that, your debts need to fulfil 3 conditions simultaneously in order to get a Statute-Barred excuse.

1. Your debts need to be older than 6 years from the day you made the last payment towards the debt.
2. You should not have made any provable communication with the creditors within the six-year window mentioned in the first point.
3. You should not have received a court order such as County Court Judgement (CCJ) within the six-year period mentioned.

The court will not make you legally responsible for the debt if you fulfil the above conditions at the same time. But just because you received a statute-barred excuse does not mean your credit history will also be wiped out. Receiving a statute-barred excuse will impact your credit history negatively.

As a result, you may find difficulties in getting new loans and credit cards in the future.

How to verify your debts with Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection Agency?

You need to get in touch with Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection Agency and ask them to verify your debt. For that, we highly recommend you to send them a request letter titled “Prove the Debt,” asking them to reply to you with written proof that shows you really owe them. They are bound by law to reply to you with proof.

You do not need to pay a penny if they fail or have not provided proof that shows you really owe them.

Their reply should at least include a copy of the original credit agreement you had with the Original Credit owner to prove you really owe them.

Remember to keep a copy of the request letter and send it with trackable mail service in order to show them as proof. Suppose Bristow And Sutor have gone to court without replying to you with proof. In that situation, you can show the copy of the request letter and tracking number to the court to show you did not get a reply from them verifying the debt.

The debt is mine – what are the next steps?

It is better to settle the debt and get done with it if you have the financial capability to do so. And, you can reach out to Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection Agency to discuss getting acceptance to a payment plan if you are facing financial hardships.

In order to get acceptance for a payment plan, you need to tell them about the hardships you are facing financially in a convincing and provable manner. Surely, they will grant you approval for a payment plan to settle the debt by assessing your current financial situation.

What impact will Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection have on my life?

The involvement of Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection Agency in your life can impact you in various ways. But all these implications come into play only if you keep ignoring their reachouts asking to settle the debt for a long period of time. Below are some of the potential impacts you could experience if you keep ignoring them.

1. Financial Impacts:It can negatively impact your credit score if the debt is reported to credit bureaus. As a result, you may experience more difficulties in obtaining credit in the future. The debt may continue to accrue interest and fees, increasing the overall amount you owe.
2. Legal Actions:Bristow and Sutor may take legal action to obtain a CCJ against you on behalf of the creditor. This can affect your ability to obtain credit and may result in wage garnishment or other enforcement actions.
3. Communication and Stress:Bristow and Sutor may contact you via letters, emails, and phone calls to pursue the debt. Frequent communication can be stressful.
4. Asset Seizure:In certain cases, Bristow and Sutor may employ bailiffs or enforcement agents to seize assets or recover the debt. This can include taking possessions or vehicles.
5. Emotional and Psychological Impact:Dealing with debt collection agencies can be emotionally distressing and stressful. It can affect your overall well-being. The regular reminders, the looming threats, and the anxiety of repayments can be daunting.
6. Workplace Impact:In some cases, your employer may be required to deduct money directly from your wages to repay the debt if legal actions are taken.

Bristow and Sutor have their own methods when it comes to debt collection. But evading them is not the solution. Face them, and you might find a middle ground. It’s important to remember that you have rights when dealing with debt collection agencies.

What regulations should they be following?

Debt collection agencies, including Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection, are often associated with poor behaviour and underhanded practices. To address this issue, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued guidelines for these agencies. The Bristow And Sutor Debt Collecting Agents are required by law to follow.

These guidelines include:

1. Treating debtors fairly and avoiding aggressive or coercive tactics.
2. Providing clear and factual information to debtors.
3. Demonstrating empathy and consideration in their interactions with debtors.
4. Tailoring their actions to the debtor’s individual circumstances.

As a debtor, understanding these guidelines will help you recognise any red flags. Plus, It’s important to report Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection if you’ve been dealing with them and believe they are not adhering to these guidelines and are not responsible enough to do so.

Unfortunately, many debt collection agencies do not take these guidelines into account, which can lead to unfair and harmful practices.

What You Need to Know about Bristow and Sutor

It’s essential to be informed about their practices to effectively deal with debt collectors like Bristow And Sutor Debt Collection.

Here are some key points to consider:

1. Incentives and Bonuses: Debt collectors often receive bonuses based on the payments they collect. They purchase debt at a fraction of its value and need to recoup their investment. This motivates them to aggressively pursue payments.
2. Frequent Contact: Some debt collectors may contact you daily using various communication methods to pressure you into paying. Excessive contact might breach guidelines and can be grounds for complaint.
3. Attitude: Debt collectors might initially be polite but could become rude, aggressive, or even threatening if you can’t pay. You have the right to make a formal complaint if they mistreat you.
4. Privacy Violations: Discussing your debt with others without your permission is illegal. You can file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if debt collectors breach your privacy.
5. Deceptive Practices: Some collectors may use deceptive tactics, such as claiming to be bailiffs or making false threats of legal action. It’s against regulations to lie, and you can report such behaviour.

It’s advisable to request written repayment plans before making payments to ensure clear documentation of agreements. Being aware of these facts will help you navigate interactions with debt collectors and address any violations effectively.

How do I complain about Bristow and Sutor Debt Collectors?

You have the right to file a complaint if you believe that Bristow and Sutor Debt collection Agents have behaved improperly or deviated from the established guidelines.

In the initial step, it’s advisable to lodge your complaint with Bristow and Sutor’s head office. It will give them an opportunity to address the issue internally.

As your secondary option, you can escalate your grievance to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if you find their response to your complaint unsatisfactory. They will conduct an investigation into your complaint. Then, the Bristow and Sutor could face fines, and you may be entitled to compensation if it is deemed valid.

Does Bristow and Sutor give an enforcement visit warning?

Bristow and Sutor Debt Collection Agency should at least give you a notice, due dating seven days ahead, before employing their enforcement agents to visit your home.

This situation occurs during the compliance stage. During the initial visit, the bailiff lacks the authority to forcibly enter your premises. You are not required by law to grant them access unless they have a warrant or write of conduct in their hand.

Nevertheless, you do have the option to either settle the debt or enter into a controlled goods agreement.

Controlled Goods Agreements and how Bristow and Sutor use them

Your possessions may become subject to a Walking Possession if you have granted permission to an enforcement agent representing Bristow and Sutor to enter your home or business premises.

A “Walking Possession” occurs when a bailiff (also known as an enforcement agent) is permitted to enter your premises. They will list down all items within the property in a detailed document and attempt to assess their total value.

This inventory can then be integrated into a Controlled Goods Agreement. It’s imperative that the bailiff provides sufficient details for each item to ensure clear identification.

Entering into a Controlled Goods Agreement with Bristow and Sutor offers you a grace period to settle your outstanding debt. Your possessions will remain protected under this agreement as long as you continue making timely and complete debt repayments.

They will only be subject to seizure if you fail to make a payment without a valid explanation. In those occasions, the Bristow and Sutor enforcement agents have the authority to return and seize the items specified in the Controlled Goods Agreement.

These seized items will be stored in a warehouse and eventually will be sold in an auction to recover total debt and all bailiff’s charges (enforcement agents charges).

As you can see, Bristow and Sutor bailiffs agents can access your property only if they have a warrant or writ of conduct in their hand. We strongly suggest you to seek guidance from a debt charity organisation If you find yourself in this situation. We have named a few at the bottom of this article.

Is There Any Way to Write Off My Debts?

There are a number of other alternative debt solutions available in the UK. Sometimes, you may find hardship in agreeing to unaffordable payment plans suggested by Bristow and Sutor Debt. In those situations, it’s better to apply for a debt solution to resolve your debt issue effectively.

But keep in mind you need to fulfil certain unique conditions in each of these debt solutions in order to get acceptance. Choosing the right debt solution will help you in solving your debt issue, while choosing the wrong will make your financial situation worsen.

Therefore, it’s better to take debt advice from a professional debt advisor if you find hardship in selecting a debt solution alone.

Here are some key debt solutions available in the UK:

1. Debt Management Plan (DMP): An informal solution enabling you to make single monthly payments toward your debts without a binding commitment.
2. Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA): A formal agreement with creditors where you make regular payments, and the remaining debt is typically written off after 5 or 6 years.
3. Trust Deed: A Scottish alternative to the IVA with similar terms, including monthly payments and potential debt write-off.
4. Debt Relief Order (DRO): Suited for those with financial hardship. It involves a year of no payments while interest is frozen. Potentially, it can lead to debt write-off.
5. Bankruptcy: A serious option when you have no realistic means to repay debts. It offers a fresh start but with significant implications.
6. Sequestration: Sequestration is essentially the Scottish equivalent of bankruptcy.

a. You might be eligible to pursue a Minimal Asset Process bankruptcy (MAP) if your income is limited and you lack valuable assets.
b. This MAP option is characterised by its swiftness, cost-effectiveness, and simplified process, making it a practical choice worth exploring.

Where can I get free debt advice?

We strongly advise reaching out to a debt charity for assistance if you find yourself in a situation involving Bristow and Sutor or are facing challenges with your debts. In the UK, there are several organisations that provide free debt counselling services and free financial guidance:

1. Citizens Advice
2. StepChange
3. National Debtline
4. Debt Advice Foundation

These organisations can offer valuable support and advice to help you manage your financial difficulties.

Alternatively, feel free to fill out our online form by clicking here if you want personal help from our Money Advisor Team based on your current financial standing.

Bristow and Sutor Debt Collectors Contact Details

Below are some of the contact details of Bristow and Sutor Debt Collection Agency.

Website Bristow and Sutor
Phone Number 01527 504030
Text Number 07781 488270
WhatsApp +44 7860 078 251
Business hours 8 am to 8 pm Mon – Fri, 8 am to 1 pm Sat & Sun
Address Bartleet Road, Washford, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 0FL

Key Points

  • Bristow and Sutor Company is a prominent UK-based debt collection Agency. They specifically work as enforcement agents for various clients.
  • A significant portion of the UK population has the legal avenue to write off parts of their debt.
  • It’s imperative to confirm the debt’s legitimacy before proceeding with any payment if contacted by Bristow and Sutor regarding a debt.
  • Consider applying for a structured debt solution like the Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA) can be beneficial if repaying a debt is financially straining.
  • Bristow and Sutor are bound by the Financial Conduct Authority’s guidelines, which mandate fair treatment of debtors at all stages.
  • Any deviation by Bristow and Sutor from the set guidelines can be reported to authoritative bodies like the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) for further action.
  • It’s crucial to understand the origin of the debt and verify its accuracy before settling any claims with Bristow and Sutor.
  • Bristow and Sutor are open to negotiation for feasible repayment plans if the debt is valid and une cannot settle the total debt in one single payment.
  • Bristow and Sutor operate within a strict regulatory environment. Thus, they need to ensure transparency and fairness in all their dealings.
  • Seeking advice from UK debt counselling services (like Citizens Advice) can provide clarity and direction if unsure about any communication or demand from Bristow and Sutor.


Are Bristow & Sutor allowed to take you to court?

Yes, Bristow & Sutor possess the legal authority to initiate legal action to recover the money you owe. In such a scenario, you may receive a CCJ (County Court Judgment) notification.

When does the debt become too old?

Your debts will be too old to collect if,

1. They are older than 6 years since your last payment.
2. Have not communicated with creditors during this 6-year period.
3. No court orders like CCJs have not been issued within those 6 years.

Do HMRC use Bristow & Sutor?

Bristow & Sutor collects debts on behalf of local authorities and government organisations. But not for HMRC.

Who owns Bristow & Sutor?

Bristow & Sutor is majority-owned and controlled by BB Shelf 4 LLP with 75% of ownership.

Can debt ever be written off?

Debt can be written off if it expires or through an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) under specific conditions.

What happens if I just ignore the CCJ?

Ignoring a CCJ can result in bailiffs coming to your home to collect goods as payment for the debt. Therefore, It’s advisable to address the matter promptly.

Will Bristow & Sutor stop contacting you?

Bristow & Sutor is persistent in pursuing debts. They may continue their efforts for up to 6 years to avoid you getting old debt excuses.

Are Bristow & Sutor financially regulated?

Bristow & Sutor is not subject to financial regulation. However, they adhere to the CIVEA Code of Practice for Civil Enforcement.

Does Bristow & Sutor buy debt?

No, Bristow & Sutor does not purchase debts. They collect debts on behalf of other organisations.

Are Bristow & Sutor able to force entry?

Bristow & Sutor does not possess the right to force entry. If they escalate the matter, the courts might send bailiffs.

Can you go to jail for debt collections?

You cannot be imprisoned for debts owed to Bristow & Sutor.

How long will you be chased for debt?

Debt can be pursued for up to 6 years according to the Limitation Act 1980, except when a CCJ is in place. There is no time limit if a CCJ is already in place.

Can Bristow & Sutor come to your house?

Yes, Bristow & Sutor may visit your residence, but they lack legal powers. You can ask them to leave or ignore them, and they cannot take action. Bailiffs could be sent by the courts later on.

Can Bristow & Sutor issue you with a warrant?

Bristow & Sutor cannot issue a warrant, and you won’t be incarcerated for debt. However, they may seek a CCJ, which could involve bailiffs attempting to recover the debt.

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