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You might not have to pay Capital Resolve Debt Recovery a single penny. Hold on? Yes! But wait, ignoring them is like playing with fire – things could escalate and turn serious. 

Did a debt letter from Capital Resolve Debt Recovery land on your doorstep, leaving you scrambling for answers? The plot thickens, and the answers you seek might surprise you. 

Stay tuned as we unveil the secrets of dealing with Resolve. What happens next will leave you astonished!

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Last updated on 26 June 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who Are Capital Resolve?
2. Is Capital Resolve a Legitimate Company?
3. Verifying if Capital Resolve Claims You Owe Money
4. Capital Resolve and Fishing Letters
5. Determining the Age of the Debt with Capital Resolve
6. Limitations of What Capital Resolve Can’t Do
7. Exploring What Capital Resolve is Capable Of
8. Identifying Numbers Capital Resolve May Use to Contact You
9. Strategies for Dealing with Capital Resolve
10. Recognising and Validating the Debt with Capital Resolve
11. Assessing Your Financial Capability to Settle Debt with Capital Resolve
12. Setting Up a Repayment Plan with Capital Resolve
13. Options for Writing Off Your Debt at Capital Resolve
14. How to File a Complaint Against Capital Resolve
15. Examining the Presence of Other Debt Collectors Besides Capital Resolve
16. Reaching Out: Capital Resolve’s Contact Information
17. Key Points
18. FAQ


Who Are Capital Resolve?

Capital Resolve is a debt collection agency based in the UK. Now, you might wonder, “What does Resolve Ltd do?” They specialise in collecting debts on behalf of other companies. Thus they might knock on your door if you owe money to a company. 

Since founding in Evesham in 1997, Capital Resolve has built a strong reputation as a reputable debt collection firm.

The agencies are members of the Credit Services Association. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates this agency of debt collectors. Their website promises to treat consumers fairly and keep customer information private. 

The company’s legal name is Capital Resolve Limited, and it is essential to verify that any letter you receive is indeed from that company and is not fraudulent. You are a debt collection firm specialising in collecting personal or corporate debts on behalf of clients.

Capital Resolve will typically send you a statement detailing the amount owed and the specific customer owed. Verifying that you owe what they say is essential, as there may be discrepancies between Capital Resolve and their clients, and you may have already paid their bill. 

This is common with collectors, so it’s always best to check if you owe money. Details on how to request proof of debt will be provided later. 

Is Capital Resolve a Legitimate Company?

Capital Resolve Ltd has been around for a while, and many people have dealt with them. You’ll be surprised to learn about their tactics, so keep reading!

Yes. Resolve Limited is a legitimate debt collection company registered in the UK under registration number 02856749. They collect outstanding debt on behalf of other companies and have been known to purchase debt portfolios from different companies at lower interest rates before attempting to collect the total amount.

As a Credit Services Association (CSA) member, Resolve is expected to adhere to a strict code of conduct when dealing with debtors. 

Verifying if Capital Resolve Claims You Owe Money

Check if you owe Capital Resolve any money. You get a letter from Resolve claiming you owe money. But is this true? It’s crucial to verify the debt. Send a “prove it” letter to The Resolve Ltd. 

  • Do you owe them money? 
  • Is this threatening? 
  • Did you pay the bill to the original customer? 
  • Or else, are they correct, and do you owe them money?

It’s essential not to take their word for it.  Otherwise, you may end up paying for something repeatedly or paying off outstanding debts that don’t belong to you. 

Capital Resolve and Fishing Letters

Sometimes Capital Resolve sends out letters hoping that someone will bite. These are called “fishing” letters. Do not take the bait! Ask yourself, “Did Capital Resolve provide enough details about the debt?” If not, it’s a red flag! 

There have also been reports of Resolve sending so-called “Phishing letters if someone with a name similar to yours has a credit check debt. What you should do with this type of letter is wait for a follow-up letter. The letter will detail what you owe and who you owe it to. Furthermore, about who you owe it to. 

Despite the website appearing professional and claiming to help, I am not concerned about having the right people to pay my debts as long as I spend my obligations. Maybe not. 

Determining the Age of the Debt with Capital Resolve

Old debt? It’s possible. Capital Resolve sometimes collects on ‘zombie’ debts. 

How old is too old? Obligations over six years might not be enforceable. 

What can The Resolve do with old debts? The answer will amaze you!

You need to check how old the debt that Resolve is looking for is. There are laws in the UK that notify a time limit on how long a company has the authority to collect a debt from you. After this period, the debt transforms into a statute-barred state. 

You can use a credit check to see if your debt is overdue. Experian is the most reputable company you can use to check your credit and determine if you have legal liability. We provide free credit reports. 

If your credit is limited and you find that you have no debt or are overdue, you don’t have to pay anything. 

Limitations of What Capital Resolve Can’t Do

Capital Resolve has limitations. Want to know how? Keep reading.

If the debt is valid, then you must know what powers Resolve have and how they can make you pay your debt.

Some of the tactics Capital Resolve isn’t allowed to use are:

  • Calling at unreasonable times. This includes the middle of the night or else, firstly, in the morning.
  • Discussing your debt with a family member or a housemate. Also, with somebody to whom you have not given a consensus to talk to
  • Adding unreasonable additional charges such as additional collection fees, something that companies like this are only too used to do to boost their revenue
  • Using jargon, such as legal or technical language, to frighten you into paying the debt
  • Sending letters that have a similar appearance to court forms
  • Pressuring you to take on additional debt to pay off the debt that they are chasing is known as financial harassment.
  • Enter your home without permission and remove your goods. 

If they use any of these, your best bet is to contact a debt counselling firm.  Alternatively, you can contact the Citizens Advice Center if this is beyond your reach.

The Citizens Advice Center is available from 9 am to 8 pm on 0300 330 1313. Trained advisors are on hand to provide the most pertinent information and advice to reduce stress and pressure. 

Exploring What Capital Resolve is Capable Of

Capital Resolve is no pushover. They have tools at their disposal for collecting debts. “What kind of tools?” From letters to phone calls, they can be persistent. Are you prepared? Discover strategies for handling Capital Resolve’s tactics next.

Now we have covered what Resolve isn’t allowed to do and hopefully put your mind at ease; knowing what they can do is essential.

Some tactics they may employ are:

  • Sending doorstep collectors involves them coming to your house to get you to pay at the door; it’s important to note that they aren’t bailiffs and aren’t allowed to go in and seize your assets.
  • They can add interest and charges as long as they are reasonable, the costs they add often aren’t cheap, and you can negotiate with them to lower their payments.
  • Take money from connected accounts.  For instance, imagine you owe money on a credit card and have a current account with the same bank. In such a situation, they can take payment if they warn you. 
  • They can apply for a County Court Judgment (CCJ) against you. This will negatively impact your credit score. Furthermore, it will make it hard for you to access credit sources in the future.

If you receive a CCJ, you must fill in the court-ordered forms and make an offer of repayment; if you don’t, then Capital Resolve can take further action against you, such as adding interest and applying to go through bankruptcy channels. A notice of default can be issued. If this becomes a reality and you do not take corrective action, it will be reflected in your credit score for the next six years, making it difficult to access credit sources. 

Identifying Numbers Capital Resolve May Use to Contact You

Capital Resolve may call you. “What numbers do they use?” Watch out for multiple phone numbers. Please don’t ignore them! Ignoring can have consequences. What to do when Capital Resolve calls? Find out in the next section.

Resolve allows you to call us at any of the numbers below. Knowing who you are talking to when you answer the phone will help you prepare what you want to say without being caught off guard. 

Phone numbers they may call you from: 0138 642 5425

0138 642 5400

0138 642 5406

Address: Capital Resolve Ltd

Fountain Court, Vale Park, Evesham

Worcs WR11 1LS

Email: info@capitalresolve.com
Telephone: 01386 421995

Strategies for Dealing with Capital Resolve

Have you got a strategy? You need one. From repayment plans to writing off debts, you have options. But which one is right for you? Your jaw will drop when you discover what Capital Resolve might agree to!

Understanding the Basics First

Before diving into strategies, let’s ensure you understand what you’re against. Resolve is a debt collection agency. That means they’re pretty good at what they do – collecting debts. But here’s the kicker – you have rights and options. Knowing these can change the game. So what’s next? Let’s unravel the mystery!

Communication is Key

When Capital Resolve contacts you, it’s tempting to ignore them. But hold on! Would talking to them be in your best interest? Ensure you don’t agree to anything or admit the debt immediately. You’re probably thinking, “Then why talk at all?” Great question! You talk to find out what they want and gather information.

Gather Information Like a Detective

Ask Capital Resolve for all the details of the debt. You might be wondering, “What good will this do?” This information can help you determine if the debt is yours and still valid. But wait! There’s another side to this. You can also see if Capital Resolve has made any mistakes. Keep reading; the plot thickens!

Verify the Debt

Ensure that the debt is yours. If not, inform Capital Resolve or if the information needs to be corrected. They might back off! But what if the debt is valid? Fear not, as options await you!

Take a good look at your finances. Can you afford to pay the debt? The answer might surprise you if you can; great! If not, don’t despair. Resolve might work for you. How, you ask? Keep reading; a surprise awaits!

Negotiate a Repayment Plan with Capital Resolve

Here’s where things get interesting. You can negotiate with Resolve. That’s right! Propose a repayment plan that you can afford. Will they agree? There’s a good chance they might! Capital Resolve may prefer getting something over nothing. However, before deciding on anything, there’s something crucial to know.

Get It in Writing

Once you and Capital Resolve agree on something, get it in writing. Why? Because this is your proof! It’s like a shield protecting you from any future claims. But here’s the ultimate question: What if you can’t pay?

Consider Other Options

If you really can’t pay, there are other options:

  • Debt Relief Order: This might be an option if you’re struggling.
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement: This is an agreement with all your creditors.
  • Bankruptcy: This is the last resort, but sometimes necessary.

Capital Resolve must consider these options. The moment of truth awaits!

Be Prepared for Future Contact

Remember, dealing with Capital Resolve is not a one-time thing. They might contact you again. What if things don’t go as planned? Or what if Capital Resolve doesn’t play fair? You won’t believe what you can do next. Stay tuned!

Recognising and Validating the Debt with Capital Resolve

Know your debt. Capital Resolve must prove that you owe the money. “What proof do they need?” From contracts to statements, the list is long. Is Capital Resolve’s claim valid? Uncover the truth.

Once you recognise the debt, it’s best to admit that you owe money but don’t let yourself be fooled. For example, these may be reduced if Capital Resolve introduces additional interest rates or excessive fees. 

Assessing Your Financial Capability to Settle Debt with Capital Resolve

Can you pay? Assess your financial situation. You can settle with Capital Resolve. But wait, what if you can’t pay? Capital Resolve might work for you. 

It’s best to pay it off with all your might If you can afford to pay off your debt. The faster you can settle your debt with Resolve is the best. Therefore, the faster they will contact you. Then you can be happy and escape from the incident.

However, if you can’t afford to pay off your debt, you have options such as:  

Setting Up a Repayment Plan with Capital Resolve

Set up a plan. Resolve might agree to a repayment plan. But what’s reasonable? Read on to discover how to negotiate with Capital Resolve.

Resolve is in our best interest to receive payment from you in whole or stages so we can adjust the repayment schedule.

Repay any money owed to Resolve in the most justifiable way possible. You will not be forced to pay a monthly amount you can’t afford.

When collection agencies plan their payments, they produce a financial statement. It is vital to discuss your income and expenses with your Resolve representative every month to determine how much you can afford to pay off your debt. 

Options for Writing Off Your Debt at Capital Resolve

Write off debt? Yes, it’s possible. From debt relief orders to bankruptcy, options exist. Can Resolve to stop you? 

There are government programs to help you, depending on where you live,

England/Wales/Northern Ireland

There is a government-backed scheme called IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. So, the debtor consolidates all his debts into one low monthly repayment lasting 60 months.

The debt balance will be written off after 60 months and tracking your repayments.


Scotland has a Safeguarding Trust Deed system, which works similarly to the IVA system, but the term is 48 months instead of 60 months.

It also needs to be drafted by a bankruptcy professional and is usually expensive. 

How to File a Complaint Against Capital Resolve

Need to be happier? File a complaint against Capital Resolve. But where and how? It’s simpler than you think. You won’t believe how Resolve might react!

Finally, there are several options available to you if you believe Resolve has mistreated you and would like to file a complaint against them:

A financial mediator

To protect people’s interests when dealing with businesses like banks or debt collection agencies, the Financial Ombudsman Service was established. You can reach them at:

Send complaints to complaint.info@financial-ombudsman.org.uk.

Phone: 0800 023 4567

Agency for Credit Services

All debt collection agencies must register with the Credit Services Association to operate legally. If you believe Capital Resolve has harassed you, please fill out the agency’s complaint form here.

Upon receiving your form, they:

1. Review the complaint and file it.
2. Send a duplicate to Capital.

Examining the Presence of Other Debt Collectors Besides Capital Resolve

Not alone. Capital Resolve is one of many debt collectors. Who else is out there? The list is extensive. What makes Resolve different? The insights are astounding.

There are several ways to accumulate debt. In reality, having debts to many businesses at once is common.

You could have a mortgage, a vehicle loan, a few credit cards, and one or two items you purchased using a buy-now-pay-later plan. It’s simple to get off course. 

To be sure you have caught everything, it’s crucial to check your bank accounts and credit report often.

Your credit record will include any purchases made by a debt collector.

You’ll likely run into PRA Group, Lowell, and Cabot Financial, among other debt collectors. 

Reaching Out: Capital Resolve’s Contact Information

Contact Capital Resolve. Address, phone, email – have it all. Now is the time to take control!

Remember, this guide empowers you to handle your debts with Capital Resolve wisely. Take action today!

Address: Capital Resolve LtdFountain Court, Crab Apple Way, Vale Park, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 1LS
Phone: 01386 719130Monday to Friday: 8 am to 6 pm. 

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Automated Payment Line: 03332 021 236
Email: Enquiries – contact@capitalresolve.com 

Complaints – complaints@capitalresolve.com 

Disputes – disputes@capitalresolve.com 

Website: www.cr-portal.com

Key Points

  • You can resist pressure or harassment from Link Financial Debt Collectors by expressing your preferences for correspondence and filing complaints.
  • In the UK, many people could legally eliminate some of their debt.
  • Before filing a lawsuit, they must give you a fair amount of time to evaluate your financial situation.
  • Link Financial is prohibited by law from discussing your debt with anyone else.
  • They deal with administration rather than the seizure of property; they are not bailiffs.
  • Consult nonprofits like Step Change UK, Citizens Advice, National Debtline, or Christians Against Poverty for debt guidance and assistance.


We’ve got answers to your questions! Let’s dive into some common questions about Capital Resolve. The secrets unravel right here!

Does Capital Resolve Buy Debt?

Wait, what? Can Capital Resolve buy your debt? Yes, they can! Resolve can purchase obligations from other companies. But don’t worry; you’re now armed with strategies to handle this!

What Is Cap Resolve?

Is Cap Resolve some secret code? Nope! Cap Resolve is just a shorter way of saying Capital Resolve Limited. They are the same. Remember, Capital Resolve Limited is a debt collection agency. They mean business, but you’ve got the tools to tackle them head-on!

Is Capital Resolve a Real Company?

You might be thinking, “Is Capital Resolve just a phantom?” No, it’s not! Resolve is a legitimate debt collection agency in the UK. They have been authorised and regulated. But guess what? You have rights and can negotiate with them. Who knew?

How Do You Resolve Debt Collection?

Resolve debt collection? Yes! Stay calm.

1. Communicate with the collection agency.
2. Verify the debt.
3. Negotiate.
4. Get agreements in writing.
5. Keep records. Sounds simple. It can be if you’re informed and prepared!
Is Debt Capital Risky?

Is playing with debt capital like playing with fire? It can be. Debt capital is money borrowed to run a business. It can be risky if the company can’t pay it back. So, handling it wisely is vital. Tread carefully; this is not a game!

What Companies Use Capital Resolve?

Wait, are there other players in the game? Yes! Various companies might use Resolve to collect debts. These can range from banks to utility companies and more. If Resolve contacts you, it might be on behalf of any of these companies. Stay vigilant!

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