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CapQuest Debt Recovery payment is like facing an insurmountable mountain. But what if I told you there’s a hidden trail? Ignoring CapQuest is like stepping on a landmine. It could explode into something massive and uncontainable.

But wait, there’s a secret treasure map, and I’m here to guide you. What happens next could change everything in this story. Do you dare to take the first step with me?

Riana Johnson
Last updated on 09 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who Are CapQuest Limited and Their Role in Debt Collection?
2. Does Capquest Acquire Debts?
3. Investigating the Legitimacy of CapQuest Debt Collectors
4. Why Is CapQuest Consistently Calling Me?
5. The Debt Collection World – CapQuest’s Turf!
6. How to Deal with CapQuest Calls?
7. Communication Channels – Not Just Calls
8. Protecting Your Peace – Blocking the Noise
9. Ready For The Next Call?
10. Can CapQuest Authorise the Dispatch of Bailiffs?
11. Make CapQuest Validate the Debt They Claim is Yours
12. Is the Debt Claimed by CapQuest Statute-Barred?
13. Understanding Your Rights in Dealing with CapQuest
14. The Secret World of CapQuest Debt Recovery
15. Fight Back: Your Defense Strategies
16. Ready to Face CapQuest Debt Recovery Like a Pro?
17. Seek Assistance from Debt Charities Against Capquest Investments Limited
18. Is CapQuest Debt Recovery Capable of Erasing My Debt?
19. Essential Contact Information for CapQuest Debt Recovery:
20. Scrutinising Other Debt Collectors Besides CapQuest
21. Key Points
22. FAQ


Who Are CapQuest Limited and Their Role in Debt Collection?

CapQuest is a reputable debt recovery agency and a member of Arrow Group based in Manchester, UK. They work tirelessly with a mission to reclaim outstanding balances on behalf of banks, credit card companies, and other lenders such as;

  • Mortgage companies
  • Loan companies
  • High Street bank service providers
  • Utility service providers
  • Mobile network service providers.

They have a reputation for persistence and tenacity in their work. But remember, cap quest debt recovery aims to provide a fair and sensitive approach to debt recovery.

Does Capquest buy Debts?

Yes, Capquest buys debt through Arrow company. CapQuest purchases overdue debt from companies such as;

  • Mobile companies
  • Telecoms
  • Banks
  • Credit Card providers
  • Utility companies and etc.

The original Creditor might have given up on their collection efforts on debts others owe them. Don’t get scared just because you received a letter from Capquest asking to pay a debt. Read on to find out how to deal with this debt collection agency.

Investigating the Legitimacy of CapQuest Debt Collectors

You might undoubtedly feel uncertain about CapQuest’s legitimacy. Below are some facts that show their reputation and credentials are legitimate. Plus, knowing these facts will boost your confidence in negotiating with them about your debt.

CapQuest is a registered company in companies house under the following details.

  • Registered Company Name – CAPQUEST DEBT RECOVERY LIMITED
  • Registered company address – Belvedere, 12 Booth Street, Manchester, M2 4AW
  • Company registration number – 3772278
  • They are a member of the Credit Services Association(CSA)
  • Plus, CapQuest is registered and authorised by Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) under Reference number – 721513. Thus, they must adhere to all rules and regulations in their debt recovery processes.

Why Is CapQuest Consistently Calling Me?

There are mainly three reasons where CapQuest may try to reach out to you. 

1. You owe them money – That’s very simple, right? They’ve gotten the word that you might owe some money.
2. They’ve bought the debt – They are like treasure hunters. They’ve grabbed your debt from the original lender. Now, CapQuest wants you to pay up those debts to them.
3. Do they think you’re someone else – Mistaken identity? It happens more than you think. That makes you pay a debt that you do not own.

Contacting you is a responsibility they must uphold if you have debts for a creditor that matches any of above first 2 instances. They may threaten legal action if you do not pay in full or contact them to work out a payment plan.

If you ignore their letters, they will most likely begin phoning you to add pressure (they may even send an email!). They will attempt this before going to court since it is less expensive and faster.

It is fairly unusual for a debt collection firm to begin phoning on a daily basis. But there are methods to put a halt to it. It’s no secret that CapQuest debt recovery is persistent! They have probably purchased your debt and are seeking repayment. 

However, remember that their communication should always remain professional and respectful. If they bother you with the calls, you can be mentally unstable. The rings can be daunting, but don’t they spark curiosity in you.

The Debt Collection World – CapQuest’s Turf!

Welcome to the world of debt collection, where CapQuest is like a champion player. They’re not just making calls for fun; they mean business. Let’s get to know them. 

The Professionalism Spectrum

CapQuest is bound by many rules to operate professionally. They can’t just haunt you. They should be professional. If they cross the line, the regulators won’t be happy! So, what is crossing the line means, and how will they do so? Here are some ways that they are not allowed to cross their line.

  • Calling at odd hours
  • Harassment or intimidation
  • Giving false information

Did you know this? Can you feel the power shifting? This might be a great way to overcome the debt by complaining about them to Financial Ombudsman in your area with proof.

How to Deal with CapQuest Calls?

Take The Call, Gather Intel and get them to answer your questions.
  • Ask for details of the debt.
  • Request written communication.
  • Stay cool and calm.

Isn’t knowing you can take control of the conversation thrilling? Yes, it will be excellent if you can take control of the conversation and turn the tables. So why wait? Read on to learn how to turn the tables.

Check Their Facts, Play the Detective!

Don’t just accept what CapQuest tells you. Investigate! You can ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is the debt yours? Or else are they mistaken? 
  • Are the amounts correct? 
  • What if they got it wrong? 

You have the whole advantage of not paying the debt if the information is incorrect and misleading. So you might need to pay more attention to these questions.

Craft Your Action Plan
  • If it’s your debt – Work out a payment plan.
  • Not your debt? Challenge it.
  • Need more time? Ask for breathing space.

Did you know you could do that? Are you ready to face CapQuest now?

Escalate if Necessary

What if CapQuest is being unreasonable? Stand up for your rights! You can file a complaint against their behaviour. How does it feel to know that you are not powerless? They might tend to make you feel that you’re powerless. So do not fear or feel helpless. You have many options to act against them.

Communication Channels – Not Just Calls

CapQuest might try to reach you in other ways. They include;

  • Letters
  • Emails
  • Text messages

 Ever wondered what secrets those messages hold? They always try to bring you stress over not paying the debt you owe them. So they make you uncomfortable and feel that you will only get relief by paying them the debt.

 This way, they can easily get the payments done.

Protecting Your Peace – Blocking the Noise

You can ask CapQuest to communicate only in writing. Ah, sweet in silence! No more phone calls! But what might you miss in their written words? They might not explain the ways and alternative plans in their letters. Also, you might not get clarification for your doubts. But you will be able to inquire about those in written form.

Ready For The Next Call?

You are now armed with knowledge and an action plan. The next time CapQuest calls, you’ll be ready. You might be prepared for these questions.

  • What will you say? 
  • How will they react? 

Keep your ears open and your mind sharp. 

You may request them an official notice of your debt. Also, you can react calmly and confidently since you know the procedure and you have the knowledge to protect yourself from inaccurate information and threats.

Can CapQuest Authorise the Dispatch of Bailiffs?

Technically, No. However, CapQuest would first need to take the matter to court and secure a County Court Judgment against you. Once they have this County Court Judgment and you keep ignoring this court order as well, they will go to court again to take a warrant or writ of conduct to employ bailiffs. 

It’s a nerve-wracking thought, isn’t it? But knowledge is power, and knowing this helps you prepare and strategise.

Make CapQuest Validate the Debt They Claim is Yours

Got a letter from CapQuest debt recovery out of the blue? Always request debt validation, and never forget that! They are obligated to provide proof that the debt is indeed yours. Plus, keep a record of the request as well if they take your case to court without replying.

So, the ball’s in your court – don’t you want to play? Keep on with us so you might explore how to tackle the situations with them.

Is the Debt Claimed by CapQuest Statute-Barred?

What if it is? If the debt is “statute-barred, ” it’s too old to be pursued legally. The statute banned is only available in the United Kingdom. Thus, the debt must be 

  • Older than 6 years
  • No communication with the debt collector or original creditor during that time
  • No judicial participation during that time

This service is only available if all three facts are accurate.

 You can apply for a write-off of your deby at court. Remember, the clock is ticking, so this might be your lucky escape!

Understanding Your Rights in Dealing with CapQuest

CapQuest is regulated by the FCA, which means they must adhere to specific guidelines when recovering debts. They include;

  • Allow yourself to take time to consider your debt remedies.
  • Allow you take time to seek free debt advice.
  • Take into account your financial status as well as your personal situation.
  • Offer an inexpensive payment plan 
  • Do not be pushy, deceptive, or lie about what they can do to you
  • Do not phone you regularly or bother you at home.

This includes treating you fairly and giving you reasonable time to pay off your debts. 

Are you feeling more empowered already? If not, you should read on to get the most entire confidence and knowledge to be empowered to act over them.

The Secret World of CapQuest Debt Recovery

CapQuest, as you now know, is relentless in chasing debts. That is because of the profit they receive from collecting these debts. But are they just dialling numbers randomly? Or is there a method to their madness? Let’s dive into the strategies they might use. Are you ready to enter their secret world?

Frequent Automated Phone Calls

They use automated phone calls to make you answer atleast one since if you kept ignoring. Plus, They never randomly dial numbers. They get your information when they buy your debts. So they can contact you to get you to repay them the debt. They are always set towards the goal of getting you paid regardless of your situation.

Communication Overload

CapQuest knows that constant communication might break your resolve. This could be in the form of:

  • Phone calls are usually automated and threatening
  • Letters
  • Emails
  • Text messages

And guess what? They might be keeping tabs on how you react! How does that make you feel? What could they be plotting next? This might make you feel worried and anxious about them. They might make you feel useless if you do not pay the debt. This is their plot to tackle you.

Telling Other People About Your Debt

By not exposing debt information to others, Capquest Debt Recovery breaches privacy regulations, potentially inflicting emotional hardship, mental illness, and even death. According to the Debt Support Trust, over half of those in debt consider suicide. 

Brighton University researchers discovered that debt customers frequently feel embarrassed, isolated, and imprisoned, with the debt-collecting process negatively harming their mental health. 

They urged the government to address risky lending and coercive collection techniques in order to enhance debt collectors’ mental health.

Psychological Play

CapQuest can sometimes play mind games. They might try to make you feel guilty or anxious. But here’s the catch. You don’t have to let them in!

  • Stand your ground.
  • Know your rights.
  • Keep emotions in check.

But what if they say something that rattles you? How will you respond? Are you equipped to handle their psychological warfare? You must be calm first before you respond. They need you to respond to them quickly without any second thought, and that can be dangerous from your side. So always be mindful when you respond to them.

Legal Threats and Consequences

CapQuest might bring up legal action. It’s like the final boss in a video game. But guess what? You have weapons too!

  • Know if the debt is enforceable.
  • Check the legal standing.
  • Seek legal advice.

Do you feel your heart racing? Can you use this knowledge as your shield? Yes, you might feel your heart is racing. But stay strong and use your existing knowledge to shield yourself.

Fight Back: Your Defense Strategies

Don’t be a pawn in CapQuest’s game. Turn the tables! How? You can get all the instructions once you go through the following steps; we’ll reveal some golden rules that will help you to turn the table.

Document Everything

Keep records of every communication. It’s like collecting valuable gems for your treasure chest. What secrets might these documents reveal? You can provide these documents whenever you need to file a complaint against CapQuest regarding their behaviour.

Set Boundaries

You can set limits on how and when CapQuest communicates with you. How liberating is that? They can’t just cross your boundaries. They might tend to cross these boundaries. So ensure you set your boundaries right and act whenever they try to cross their limits. Be vigilant about that!

Legal Eagle – Know The Law

Get familiar with the legal aspects of debt collection. It’s like learning magic spells to defend yourself. But which spell to use when? To get the spell right, you might need some professionals to involve in your case. This is where you might seek professional advice to overcome the legal knowledge barriers that you might have.

Seek Professional Advice

You don’t have to face CapQuest alone. There are some professionals and charities that can help. But who are these mysterious allies? Where can you find them? These are volunteer organisations, and you can find them online with a simple click.

Ready to Face CapQuest Debt Recovery Like a Pro?

Now that you know the secrets of CapQuest debt recovery strategies, you can prepare yourself. Remember, knowledge is power! But wait a second. What if CapQuest changes tactics? How can you adapt and evolve your strategies? The answers lie ahead in a world of endless possibilities!

Seek Assistance from Debt Charities Against Capquest Investments Limited

Don’t underestimate the power of a support system. That system is not only helpful under stressful conditions. You also might get help and advice whenever necessary. Debt charities can provide you with free, confidential advice on dealing with CapQuest. There are a few debt charities, such as:

  • National Debtline
  • Citizens Advice
  • PayPlan
  • Community Money Advice
  • StepChange Debt Charity
  • MoneyPlus Advice
  • Money Wellness
  • Debt Advice Foundation

Which can help you in this case.

Keep in mind – In this journey, you’re not alone!

Is CapQuest Debt Recovery Capable of Erasing My Debt?

No. CapQuest will never do that as they make profit from recovering these debts.

But Yes, of course, there are ways you can write off your debt fully or partially without any doubt. But there are certain conditions that has to be fullfilled to get an acceptance to these debt solutions according to the UK government. 

This erasing procedure is mostly considered for debts that are unpaid for more than 6 years. Due to probable losses, Arrow Global Limited may not be able to eliminate your debt. There are, however, other options.

They include options such as a Debt Relief Order for low-income persons, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) for those with several debts and a high income, or a debt consolidation loan. 

A settlement offer can be considered, but it must be accompanied by an “Income and Expenditure Assessment.” If you agree to pay 80-90% of the amount in a single payment, Capquest amount Recovery may accept a settlement offer. 

It is crucial to know, however, that the debt will be listed as unpaid on your credit report, affecting your credit rating.

Essential Contact Information for CapQuest Debt Recovery:

When dealing with CapQuest debt recovery, it’s crucial to have their contact information at hand. You might need them suddenly once you face a situation where you are no more able to pay the debt and need some alternative plans. So you may be able to discuss with them if you got their contact information in your hand.

Below we’ve gathered some essential contact details for you. 

Company Name: Capquest Debt Recovery Limited
Other Names:  Capquest Group, Arrow Global Group
Registered business address: Belvedere, 12 Booth Street, Manchester, M2 4AW
Phone:  0333 999 7200
Numbers Capquest call from: 01252765422



Fax:  0333 999 7299
Website:  www.capquest.co.uk 
Email:  customers@capquest.co.uk

Scrutinising Other Debt Collectors Besides CapQuest

Comparison is key! It’s important to weigh CapQuest against other debt collectors. Could there be other sharks in the water? You should have a better idea about other debt collectors that are prominent in the field. So you might know how they act in debt collection. 

Debt charities in the United Kingdom provide free debt relief information and personalised counselling depending on individual circumstances. They assist in the fight against debt collectors and in the discussion of repayment possibilities. For help and assistance, contact Step Change UK or National Debtline.

You may find companies like;

  • Money Advice Trust
  • Christians Against Poverty
  • Citizens Advice
  • IVA Watch Limited
  • Jeffery Associates
  • Eagle House Financial Services Ltd
  • McMorrow Murphy Limited
  • Kensington Mortgage Company Limited

Stay tuned to learn more about other sharks in this industry!

Key Points

  • CapQuest is a debt recovery agency based in the UK that works to reclaim outstanding balances on behalf of banks, credit card companies, and other lenders.
  • CapQuest acquires overdue debt from companies that may have given up on their collection efforts, often involving accounts where the original creditor hasn’t received payment for a significant amount of time.
  • CapQuest’s persistent communication is driven by their goal to seek repayment for the debt they have purchased, but their communication should always remain professional and respectful.
  • Strategies to deal with CapQuest calls include taking the call, gathering information, requesting written communication, and staying calm during conversations.
  • CapQuest employs various strategies, including constant communication through phone calls, letters, emails, and text messages, as well as psychological tactics and legal threats.
  • To defend against CapQuest’s strategies, individuals should document all communication, set boundaries on communication methods, familiarise themselves with debt collection laws, and seek professional advice or support from debt charities.
  • Contact information for CapQuest includes their company name, address, phone numbers, fax, website, and email.
  • It’s essential to compare CapQuest with other debt collectors to make informed decisions.
  • CapQuest deals with “bad debts” acquired from banks, telecom suppliers, mobile companies, and other credit lenders at a discounted rate.
  • CapQuest is owned by Arrow Global Group Plc, a prominent player in the UK as a buyer of non-performing accounts and provider of credit management solutions.


Hang on tight because we are about to unravel the mysteries in a lightning-quick FAQ round! Are you ready? Let’s dive into quenching your thirst for knowledge.

What Happens If You Ignore CapQuest?

Ignoring CapQuest can lead to them knocking on the courthouse doors! They might request a CCJ, which stands for County Court Judgment, from a judge. Eventually will request court again to get permission to use bailiffs to visit your home and seize your belonging if you ignored the CCJ order as well.

What Debts Does CapQuest Deal With?

CapQuest is like a treasure hunter, but they hunt for “bad debts”. They get these from:

  • Banks
  • Telecom suppliers
  • Mobile companies
  • Other credit lenders

Who Owns CapQuest?

CapQuest is part of a bigger family! They are owned by Arrow Global Group Plc. Did you know Arrow Global Group Plc is like a giant in the UK? They are one of the biggest buyers of non-performing accounts and providers of credit management solutions. 

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