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Don’t worry. Here’s what you can do!

There are unique ways to write off some of your debt to CARS Debt Collection. Several debt-relieving solutions are available in the UK. 

But there is a catch:

  • If you choose, the right debt-relieving program will aid you in writing off some of your unaffordable debt.
  • On the other hand, Choosing the wrong program will cost you a higher expense and draw you down to the bottom.

Table of Contents

1. CARS Debt Collection: Who Are They?
2. Understanding the Concept of CARS Debt
3. The Legitimacy of CARS Debt Collection: Are they doing a legitimate business?
4. Who Are CARS Debt Collection’s Clients?
5. Dealing with CARS Debt Collection:
6. CARS Debt: Taking the Smart Step
7. Statute Barred Debts and CARS Debt Collection
8. Understanding CARS Debt Solutions
9. Decoding the IVA: Your Best Solution?
10. Responding to CARS Debt Collection Notices
11. Paying Off Your CARS Debt
12. Validating Your Debt: The First Step
13. Negotiating an Affordable Repayment Plan: The Basics
14. Seeking Professional Advice: A Crucial Consideration
15. Possible Alternatives to Repayment: The Unexplored Path
16. Switching Debt Collectors: A Common Practice
17. Contact Details Of CARS Debt Collection Agency
18. Getting Additional Assistance with CARS Debt Collection


CARS Debt Collection: Who Are They?

CARS Debt is a short form that use to identify Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Company. It is a renowned debt collection business based in the UK. 

They help numerous companies to reclaim overdue payments/debts. Ignoring their notices can escalate the issue, leading to more severe consequences. 

Therefore, understanding how C.A.R.S. Debt and their Debt Collection mechanisms function is paramount.

Understanding the Concept of CARS Debt

CARS Debt Collection is not just another company. It is a UK firm that carries a reputation for helping various industries to recover their pending dues. 

So, how do they do it?

It’s simple for them. They rigorously chase after their debtors. And ensure that the outstanding amounts are paid. 

But what does this mean for you as a debtor?

It means that dealing with them requires tact and knowledge. But don’t be stressed. The following few sections were designed to guide you through this process. 

Are you intrigued yet? Keep reading!

The Legitimacy of CARS Debt Collection: Are they doing a legitimate business?

CARS Debt Collection is a legitimate arm of the UK business environment. 

Below are some legal pieces of information that help to prove their legitimacy.

  • Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions PVT Ltd is a company registered in the UK under Company Reg. No. 4296927 | VAT No. 758 121 333.
  • They are authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for regulated accounts under reference number 716456.

Who Are CARS Debt Collection’s Clients?

They have no specialized specific industry where they aid in debt recovery. Thus, they have assisted a diverse range of business sectors in debt recovery over the years. 

But by looking at their past actions over the years, we can assume they have substantial clientele from household utility suppliers. 

That’s why their letters and calls should not be disregarded. And you should address them with a strategic approach.

Below are some pieces of evidence we found online to confirm they have worked for household utility suppliers.

01. Source – community page of www.virginmedia.com
CARS Debt Collection’s cars debt

02. Source – Money Saving Expert/Forum
CARS Debt Collection’s cars debt

Dealing with CARS Debt Collection:  

Intimidating CARS Debt Collection Letters
You will receive a notice letter from CARS Debts Collection first. This notice letter will indicate they have purchased your debt from a relevant company to which you owe a debt. 

These letters are composed in a way that makes you scared. They use this tactic to influence you indirectly to take quick action. Always Keep in mind that you don’t need to pay them right away.

Please don’t get caught in their fishnet. Keep reading this article. Here, you will find reasonable solutions that can help you to deal with C.A.R.S. debt Collection.
Can I Ignore a CARS Debt Collection Letter or Pay?
Let’s cut straight to the chase.Should you pay your CARS debt? Let’s consider two scenarios as follows to find an answer to that.

1. You are liable to pay if the debt is valid and within the legal timeframe.
2. Whatif the debts are old over six years?It may fall under the category of ‘statute barred.’This means you’re not legally bounded to pay.

But here’s the kicker. A ‘statute barred’ debt doesn’t mean it disappears. It simply can’t be enforced legally. So, don’t ignore it if you receive a letter from C.A.R.S. Debt Collection. Instead, take the next step smartly. If you are wondering what is that? Well, read on! You will find it eventually.
How Can I Stop CARS Debt Collection Calls and Texts?
They are not allowed to tease and force(harass or sacre) you to pay the debt since CARS company is a debt collection company. 

But they might keep trying to be in touch with you. Daily reminder calls or sometimes more than once daily. This is a common tactic used by debt-collecting companies to pressure you to repay the debt.

If it’s really annoying better to call and inform them about what times you are free to answer their calls. 

Yet, if they are still not honing your request, you can file a complaint under harassment to a government authority.

Keep reading the post. You will eventually find where to complain.
Will CARS Debt Collection Come to My Home?
Simply No. CARS Debt Collection is not allowed to come to your home. 

But they can ask an authorized bailiff company( qualified law enforcement agent) to visit your property and take items into possession until the debt or fine has been repaid. 

The above unique scenario is also possible only if your debt case has been filled in court. And the judge made you guilty and ordered you to pay. 

CARS Debt: Taking the Smart Step

You’ve got the letter. Your heart rate has shot up. What do you do? 

  • You ask for proof! That’s right. Your first move should be to ask CARS Debt Collection to prove the debt. 

You’re not obliged to pay unless they can provide substantial proof. Isn’t that interesting? But there’s more!

Statute Barred Debts and CARS Debt Collection

Debts that are six(6) or more years old may not require repayment. It’s because they are sorted under Statute barred debts. Nowadays, the courts are usually busy. Thus they don’t have time to deal with a backlog of older debt. By default, the case gets dismissed in court. 

Therefore in this scenario, CARS Debts cannot legally force you to pay the debt or to collect bailiffs.

Make sure to send a statute-barred letter to CARS Debt Collection if you believe your debt falls under this category. The debt still exists but is not enforceable, providing you with breathing space.

Understanding CARS Debt Solutions

Let’s assume,

1. Your debt is not ‘statute barred.’ 
2. Also, CARS Debt Collection has provided proof. 

Now, you’re probably thinking, “What are my options?”

Here’s the deal: 

  • You can arrange a repayment plan that suits your financial situation.

Sounds like a relief, doesn’t it? But hold on a minute!

Don’t rush into agreeing to a repayment plan. It’s because UK debt charities can assist you in understanding the best course of action. 

Sometimes, it is better to choose an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

Let’s delve a little more into this suggestion.

Decoding the IVA: Your Best Solution?

An IVA is an agreement that signs between you and your creditors. If approved, you get the opportunity to pay off your debts over a set period. This benefits you only if you have multiple debts.

Let’s assume you are fortunate enough to get accepted to an IVA. Then you may end up paying back just a fraction of what you owe (around 10% of the money you owe). 

Responding to CARS Debt Collection Notices

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when you’ve received a debt letter from CARS Debt Collection. The key is not to panic but to formulate a plan. 

One way you can make a plan for this is by requesting proof of the alleged debt first. You will have enough time to prepare for the next steps with this approach.

Paying Off Your CARS Debt

A repayment plan can be negotiated with CARS Debt Collection. However, we strongly advise you to seek advice from UK debt charities before committing to any arrangement.

Validating Your Debt: The First Step

Make sure to validate your CARS debt before you decide on any form of payment. If the debts are legitimate, then start considering your repayment options. 

However, there’s a little catch. You should not rush into a payment plan. Yes, you owe them money. But there are small window loops where you can get a slight excuse. 

Curious to know why? Let’s move to the following section to find out more about it!

Negotiating an Affordable Repayment Plan: The Basics

You’ve established that your debt is valid. What’s next? 

It’s time to negotiate a payment plan with CARS Debt Collection. But remember, the keyword here is ‘affordability.’ Always make sure the payment plan fits comfortably into your budget. 

Don’t overstretch yourself, as this can lead to further financial troubles. 

Now, the main question. Can you do this on your own? or do you need professional help? Let’s discover that in the next part.

Seeking Professional Advice: A Crucial Consideration

Just because you can negotiate a repayment plan doesn’t mean you should do it alone. In fact, it’s often advisable to seek guidance from UK debt charities. These organizations are there to help you understand your situation better. And they offer possible solutions as well if needed.

Now, here’s something you might not have considered yet. The charity might suggest alternatives to repayment that could be more suitable for your circumstances. 

Intriguing, right? 

So, what could these alternatives be? Hold that thought as we’re about to delve into it.

Possible Alternatives to Repayment: The Unexplored Path

It’s time for a revelation. Did you know that there are other options besides a repayment plan? You might be surprised! 

There are methods like:

1. Debt Relief Orders, 
2. Bankruptcy, 
3. and even Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs). 

These could potentially allow you to write off some or all of your debts.

Switching Debt Collectors: A Common Practice

Sometimes, debts get transferred to other collection agencies. Therefore Keeping up-to-date with your debts is crucial. 

Major industry players like:

1. Lowell UK, 
2. Cabot Finance 

Might take over your case without any notice. Thus, always stay vigilant for any such changes.

Contact Details Of CARS Debt Collection Agency

You can reach out to the CARS Debt Collection agency through various channels, as shown below. 

Website: https://www.carsuk.org/
Email: admin@carsuk.org
Address: CARS PO Box 6520, Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom. (Zip code – RG21 4UY)
Call: 0333 136 3349 – For General Enquiries *0333 136 8282 – Debit and credit card hotline


Opening hours
MONDAY 08:30 AM – 06:00 PM
TUESDAY 08:30 AM – 05:00 PM
WEDNESDAY 08:30 AM – 05:00 PM
THURSDAY 08:30 AM – 06:00 PM
FRIDAY  08:30 AM – 04:00 PM
SATURDAY  08:30 AM – 12:30 PM 
Sunday  Closed
Remember, communication is the key to resolving your C.A.R.S. Debt efficiently.

The Importance of Communication: The Root of Resolution
Communicating with your debt collectors can be daunting. Isn’t it? But keep in mind that it’s a vital step in resolving your CARS Debt. 

Misunderstandings can occur without proper communication. And that could lead to potential complications. 

So, are you ready to take the challenge and make contact? The next sections will help you on how.

Using the Official Website: The Digital Doorway

CARS Debt Collection has an official website that you can utilize. This website can be used as a medium for establishing the first line of communication. 

Are you wondering why? The website often contains valuable resources that could assist in managing your debt. 

But wait, what if you need a more personal touch? That’s what our next point is all about!

Dialing Phone Numbers: The Direct Approach

Especially when you are making a phone call, there are some critical things to be said about the direct approach. On some occasions, this can be the quickest way to discuss your debt. 

Below are some facts that might come in handy when you make up your mind to call them directly.

  • Better to brainstorm and write down some key points that you are going to discuss via call. And sort those ideas according to a priority you wish that matches the most.
  • They are not your friends or family. So, Always stick to a script when answering them. If not, you might get carried away and will lose all your plus points to their cunning words.
  • Do not be bossy when speaking with them. Remember, you are not the first debtor they dealt with. Surely they will get an idea of what you are up to with the years of experience they got by handling these cases in the past. 
  • Always be polite and talk with them in a way they get convinced that you are not doing well in your life right now. 

Always Keep this in mind. You’re not alone in this. And C.A.R.S. Debt Collection is there to help. 

Hold on. 

What if you feel uncomfortable with reaching out to them via a call?

Don’t worry. There are other methods to reach out as well. Read on to find out!

Writing Emails: The Composed Correspondence

If phone calls aren’t your cup of tea, then writing an email could be your ideal option. It allows you to secure enough time to compose your thoughts, express your concerns, and propose a possible plan to resolve your CARS debt.

If you can’t write a mail on your own, 

1. Surf around the internet to find out an email template that matches your needs. 
2. Use AI language model tools like Chatgpt to create an email by feeding him the necessary information. 

Are you still uncertain about which method to choose? Don’t fret. Remember, the important part is to initiate contact, regardless of the method.

Getting Additional Assistance with CARS Debt Collection

Organizations like:

1. Step Change, 
2. Citizens Advice, 
3. and National Debtline 

Offer advice on handling CARS Debt Collection.

If you have grievances, contact the Financial Ombudsman after lodging your initial complaint with C.A.R.S. Debt Collection.

By understanding how to manage your C.A.R.S. Debt, you can mitigate the risk of financial distress. Don’t allow a debt letter to steal your peace of mind. 

  • Get the knowledge, 
  • create a plan, 
  • and navigate your way to a debt-free future.

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