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While it’s possible that you won’t be required to pay CCS Collect, brushing them aside could lead to severe consequences. Ready to explore your options? Stay with me as we unravel what you can do next with CCS Collect…

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Last updated on 17 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Understanding CCS Collect: Who are they?
2. Is CCS Collect a Legitimate Firm?
3. CCS Collect’s Association with HMRC
4. Does CCS Collect Engage in Debt Purchasing?
5. Identifying CCS Collect’s Clients
6. Why is CCS Collect Debt Recovery Reaching Out to Me?
7. What Powers Do Debt Collection Agencies Possess?
8. Does CCS Collect Employ Field Agents?
9. Can CCS Collect Employees Seize My Property?
10. To Pay or Not to Pay CCS Collect? A Detailed Look
11. How to Stop CCS Collect Debt Collectors from Phoning Me?
12. Getting CCS Collect Debt Collectors to Work for You
13. What if CCS Collect Substantiates the Debt
14. Impact of CCS Collect on Credit Ratings
15. What if I Can’t Pay Anything to CCS Collect?
16. Strategies to Eliminate Debts with CCS Collect
17. Proposing a Settlement Offer to CCS Collect
18. Overcoming the Fear to Call CCS Debt Collection
19. Filing a Complaint Against CCS Collect
20. Reaching Out to CCS Collect
21. Dealing with Other Debt Collectors
22. Key Points
23. FAQ


Understanding CCS Collect: Who are they?

CCS Collect, formally known as Commercial Collection Services Limited, is a well-established debt collection agency based in the UK. They are recovering overdue payments on behalf of various businesses, including 

1. Utility companies,
2. Student loan providers,
3. And even government bodies.

Commercial Collection Administrations Ltd, moreover known as CCS Collect Obligation Collectors, could be a UK obligation collection office that started operations in 1975. The company is enlisted within the UK and is headquartered in Surrey. They work for a wide assortment of clients and collect exceptional receivables of all sizes.

They handle commercial and customer debts, so they know how to work with a wide assortment of clients and accomplish the required tasks in the best conceivable way.

Her notable clients include water companies, NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) debt, student loan debt, major credit card issuers, Vodafone, and local authorities tracking delinquent taxes and parking fines. Included. 

Is CCS Collect a Legitimate Firm?

Yes, without a question! CCS Collect is an approved firm that follows strict guidelines and directions set by the Money-related Conduct Specialist (FCA). Known for their polished skill, they guarantee that all their exercises tolerate by the law.

CCS Collect could be an authentic obligation collection office authorised and controlled by the Money-related Conduct Specialist (FCA).

The company has been registered in England and Wales as Commercial Collection Services Limited since 1988. CCS Collect is also a founding member of the Credit Services Association.

However, despite the legality of CCS Collect, you may not be required to pay your debts, so it is always important to wait before making any requested payments. 

CCS Collect’s Association with HMRC

CCS Collect strongly partners with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). They aid in the recovery of overdue tax credit payments, ensuring taxpayers’ debts are accurately addressed and settled.

Yes, CCS collects overpayments of tax credits, HMRC self-assessment liabilities, etc. CCS Collect may contact you if you owe HM Revenue and Customs. CCS also charges companies such as Sky, BT, British Gass, First Utility, and NPower. 

Does CCS Collect Engage in Debt Purchasing?

Unlike several debt collection agencies, CCS Collect does not purchase debts. They merely act as mediators between their clients and debtors, helping to recover outstanding amounts and maintain healthy client relations.

CCS Collect does not buy bonds from other lenders. They work for their customers and try to collect both corporate and consumer debt.

They will contact you and inquire about the instalment. This is often ordinarily by letter but may too be by mail or phone.

They are ordinarily willing to devise a reimbursement arrangement and work with you to pay off your adjustment as soon as possible.

Identifying CCS Collect’s Clients

CCS Collect is known for its extensive portfolio of clients. These range from utility companies to financial institutions and government bodies. They are also commonly engaged by HMRC to recover tax credit overpayments.

CCS Collect is a debt collection agency acting on behalf of creditors. CCS raises funds for several water companies, Student Loans Company, HMRC, DWP, NHS, and DVLA. They collect receivables such as:

1. City tax delinquency
2. tax liability
3. overpayment of benefits
4. parking fine
5. utility bill

Why is CCS Collect Debt Recovery Reaching Out to Me?

If CCS Collect is contacting you, it is usually an indication of an outstanding debt linked to your name. The nature of the debt can vary – from unpaid utility bills to due student loan payments.

CCS Collect is contacting you because one of CCS Collect’s customers believes you owe them money. CCS Collect does not own any debt. They are just following you on behalf of their clients.

It’s not good to be chased by them.

If you do not respond to letters from CCS Collect debt collectors, additional letters may be sent, and, in some cases, legal proceedings may be initiated. If you fear their threats, not responding can make things worse.

You will dodge legitimate activity and pay no expenses by taking after our best tips. You have perused on to find out what you would like to do. 

What Powers Do Debt Collection Agencies Possess?

Debt collection agencies like CCS Collect can contact debtors through phone, email, and letters. However, they are bound by FCA guidelines and must always ensure fair treatment. They cannot harass you or pressure you into making immediate payments.

Debt collection agencies like CSS Collect can collect debts over the phone or by letter but should not be harassed. Also, do not use confusing terms, mislead, or lie.

I am not allowed to enter your house. This is 100% illegal. As it were, bailiffs can do this, and it can, as it were, be settled after winning the case.

If you do not pay, your alternatives are to require legitimate activity or drop the indictment. At that point, a judge will decide if you owe him cash and may inquire you to pay.

If CCS Collect cannot repay the debt as requested by the Judge, CCS Collect may go back to JudgeJudge and ask permission to appoint a bailiff to visit on his behalf.  

Does CCS Collect Employ Field Agents?

Yes, CCS Collect employs field agents who may conduct home visits. However, these visits usually occur only after other methods of communication (such as phone calls or letters) have failed.

Yes. CCS debt agency will threaten to send field workers to your home, especially if you do not answer your phone calls or letters. You’re welcome to thump on the entryway and inquire about the conversation about your debts. 

Still, you’re beneath no legitimate commitment to reply to the entrance, converse with them, or let them in unless they are biliffs with a warrant in hand.

Indeed, if they win the trial, they do not have that right. If the police don’t remove your property when asked, you’ll call the police.

Can CCS Collect Employees Seize My Property?

No, CCS Collect representatives cannot seize your belonging as they do not have any legal power for it. But they can go to court and take permisoon to use enforecemnt agents to visit your home and seize your belongings if your debt are true. 

Initially they will got to the court to take county Court Judgment (CCJ) against you. This will make you responsible for debt legally. 

Next they will again go tto court to take a warrent or writ of conduct to use enforcement agents to visit your home and seize your items. These items will be stored in warehouse and eventually sold in an auction to recover total debt and baillfs charges if not settle the debt.

This will be final resort degree rather than the standard. Therefore find a reliable solution to pay the debt before things get escalate to this extent.

To Pay or Not to Pay CCS Collect? A Detailed Look

Do You Owe CCS Collect?

The journey starts with the essential question: Do you owe the debt? As a professional agency, CCS Collect often provides convincing proof to substantiate the debt. They usually send letters detailing the amount you owe and the original creditor.

Your Legal Obligation

So, what does this mean for you? If the proof presented by CCS Collect aligns with your understanding, you are legally obligated to repay. Failing to do so could lead to severe consequences, such as court actions or harm to your credit rating. 

But hang on, don’t rush! Even if you owe the money, there’s more to consider.

Can You Afford the Payment?

Here’s a crucial point: Can you afford the repayment plan suggested by CCS Collect? You should agree to the proposal if the answer is’ yes.’ But what if the repayments stretch your budget too thin?

Seeking Professional Advice

This is where professional advice enters the picture. Feel free to seek guidance if you question your ability to meet the repayments. Several organisations offer free debt advice, helping you understand your situation better.

Repayment: Not a One-size-fits-all

Keep in mind reimbursement isn’t a one-size-fits-all handle. Each individual’s budgetary circumstance changes. In this manner, something other than what worked for somebody else might work for you. So, how do you decide on the finest approach? 

Evaluating Your Financial Standing

An in-depth look at your financial situation is required. Weigh your monthly income against your essential outgoings. 

Crafting a Realistic Repayment Plan

Another, it’s time to make a reasonable reimbursement arrangement based on your money-related appraisal. You might ponder:

Isn’t that a challenging assignment? It doesn’t ought to be! Master advisors can assist you in planning an arrangement that equals your monetary commitments and your capacity to live comfortably. 

Communication: The Key

Now, armed with your tailor-made repayment plan, it’s time to contact CCS Collect. It’s essential to communicate openly and honestly about your financial standing. But wait, what if they refuse your proposed plan?

Standing Your Ground

If CCS Collect declines your proposal, don’t panic! Stand your ground. Remember, you are entitled to affordable repayments. You mustn’t agree to a plan that pushes you into further financial difficulties.

Beyond the Initial ‘No’

You will ponder what happens if CCS Collect repeatedly rejects your recommendations. Do not stress! There’s continuously a following step. Obligation advisors can guide you through the method when it feels like you’re at a dead conclusion. 

The Power of Persistence

Persistency is critical when dealing with debt collection agencies. You have the right to affordable repayments. Refrain from letting initial setbacks deter you from advocating for a fair plan.

How to Stop CCS Collect Debt Collectors from Phoning Me?

No, but you state to them via a letter that you prefer written communication instead receiving phone calls from CCS Collect. This can help reduce stress and ensure a clear record of all interactions.

CCS Collect collection agents are legally authorised to send certain letters. You’ll moreover ask that they never call you or call you at certain times of the day.

Resolver Complaint Benefit figures appear complaints around obligation collection hones by expansive enterprises and government offices more than multiplied over the past year, rising from 830 to 2,006.

If the collection agency does not honour your contact preferences, you can file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service.  

Getting CCS Collect Debt Collectors to Work for You

Remember that CCS Collect’s primary goal is to recover the debt. This means they are often open to discussions about payment plans. Negotiating a plan that fits your budget allows you to clear your debt without further financial strain gradually.

So how do you respond to a promissory note that needs to bury in the sand?

It would be best if you inquired about CCS Collect to supply verification of your debt first. In most cases, CCS will not provide proof within the beginning letter asking for an instalment. Be that as it may, you do not have to pay anything by law if no evidence is given.

You should compose to them and ask for this verification.

This should be wiped out in all but one circumstance. It is lawfully unenforceable and may not have to be paid if,

  • The debts are old more than six years long time, 
  • They have not make contact 
  • And have not taken legal steps against you within that time, 

In that case, your debt falls under Statute-Barred Category and your not required to pay by law.

But most individuals got to demonstrate their obligation bills to purchase themselves time and maintain a strategic distance from paying in case they do not appear confirmation.

If they take lawful activity after ignoring your ask, you should tell the JudgeJudge merely inquired for proof from the CCS Collects Collection Office (keep a duplicate of the letter). That way, in case you owe cash, they can still side with you.

What if CCS Collect Substantiates the Debt

If CCS Collect can significantly confirm your debt, settling it is in your best interest. If you’re incapable of doing so due to budgetary challenges, it’s vital to look for exhortation on potential obligation arrangements.

This should be drained in all but one circumstance. If the obligation appears to have waited on him for more than six years, it is legitimately unenforceable and may not be paid.

In that case, you should be able to utilise your debts under statute-barred category.

But most individuals have to demonstrate their obligation bills to buy themselves time and maintain a strategic distance from paying on the off chance that they do not appear confirmation.

Suppose they take lawful activity after disregarding your ask. In that case, you should tell the Judge that you just inquired for proof from the CCS Collects Collection Organization (keep a duplicate of the letter). That way, in case you owe cash, they can still side with you.

Impact of CCS Collect on Credit Ratings

Please agree on a repayment plan to avoid a CCJ being issued. This will be recorded on your credit report for six years, which could make it more difficult for you to secure further credit in the future.

CCS Collect can impact your credit score. If CCS Collect disagrees with you regarding repayment, a County Court Judgment (CCJ) judgment may be entered to collect the debt. It will remain on your credit report for six years unless you repay CCJ in full within 30 days.

If you repay CCJ in full within six years, it will remain on your credit report. Having a CCJ on your credit report can affect your ability to secure additional credit, such as a mortgage. Therefore, acting as soon as you receive notice from CCS Collect is essential.

What if I Can’t Pay Anything to CCS Collect?

There are alternatives accessible if you’re incapable of forming any instalments. These incorporate applying for an Obligation Alleviation Arrange, pronouncing insolvency, or looking for a Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). It’s essential to induce professional advice sometime recently, making these choices.

If you have a moo pay or get government benefits, you will not have an expendable wage to pay off your CCS Collect Obligation Collector after each month.

Increasingly individuals are making close meet, but you’re distant from alone.

If you can’t pay off your obligation, consider alternatives such as:

1. Debt Consolidation Order – An order prohibiting the CCS Collect collection agency from contacting you for 12 months. If financial conditions do not improve by the end of the year, all CCS and other liabilities may be written off.
2. Bankruptcy – sometimes the wisest option.

Strategies to Eliminate Debts with CCS Collect

Other than the choices said over, you can make a settlement offer. Typically an understanding to pay a significant portion of your obligation, regularly between 80-90%, with the remaining balance being composed off.

Obligation solidification isn’t, as it were, a way to urge rid of obligation. A Person Intentional Course of Action (IVA) may permit you to type in up to 80% of your debt.

Usually, compared to an obligation administration arrangement, it has legitimate suggestions and a six-year time restraint to cover numerous debts in one strong instalment. After the reimbursement period, the sum not however reimbursed will be written off.

CCS Collect collection operators must concur to a lawfully authoritative arrangement.

Proposing a Settlement Offer to CCS Collect

Enlisting a mediation service’s help is beneficial when proposing a settlement offer. They can help you secure a favourable deal. However, be aware that any debt written off will still appear on your credit report.

You can write off a small amount owed to CCS Collect Debt Collectors by submitting a settlement offer.

Usually, an offer to pay the lion’s share of the obligation (more often than not 80-90% of the commitment) given that CCS Collect pays the remaining debt owed by the client.

If you have a parcel of obligation, the sum you’ve got to pay back can be hundreds of pounds. This choice may be made by the leasing company and not by CCS Collect.

You’ll need to utilise brokerage administrations to induce more beneficial bargains. In any case, the cancelled obligation will appear in your credit score.

Overcoming the Fear to Call CCS Debt Collection

If you’re nervous about contacting CCS Collect, remember you can seek help. UK-based debt charities can liaise with them on your behalf, or you could use paid services to secure a better agreement.

Calling a CCS obligation collector can be frightening and nerve-wracking. This is often typical since you feel like you’re giving up some of your control and could be better at arranging.

If you wish to call them critically, you can ask a UK charity to contact you for your sake. Or utilise a paid benefit that guarantees fabulous conditions.

Filing a Complaint Against CCS Collect

You can raise a complaint if you believe CCS Collect has mistreated you. Initially, the complaint should be addressed to CCS directly. If unresolved, you can escalate it to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

If you experience harassment, undue pressure, deception of CCS as a bailiff, or other aggressive behaviour by a CCS Collect employee, you should file a complaint.

The place where you can file a complaint is the Financial Ombudsman Service. However, it would be best to first complain directly with CCS. You can get help filing a complaint by contacting a debt counselling charity. 

Reaching Out to CCS Collect

You can reach CCS Collect through their website, phone number, or office address. However, remember always to keep your communication record for future reference.

Other Names: Commercial Collection Services Limited, CCS
Phone number: 020 8665 49298:30am –

7:00 pm Monday to Thursday, 8:30 am to 6:30 pm on Friday, closed on Saturday

Office address:  CCS Collect Debt Collectors 797 London Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 6YY & CCS Collect Debt Collectors Norfolk House, Wellesley Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1GR
Website: www.ccscollect.co.uk/ 

Dealing with Other Debt Collectors

Other than CCS, there are a few other obligation collectors within the UK. Guarantee to frequently check your budgetary explanations, credit report, and court records to recognise any extraordinary debts.

You should check to see if you have any extraordinary debts with other companies or obligation collection companies. There are four steps you’ll be able to take:

  • Check your credit report for other defaults
  • Investigate emails and posts for reminders and reminders
  • Check CCJ‘s court record against you
  • Investigate your bank statement for the name of the other collection agency.

Hundreds of obligation collection offices within the UK are working with diverse companies to gather debts.

For case, Cabot Money gathers receivables for DVLA, whereas Lowell Monetary and PRA Bunch buy receivables from different credit card companies such as Barclaycard.

If you see a title on your bank explanation, do not recognise it; check MoneyNerd to know if it’s a collection organisation.

Key Points

  • CCS Collect is a trusted collection agency in the UK collecting outstanding debts on behalf of customers such as HMRC, water companies, and credit card companies.
  • Many people in the UK can legally write off part of their debt.
  • This guide provides tips and tricks on dealing with CCS Collect that may help you avoid lawsuits or write off some of your debt.
  • Various debt settlement solutions are available in the UK, and choosing the right one can reduce or eliminate your unpayable debts.
  • Remember to check your liability on CCS Collect before paying. If you can’t afford to pay, consider options such as debt forgiveness orders, bankruptcy, and personal voluntary liquidation (IVA). If you experience harassment or abusive behaviour from CCS Collect, please first discuss the issue with the company and then file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service. 


What happens if I ignore CCS?

If you ignore the matter involving CCS Collections, you may inadvertently grant them the right to further actions by default. These actions can include wage garnishment or property liens. However, you have options, including taking steps to dismiss the lawsuit when you pen your response.

What is a CCS collection?

CCS Collect is the trading name for Commercial Collection Services Limited. As a debt collection company, they act on behalf of creditors to manage and resolve outstanding debts.

Is CCS a debt collector?

Yes, CCS Collect functions as a debt collector. When you receive their communication about a debt, asking, ‘Are CCS legitimate?’ is natural. The answer is yes; they are a regulated debt collection agency.

Is CCS collect genuine?

Indeed, CCS is a legitimate entity. They have been registered in England and Wales since December 1988 under the company number 02326104. The firm’s registered name is Commercial Collection Services Limited, thus confirming its authenticity.

How can I remove CCS from my credit report?

If you find a CCS account listed on your credit report in error, you can request its removal. The procedure involves contacting the relevant credit bureaus via phone or mail and asking them to delete the account. It’s crucial to remember that the bureau typically has up to thirty days to resolve this issue.

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