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Not everyone who gets to deal with Controlaccount Debt Recovery Agency ends up paying to them. But ignoring their communications could lead to further, more severe enforcement actions. 

Now, you may be wondering about your options and the best way forward with Controlaccount. Well, hold onto your seat because we are about to delve into the myriad of possibilities you can explore…

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Last updated on 26 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who Are Controlaccount PLC Debt Recovery?
2. Beating Controlaccount Debt Collectors
3. How to Approach Controlaccount for FedEx or DHL Debts?
4. What About Other Controlaccount Debts?
5. Send a Prove the Debt Letter to Controlaccount PLC
6. I’m Worried… Controlaccount Debt Recovery Confirms My Debt
7. My Controlaccount PLC Debt Is NOT Statute Barred
8. Can I Get a Debt Solution to solve my debt issue with Controlaccount Debt Recovery?
9. Will Controlaccount Debt Recovery Affect My Credit Score?
10. How Do I Complain About Controlaccount?
11. Will They Give Up Chasing?
12. Where Can I Get Free Advice?
13. How to Reach Out to Controlaccount (Control Account Plc): Contact Information
14. Key Points
15. FAQ


You might be surprised if you are hearing from Controlaccount Debt Recovery Agency for the first time. 

In this guide, I will provide you with specific instructions on how to address matters related to Controlaccount Debt Recovery. Here, we also discuss about Controlaccount FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS debts. 

Whatever happens, We strongly advise you not to ignore their letters. You might hope they will simply disappear at some point. But these reachouts are not like that. It’s the converse of it. The rate of receiving letters, phone calls, emails, and even home visits will increase if you keep ignoring them for a longer time. 

Therefore, let us help you in finding a reliable solution with this article.

Who Are Controlaccount PLC Debt Recovery?

Controlaccount PLC is a well-known debt collection agency based in Bromsgrove in the UK. They collect debts on behalf of other major lenders mostly. In return, they get a fixed fee or commission for each recovery they succeed. 

They have a membership of the Credit Services Association (CSA).

Controlaccount has no more legal powers than the original Credit company you owe the debt to. They focus on debt collection heavily as it’s the only way of generating an income for their business. 

According to their official website, the following is a list of debt recovery services they offer in the UK.

Controlaccount Debt Recovery provide:

  • Commercial Debt Recovery, 
  • Consumer Debt Recovery,
  • Trace and Account Surveillance, 
  • Legal Debt Recovery, 
  • European Debt Recovery, 
  • International Debt Recovery.

They have kept doing debt collection operations on behalf of various major companies, such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS, to name a few. It means you will have to deal with the Controlaccount Debt Recovery agency instead of any particular creditor if you have unsettled debts.

Beating Controlaccount Debt Collectors

There are several paths to becoming free from Controlaccount’s grasp. Some involve writing off part of your debt, depending on your circumstances. You can turn to debt solutions in the UK, which could help alleviate your financial burden. However, it’s important to pick a plan that fits your specific needs to avoid a drawn-out, costly process.

How to Approach Controlaccount for FedEx or DHL Debts?

You will have to deal with Controlaccount Debt Recovery directly if you ever receive a debt letter from them regarding FedEx or DHL debt. Now, you may be thinking of how to approach them. 

Dont worry. We have covered all your initial questions in the following sections below. Therefore, keep reading to know more about the procedure.

What About Other Controlaccount Debts?

There can be other instances where Controlaccount debt recovery agency might send you a letter about another type of debt. Perhaps it might be about a larger bad debt you have kept ignoring to pay for one of their clients. 

It doesn’t matter what the letter might tell you. The first step in these situations is to request proof from Controlaccount Debt Recovery agency to show you really owe their client. By law, they must reply to you with proof. 

In addition to that, you are not required by law to pay a penny till they reply to you with provable proof.

Send a Prove the Debt Letter to Controlaccount PLC

You can simply ask the Controlaccount Debt Collection agency via a letter titled “Prove the Debt” to send you written proof that shows you really owe them. You can ask them via call as well. But, We strongly recommend that you conduct all your communication with the Controlaccount Debt Collection agency through written letters. 

In this way, you keep copies of all communication with them and document them for future use if things escalate to a legal matter.

Their reply should at least include a copy of your initial credit agreement with the original creditor. Since they are bound by law to reply, you dont need to pay a penny until they reply with proof to verify the debt.

I’m Worried… Controlaccount Debt Recovery Confirms My Debt

It’s perfectly understandable to feel worried if you find yourself tangled up in a situation where Controlaccount has confirmed your debt. After all, debt can often feel like a weight on your shoulders. 

However, you need to be aware of your rights when dealing with them, as it helps enormously when resolving this issue.

Are Your Controlaccount Debts Statute-barred?

You might be wondering what is meant by checking whether your debts are sorted under the Statute-Barred category. 

Your debts become statute-barred if your debts fulfil the following 3 conditions simultaneously. 

1. Your debts are older than 6 years from the day you made a payment for the last time.
2. You did not have any provable communication with your creditors within the 6-year time period mentioned in the first point.
3. You did not receive any type of court orders, like County Court Judgement (CCJ), within the 6-year period mentioned in the first point.

Your debts will be categorised under the Statute-Barred category and will not be enforceable in the court if your debts fulfil the above 3 conditions at the same time. Simply, you are not required by law to settle the debt.

But keep in mind, receiving a Statute-barred excuse on your debt does not mean it will not be cleared from your credit history reports as well. Surely, it will impact your credit history reports negatively. As a result, you may find difficulties in securing new loans and credit cards in the future.

Plus, It’s important to note that not all debts reach statute-barred status. Certain debts, like those owed to HMRC, remain enforceable for extended periods, even decades. 

Additionally, debts with a County Court Judgment (CCJ) attached to them during the 5 or 6-year window will remain enforceable for the duration of the CCJ.

Your Rights When Dealing With Controlaccount

Understand that Controlaccount is required to adhere to specific rules and guidelines when doing debt collection operations with their debtors like you. 

  • They can’t just call or show up at your doorstep at any given hour. They have to respect your privacy and only contact you at times deemed appropriate. 
  • Additionally, Controlaccount must respect your personal information. They can’t share or discuss your debt with others without your explicit consent. Remember, it’s your debt, not a topic for public conversation.
  • Another key point is that Controlaccount can’t pressure you into making immediate decisions. 
  • They must provide you with reasonable time to weigh your options and decide on a debt solution. 

You’re in control here, not them. Can you imagine being rushed into a decision that could impact your financial stability? Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that.

Can Controlaccount Debt Recovery Repossess My Home?

No, they cannot. Controlaccount firm’s debt collection agents cannot visit your home and seize your valuable items. They need to take a warrant or a writ of conduct to use bailiffs (enforcement agents) to visit your home and seize your belongings.

But dont worry. The use of bailiffs is a last resort that any debt collection company tries due to its cost. It’s because some debts are not worth going to court due to extra expenses that come with it. So, they will always try to convince you to pay initially.

You can ask Controlaccount Debt Recovery agents to leave if you feel uncomfortable or if they are breaching the borders of communication ethics while trying to convince you to pay. Additionally, you can ask for their identification as well, and if they are not bailiffs with a warrant in hand, you can ask them to leave or close the door on them.

Plus, you can call the police on their debt collection agents if they are not leaving away honouring to your request.

It’s important to keep in mind that Controlaccount operates as an agency responsible for debt recovery on behalf of companies such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, and others. They possess the same legal authority and powers as these companies when pursuing debt collection efforts.

Working Out a Payment Plan with Controlaccount Debt Recovery

One of the simplest methods to settle your debt with Controlaccount is to establish a payment arrangement with the agency. This approach helps prevent the debt from progressing to court actions or the repossession of your belongings.

The good news is that Controlaccount anticipates your willingness to arrange a payment plan, especially if the debt is substantial and true. Yes, sometimes these plans may not be applicable to all debts. But, they do not expect you to clear significant debts in a single payment.

They are willing to collaborate on a plan that aligns with their client’s requirements and ensures your financial stability moving forward.

My Controlaccount PLC Debt Is NOT Statute Barred

The most advisable course of action is to make an effort to settle the debt if your debt isn’t sorted under the statute-barred category. One straightforward approach is to establish a payment plan with Controlaccount. But it’s important to note that this isn’t your sole option.

In reality, the most suitable option depends on your individual circumstances and is not necessarily the easiest solution. 

Debt charities can provide guidance on various options tailored to your income and debt situation. They will help you to select the most appropriate path to address your financial challenges. We have listed a couple of organisations at the end of this article. 

Can I Get a Debt Solution to solve my debt issue with Controlaccount Debt Recovery?

There are several alternative debt solutions available in the UK that you can explore if you’re struggling to manage your unsecured debts with Controlaccount. But, It’s advisable to seek free advice from a debt charity to assess which solution best suits your financial situation. 

Here are some options:

  • Debt Management Plan (DMP): This is an informal debt solution where you make a single monthly payment to gradually pay off your debts. It’s not legally binding, so you’re not committed to a minimum number of payments.
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) An IVA is a formal agreement between you and your creditors, lasting 5 or 6 years. You make monthly payments. And any remaining debt is written off at the end of the IVA. IVAs have eligibility criteria, including owing several thousand pounds to multiple creditors and having disposable income.
  • Trust Deed: In Scotland, Trust Deeds are equivalent to IVAs. You make regular payments to creditors. They can’t contact you within this period. And any remaining debt is written off at the end of the term.
  • Debt Relief Orders (DRO): A DRO is suitable for those with financial hardship, no assets, and minimal income. It allows for a debt freeze and no payments for 12 months, potentially leading to the write-off of unsecured debts.
  • Bankruptcy: If there’s no realistic chance of repaying your debts, bankruptcy may be necessary. Yes, it carries a stigma. But it can provide a fresh financial start and should be considered seriously.
  • Sequestration: In Scotland, sequestration is similar to bankruptcy. A Minimal Asset Process (MAP) bankruptcy is a quicker, cheaper, and simpler version. It is suitable for individuals with minimal income and no valuable assets.

Seeking advice from debt charities can help you navigate these options and choose the most appropriate solution for your financial circumstances.

Will Controlaccount Debt Recovery Affect My Credit Score?

Controlaccount Debt Recovery can indeed impact your credit score. However, it’s important to note that your credit score may have already been negatively affected by missed payments to your original creditor. Your credit score may be further impacted if you don’t engage with Controlaccount after they’ve taken over the debt.

To limit the impact on your credit score, it’s crucial not to ignore communications from Controlaccount. Ignoring them could lead to them applying for a County Court Judgement (CCJ). CCJ is a court order that makes you legally responsible for the debt.

You need to settle the debt within 30 days of receiving the CCJ order in order to remove it from your credit history. Otherwise, it remains on your credit history file for six years. As a result, you may find difficulties in taking new loans and credit cards in the future due to its negative impact.

However, the CCJ will no longer be visible on your credit report after the six-year period. And it will improve your chances of getting new credit once again.

How Do I Complain About Controlaccount?

You have the option to file a complaint if you believe that Controlaccount Debt Collection agents have acted unreasonably, engaged in inappropriate behaviour, or subjected you to harassment.

Similarly, you can also make a complaint if you suspect that Controlaccount debt agents have violated any of the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) guidelines.

The Controlaccount complaints process is relatively straightforward:

1. Initiate your initial complaint with Controlaccount, providing them with the opportunity to address the issue internally. If you feel that your complaint hasn’t been taken seriously or hasn’t been adequately resolved, you can escalate the matter.
2. You have the option to file a secondary complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). They will conduct an investigation. Controlaccount could face penalties, and you could potentially be eligible for compensation if your complaint is validated.

Filing a complaint can be an effective way to address any concerns or issues you may have with Controlaccount’s conduct or practices. But keep in mind you need to provide provable proof in order to win accusations against them. 

Will They Give Up Chasing?

Debt collectors are known for their persistence, and Controlaccount is no different. Ignoring their communication might not be the best idea. The best way to handle this is to engage with them and work on a feasible solution to settle your debt.

Additionally, Other agencies such as Lowell Group, Portfolio Recovery, and Cabot Financial have faced accusations of purchasing statute-barred debts and subsequently pursuing individuals for payment. 

This practice has raised concerns and led to discussions about the ethics and legality of such actions. It’s essential for individuals like you who encounter debt collection efforts from these agencies to be aware of your rights. 

Plus, you need to seek legal advice if they believe they are being pursued for statute-barred debts. As you can see, understanding the legal status of the debt is crucial in such situations.

Where Can I Get Free Advice?

There are a number of charity debt organisations that offer debt advice free of charge. You are allowed by law to take aid from these organisations if you find hardship in dealing with Controlaccount Debt Recovery alone. 

These organisations offer debt counselling services and free financial advice to assist you in managing your situation and finding the most suitable solution. You can reach out to them at any stage. It does not matter whether you need guidance on handling Controlaccount debt letters or dealing with Controlaccount and County Court Judgements (CCJs). Just reach out to them.

Here are some recommended options:

1. StepChange
2. National Debtline
3. Citizens Advice
4. Debt Advice Foundation

These charities and organisations have trained advisors who can provide tailored assistance based on your specific circumstances. Here, Their common goal is to help you make informed decisions regarding your finances and debt management.

How to Reach Out to Controlaccount (Control Account Plc): Contact Information

Below are some of the contact information of Controlaccount debt collection agency incase if you need to get in touch with them.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1527 388 388
Email: sales@Controlaccount.com
Website: www.Controlaccount.com
Address: Controlaccount plc, Compass House, Waterside Hanbury Road, Bromsgrove, B60 4FD

Key Points:

  • Controlaccount Debt Recovery is a UK-based agency that specialises in the collection of debts on behalf of other companies such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, and TNT.
  • Individuals who receive a debt letter from Controlaccount are advised not to ignore it. Instead, they should validate the debt and explore possible payment options.
  • Debtors can negotiate payment plans with Controlaccount to settle their debt without having to resort to court proceedings or face repossession.
  • Controlaccount also provides services for logistics and shipping debt recovery, education debt recovery, healthcare debt recovery, and European/international debt recovery.
  • Debts that are more than six years old may be statute-barred. It means they are not legally enforceable under certain conditions.
  • Controlaccount has no more legal power than the original company you owe. They are also not allowed to repossess homes or possessions without a court order.
  • Sometimes, Controlaccount may be willing to write off some of the debt if the debtor proves that they will unlikely be able to afford repayment.
  • Debtors can ask Controlaccount to provide proof of the debt owed. Their reply should at least include copies of unpaid healthcare bills or signed agreements and contracts.
  • It is recommended that debtors seek assistance from organisations like Step Change UK, Citizens Advice, or National Debtline for advice on debt solutions.
  • Controlaccount is a member of The Credit Service Association (CSA). This means they are a legitimate company.
  • Controlaccount accepts payments via their website and allows debtors to manage their accounts, set up payment plans, or log queries online.
  • Despite being persistent in their recovery attempts, Controlaccount does not chase people for payment of statute-barred debts. 


What should I do if Controlaccount contacts me? 

The first step is to ensure that the debt is yours if Controlaccount contacts you. For that, you can ask them to provide proof of the debt. Don’t ignore their contact, as it could potentially lead to further action.

Can I negotiate my debt with Controlaccount?

Yes, Controlaccount is typically open to negotiating a reasonable repayment plan. It’s important to make sure that you negotiate a plan you can afford to avoid falling into further debt.

How can I stop Controlaccount from contacting me?

Controlaccount is bound by law to only contact you at appropriate times. You can lodge a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if they’re contacting you excessively or at inappropriate times.

Can Controlaccount take legal action against me?

Yes, Controlaccount can potentially take legal action if the debt isn’t paid or a repayment plan isn’t set up. This is typically a last resort and happens only after multiple attempts to contact you and arrange a repayment plan.

Can Controlaccount enter my home to recover the debt?

No, Controlaccount can’t enter your home without your consent or a warrant. If anyone attempts to do so, it’s within your rights to refuse them entry.

What happens to my credit score if Controlaccount is involved?

It could negatively impact your credit score if you have an unpaid debt with Controlaccount. However, once the debt is settled, you can start rebuilding your credit score over time.

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