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Worried about Debt Collector Harassment?

Are you feeling harassed by debt collectors? In such situations, a creditor harassment lawyer can be your best advocate. They thoroughly understand the laws governing debt collection practices and can help you take legal action against debt collectors who cross the line.

 But before acting, you need to know what constitutes debt collector harassment. So let’s delve in, shall we?

Orbit Debt Collection – Should You Pay? Essential 2023 Guide Orbit Debt Collection

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Table of Contents

1. What is Meant by Debt Collector Harassment?
2. Is Debt Collector Harassment Legal?
3. What Constitutes Debt Collector Harassment?
4. How to Deal with Nuisance Calls? : Advice from a Creditor Harassment Lawyer.
5. How to deal with home visits by debt collectors? : Advice from a Creditor Harassment Lawyer
6. Can Debts Be Erased Due to Harassment?
7. Key Points
8. FAQs
9. References


What is Meant by Debt Collector Harassment?

Debt collector harassment is when creditors or collectors pressure and harass you relentlessly to pay off debts. This pressure might take several forms, 

1. Like multiple calls within short periods,
2. Messages,
3. Or even visits to your home.

It’s not just annoying; it’s illegal.

Is Debt Collector Harassment Legal?

No. It’s illegal to harass someone for the debts they owe. However, some debt collectors knowingly defy these laws, hoping the debtor would rather pay up than file a complaint. 

But you don’t have to tolerate this. Not at all! 

Regardless of how much the respective party owes or has, if a debt creditor s harassing you, he is committing a crime. Some debt collection groups continue harassing because they know the debtor will pay them rather than complain.

What Constitutes Debt Collector Harassment?

Being familiar with the signs of debt collector harassment is the first line of defence. Several actions fall into this category, and recognising them is crucial. Let’s explore these indicators to equip you with the correct information.

 Following are the ways categorised as debt collector harassment, where you will need the help of a debt collector harassment lawyer. 

  • Calls coming before 8 am
  •  Calls coming after 9 pm
  •  Call coming at hours you have advised not to call
  •  Repeatedly coming calls or messages during the week
  • Rings in which the debt collectors don’t speak
  • Home visits to collect the debt
  • Arriving at your workplace to collect debts
Steps to Fight Back Debt Collector Harassment: Advice from a Creditor Harassment Lawyer

Orbit Debt Collection – Should You Pay? Essential 2023 Guide Orbit Debt Collection

Having understood what constitutes harassment by debt collectors, it’s now essential to learn how to counter such behaviour. You can follow a process to regain your destroyed state of peace. We hope you are ready to take that journey. Let’s embark on it together. The process consists of three steps.

  • Collecting the proper evidence
  •  Complaining against the creditor or company
  •  Complaining to the government agencies
Collecting the proper evidence: The Initial Step

The first step is to make your boundaries clear. As the initial step, you must present all the necessary and crucial evidence to prove that you have undergone criminal debt collector harassment.

 For instance, you can download call logs to verify that the creditors have frequently disturbed you. Or else you can gather photos or videos to show they have visited your home often. 

Complaining against the creditor or company: The Second Step

As the second step, you can start complaining by sending copies of your evidence. Documents should be sent to the debt collection agency to prove they are guilty of the crime. It is wise to as from them to stop making requests to expose ways to reach you in the future.

 Debt collector harassment lawyers believe that the harassment will stop at this stage. If it doesn’t work, you should proceed to step three. 

Complaining to the government Agencies: The Third Step 

If the harassment persists despite your clear communication, it’s time to consider legal assistance from a debt collector lawyer. This suggestion might sound a bit forceful, but it’s not as tiresome as it appears, especially when you have a qualified creditor harassment lawyer. 

Or else, you can complain to the Financial Ombudsman, who will investigate more profound into your issue. He will then apply fines. Furthermore, you should also file a complaint with a government trade body belonging to the Financial Conduct Authority of the FCA

How to Deal with Nuisance Calls? : Advice from a Creditor Harassment Lawyer

Providing your communication preferences to the nagging debt collectors will be the immediate solution to stop repeated calls. You can know how to reach you and when you will speak to them.

If the debt collectors repeatedly call you, disregarding our communication preferences, the creditor harassment lawyer advises you to collect them as evidence of harassment. 

How to deal with home visits by debt collectors? : Advice from a Creditor Harassment Lawyer

We have a crucial and effective piece of advice for this problem again from a debt collector harassment lawyer. According to him, only one person in the debt collection agency can enter our house or repossess your items. 

This worker is called a law enforcement officer or a bailiff. But, this step can only be done after the debt has been judged in court and made payable.No, any debt collection agency possesses the authority to enter our house, and neither can they threaten you to carry your items. 

If field workers who are not law enforcement officers make frequent visits to our home, you have the right to ask them to leave. As advised by the debt collector harassment lawyer, it s wise to record them as harassment evidence.

Can Debts Be Erased Due to Harassment?

While harassment from debt collectors is a serious offence, it does not warrant erasing your debt. But don’t let this discourage you. You have rights, and with the help of a creditor harassment lawyer, you can exercise them effectively.

Key Points

  • Debt creditor harassment can be defined as illegally making excessive phone calls and home visits and exposing personal debts to others.
  •  As advised by debt collector harassment lawyers, communication preferences could be informed to the debt collectors to avoid nuisance calls from them.
  •  Only a law enforcement officer can legally enter our home asking for debts and threatening to repossess items.
  •  When filing a complaint against a debt collector harassment, first, you should gather all evidence to prove the crime.
  • Finally, if the harassment continues regardless of warnings, it is time to complain to the FCA and Financial Ombudsman as advised b the debt collector harassment lawyer.


How Do I Stop Debt Collectors? : Advice from a Creditor Harassment Lawyer

Putting an end to debt collector harassment involves several steps. Firstly, communicate your preferred times and methods for communication. Should they disregard these, it constitutes harassment. 
If it continues, consider legal action, ideally with the assistance of a creditor harassment lawyer. Every situation is unique, so tailor these steps to suit your circumstances.

How Do You Outsmart a Debt Collector? : Advice from a Creditor Harassment Lawyer

Outsmarting a debt collector isn’t trickery; it’s about knowing your rights and standing your ground. You can request written communication, dispute the debt if it’s not yours, or even negotiate for a lesser amount if it is.
A creditor harassment lawyer can be a valuable ally in these situations, providing guidance based on the law and your specific circumstances. Ready to face the next challenge? It’s coming up next.

Can Debt Collectors Charge Interest? : Advice from a Creditor Harassment Lawyer

Yes, in certain situations, debt collectors can charge interest. It usually depends on the terms provided by your original contract and the laws of your country. If you think that a debt collector is charging interest illegally, consulting a creditor harassment lawyer will help you to seek justice by knowing your rights and taking prompt action.
We will dive deeper into this in the next question.

How Do You Prove a Debt Is Not Yours? : Advice from a Creditor Harassment Lawyer

If you are contacted about a debt that is not yours, you must stop ignoring them. Start the procedure by asking the debt collector to provide comprehensive details about the debt. If the debt is not yours, you can reject it by writing a letter to the person who collects debts within the given period.
Keep copies of all letters and emails you wrote. A creditor harassment lawyer can assist you so that your rights are ensured.


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