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There’s a possibility that you may not have to pay Debt Managers Services Ltd. Nevertheless, it’s not advisable to ignore their calls and letters. Ignoring them could result in more vital enforcement actions being taken. But don’t fret because we can guide you! Stay tuned to learn more about your options with Debt Managers Services Ltd.

Think! If Debt Managers Services Limited contacts you, it’s important to know what steps to take. Additionally, we’ll reflect on some frequently asked questions on the topic in this guide. 

Debt Managers Services Ltd - Do You Have to Pay? 2023

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Last updated on 09 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Understanding Debt Managers Services Ltd
2. Overcoming Challenges with Debt Managers Debt Collectors
3. Legitimacy of Debt Managers Services Ltd
4. Taking Precautions
5. Proving Your Debt from Debt Managers Services Ltd
6. Their Response to Your Request
7. After Debt Verification
8. Negotiating Your Repayment
9. Effective methods for responsible debt management
10. What to Do Next with Debt Managers Services Ltd
11. Alternative options you have
12. How to Contact Debt Managers Services Ltd
13. What can you expect from them?
14. Overstepping the Boundaries
15. Conquer the debts!
16. FAQ


Understanding Debt Managers Services Ltd

Imagine going about your day when suddenly you receive a notice from Debt Managers Services Ltd demanding payment for a debt you had no prior knowledge of. This creates the question of what course of action to take. 

Wait! Let’s first identify Debt Managers Services Ltd!   

Debt Managers Services Ltd, a reputable debt collection agency owned by Secure Trust Bank since 2013, diligently works to recover outstanding debts while adhering to legal requirements and industry standards. Their persistent efforts aim to establish mutually beneficial payment arrangements for creditors and debtors.

They proudly assert themselves as the sole UK credit management and collections company owned by a bank. According to reports, Debt Managers Services Limited primarily engages in the practice of purchasing ‘bad debts‘ in bulk from finance companies. 

This occurs when the original creditors relinquish their collection efforts and sell the debt to companies like Debt Managers Services Limited. 

Regrettably, it’s a very low possibility there to contact you by mistake. 

Thus, it’s essential to have basic ideas and functionality about the agency if you want to deal with them. Before taking any action, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with who you’re dealing with and understand their practices.

Overcoming Challenges with Debt Managers Debt Collectors

First and foremost, it is essential to understand this does not only happen to you. In chaotic times, anyone can face such challenges. The rise in complaints to the Financial Ombudsman has evidenced this. When Debt Managers Services Limited gets in touch, stay calm and assess the situation. Understanding your rights and options is crucial.

Gathering all the relevant information is crucial to navigate your interactions with them. Understanding their identity and methods is critical. So, let’s look into the detailed view! 

Legitimacy of Debt Managers Services Ltd

The legitimacy of Debt Managers Services Ltd is a burning question on many people’s minds. Are they genuine entities or just another scam targeting the vulnerable? You can breathe easy knowing that they are indeed legitimate.

1. Check the Companies House page

To verify the legitimacy of them, one effective method is to check if they have been identified by the Companies House page. Legitimate companies approved by the government will have their page.

2. Check whether they are authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority(FCA).
3. Contact them directly

In the case of Debt Managers Services Limited, they do have a Companies House page that can be accessed for further information. 

Below are some of the legal facts that will help you to verify their legitimacy.

  • The Debt Managers Services agency has been registered with Companies House under “DEBT MANAGERS (SERVICES) LIMITED” since 2012.
  • Their Company house registration number is 08092808
  • Their registered office address is at One Arleston Way, Solihull, West Midlands, United Kingdom, with the postal code B90 4LH. 
  • And they are authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) under reference number 661939.

As you can see, they are a legitimate company. Therefore, it’s essential to take their correspondence seriously.

Taking Precautions

Now that we have established the legitimacy of Debt Managers Services Ltd as a debt collector, it’s natural to feel inclined to make an immediate payment. However, exercising patience is of utmost importance in this situation. 

Before taking any further action, we strongly recommend verifying the authenticity of the debt in question. You do not need to work on something; not your obligation. Be wise to identify your responsibilities!

Proving Your Debt from Debt Managers Services Ltd

To verify the authenticity of the debt, you can follow a straightforward process. Simply send Debt Managers Services Ltd a ‘Prove the Debt‘ letter, which legally requires them to provide evidence that the debt is yours. And remember to askt them to send proofs in written documents.

Plus do not sign the letter as there is a chance they might forge your sign to an agreement where you never agree up on.

Their Response to Your Request

Once Debt Managers Services Ltd receives your ‘Prove the Debt’ letter, they are obligated by law to furnish evidence validating the existence of the debt. This crucial step has the potential to protect you from paying an invalid or incorrect debt.


It’s understandable if you’re feeling a sense of relief and gratitude upon learning this valuable information. Rest assured; there’s more beneficial advice and insights awaiting you as you continue reading.

When a debt collector wants to prove your owed money, they typically send a debt validation letter. 

This debt validation letter, given by Debt Managers Services Ltd, requires debt collectors to provide information about the debt you owe. 

1. It includes details such as
2. the debt amount,
3. payment deadline,
4. and instructions on how to dispute it if needed.

Essentially, a debt validation letter indicates that you owe money to the debt collector.

After Debt Verification

After successfully verifying the debt as yours now, you can plan on repayment plans. Here, you truly should consider your current financial status

When you spend a hectic period and have enough possibilities, you go for bad decisions. Wait! We will introduce what are the steps you can proceed.

Negotiating Your Repayment

If you face tight finances, there’s no need to panic. Take a proactive approach by contacting Debt Managers Services Ltd and proposing a repayment schedule that aligns with your financial capacity. 

They are typically open to such arrangements, aiming for a mutually beneficial solution. Just imagine the relief of finally escaping constant letters and calls! Cheers!

With proper guidance and taking things one step at a time, you can navigate this journey smoothly and with reduced anxiety. With a clear understanding of Debt Managers Services Ltd and its operations, you’ve already made significant progress in this battle. 

The following steps involve verifying the debt, formulating a repayment strategy, and maintaining a calm demeanour. Get ready for the next segment, where we’ll delve into additional effective methods for responsible debt management. Exciting, isn’t it? 

Effective methods for responsible debt management

It is essential in mastering successful debt management strategies. Here are five key tips for responsible debt management:

1. Realistic budget

Firstly, create a realistic budget that considers your income, expenses, and debt repayment obligations. This helps you gain control over your finances and allocate funds wisely.

2. Prioritize debt payments

Secondly, prioritize debt payments by dedicating a significant portion of your income to repay debts systematically. This approach accelerates the debt repayment process and reduces overall interest costs.

3. Open communication

Thirdly, open communication with creditors is essential. If you’re facing difficulties, discuss possible alternatives or payment plans with them. Transparency and proactive communication can lead to mutually beneficial solutions.

4. Professional advice 

Seek professional advice from financial advisors or credit counsellors. Their expertise can provide personalized guidance and strategies to manage debts effectively.

5. Have proper spending habits

Lastly, control your spending habits, limit unnecessary expenses, and avoid accumulating new debt while focusing on repayment. This discipline is crucial to maintain financial stability and progress towards debt-free.

By following these five points, you can establish responsible debt management practices and work towards achieving your financial goals.

What to Do Next with Debt Managers Services Ltd

Here’s the twist: Debt Managers Services Ltd might be willing to accept a discounted payment in some instances. Additionally, if you’re facing financial constraints, they could be open to an instalment plan. 

Ignoring their attempts to contact you is not a viable option, as they will persistently pursue the debt. The key to success lies in effective communication. Initiate a dialogue and negotiate with them. 

You may just strike a favourable deal that suits your needs. However, what if negotiations don’t go as planned? Keep reading to explore alternative options.

Alternative options you have 

In cases where negotiations with Debt Managers Services Ltd don’t yield desired outcomes, exploring alternative options is important. Consider these few points!

  • Seek advice from professional legal: To understand your rights and explore potential legal avenues, consult with an attorney experienced in debt collection laws.
  • File a complaint: Debt Managers Services Ltd has engaged in unfair or unethical practices or exceeded its boundaries. Consider filing a complaint. There are relevant regulatory authorities, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or the Financial Ombudsman Service.
  • Debt management programs: Explore debt management programs offered by reputable non-profit organizations. They can help negotiate with creditors and develop a structured repayment plan.
  • Debt Consolidation or refinancing: Investigate options for consolidating or refinancing your debts. This may involve obtaining a loan with more favourable terms to pay off existing debts and streamline payments.
  • Consumer credit counselling: Have guidance on managing debts, budgeting, and exploring debt repayment strategies, connecting with credit counselling agencies.
  • Bankruptcy as a last resort: This should be the last resort! It may be an option for the ones who are facing overwhelming debt. You can consult with a bankruptcy attorney. They will guide you to understand the implications and explore whether it’s a viable solution.

Remember, as your situations are unique, you must follow the options based on that. It’s crucial to also seek personalized advice based on your specific circumstances. 

Exploring these alternative options can provide you with a range of strategies. They will address challenges in dealing with Debt Managers Services Ltd.

How to Contact Debt Managers Services Ltd

To maintain open communication, you can contact Debt Managers Services Ltd in the following ways.

Contact number: +44 1709 758449
Email: client.services@debt-managers.co.uk
Address:  The Heriot Building, Dodds Close, Rotherham, S60 1BX

The clock is ticking, building anticipation for the next step in this thrilling adventure. There’s still more to uncover and explore. Remember, if Debt Managers Services Ltd oversteps its boundaries, there are still some steps you can proceed.

Stay hopeful and brace yourself! Could that faint glimmer in the distance signify a positive outcome? Only time will unravel the answer and shed light on what lies ahead.

What can you expect from them?

Throughout the whole process Debt Managers Services Ltd is expected to proceed, ensuring below guideline placed by Financial Counduct Authority(FCA):

1. Transparency

First and foremost, they should prioritize transparency. This means providing clear and accurate information to clients about their debt management options, fees, and potential risks. Open communication should be maintained throughout the entire process to build trust.

2. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is crucial. Debt Managers Services Ltd must safeguard client information and share it only with authorized individuals. They are striving to create a safe and trustworthy environment.

3. Fairness and non-discrimination

Fairness and non-discrimination should guide their practices. Regardless of race, gender, age, or disability, all clients should receive equal access and tailored solutions.

4. Compliance with regulations

Compliance with regulations is paramount. Debt Managers Services Ltd must adhere to all applicable laws and industry standards. They are staying updated and adjusting practices accordingly.

5. Professionalism and competence

Professionalism and competence are essential. Employing qualified staff ensures accurate advice and assistance. Continuous professional development maintains expertise.

6. Client education and empowerment 

Client education and empowerment are essential. Debt Managers Services Ltd empowers clients for long-term financial stability by imparting knowledge and skills.

7. Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity should be upheld. Avoiding deceptive practices and always acting in the best interests of clients, building trust through ethical conduct.

Debt Managers Services Ltd should ensure fair, responsible, and client-centric debt management services by following these guidelines . 

Overstepping the Boundaries

If Debt Managers Services Ltd oversteps its boundaries, there are steps you can take to address the situation:

  • Document and gather evidence: Record all communication and interactions with Debt Managers Services Ltd. Have records of phone calls, letters, and emails. Please keep proof of any instances where they have violated your rights or shown unethical behaviour.
  • Contact regulatory authorities: Report any misconduct or violations to the appropriate regulatory bodies, such as Consumer protection agencies or Financial Ombudsman Services. Please provide them with the evidence you have gathered.
  • Consult with an attorney: Meet an attorney specializing in debt collection or consumer rights. Ask for legal advice. They initially access the details of your case and advise you on potential legal actions. They guide you through the process.
  • File a complaint: Complain regarding them Ltd with relevant organizations or associations.
  • By following these guidelines  If the misconduct persists or causes significant harm, you may have grounds for legal action against Debt Managers Services Ltd. Meet your attorney. He will guide you with options.

Remember, these options are too varied with your circumstances. So it’s crucial to understand possible and appropriate steps that match you. These steps can assist in protecting your rights and hold them accountable for their actions.

Conquer the debts!

In conclusion, managing your debts and effectively dealing with Debt Managers Services Ltd is paramount for your overall financial well-being. You pave the way for a more stable and secure future by taking control of your debts. 

It truly makes you empowered to;

  • Make informed decisions, 
  • Communicate openly, 
  • And seek viable solutions. 

Remember, by addressing your debts head-on, you create opportunities for growth, peace of mind, and a brighter financial future.

“Let’s conquer our debts and reclaim our financial freedom. With determination and a strategic plan, we can overcome this challenge together. As the saying goes, ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.'”


Should I pay Debt Managers Services Limited?

Yes, if the debt is yours and you’re financially capable, it’s advisable to pay it off. This brings peace of mind and may even open opportunities for negotiation or discounts. 
Or you can reach out to them to discuss a payment plan if you find hardship in settling the debt in one go.

What if I can’t afford to pay Debt Managers Services Limited?

If full payment is not possible, it’s vital to contact them promptly. They are often willing to work out a repayment plan that aligns with your financial situation.

Will Debt Managers Services Limited stop contacting me if I ignore them?

Ignoring them won’t resolve the issue. They may intensify their efforts to reach you. Debt collection agencies, including Debt Managers Services Limited, are known for their persistence. It’s best to engage with them to avoid ongoing harassment.

Can I complain to Debt Managers Services Limited?

Yes, If you believe you were treated unfairly, you have the right to file a complaint . Their website’s Complaints section is there, and you can contact them through it. If you’re unsatisfied with their response, there s a next step. You can escalate the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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