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Debt Recovery Plus Ltd might bring thousands of questions to your mind. You might think, “Do I really have to pay Debt Recovery Plus Ltd?” Now, brace yourself for some good news – you might not have to! 

But here’s where the drama starts: ignoring any kind of activity of them could be like opening Pandora’s Box. Trust me, it is not necessary to unleash what is inside. So, what should you do? The path is murky, but keep your fear apart, for I am here to be your guide through the mist! 

But be cautious. There is no turning back once we take the first step on our trip. Are you prepared to plunge into the tornado of possibilities that awaits you?

Riana Johnson
Last updated on 18 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. An Introduction to Debt Recovery Plus Ltd
2. The Role of DRP Debt Collectors in Debt Recovery Plus
3. Understanding the Debt Collection Process Undertaken by DRP
4. Evaluating Your Financial Obligations: Do You Owe Money to Debt Recovery Plus?
5. Can DRP Affect My Credit?
6. A Primer on Parking Charge Notices
7. Strategies to Dispute a Parking Charge Notice Issued by Debt Recovery Plus
8. Where Can I Get Free Counsel?
9. Is it Wise to Monitor for Other Debt Collectors Besides Debt Recovery Plus?
10. Getting in Touch: Debt Recovery Plus Ltd’s Contact Details
11. Key Points
12. FAQ


An Introduction to Debt Recovery Plus Ltd

Debt Recovery Plus, often known as DRP Debt, is a prominent parking fee collection firm in the United Kingdom. They are based in Wales and provide debt collection, investigation, and enforcement services that are regulated by the FCA. Their registration number in England and Wales is 6774150.

But wait, there’s more to them than just collecting fines. They’re also masters in debt investigation and enforcement. But what does this mean for you and your debt recovery plus a parking fine? Hold your breath as we unravel this mystery.

The Role of DRP Debt Collectors in Debt Recovery Plus

DRP specialises in collecting money owing in connection with parking charges.

When they contact you, generally via mail, you’ll discover how much you owe. The letter should also provide the incident’s location and other pertinent information. 

They operate with a variety of clients, and in addition to collecting parking fines, they also attempt to recover County Court judgements (CCJ). Both of which follow a similar procedure to other debt management organisations

If you owe money to one of their clients, you may soon hear from them.

But how do they do all this? You might ask. They get all the details about where the violation occurred and how much is owed. But, here’s a twist, they also recover County Court Judgments. Intrigued? Keep reading to know how they manage all these!

Understanding the Debt Collection Process Undertaken by DRP

Now, let’s dive into how Debt Recovery Plus gets the money from you. They have an array of methods for you to pay. It includes an online portal and an automated phone line. But what if you want to talk to an actual human about your debt?

Don’t fret; they have a call centre that you can reach out to them anytime! However, if you intend to contest the accusation, you need to act quickly. Why are you in such a rush? 

Find out in the next section.

Evaluating Your Financial Obligations: Do You Owe Money to Debt Recovery Plus?

The golden question is, “Do you really owe them money?” Here’s how you can find out.

Debt Recovery Plus (DRP) is the top debt collector for Parking Charge Notices in the United Kingdom. They are one of the few debt collection agencies that just collect parking tickets. 

If you have not yet handled a parking fee notice, chances are the letter you received from DRP is related to that. DRP, like other debt collectors, is used to recover money owed by debtors to their clients. In this situation, the parking tickets.

But what if you think you should not pay? What will be your next move? It should be well-planned and precise. You do not have to pay them always. You’re about to find out soon in this article!

Can DRP Affect My Credit?

Nonpayment of debt repayment programmes (DRPs) might harm your credit score. Private parking fines have no effect, but a County Court Judgement (CCJ) might have a negative influence on your credit score. 

A CCJ appears on your credit report, making it harder to obtain credit. Credit businesses utilise your credit file to evaluate if you are a “good” client who pays their bills on time. A CCJ is only public for 6 years, which makes it simpler to obtain credit after that period.

A Primer on Parking Charge Notices

Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) are like those uninvited guests that no one wants at their party. They’re tricky and can be a real headache. However, don’t panic, as complicated as they may seem, just yet! This guide is here to turn you into a PCN wizard. 

So, what is this mysterious Parking Charge Notice, and what should you do if Debt Recovery Plus sends you one? You might have no idea how to deal with it. Buckle up because we’re about to take off to the clouds of knowledge!

What Exactly is a Parking Charge Notice?

First off, let’s break down the basics so that you can easily understand the rest. A Parking Charge Notice is a fine that someone gets for parking their vehicle in a irresponsible way that might cause a traffic jam or harm to others. 

You might be fined for your irresponsible behaviour. Here is where Debt Recovery Plus comes into the plot. It is the company that loves collecting these fines. But wait, why would you get one of these fines? Here’s the rundown:

  • Parking on yellow lines (tsk tsk!)
  • Not having a valid ticket (oops!)
  • Parking in a customer-only area without buying anything (caught red-handed!)
  • Driving in a bus lane
  • Going against a ‘no right turn’ sign
  • Parking on a zig-zag line, usually positioned near a zebra crossing. 
  • Parking without a badge on display in a disabled bay.

But here’s the twist. What if you got fined for a fault you didn’t commit? You can take action against it. But how? The suspense is killing, right?

The Link Between Parking Charge Notices and Debt Recovery Plus

Now, here’s where Debt Recovery Plus dances on the stage. They’re like the detectives of parking fines. They’ll be the ones knocking on your door if you have an unpaid PCN. They won’t physically send you a letter or an email, but they will send you a letter or an email. 

The company is pretty good at collecting these fines. Therefore, it’s best not to underestimate their capabilities. But guess what? If you play your cards right, you might not have to pay! So you can prepare yourself to learn how to play your cards right with us!

How to Know If You Really Owe the Fine

Let’s get real, at least for a while. Mistakes may happen. You may be in a hurry, or you didn’t even notice that there was a no-parking sign. So, how do you know if the fine is legit? First, check the letter you received from Debt Recovery Plus carefully. Don’t act quickly!

Does it include all the information about the violation? Is there a concept that doesn’t add up? The clock is ticking; what’s your following move? You must check the document thoroughly before acting. Check for its validity and necessary information regarding your fine. 

The Art of Disputing a Parking Charge Notice from Debt Recovery Plus

Disputing a fine is like going into a duel. You need to be prepared with your best efforts. Here’s a quick guide to challenge that pesky PCN:

1. Gather Evidence: Take photos, and collect documents. They might be whatever proves you’re not in the wrong.
2. Make an Appeal: Write an appeal to the issuer. Be polite and straightforward. Please remember, you have 28 days to do this!
3. Reach out to the company: Let them know you’re disputing the PCN. Keep everything in writing!
4. Go to an Independent Appeals Service: If your appeal is rejected, take your case to POPLA or IAS if you’re in England or Wales.

Sounds easy, right? But hang on! What if you have more than one fine or debt with other companies? This news might sound daunting. 

What’s Next? The Mystery Continues.

You’ve armed yourself with knowledge on disputing a PCN from Debt Recovery Plus. But what if there’s more lurking in the shadows? Debts can be like a can of worms; they all come wriggling out once it’s open.

Are you ready to uncover what’s next? A whole world of information is waiting for you in the next section! Don’t miss it; your peace of mind may just depend on it.

Strategies to Dispute a Parking Charge Notice Issued by Debt Recovery Plus

Got a parking charge notice you believe is unfair? Take a deep breath; you can dispute it. But you must act swiftly! You need to contact the issuer within 28 days. If not, you might be unable to discuss your debt if you did not perform during this period.

What if they don’t accept your dispute? Don’t despair! If you’re in England or Wales, you can take your case to Parking On Private Land Appeal (POPLA) or the Independent Assessment Service (IAS). But wait, could there be other lurking debt collectors? Find out what you should do in the next section!

Where Can I Get Free Counsel?

I recommend calling a debt charity if you are dealing with a debt collection company. You can also contact them if you have any queries about your parking tickets.

There are several companies and institutions in the United Kingdom that offer free legal and financial assistance. They provide solutions for debt troubles. Their specialists can walk you through your options. Also, they can help you select the best solution for you to overcome these challenges.

  • Citizens Advice 
  • Debt Advice Foundation
  • StepChange 
  • National Debtline.

Is it Wise to Monitor for Other Debt Collectors Besides Debt Recovery Plus?

As the UK debt keeps rising, it’s wise to keep an eye out for other debt collectors. Some major ones are 

  • Cabot Financial
  • Lowell Financial
  • PRA Group. 

But what should you do if you also find out you owe them money? How should you prioritise your debts? You need to prioritise getting advice from experts. So you can get a better idea of how to manage your debts. You should probably prioritise the debts with a higher interest rate to pay them off first. 

Getting in Touch: Debt Recovery Plus Ltd’s Contact Details

Need to get in touch with them? Whether it’s to pay or dispute your debt, here are the avenues: 

Website: https://www.debtrecoveryplus.co.uk/
Phone: 0208 234 6775
Address: 78 York Street, London, W1H 1DP

Key Points

  • Debt Recovery Plus Ltd is a company that collects parking fines and handles debt investigation and enforcement.
  • Debt Recovery Plus debt collectors ensure that parking fines are collected and recover County Court Judgments.
  • The company itself provides you with multiple methods for payment, including an online portal, an automated phone line, and a call centre.
  • If you have received a letter from Debt Recovery Plus, there is a chance you have a parking fine from them.
  • Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) are fines for parking violations, and Debt Recovery Plus is responsible for collecting them.
  • You can dispute a parking charge notice by gathering evidence, making an appeal, reaching out to Debt Recovery Plus, or going to an independent appeals service.
  • It is essential to act quickly and contact the issuer within 28 days to dispute a PCN.
  • It is wise to monitor for other debt collectors besides them and prioritise debts based on interest rates.
  • Debt Recovery Plus does not buy debts but acts as a collector for unpaid parking fines.


This section is like the treasure chest of information you didn’t know you needed! We have compiled some of the most burning questions people have about Debt Recovery Plus. You might find answers to some questions you already had in your mind. 

You may be wondering what I should know that others wanted to know about them. So don’t worry; we have covered them up. What’s the truth behind these questions? Keep reading, and let’s unveil the secrets together!

Is Debt Recovery Plus a Real Company?

Yes. Debt Recovery Plus is real debt collecting Company. They’re like the king of collecting parking charge notices in the UK. Sometimes, people call them DRP or DRP Debt for short. They are a registered company under the company number 6774150 in the Companies House in UK.
They have a base in various parts of the UK, with their head office waving its flag in London. But guess what? They’re not just debt collectors. They also offer debt investigation and debt enforcement services. It’s like they’ve got the whole package!

Can I Ignore Debt Recovery Plus?

No. We strongly suggest you to not to ignore Debt Recovery Plus. Ignoring them with intention is like trying to hide in a game of hide-and-seek where they always find you. If you keep forgetting them, they might just haul you into court. And that’s where the real drama begins. You could end up with a County Court Judgment (CCJ) against your name. 
What’s a CCJ? It’s a black mark that can mess up your credit and make getting loans or credit cards feel like climbing Mount Everest. So, is it wise to ignore them. You decide!

Who Owns Debt Recovery Plus Ltd?

Debt Recovery Plus is a part of Bristow & Sutor group of company. But the story doesn’t end there. BB Shelf 4 LLP has the lion’s share in Bristow & Sutor, practically running the show. 

Are Debt Recovery Plus Ltd Financially Regulated?

Debt Recovery Plus is not financially regulated. But wait, don’t judge them yet! They are authorised members of the International Parking Community and the British Parking Association. They play by the rules and follow best practice guidelines. 
Plus, the DVLA keeps an eye on them to ensure they handle data like pros. So, they might not be financially regulated, but they have got some solid credentials!

Does Debt Recovery Plus Ltd Buy Debt?

No. Debt Recovery Plus is more like the guardians of unpaid parking fines for private parking operators. They don’t own the obligations; they just collect them. Imagine them as the sheriffs of the parking world!

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