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When a debt collection agency contacts you, it can feel very unpleasant. It helps if you know the facts about the process. Understanding how it all works can make you feel more confident and in control.

So here is a debt collector directory. This comprehensive resource will prove invaluable for anyone who has been contacted by a debt collector and doesn’t know what to do next.

This page is all about a company called Advantis Debt Collection. It contains information about who they are and who they work for. It also helps understand why they might get in touch with you and how you can confidently manage your communications with them.

Advantis Debt Collection: Who are they?

Located in Stoke-on-Trent in England, Advantis Debt Collection is a debt collection agency. They are sometimes known as Advantis Credit.

Their clients include some prominent brands. The company provides services in debt collection as well as credit management. Fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Advantis are also a Credit Services Association member. In addition, Advantis comply with the FCA guidelines on fair treatment of customers.

According to their website, they strive to “establish affordable and realistic repayment plans for debt”.

So why would they contact me?

Advantis will contact you if you owe money to one of their clients. They will present proof of the amount of debt involved and the amount of money you need to pay to resolve the debt on first contact. This is a standard process and shows that they comply with FCA regulations.

Many people see any contact from a debt collection agency as unfavourable. However, opening mail and other correspondence are vital because they are essential parts of the process. If you have debt problems, they aren’t going to go away. It is best to take control of the situation.

As soon as possible, you must contact them and have an honest discussion about the debt. Make it clear that you are willing to pay and want to discuss a plan to repay. It is important to remember the legal standpoint here. By law, debt collectors can only agree to a plan you can afford.

Who are their clients?

Advantis Debt Collection works with a variety of well-known companies in the UK. They represent several familiar high street shops and the major mobile phone companies. Advantis also works with major energy suppliers. If they do get in touch about a debt, you can expect to be talking about:

  • Store cards/store credit cards
  • The utility bills that you pay to run your home, including energy bills and water bills
  • Debts that you may have built up over tax (such as self-assessment debts)
  • If you were overpaid tax and haven’t returned the excess amount, they could be contacting you about the debt

Can they take me to court?

Advantis, like other debt collection agencies, should be doing everything possible to settle. This will be their main aim before taking things further.

If things haven’t worked out, they then have to write to you. This is where they will explain how they will have to escalate the issue, which means a potential appearance in court. This will mean you will be issued with a default notice most of the time. This could be catastrophic for your credit rating, so you should ignore the situation.

Then, Advantis may pursue a County Court Judgment (CCJ). This can damage your credit for a number of years. A CCJ can prevent you from getting a mortgage, for example. In this situation, the best thing you can do is open up a dialogue between yourself and Advantis. Tell them you are willing to pay the debt. This will allow Advantis to put further plans to help you do that.

Is Advantis Debt Collection permitted to take action against me?

It has fewer powers than a bailiff (or sheriff if you live in Scotland). They will contact you for what is referred to as a ‘reasonable’ amount of time to try and recover the debt.

They can apply for a CCJ (it is not something they can automatically use). They can do this by emailing you, writing to you and even phoning you with details on exactly how much money you are liable for. If a CCJ is granted, you can expect to see bailiffs at your door. This can be very distressing.

Debt collection agencies like Advantis have been known to visit people’s homes. However, that is not a given and rarely happens.

It is vital to remember that, under the law, Advantis can not enter your home. They can’t take (repossess) any of your property or belongings either. And they are not allowed to escalate to the point where they have a warrant for your arrest.

Your consumer rights are important, and you can complain about Advantis and the behaviour of their representatives if you feel you have been mistreated. They cannot intimidate you or bug you. If you think they are harassing you either in person or by phone, they are not following FCA guidelines.

I’m certain I don’t owe Advantis Debt Collection any money

If you know that you don’t, it is worth discussing it with them to get to the bottom of the issue.

It’s pretty common for old debts to catch up with some people. For example, this could be an unpaid bill just after you moved from your old home. Or it could involve a debt you share with someone else, and you have forgotten about it.

Talk to Advantis and find out the nature of the debt. It is sometimes the case that debt collections agencies ‘sell’ debts to other agencies. That is what might have happened. You must clarify whether or not you are liable for a legitimate debt even if you think you are not.

When Advantis Debt Collection contact me, what should I do?

Respond as quickly as possible. The worst thing you can do with a debt collection agency is ignoring them. The best thing to do is call them immediately.

Of course, it’s perfectly possible that you cannot afford to repay. You may have other debts, or your financial situation has just gotten out of hand. If this is the case, call Creditfix.

With years of experience, our debt professionals can help you tackle the problem with confidence. We will go over your income and outgoings and then create a plan for dealing with the debt.

We’re always happy to give you a free debt consultation, so join the chat now or click ‘Find out if I qualify’ to take our short debt questionnaire.

What is the best way to contact Advantis Debt Collection?

In addition to Advantis Debt Collection, Advantis Debt Collectors and Advantis Credit, the company is also known as Advantis Debt Collection.

They are located at:

Minton Hollins Building

Shelton Old Road

Stoke on Trent



Their main contact number is 01782 401100. They may also contact you from 01782 401123, 07891 903076 or 0844 824 1836.

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