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Got a letter or a call from Fredrickson International? You might wonder why they’re contacting you. Here’s what you should do.

Below, you can find information about Fredrickson Financial, including their contact details and advice about how to deal with debt that’s been passed to collection agencies.

Fredrickson International, who are they?

The company specializes in the recovery of debts owed by individuals.

As part of the Lowell Group, they collect self-assessment debts on behalf of HMRC if you haven’t paid your taxes or if you got tax credits that you weren’t due.

The company also collects for companies like O2, Littlewoods, and Capital One

It is a member of the Credit Services Association and uses Fredpay to manage payments and budgets for more than 30,000 clients.

Why am I getting a call from Fredrickson International?

If you don’t pay your bills, the company takes care of it for several companies and government agencies.

As with any debt collection agency, Fredrickson International will use various methods to get the money back. It’s essential to take action to deal with the situation before it gets out of hand.

Who uses Fredrickson International?

You might hear from Fredrickson International if you owe HMRC money.

It will also contact you if you owe money to companies like Capital One, Littlewoods, O2 and Utility Warehouse.

Does Fredrickson International have the right to sue me?

If you don’t pay, the company may take legal action.

First, they’ll send you an out-of-court settlement; then they’ll threaten to go to court for a CCJ or make you bankrupt.

If the company threatens to sue you, don’t ignore them.

Are there any actions Fredrickson International can take against me?

There are several ways to get in touch with the company to set up a payment plan. They can call, text, email or write to you.

Don’t ignore Fredrickson International if they call you. If you do that, you might get sued, get a CCJ and then file for bankruptcy.

While they can do the things above, they can’t do the following:

  • Come inside your home
  • Take possession of anything you own
  • Have you been arrested or sent to prison

You shouldn’t fear physical violence from debt collectors.

I don’t owe Fredrickson International any money

The most important thing you can do if you’re unsure if you owe any money to Fredrickson International is to contact the company.

In this case, the company should be specific about what they’d like you to pay and why. It’s their responsibility to prove you owe that debt.

It’s important to know that you’re entitled to ask them for further information if you’re uncertain what debt they are attempting to collect.

You don’t pay if the company cannot prove it.

Moreover, you should check how old the debt is – it may be a statute-barred debt, meaning you don’t have to pay it.

As a rule, in England and Northern Ireland, debts that the creditor has not acted upon within six years are deemed ‘unenforceable’, also known as statute-barred.

If Fredrickson International contacts me, what should I do?

When you hear from Fredrickson International, you must act immediately.

The most important thing is to speak with them and plan to deal with the situation, regardless of how the company contacts you.

In the event of debt problems, our team of debt experts is on hand to offer support and guidance so that we can help you find a debt solution that will stop the pressure from those to who you owe money. Reducing your monthly payments to one affordable payment is possible if you use government-funded debt relief.

What is Fredrickson International’s contact information?

Among the names for Fredrickson International are Fredpay, Fredrickson International Debt Recovery and Lowell Group

Their address is:

PO Box 260



KT13 0YH

Their main contact number is: 0345 839 6261

Numbers they call from:







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If you have debts of over £5,000, and you're struggling to repay them, get in touch today!

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