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This guide provides information about Lowell Financial Debt Collectors.

A Lowell Financial representative may have contacted you recently, which may cause you to wonder why and what steps you should take.

The following information outlines Lowell Financial’s contact info and advice about managing debts that have been handed over to this debt collection company.

Lowell Financial – who are they?

Phone banks, retailers, insurance companies, and other businesses among its customers.

More than 700,000 people are contacted each year by this collection agency.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Credit Services Association have given Lowell Financial approval. Investors in Customers awarded it gold status in customer service.

Why am I receiving a call from Lowell Financial?

Several different companies sell their debt to Lowell Financial. Your debt to the company that you owe money to has been sold to Lowell Financial, and you will become responsible for paying them.

If you cannot make payments on time or have violated the terms of the loan or credit agreement, companies may try to sell your debt.

Lowell Financial will use a range of methods to recover debts owed to it. It would help if you acted sooner rather than later to handle the situation, which may involve home visits or court action.

Who uses Lowell Financial?

Across a range of sectors, Lowell Financial represents big-name companies.

For example, Lowell Financial will likely get involved if you are in debt to companies like Capital One or O2.

Is it possible for Lowell Financial to take me to court?

Lowell Financial seeks County Court Judgements to recoup overdue payments, which are called CCJs. As soon as the company gets a CCJ from the court, it can begin enforcement action.

Lowell will usually serve a CCJ via BW Legal or Lowell Solicitors.

It would help if you did not ignore CCJs from this company. Unless you meet Lowell’s requirements, the company will send bailiffs to your home to collect the debt and can apply for an attachment of earnings or statutory demand.

Are there any actions that Lowell Financial may take against me?

Lowell Financial can contact you to arrange a payment plan and do so by writing or telephone.

They will usually send a written communication encouraging you to contact them by phone to arrange payment. If their first attempt fails, a court settlement will then be offered to you.

You will be threatened with a CCJ or bankruptcy if they do not find a satisfactory solution.

Even though they are able to do what’s mentioned above, they are not able to do:

  • Enter your home. They cannot do this under any circumstances
  • Repossess anything you own
  • Have you been arrested or sent to prison

You shouldn’t feel threatened by a debt collection company. It would help if you didn’t fear violence or intimidation from them.

As far as I know, I don’t owe Lowell Financial any money

You should contact Lowell Financial if you’re unsure whether you owe this company any money.

Debt collectors or collection agencies need to explain the debt they seek payment for. You can ask for more information if you are unsure which debt they are pursuing.

There is a requirement for the company to deliver proof of the debt; if they cannot provide it, you won’t be obligated to pay.

Also, check when the debt was incurred – it could be statute-barred so that you won’t owe it.

For England and Northern Ireland residents, any debt not enforced within six years becomes “unenforceable” or statute-barred.

How should I respond if Lowell Financial contacts me?

Lowell Financial wants you to act as soon as possible if you hear from them.

Contacting Lowell Financial whenever they reach out is essential, whether via email, letter, or phone. If you hear from Lowell, it’s necessary to address the issue as soon as possible instead of ignoring it.

Our professional team is available to offer support and guidance if you are unsure about how to handle the situation. Our specialists can help you find an affordable debt solution that will provide you with financial flexibility and enable you to repay what you owe.

What is Lowell Financial’s contact information?

The Lowell Group and Lowell Portfolio 1 are other names for Lowell Financial.

Their address is:

PO Box 1411



Their main contact number is: 0333 556 5701



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