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Receiving a phone call or letter from a debt collection agency can be distressing. The situation can be made even worse if you don’t know who they are or why they are trying to contact you.

This creditor directory is entirely free and gives you the details about the debt collection agencies that may contact you.

This page covers Moorcroft Group PLC, with details on their location, why they might decide to get in touch with you and the companies they may deal with.

Moorcroft Debt Recovery

Moorcroft buys debt from other companies. Well-established, they are one of the major debt collection agencies in the UK, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Their offices are in Stockport, England.

Moorcroft will work to recover debt from both individuals and businesses. Most of their debt recovery work occurs in the financial sector. Other clients are in the phone and energy sectors.

Why am I getting a call from Moorcroft Debt Recovery?

If Moorcroft gets in touch with you, it’s probably about an outstanding debt.

Moorcroft can reach you in a few different ways. You’ll probably get a letter or a call first telling you about the debt, how much you owe, and when you’re supposed to pay it.

Although it can be uncomfortable to receive contact from a debt collection agency, it is essential to contact them and talk about the issue to avoid your finances getting worse.

It’s easier to stay out of trouble when you work with them.

Moorcroft Debt Recovery: What companies use it?

The firm represents companies as diverse as energy companies, mobile phone networks, and HMRC. They may contact you about the following kinds of debt:

  • Unpaid tax bill from self-assessment.
  • Overpayments on tax credits.
  • Arrears on your phone bill.
  • Arrears on your energy bill.
  • You owe money on your credit cards, or you’re underpaying

Does Moorcroft Debt Recovery have the right to take me to court?

Moorcroft can take you to court since they’re a legitimate debt collector.

However, they can’t use legal action to make you pay more than you can afford.

You shouldn’t be threatened with court action straight away either, since the FCA recommends they also look at other options for getting your debt paid.

Can Moorcroft Debt Recovery take action against me?

What a debt collection agency like Moorcroft can do is listed below.

  • Write to you, call you, or visit you.
  • Charge more interest or fees on your existing debt.
  • Get a county court judgement (CCJ) against you or add a default to your credit file.
  • Make someone bankrupt by issuing a statutory demand.

You can contact a collection agency, and they can come to your home to follow up on unpaid debts, but they can’t harass or intimidate you. The Financial Conduct Authority still regulates them.

It’s best to contact them directly if you feel they mistreated you. Contact info is at the bottom of the article.

As far as I know, I do not owe any money to Moorcroft Debt Recovery.

It is essential to know why a debt collection agency is contacting you. You can’t ignore them – they won’t go away.

It’s not always obvious what they’re contacting you about. Perhaps someone is contacting you regarding a debt passed to them by another debt collection agency, or maybe they have acquired the debt from another firm.

Any way you can, if Moorcroft makes contact, contact them and find out why.

It is also good practice to reach an agreement with one of their creditors if you owe them money.

How should I respond if Moorcroft contacts me?

It’s essential to take care of it. If you’re in debt, we can give you advice, support, and a way out.

Whether you owe money to your creditors, we can help you assess your debt situation.

We may be able to assist you in challenging the debt if you have a strong case for doing so. We can help you get your finances back on track if it’s a legitimate debt.

If you’re in debt, we’ll calculate what you can pay, offer you a solution to stop your creditors from contacting you and help you get out.

How do I contact Moorcroft Debt Recovery?

Moorcroft Debt Recovery also goes by the company names 1st Credit Limited and 1st Credit Debt Collectors.

Their address is:

PO Box 17

2 Spring Gardens




Their main contact numbers are 0161 475 2889 and 0161 475 2827. They may also contact you from 0161 968 7065 or 0161 475 2875.



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If you have debts of over £5,000, and you're struggling to repay them, get in touch today!

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