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Being contacted by a debt collection company can be unnerving.

We have created this creditor directory to help those struggling with debt who aren’t sure what to do when debt collection agencies or bailiffs have called.

Here are some details about Past Due Credit Solutions, including their location, why they may be contacting you, and some of the companies they represent.

What are Past Due Credit Solutions?

Past Due Credit Solutions, also known as PDCS, is a debt collection agency based in Clydebank, Glasgow.

The company works with many UK companies to recover overdue debt payments. The company could have purchased your debts, or they may be working with an organisation you owe money to recover your debt.

Due to their membership in the Credit Services Association, they must comply with their Code of Conduct and are supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Can you tell me why Past Due Credit Solutions are contacting me?

You may have received a call, a letter, or a text message from Past Due Credit Solutions, representing a company you owe money to.

They must provide evidence that you owe them money. If you’re uncertain why they’re getting in touch, you should open and read all correspondence from them to know what debt they’re talking about.

You may find it difficult to accept that a debt collector is contacting you, but the best thing you can do is deal with the situation. So, you should contact Past Due Credit Solutions to see if they can work with you on a payment plan before they initiate the debt collection process. If you reach an agreement with them, they should be able to make it affordable to you.

Who uses Past Due Credit Solutions?

Some household names do business with Past Due Credit Solutions, such as major utility companies, telecoms companies, and even government bodies, including the DVLA. They may have contacted you about:

  • A phone bill that has not been paid
  • Amounts due to the DVLA
  • Gas and electricity bills that are overdue
  • Arrears on your broadband bill

Does Past Due Credit Solutions have the right to take me to court?

Debt collection agencies can take you to court. However, they must follow a strict legal procedure to reach this stage.

You must first receive a warning letter informing you that they are going to court. A default notice will usually be sent to you. If you receive a default notice, it’s crucial to act promptly to avoid worsening problems. Credit ratings can get ruined if you default.

A debt collection agency can only issue you a claim form after a declared default. An action can be brought against you by the county court, and the judgment will appear on your credit report for seven years.

Contact the debt collection agency as soon as possible. As long as you can show that you’re eager to settle your debt, things shouldn’t spiral too far out of control.

Is Past Due Credit Solutions able to take action against me?

The rights of debt collection agencies differ from those of bailiffs. It’s illegal for them to go into your property without your permission, speak with your employer about your debt, repossess your stuff, or contact you at inconvenient times.

They can:

  • Call and visit your house to discuss your debt, and write you a letter.
  • Maintain your original terms for adding interest or charges.
  • Obtain a judgment or default against you from the county court.
  • Start the process of declaring bankruptcy.

You can complain if you think a debt collector misled you, contacted you in error or overstated their authority.

There isn’t anything I owe Past Due Credit Solutions

Even if a debt collection agency contacts you in error, you should try to speak with them to discover why they made contact.

There is one caveat, however: Many debt collection agencies purchase debts from other companies. If they have legitimate reasons to contact you, you should not ignore their contact.

The company should give you written confirmation that it contacted you by mistake, so you can prove you have addressed it.

To prevent the situation from getting worse, you should contact them if they’re pursuing you for a legitimate debt.

Past Due Credit Solutions contacted me. What should I do?

You can’t ignore this problem. If debt collectors are calling you, the situation has gotten bad enough.

Our team can discuss your specific circumstance, assess your income and outgoings, and decide the best course of action for ending creditor and debt collector contact.

With our help, you’ll be able to calculate how much you can pay against your debts, and we’ll even contact your creditors on your behalf.

Choose the ‘Find out if I qualify’ button to start an enquiry or use the bottom right-hand chat option to connect with a member of the team.

What is the contact information for Past Due Credit Solutions?

PCDS and Pastdue are also company names for Past Due Solutions.

Their address is:

1 Blair Court

North Avenue

Clydebank Business Park

G81 2LA

Their main contact number is 0141 951 4077. They may also contact you from 0141 570 3200, 0844 811 3701 or 0141 951 6447.



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If you have debts of over £5,000, and you're struggling to repay them, get in touch today!

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