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This guide offers information about Robinson Way Debt Collectors, what types of debt they collect, and how you can deal with them.

If you are armed with the correct information, dealing with debt collectors does not need to be intimidating.

What is Robinson Way?

As a trading name of Hoist Finance, Robinson Way is a debt recovery company based in Salford, Manchester.

Founded in Sweden, Hoist Finance acquires past-due debts from banks and helps clients set up long-term repayment plans.

A 20-year-old company is a founding member of the Credit Services Association (CSA) and adheres to its Code of Practice.

Robinson Way has contacted me. Why?

Banks and businesses have limited resources and time to chase debts that collection agencies like Robinson Way can handle.

There are a variety of clients with Robinson Way, ranging from banks and utility providers to high-street retailers.

Its direct approach is well known. People they owe money to say they call, send letters and even regularly visit their homes.

Robinson Way will continue to contact you if you owe a debt and attempt to recoup it. This could go on until they’re happy with any agreement.

Who uses Robinson Way?

Robertson Way acts for both public and private companies.

Robinson Way’s clients are banking and financial services, retailers, home shopping institutions, utility companies and debt purchasing businesses.

Is Robinson Way capable of taking me to court?

Robinson Way can go to court to collect it if you owe money. But there are many steps to take before that happens.

First, the company has to do all it can to help you repay your debt.

Should this fail, you will be informed in writing that the company will take court action against you. The company will issue cCJs.

Debts cannot get you in jail, but CCJs may result in bailiffs landing at your door if you miss them. You might also find it harder to obtain credit in the future with a CCJ.

Is Robinson Way able to take any action against me?

Robinson Way is allowed to contact you regarding payments. Contact may be by phone, email, or post.

If you need to pay, they typically contact you in writing and ask you to call them. When this fails, they will attempt to visit you before writing again to offer a court settlement.

A CCJ or bankruptcy will be obtained if they cannot find a solution.

Though they can take the actions above, they cannot do the following:

  • Get into your place
  • Repossess any items of yours
  • Have you been arrested or sent to prison

You should never feel intimidated or threatened by a debt collection agency.

I don’t owe Robinson Way anything

It’s vital to contact Robinson Way if you think you owe them no money.

Every debt collector or collection agency should give clear evidence of what you owe. You do not need to pay if the company does not provide proof of the debt owed. You have the right to ask for additional information if you aren’t sure what a collector or collection agency is asking for.

To ensure you’re paying what you expect, always verify the debt and amount. Don’t pay until you’re sure.

How should I respond if Robinson Way contacts me?

Focus on the matter at hand first. Robinson Way expects you to communicate with them on every level, so if you receive contact from them, you must respond to their emails, talk on the phone, or chat online.

A debt collector isn’t going to go away, so ignoring what is happening isn’t an option.

Our expert team is available to offer support and guidance if you are unsure about how to handle the situation. With a debt solution, you can get a handle on your debt and repay what you owe in one flexible monthly payment.

Is there a way to contact Robinson Way?

Hoist Finance, Robinson Way & Co, Robinson Way Debt Recovery, and Robinson Way Ltd are also used by Robinson Way Ltd.

Their address is:

Carolina Way

Quays Reach



M50 2ZY

Their main contact number is 0800 121 6902RobR

Website: and


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If you have debts of over £5,000, and you're struggling to repay them, get in touch today!

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