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You might not be obligated to settle debts with Debt Management Services Ltd or DMS Ltd, but dismissing them is not advisable; it could lead to grave repercussions. Allow me to guide you through your alternatives…

What might happen if you overlook them, you ask? Keep reading to uncover the unfolding scenarios!

Riana Johnson
Last updated on 27 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who are DMS Ltd Debt Collectors?
2. Are DMS Ltd Debt Collectors Legit?
3. Beating DMS Ltd Debt Collectors
4. What does DMS Ltd Debt Collectors Do?
5. How to Handle DMS Ltd?
6. What does the DMS Ltd Debt Collection Process look like?
7. Complaining Against DMS Ltd
8. Debt Management Services (DMS) Ltd Contact Details
9. Will DMS Ltd Give Up Chasing?
10. Where Can I get Additional Advice?
11. Final Thoughts
12. Key Points


DMS, Debt Management Services may be contacting you regarding an outstanding debt. If you’re unable to afford repayment or dispute the debt’s validity, this article could offer valuable insights into the possibility of not having to repay the debt.

Who are DMS Ltd Debt Collectors?

DMS Ltd, also known as Debt Management Services Ltd, is a renowned credit management company. They have carved a niche in dealing with corporate bodies and Homeowners Associations since 1998. They take a bit of a different approach as their main aim is to have a reliable and trustworthy relationship with their customers.

Thus, if DMS Ltd is contacting you, it’s crucial to understand who they are and what they represent in the debt collection landscape.

Are DMS Ltd Debt Collectors Legit?

Yes, DMS Ltd stands as a legitimate pillar in the realm of debt collection. With years under their belt, they have been a beacon of reliability and trustworthiness, serving their clients diligently. This indicates that you are in the hands of a company that values fairness and balance in its approach to debt collection.

Serving with Reliability and Trustworthiness

DMS Ltd has been unwavering in providing services marked by utmost reliability and trustworthiness for several years. They have been steadfast in ensuring that both debtors and creditors experience a high level of service.

It’s their commitment to maintaining a harmonious balance in every interaction, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding. The reason why this is crucial is that it fosters a sense of trust and reliability, making the journey of resolving debts smoother and more manageable.

Important points to note about DMS Ltd are as follows:

  • Reliability: DMS Ltd has been a reliable service provider in the debt collection industry for years.
  • Fairness: Their approach is marked by a balanced and fair interaction with both debtors and creditors.
  • High Service Level: The level of service provided by DMS Ltd is unparalleled, fostering trust and mutual respect.
  • Legitimacy Implications: Being contacted by DMS Ltd means dealing with a legitimate entity, but it’s essential to explore what it implies regarding the debts claimed.

Beating DMS Ltd Debt Collectors

If you want to get rid of DMS Ltd debt collectors, the best option is to write a portion of your debt. There are many debt solutions in the UK that you can consider. But keep in mind that it’s important that you get advice from a professional debt advisor before you pick one.

This is because choosing the right debt solution will help you to write off your debt, but choosing the wrong one will be very expensive and even worsen your situation. So choose wisely.

Some debt solutions that you can consider include:

What does DMS Ltd Debt Collectors Do?

DMS Services, a pivotal arm of the debt collection industry, operates much like its counterparts. They employ a variety of communication methods, such as emails, phone calls, texts, or letters, to establish contact with debtors.

But what sets DMS Ltd apart is its commitment to handling sensitive debts with utmost consideration and respect.

How to Handle DMS Ltd?

As soon as DML Ltd reaches out to you, it’s crucial that you know how to handle them. Due to the lack of knowledge, many people ignore debt collection companies. However, this only worsens the situation and may even lead to legal issues.

Thus, below, we will outline how you should handle DMS Ltd.

Communication is Key

When DMS Services reaches out, it’s crucial to respond promptly. This will help you to gain clarity on the debt in question and to avoid any potential miscommunication. It’s all about understanding each other and finding common ground.

A Sensitive Approach

The nature of the debts DMS Ltd deals with is inherently sensitive. This requires a thoughtful and considerate approach. Respect and sensitivity are two things that they aim for in all their communications.

So when you directly speak with them, it is likely that there will be a certain level of understanding and respect from their end, so be honest and don’t stress.

Why Respond?

Ignoring communications from DMS Services is not the solution. Responding and understanding the debt they are referring to is essential. It ensures clarity and helps in avoiding any potential miscommunication. Furthermore, if you ignore them, DMS Ltd will have no choice but to go to court against you.

The court will give you a County Court judgment (CCJ), and if you don’t respond to this or make the payments, bailiffs will get involved.

The Importance of Clarity and Should You Pay?

Clarity is the cornerstone of dealing with debts. It’s important that you know what debt they are referring to, how much you should pay and when you should pay.

In order to get some clarity, you can directly speak with DMS Ltd over the phone, or you can simply send them a Prove the Debt Letter. This will prove if you actually owe the debt as they will send you proof, such as a document that you may have signed with your original creditor.

If they send you proof of the debt, then you should pay them. But if they don’t send you proof, then you’re not legally obligated to pay.

If they take you to court even after they refuse to send you proof, inform the judge that you requested proof but were not given any. The judge will then ask them to show you proof, and if they don’t, the judge will dismiss the case.

However, in a case where they do send you proof and you should pay them but are not able to because of your financial situation, make sure to inform them. Once you explain your financial situation to them, they will offer you a payment plan with affordable monthly payments. Also, keep in mind not to agree to anything that you know you won’t be able to handle.

If you don’t think you can handle a payment plan due to low income, we recommend that you write off a portion of your debt through a debt solution.

Understanding Statute Barred Debts

Before you pay DMS Ltd, it is also important that you check if your debt is statute-barred. A statute-barred debt is a type of debt that is too old (six years) to be enforced. If your debt is statute-barred, you may not have to pay.

But note that this does not mean you’re free of debt or that you don’t owe them. It simply means that the debt collection company cannot go to court against you for it.

In order for a debt to be statute-barred, it should meet the following criteria:

  • You have not made any payments in the last six years
  • You have not admitted to owing the debt in the last six years
  • You haven’t received a County Court Judgement (CCJ) for it
Navigating the Process

Understanding the process is crucial. Knowing how DMS Services operate and how to respond can make the journey less daunting. So keep the above points in mind and make sure to tread the waters of debt collection agencies carefully.

What does the DMS Ltd Debt Collection Process look like?

DMS Ltd has a unique process where payments are primarily made over the telephone, as they do not offer an online payment portal. This lack of online payment options can be challenging for some, making the repayment process somewhat inconvenient.

So, it’s vital to stay informed and communicate your concerns and preferences with DMS Ltd to find a mutually agreeable solution.

Complaining Against DMS Ltd

Note that a debt collection agency should always treat you fairly and follow the rules and guidelines of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Some things that they are not allowed do include:

  • Calling you at unreasonable times
  • Discussing your debts with anyone other than you
  • Forcibly entering your home
  • Pretending to be bailiffs
  • Using technical jargon to confuse you and get you to pay

In case they do any of these, or if you believe you’ve been treated unfairly, first directly complain to DMS Ltd. If they don’t provide you with a satisfying response or solution, you can make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

Debt Management Services (DMS) Ltd Contact Details

Address: Lincoln House, Epsom Downs Office Park
Sloane Street, Bryanston, 2021
Mail: PO BOX 787319
Telephone: 087 006 0030
Fax: 086 680 2022
Email: arrears@dmservices.co.za
Website: http://www.dmservices.co.za/index.html

Will DMS Ltd Give Up Chasing?

No. Persistence is a common trait among most debt collectors, and DMS Ltd is no exception. So they will not give up chasing. Ignoring them is not a viable solution, and it could lead to more severe consequences.

It’s imperative to engage with them, understand the nature of the debt, and explore possible solutions. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away; addressing it will.

It’s crucial to understand your options and rights. Could some of your debt be legally written off? It’s a possibility worth exploring! If you believe you don’t owe the debt, or if you are struggling to afford repayment, seek advice immediately. It’s always better to deal with your debt today and feel relieved tomorrow.

Where Can I get Additional Advice?

If you want additional advice, make sure to speak to a professional debt advisor, or you can even reach out to a debt charity. They offer advice and guidance on debt for free. Some debt charities that you can reach out to include:

  • StepChange
  • National Debtline
  • Citizens Advice

Final Thoughts

Understanding your debt and managing it effectively is crucial. DMS Ltd, being a legitimate and reliable debt collector, will not cease their pursuit easily. It’s essential to be informed, understand your rights, and take appropriate action promptly.

Key Points

  • DMS Ltd is a legitimate and well-established debt collection agency known for its reliability and trustworthiness in the industry.
  • If DMS Ltd is contacting you regarding an outstanding debt or a debt you don’t believe you owe, it’s crucial to not ignore them and to seek clarity on the debt in question.
  • Many people in the UK have the legal right to write off some of their debt. Exploring legal options and understanding your rights is essential when dealing with debt collectors like DMS Ltd.
  • DMS Ltd maintains a fair and balanced approach in its debt collection process, ensuring a high level of service to both debtors and creditors.
  • If you are struggling to afford repayment or facing threats of court action, it’s vital to communicate your concerns with DMS Ltd and seek professional advice.
  • It’s important to discover why you might not need to pay DMS Ltd back by understanding your debt and your rights and by exploring available legal options.
  • Dealing with your debt proactively and understanding the collection process of DMS Ltd can help in resolving the issues amicably and avoiding any serious consequences.
  • DMS Ltd is committed to providing a high level of service marked by professionalism and respect, fostering a sense of trust and mutual understanding with those they contact.
  • Responding promptly to communications from DMS Ltd and seeking clarity on the debt referred to is essential in avoiding miscommunication and in navigating the debt resolution process effectively.
  • Being contacted by DMS Ltd means dealing with a legitimate entity, and it’s crucial to explore the implications regarding the debts claimed and to navigate the ensuing journey with insight and confidence.

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