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You may be wondering whether you need to pay Elderbridge debt collectors. Dismissing them could spiral into an issue you’d rather not face. Let’s delve into your available choices with Elderbridge. But be prepared; what you’re about to discover may surprise you.

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Last updated on 17 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Is it Possible to Evade Payment to Elderbridge Debt Collection Agency?
2. Understanding who Elderbridge Debt Collection Agents are
3. The Legitimacy of Elderbridge Debt Collection Agents
4. The Role of Elderbridge Debt Collectors
5. What does Elderbridge Debt Collection Process look like?
6. Reasons Behind Constant Contact by Elderbridge Debt Collectors
7. How to Ascertain if the Debt is Yours with Elderbridge
8. Is Debt Repayment Mandatory?
9. How Debt Collectors Like Elderbridge Impact You
10. Legal Aspects of Elderbridge Debt Collection
11. What Benefits Do Elderbridge Debt Collectors Gain?
12. Can they Mislead You?
13. Resisting Pressure from Debt Collectors
14. Free Assistance for Debt Issues
15. Initiating an IVA
16. Handling Elderbridge Debt Collection Agency: What’s it Like?
17. Other Debt Collectors that May Appear on Your Credit Report
18. Contact Details for Elderbridge Debt Collection Agency
19. Key Points
20. FAQ


Is it Possible to Evade Payment to Elderbridge Debt Collection Agency?

Yes, it is possible to dodge the payment but not advisable. Ignoring your debts, whether they’re from Elderbridge or part of your HCA debt, won’t make them vanish. They’ll persist and potentially accrue more charges and interest, worsening your financial situation. Let’s look deeper into who they are.

Are you handling consistent calls and content messages from Elderbridge Obligation Collection Organisations? Do you? You’ll not indeed get to pay it back!

If you’re concerned about the movement taken by the Elderbridge Commitment Collection Organisation and are still deciding what to do after, this article can offer assistance.

Ready to help you to induce it? Why are you calling, and what will you do to resolve the circumstance?

Understanding who Elderbridge Debt Collection Agents are

Elderbridge is a well-known debt collection agency in the UK. They acquire debts from other companies, often surprising debtors unaware of the transition. Similarly, HCA debt is an obligation under the Hospital Corporation of America. Both these debts can feel overwhelming, but understanding them is the first step in dealing with them.

Elderbridge is a credit solutions company that purchases loans and credit contracts from other financial institutions. They are a collector who makes a profit by buying and collecting the legacy receivables of other companies.

Next, they take care of processing, tracking and maintaining your payments. Elderbridge itself does not manage loans or loan agreements.

The legal company name is Aberdeen Financial Limited.  

The Legitimacy of Elderbridge Debt Collection Agents

Elderbridge Debt Collection agents operate under strict regulations by The Office for Fair Trading. They must be transparent, considerate, and fair in their debt collection practices. Falling foul of these guidelines may result in Elderbridge losing its license.

Like all other money-related companies, Elderbridge is ultimately enlisted and controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority. This implies that one merely must comply with the rules and necessities of the Monetary Conduct Specialist. 

  • And they have been registered under the company name “ELDERBRIDGE LIMITED” in companies house in the UK since 2014. 
  • Theri company registered address – Target House, Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, CF11 9AU
  • Elderbridge Company registration number – 08896386
  • Elderbridge Financial Conduct Authority registered reference number – 719437

However, despite Elderbridge registration and regulation, it’s important to remember that paying off your debt first may not be in your best interest. 

The Role of Elderbridge Debt Collectors

Elderbridge debt collectors play a significant role in retrieving unpaid debts. They purchase debts from other companies and then use various tactics, sometimes quite persistent, to collect. Why do they do this? Let’s investigate.

Elderbridge buys bonds from other companies and seeks out the bonds themselves for profit.

This can be done via phone or text message. They believe this communication method is the best for contacting you and ensuring payment.

Their website only accepts payments now and presents a fundamental offer with minimal information.

Remember that when purchasing bonds from other sources, Elderbridge may still have past payments on loans or credit agreements with other lenders, which can be confusing and is also essential.

All this information can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there is help. You can write off some of your debt or work with a professional to devise a plan to deal with it. 

What does Elderbridge Debt Collection Process look like?

Debt collectors like Elderbridge purchase debt from other companies, often at a reduced price. Their profit is made from successfully retrieving the money owed. Therefore, they’re highly motivated to ensure debtors pay. Their tactics can sometimes border on the aggressive, leading to discomfort and distress among debtors.

As mentioned above, this collection agency’s payment method is unavailable online.

Therefore, payments against target balances must be made through the telephone system.

Their office is open amid standard trade hours, but the line is active on Saturday mornings. It’s helpful once you can’t make a phone call since of work. 

Reasons Behind Constant Contact by Elderbridge Debt Collectors

Debt collectors like Elderbridge Debt earn bonuses based on the amounts they collect. Hence, Elderbridge’s persistent contact is often a result of its incentive structure. They may also use automated technology to track down debtors, contributing to the constant barrage of calls.

This is why Elderbridge debt collectors will contact you if you have outstanding debts. It is their responsibility to get you repaid.

Debts are not paid directly to Elderbridge’s collection agencies. Still, collection agencies will attempt to collect money on your behalf, for example, if you have outstanding credit card balances or outstanding loans.

This is usually because every effort is made to get their money back directly from you.

This commerce demonstrates works by buying a bond from the first bank for a division of its unique esteem and making a benefit once an instalment is gotten from you. It’s commerce, and depending on how it goes, they do not especially care about your circumstance or whether paying off your obligation will put you in a terrible event. 

They fair need money and utilise diverse strategies to induce it.

The Office of Reasonable Exchange has indeed detailed that awful hones are predominant among collectors, a matter of extraordinary concern to indebted individuals.

How to Ascertain if the Debt is Yours with Elderbridge

Often, debtors are confused when contacted by a company they don’t recognise. However, debt can be sold to companies like Elderbridge without direct notification to the debtor. If contacted, confirm your debt details with them before committing to pay.

Before you start paying back, you should always have proof that you owe money, especially if you are unaware.

Speak with Elderbridge to find out the origin of your debt, including a full breakdown of costs, fees and interest. You can request this information in the form of your original loan agreement by writing directly to Elderbridge Debt Collector.

If they cannot do this or refuse, you do not have to pay them.

Is Debt Repayment Mandatory?

Debt repayment is indeed mandatory if the debt is confirmed to be yours. But remember, the compensation should not compromise your overall well-being, home, or health. If faced with an inability to pay, communicate this to Elderbridge and explore available options.

When you’re in desperate straits fiscally, this can be the foremost essential thing, and you’ll ponder in case you indeed ought to pay it back. So the reply is yes. If the obligation is yours, you’re dependable for paying it off.

It is best to pull back the total sum as long as conceivable. Be that as it may, if that’s not conceivable, you’ll work with an Elderbridge obligation collector to orchestrate for the obligation to be paid off, concurring to an appropriate reimbursement arrange

Elderbridge debt will,

1. Send you a letter before action letter to notify you they going to court to take a County Court Judgement(CCJ) against you if not paid before the due date mentioned.
2. They will surely go to court to take a CCJ which will make you legally responsible for paying the debt. This will negatively affect your credit score and find hardship in taking loans and credit cards in the future (CCJ will remain in your credit history for six years if not settled within the first month of receiving the court order).
3. The Elderbridge debt will again go to court to take a warrant or writ of conduct against you to use enforcement agents(bailiffs) to visit your home and seize your belongings if you ignore the CCJ conjugation as well.
4. The bailiffs will store your belongings in a warehouse and eventually sell them in an auction to recover debt and all bailiff’s charges. Rest of the money from the auction will be debited to your account.

As you can see, it’s not a flowery road you should wait to ride on. Thus we strongly suggest you find a solution before things could escalate to this extent because you have plenty of time in between these proceedings to find a solution.

How Debt Collectors Like Elderbridge Impact You

The pressure of constant calls and potential aggression from debt collectors can severely impact your mental health. It’s critical to remember you have rights and must be treated fairly by agencies like Elderbridge.

Tragically, it’s not unprecedented for obligation collection companies to utilise subtle strategies to urge you to pay off your obligation.

Commonplace strategies they utilise include making over-the-top calls to your cell phone and attempting to weigh you to pay after you can’t manage it. 

It is no fun to have a debt collector like Elderbridge Debt Servicer blow on your neck, and it can leave a debtor feeling anxious, hopeless, and even depressed.

There have even been cases of debtors having suicidal thoughts because of their experiences with debt collection agencies.

Debt collectors often go to great lengths to recover money, regardless of how it affects the debtor. Feelings reported by debtors include being trapped, humiliated, and isolated.

The government was therefore asked to intervene and take action against collectors who committed this kind of heartless act, and they did just that. There are now laws in place to ban this kind of cruelty.

UK private debt 2021 update:

As of April 2021, the total unsecured debt per UK adult was £3,674.

(source: The Money Charity)  

Legal Aspects of Elderbridge Debt Collection

There are strict laws and guidelines that Elderbridge must abide by in its debt collection practices. 

If you feel these have been damaged, you can file a complaint with the Office for Reasonable Exchanging.

Several rules are issued by the Office of Reasonable Exchange (OFT, 2012).

According to these guidelines, Elderbridge debt collectors are responsible for this.

  • Treat debtors fairly and avoid aggressive behaviour
  • Provide clear and transparent information about debt
  • Show consideration and understanding to distressed debtors
  • Consider the debtor’s circumstance sometime recently choosing a suitable course of activity.

Suppose you discover yourself in a circumstance where Elderbridge Obligation Collection Office needs to take this approach. In that case, you’ve got the proper record of a complaint with the Office of Reasonable Exchanging. The event will be examined, and the driver’s permit may be disputed if deemed vital.

If you’d like to create a complaint almost Elderbridge Obligation Collectors, it would be ideal to utilise an online complaint to the Financial Ombudsman of your area with provable proof.

If Elderbridge debt collection firms lie about any aspect of the debt or who you are, they also break the rules. You have the right to be treated fairly, including transparent and honest information.  

What Benefits Do Elderbridge Debt Collectors Gain?

Have you ever wondered what motivates Elderbridge debt collectors to be so relentless in their pursuit? It’s not just about a sense of duty or the fulfilment of a task. It’s also about the potential financial benefits these debt collectors stand to gain from successful collections. This reward system’s mechanics can illuminate why their methods are so tenacious.

The Bonus Structure

Did you know that a common practice in the industry is rewarding debt collectors with bonuses based on their success? These bonuses directly incentivise collectors to recover as much debt as possible.

In the world of Elderbridge, this bonus structure can become quite substantial. This leads us to the question, “What does this mean for the debtor?”

Impact on the Debtor

Understandably, the bonus-driven incentive might create a challenging environment for the debtor. With collectors pursuing relentlessly, the pressure to pay up can become intense. 

Remembering debt repayment should never come at the cost of basic needs is crucial. Always communicate your financial constraints, if any, to the agency.

Navigating the Pressure

Exploring this severe weight can be challenging. But with the proper information and back, it’s conceivable. Knowing your rights and commitments is the primary step. I was considering how to arm myself with this data. That’s why we’re here to examine. 

The Importance of Financial Literacy

Financial literacy, especially in debt management, is critical in dealing with agencies like Elderbridge. Understanding the tactics debt collectors use can help you navigate conversations with them. This knowledge also equips you to seek the right help if needed. But where can you find such a service?

Seeking Professional Help

In the face of such persistent pursuit, professional help can be invaluable. Numerous organisations are offering free advice on debt management. Availing of their services could provide you with the support and guidance needed to deal with the pressure from Elderbridge debt collectors.

Staying Resilient

The pursuit of Elderbridge might seem relentless, but remember; you have the strength to navigate this. Staying resilient and knowledgeable in the face of their pressure is critical to managing this situation. But how does one stay resilient? Let’s dive into that next.

Building Resilience

Building resilience involves:

  • Understanding your rights.
  • Ability communicate your situation openly with the debt collection agency.
  • They are not allowing the pressure to overwhelm you.

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. There are resources and supports available to help you.

At this point, you might wonder, “How does understanding the benefits gained by Elderbridge help me?” The understanding can shift your perspective and equip you with the tools to handle your relentless pursuit.

In Pith, the benefits picked up by Elderbridge obligation collectors fundamentally rotate around their budgetary motivating forces. Their tenacious interest stems from these motivating forces. Be that as it may, with the correct knowledge, flexibility, and bolster, you’ll oversee the weight they apply.

So, what’s your other step in this travel? That’s an address we are going to investigate encourage. Remain tuned!

Can they Mislead You?

Unfortunately, some debt collectors resort to misleading tactics, such as misrepresenting who they are or their right to collect. However, agencies like Elderbridge are bound by regulations to provide clear, honest information.

It would help if you believed what Elderbridge debt collectors say is true, but unfortunately, some debt collectors lie about who they are and what they are allowed to do.

They may indeed call you out of court or take your assets. In a few cases, you will be undermined by legal activity.

Refrain from granting them the right to enter your home or your property. If they insist, you have got the correct to contact the police, particularly on the off chance that you’re feeling undermined.

Resisting Pressure from Debt Collectors

Knowing your rights and stating them when managing obligation collectors is fundamental. Be sure to seek free legitimate counsel or inquire about a reimbursement arrangement that suits your circumstances.

You must pay off your obligations, but at the same time, you have got to guard yourself against obligation collection companies like Elderbridge Obligation Collection Organisations. It takes quality to do this, but knowing your rights puts you in a solid position.

You wish to sort out your obligation circumstance, and it’s fundamental, but as it were, in a way that works for you and doesn’t put you in an awful event. If you’re battling to pay your bills, you should hold up until you can pay off your obligations.

Free Assistance for Debt Issues

If you’re battling with obligation, reach out to free obligation exhortation administrations accessible within the UK. They can give counsel and bolster in managing obligation collectors and overseeing your funds.

Debts can be a genuine issue for numerous individuals, but luckily there are multiple shapes of offering assistance accessible, numerous of which are free. You’ll select between a nonprofit organisation and a commercial obligation administration company.

Both work similarly, but nonprofits charge no fees, so it’s best to use them first. Agencies worth checking out are:

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) is a popular organisation with qualified staff who can provide personal advice and assistance in managing your debt.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is an organisation that provides free debt support and counselling. StepChange offers free online help and advice about debt. 

Initiating an IVA

An Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA) is a formal arrangement to repay your creditors over a period. This can be a viable option if you need help with debts from Elderbridge or HCA.

If you have a large debt, you can write off part of it through an IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement).

By doing so, you are making a formal agreement to repay the debt in an amount you can repay. The rest is amortised over a specified period (usually, he is five years). A bankruptcy professional should always conduct the IVA process. 

Handling Elderbridge Debt Collection Agency: What’s it Like?

Handling Elderbridge can be stressful, especially if you need to familiarise yourself with their practices. However, by understanding your rights and seeking help, you can navigate the situation more comfortably.

Unfortunately, if you look for Elderbridge Debt Collector reviews, you’ll find more bad than good.

They buy debt from another organisation, and some people make this a complete mess. Why are they being chased by a company they’ve never heard of? It cannot be easy to understand.

The valuation also suggests that Elderbridge debt collectors can even coerce debtors to pay when they can’t afford to pay. This will never work and may violate debt collection regulations.

The payment process needs to be clarified. You can’t log on to a website to settle your debt and instead have to call to make a payment, which many people don’t want. Most people prefer to avoid talking on the phone, let alone debt collection agencies. 

Other Debt Collectors that May Appear on Your Credit Report

Aside from Elderbridge, other debt collection agencies, such as Moorcroft, Lowell, and Capquest, may appear on your credit report. Recognising these names and understanding their role in debt recovery is crucial.

There are hundreds of collection agencies in the UK, each doing collections for different businesses.

It’s surprisingly easy not to realise debt collectors are targeting you.

Please take the time to review your credit report. When a collection agency buys your debt, it appears on your credit report.

The most prominent vendors to watch include Cabot, PRA Group and Lowell. So if you find anything related to your name, you should investigate further.  

Contact Details for Elderbridge Debt Collection Agency

To communicate directly with Elderbridge, you can contact them through their official website or listed phone numbers. Remember, open communication is vital in resolving debt issues.

In conclusion, dealing with Elderbridge or managing your HCA debt might seem daunting. However, understanding your rights, standing firm, and seeking professional advice can make this journey manageable.

Phone: 0345 8400 244 Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5.30 pm
Fax: 0345 650 6217
Email: customer.services@elderbridge.co.uk
Website: www.elderbridge.co.uk
Post: Elderbridge Ltd. PO BOX 908 Newport, NP20 9NX

Key Points

  • Elderbridge Debt Collectors is a UK company that purchases loans and loan contracts from financial institutions and seeks repayment.
  • Many people in the UK can legally write off part of their debt.
  • These are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. However, it would help if you verified your debt before making any payments.
  • If you can’t afford to pay it back, consider a UK debt solution that will write off part of your debt.
  • Report any instances of harassment or mistreatment to the Finance Ombudsman.  


Here are some common queries people often have regarding Elderbridge. We have provided accurate, simple, and straightforward answers.

What is Elderbridge on My Bank Statement?

‘Elderbridge Re: TV Licensing SPP’ on your bank statement indicates that you’ve signed up for the Simple Payment Plan with TV Licensing and are making payments via Direct Debit. Elderbridge is a Target Group Ltd. subsidiary which provides the TV Licensing Simple Payment Plan.

Is Elderbridge a Real Company?

Elderbridge is a bona fide debt collection agency based in the UK. Known officially as Aberdeen Financial Limited, it operates under the umbrella of Target Group Limited. The company collects unsettled debts for many clients, including credit card companies, banks, and lenders.

Is Elderbridge Ltd Legit?

Indeed, Elderbridge is a legitimate entity. Like numerous other financial enterprises, the Financial Conduct Authority comprehensively regulates and registers them. This means they must adhere to the standards and requirements laid out by this authority.

What is the Elderbridge HCA Direct Debit?

The term ‘Elderbridge HCA direct debit’ refers to a payment method provided by Elderbridge, a company specialising in purchasing credit agreements and loans from other businesses and financial institutions. Elderbridge is a debt recovery business that generates revenue by pursuing aged debts.

What is the Address for Elderbridge Limited?

Elderbridge can be contacted by post at the following address: Elderbridge D B, Target House, Cowbridge Rd E, Cardiff CF11 9AU, United Kingdom.

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