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Not everyone will find themselves obligated to settle debts with Flint Bishop Debt Recovery, but dismissing their communications is a risky move, potentially leading to further enforcement actions.

So, what happens if you decide to ignore Flint Bishop, and what options do you have to navigate this situation? Let’s delve deeper.

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Last updated on 27 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who are Flint Bishop?
2. Why are Flint Bishop Chasing Me?
3. Is Flint Bishop a Legitimate Debt Collector?
4. Should You Repay Flint Bishop?
5. What Action Can Flint Bishop Take?
6. What Will Happen if I Ignore Flint Bishop’s Letters and Calls?
7. What to Do if You Can’t Afford to Repay Flint Bishop
8. Keep Up To Date With Your Debts
9. How to Get in Touch with Flint Bishop
10. Conclusion
11. Key Points


Whether you’re fully aware of your debt issues or unaware of any outstanding bills in your name, receiving a letter or phone call from Flint Bishop debt recovery can be worrisome.

In this article, we explore the legitimacy of Flint Bishop’s services and provide guidance on how to respond if they contact you.

Who are Flint Bishop?

Flint Bishop is a well-established law firm situated in Derby, UK. They are not just solicitors; they are specialists in debt recovery and consultation services, a crucial aspect for many businesses.

This indicates that they take on debts from other companies and chase debtors in order to recover the money.

Usually, debt collection companies purchase bad debts from creditors and then pursue them. However, this company does not buy debts but provides a service to help creditors to recover their debts. They also focus on commercial debt, where they chase other companies for unpaid monies rather than focusing on customers.

However, this doesn’t mean they do not focus on customer debt. It’s still possible that you might receive a letter from them stating that you owe money to another company.

Flint Bishop Derby has a reputation for being meticulous and effective in their approach, ensuring that businesses can reclaim their money in a lawful manner. They are more than a debt recovery agency; they are a beacon of hope for businesses struggling with debt recovery, providing consultation services that are both ethical and lawful.

Why are Flint Bishop Chasing Me?

If Flint Bishop is pursuing you, it’s likely due to a business believing you owe them money. It could be due to:

  • A debt that you already know you owe and have fallen behind payments. 
  • An old debt that you forgot about, or you didn’t know was outstanding.
  • An old debt that you already settled but haven’t been updated from their end due to an administrative error. 
  • They have mistaken you for someone else.

It’s imperative to address Flint Bishop Solicitors immediately by contacting 01332 947752 to clarify any potential misunderstandings and avoid legal complications.

Ignoring communications from them could lead to severe consequences, and addressing any issues or misunderstandings promptly can help in resolving the matter more effectively.

Is Flint Bishop a Legitimate Debt Collector?

Absolutely, Flint Bishop operates as a legitimate, award-winning debt recovery service. They are regulated and overseen by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, ensuring all their operations are within legal and ethical boundaries.

The Flint Bishop Solicitors reviews, although varied, further confirm their legitimacy and operational standards in the debt recovery sector, making them a reliable entity in the field of debt recovery.

This is why it is important that you don’t ignore them. Just because you haven’t been contacted by them before does not mean it doesn’t concern you. So make sure to contact them without any delay and resolve the issue.

Should You Repay Flint Bishop?

Repayment to Flint Bishop is crucial if the debt is verified and within your financial means. Open communication with Flint Bishop Debt Recovery is vital to arrange a suitable payment plan if immediate repayment is not feasible.

Addressing the debt proactively can prevent legal complications and help in maintaining a healthy credit score. It’s essential to be transparent and cooperative to resolve debts in a more harmonious manner.

If you want to pay them, don’t hesitate to call them directly on the phone number given by them, or you can even directly call the company that you owe money to. The faster you do this, they will stop contacting you, and your credit score will start to improve.

Also, note that if you’re not in a position to pay due to your financial situation, they cannot force you to pay. They should provide you with a payment plan that you can easily handle, or you should be allowed to take up a debt solution.

What Action Can Flint Bishop Take?

Flint Bishop holds a significant position in the legal world, being a solicitors with the authority to escalate matters to court if needed. So, it means that Flint Bishop can take serious actions, and it’s crucial to understand the extent of these actions.

Also, note that they are not under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They were registered with the organisation only in the past. Despite this, they should still follow the rules and guidelines of the FCA when it comes to handling debtors. If they don’t, they will face legal consequences. However, some legal rights and actions that they can take are as follows:

Legal Proceedings

Flint Bishop can initiate legal proceedings, which can be daunting. They can petition for a County Court judgment (CCJ), a legal decree that could significantly impact their financial standing. It’s a situation no one wants to find themselves in, but it’s a reality when debts are involved.

  • County Court Judgement (CCJ) – A CCJ can tarnish your credit record, making it challenging to secure loans or mortgages in the future. It’s a long-lasting mark, one that can haunt your financial journey for 6 years. By being proactive and responsive to their communications, you can prevent such severe repercussions.
  • Bankruptcy– In extreme situations, they can push for bankruptcy. It’s the last resort, but it’s a possibility. Bankruptcy can strip you of your assets and leave you in financial ruin. It’s a severe step, one that can change your life drastically. Cooperation and agreement on a payment plan are the best options in a situation like this.
Cooperation is Key

Cooperating with Flint Bishop is not just important; it’s essential. Agreeing on a payment plan can save you from the severe actions mentioned above. It’s a simple step, yet it’s a significant one. It can be the barrier between you and financial ruin.

  • Open Communication– Keeping the lines of communication open with Flint Bishop can make a world of difference. It can be the difference between a resolved debt and a court judgment. It’s a small step, but it’s a crucial one in maintaining financial stability.
  • Payment Plans– Establishing a payment plan with Flint Bishop can be your lifeline. It’s a way to repay your debt without plunging into financial instability. It’s a beacon of hope in the daunting world of debts and legal proceedings.
The Consequences of Ignorance

Ignoring Flint Bishop is like walking on thin ice; it’s risky and can lead to a fall. As mentioned before, it’s a path that can lead to many consequences. This includes:

  • Legal Repercussions– Ignoring Flint Bishop can lead to severe legal repercussions. It’s a daunting prospect, one filled with court appearances and legal battles. It’s a journey no one wants to embark on, but it’s a possibility when Flint Bishop is ignored.
  • Financial Instability– The repercussions of ignoring Flint Bishop can plunge you into financial instability. The more you ignore them and don’t pay off your debt, there is a chance they will add charges and interests to your already existing debt. And this will only further scar your credit report.
Actions Flint Bishop Cannot Engage In

Even though Flint Bishop has the legal right to take certain actions, not every action is acceptable. They, too, should follow certain rules when it comes to handling debtors.

  • Calling at a rate or at unreasonable times
  • Forcing you to take on more debt to pay off your existing debt
  • Using complicated language to confuse and influence you
  • Discussing your debt with anyone other than you

If you notice this debt collection company doing any of the above, don’t hesitate to make a formal complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

What Will Happen if I Ignore Flint Bishop’s Letters and Calls?

If you choose to take no action and opt to ignore the correspondence from Flint Bishop, they will escalate their efforts by initiating court proceedings.

You will be summoned to appear in court, where a magistrate will determine the validity of the debt. If it is confirmed, a County Court Judgment may be issued, mandating payment. Alternatively, they may engage bailiffs (enforcement agents) to recover the debt, potentially seizing your property.

Avoiding communication is the least advisable course of action. If you’re grappling with debt, seek assistance from a friend, family member, or Citizens Advice, who can guide you towards available support. Flint Bishop is open to collaborating with an intermediary as long as you grant them authorisation to act on your behalf.

What to Do if You Can’t Afford to Repay Flint Bishop

If you’re facing financial constraints and are unable to repay Flint Bishop, there are steps you can take. It’s crucial to act promptly and wisely to avoid falling into a deeper financial pit. So make sure to follow the below steps.

Initiate Communication

The first step is to initiate communication with Flint Bishop or the client to whom you owe money. It’s a crucial step, one that can open doors to feasible solutions. It’s about breaking the ice and laying down the foundation for a resolution.

  • Open Dialogue– Establishing an open dialogue with Flint Bishop can pave the way for understanding and compromise. It’s about finding a middle ground, a point where both parties can agree. It’s a step towards resolution, a path to financial stability.
  • Discussion of Feasible Plans– is the essence of this communication. It’s about laying down your cards, being transparent about your financial constraints, and finding a plan that suits both parties.
Seek Intermediary Assistance

Flint Bishop is open to working with intermediaries. It’s a sign of their willingness to resolve matters amicably. It’s about finding a third party that can bridge the gap between you and Flint Bishop, a party that can facilitate communication and compromise.

  • Permission for Intermediary– Granting permission for an intermediary to act on your behalf is essential. It’s about giving them the authority to discuss, negotiate, and agree on a plan on your behalf.
Take Up a Debt Solution

If you’re struggling to pay off your debts, you can consider taking up a debt solution. There are many debt solutions in the UK that help you to write off a portion or all of your debt. But make sure to choose wisely, as picking the wrong option can worsen your situation. Some debt solutions you can consider are:

Seek Guidance from Debt Relief Organizations

Organisations like StepChange, Citizens Advice, and National Debtline can be your beacon of hope. They can provide the guidance and support needed to navigate through your financial constraints.

  • Guidance and Support– Seeking guidance and support from organisations like StepChange can provide relief. It’s about understanding your options, weighing the pros and cons, and choosing a path that leads to financial stability.
  • Managing Debts Effectively– These organisations can provide insights into managing your debts effectively and lawfully. It’s about finding a balance, a way to manage your debts without compromising your financial stability.

Keep Up To Date With Your Debts

Being aware and maintaining a clear understanding of your debts is crucial. Regularly checking your emails and posts for any notifications regarding debt transfers can prevent unnecessary complications and legal troubles.

Staying informed and addressing debts promptly can help in maintaining financial stability and avoiding legal complications. Also, make sure to check your credit report for any debts that you may have missed out on. Some famous debt collection companies to look out for include:

  • PRA Group
  • Lowell Financial
  • Cabot Finance

How to Get in Touch with Flint Bishop

Address: Derby Office
St Michael’s Court, St Michael’s Lane, Derby, DE1 3HQ
Tel: 01332 340 211
Fax: 01332 207 601

Birmingham Office
Grosvenor House, 14 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, B2 5RS
Tel: 0121 716 2465
Opening hours: 8 am to 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday.
Closed on Saturday and Sunday.


Flint Bishop stands out as a legitimate and professional debt recovery service. Addressing their communications promptly and cooperating can help in resolving debts amicably and lawfully.

Ignoring them can lead to severe consequences, so it’s essential to stay informed and proactive in managing your debts and maintaining financial stability.

Key Points

  • Flint Bishop operates as a legitimate and reputable debt recovery service, specialising in commercial debt and debt consultation services, ensuring ethical and lawful practices in debt recovery.
  • Flint Bishop is renowned for its specialisation in commercial debt, focusing on assisting businesses in reclaiming their outstanding debts through lawful and ethical means.
  • They may contact individuals on behalf of businesses, believing money is owed to them. Ignoring communications from Flint Bishop can lead to severe consequences, emphasising the importance of addressing their communications promptly.
  • If individuals find themselves unable to repay, it is crucial to contact Flint Bishop or the concerned client to discuss and agree upon a feasible payment plan, ensuring that the repayment does not lead to financial instability.
  • If Flint Bishop is perceived to be using unfair tactics or harassing individuals, filing a formal complaint with the Financial Ombudsman is a viable option. It ensures that any unethical practices are investigated and addressed appropriately.
  • Cooperation and open dialogue with Flint Bishop are key to resolving debts amicably. It’s about finding a middle ground and agreeing on a plan that suits both parties, preventing legal complications and maintaining financial stability.
  • Organisations like StepChange can be instrumental in providing guidance and support needed to navigate through financial constraints, offering a path to financial stability and peace of mind.
  • Flint Bishop has the authority to escalate matters to court, leading to legal proceedings like County Court Judgements or, in extreme cases, bankruptcy, highlighting the importance of proactive actions and responsiveness.
  • Initiating communication and discussing feasible plans with Flint Bishop can pave the way for understanding and compromise, preventing severe repercussions and fostering financial stability.

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