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Confronting Harlands group debt might appear overwhelming, but do not worry, fair, however! Overlooking them isn’t the way forward, but the great news is – you might not get to pay. There are choices accessible to you. Captivating. 

So, give us permission to unwind the puzzle encompassing Harlands and the potential arrangements for you. Brace yourself, for the disclosures are beyond doubt to provoke your intrigue.

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Last updated on 17 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Is It Necessary to Settle Debts with Harlands Collectors?
2. What does Harlands Group do?
3. Can the Harlands Group be Considered a Trustworthy Legitimate Firm?
4. Harlands Serv Ltd t/a Harlands – Are They Identical Entities?
5. What Domains Does Harlands Services Ltd Cover?
6. What Does the Debt Collection Procedure by Harlands Entail?
7. Why Has Harlands Services Reached Out to Me?
8. What Kind of Debts Are Collected by Harlands Services Ltd?
9. What are the Implications of Not Paying Harlands?
10. Does the Debt Truly Belong to You?
11. Reluctance Towards Debt Payment
12. Is Your Life Being Overshadowed by Debt Collectors?
13. Understanding Legal Aspects of Debt Collection
14. Strategies to Handle Debt Collectors
15. Typical Behaviours Exhibited
16. Eliminating Your Debt
17. Support Organisations for Dealing with Debt
18. Are You Considering Debt Write-Off?
19. Concluding Thoughts
20. Managing Your Debts Effectively
21. Contact Details for Harlands Group Debt
22. Key Points
23. FAQ


Is It Necessary to Settle Debts with Harlands Collectors?

Yes and no, It’s because there are instances where you might end up paying while in some instances you will not at all. To begin, you may question what Harlands is and why there is a need to address debts associated with Harlands. 

Harlands is a well-known UK firm that manages debt collections. If you have debts, it’s crucial to address them promptly. Ignoring Harlands can have severe consequences, affecting your credit score and personal finances.

If you’ve reached Harlands Group and pondered who they are, you’re in the right place. Paying off debts can be overwhelming. On the off chance that you get a letter undermining to sue you in court, you’ll require offer assistance.

If you need to memorise more approximately Harlans, the court warrant you’ve got, or what to do if the debt isn’t yours, study on. 

What does Harlands Group do?

As debt collectors, Harlands primarily retrieves money individuals owe to organisations, functioning as a bridge between debtor and creditor. Their role includes handling outstanding dues, maintaining precise records, and communicating effectively with debtors.

For over 25 years, Harlans has specialised in membership deals, primarily working with gyms and leisure facilities to provide comprehensive revenue collection services. This means managing contracts for gyms, fitness operators, and other health and leisure centres.

However, we will collect the debt if these payments are not fulfilled and settled. They also focus on people who have cancelled direct debit payments to prevent recurring membership payments from being debited from their accounts.  

Can the Harlands Group be Considered a Trustworthy Legitimate Firm?

Harlands Group is authorised and directed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Either way, it’s imperative to be beyond any doubt that it’s not continuously a great thought to pay off your debt as long as you receive the take note. This applies if you’re in debt, whether an exercise centre contract or something else. Now and then, it’s superior to hold up.

Harlands Group encompasses notoriety as a dependable debt collection organisation. They comply with directions set forward by the Office of Reasonable Exchange, guaranteeing that their exercises are reasonable and within lawful limits. It is vital always to remain educated about your rights and conceivable debate.

Harlands Serv Ltd t/a Harlands – Are They Identical Entities?

Harlands Serv Ltd and Harlands are indeed the same. The former is a more formal reference, with “t/a” denoting “trading as”. Hence, when dealing with either, remember you’re addressing the same organisation.

Yes. Many names know Harlands Services. It may also trade under Harlands, Harlands Services Ltd, Harlands Group or even Harlands Debt Collectors.  

What Domains Does Harlands Services Ltd Cover?

Harlands Group covers various sectors, such as gym memberships, utility bills, etc. They aim to secure due payments, ensuring the financial stability of their clients.

Harlands specialises in unpaid membership debt in the healthcare and leisure industry and provides comprehensive debt collection services. 

If someone stops paying Jim’s dues or cancels direct debit payments associated with their membership, the gym will share that information with Harland. Harlans Group will then begin its debt collection process. This usually starts with a letter and phone call to the person concerned. 

What Does the Debt Collection Procedure by Harlands Entail?

The process begins with Harlands contacting you about your outstanding debt. Typically, they use calls, letters or emails, which should provide precise details of the debt. At this point, verifying the deficit and paying attention to communication is essential.

When Harlans Group contacts a person in debt, they are asked to pay in full or through a negotiated debit and payment plan. Offer individuals the option to pay both by phone and online. Both can agree to one-time payments and direct debit payments. 

Why Has Harlands Services Reached Out to Me?

If Harlands contacts you, you have an unpaid debt they’re responsible for collecting. Remember to verify the debt’s origin before making any payments.

Debt collection is big business, and companies like Harland exist to make money. All collection agencies operate differently and can work independently, as a sole proprietorship, or as part of a company. Often they collect money on behalf of another company. They buy debt to regain their money and never stop collecting debt.

If Harlans contacts you by phone, mail, post, or bank articulation, you owe extraordinary participation to an exercise centre, fun or amusement setting you’ve been utilising. Enrolled but still needs to be paid. 

Shockingly, a few collection organisations have gone to extraordinary lengths to contact you. This can be within the frame of emails, phone calls, letters, or a combination of these strategies

In numerous cases, they’ll stay in touch with the indebted person like you until they get a reaction. Indeed if the esteem appears moo, you may discover that they will chase after you until they reach you. 

I can guarantee they will be present, so there’s no reason to disregard Harland’s communications. 

What Kind of Debts Are Collected by Harlands Services Ltd?

Harlands collects a range of debts, notably gym memberships and utility bills. They operate with businesses that have outstanding payments due from customers.

Harlans raises funds for various commercial and governmental brands, services and organisations.

Examples of this include:

  • HMRC
  • O2
  • EE
  • catalogue debt
  • Gas Fee
  • utility bill
  • virgin media
  • City tax delinquency
  • Parking ticket delinquencies
  • N power

Harlands Services also purchases unrecovered debts from many credit card companies. They also collect claims from court fines. It is important to note that money owed to Harlands is not necessarily collected on behalf of the original creditor. Instead, Harlands Group will be the sole owner of your debt and the only company to which you are currently owed. Here’s how it works:

Suppose you owe a credit card debt to a credit card company. Credit card companies do not specialise in debt following. Since of this, you’ll think your debt collection isn’t worth it. 

As a result, they “offer” your debt to collection offices like Harlands debt agency for less than the debt’s esteem. In numerous cases, the debt collector will purchase the bond for as small as 20% of its unique esteem. 

In many instances, collection organisations can do this since they were a portion of the advance assertion after you, to begin with, got your credit. Hence, when your debt is sold to a collection organisation, that company gets to be the sole proprietor of your debt and the sole institution to which you owe the debt. 

What are the Implications of Not Paying Harlands?

Refusing to pay Harlands can affect your credit score, leading to difficulties in securing loans or credit in the future. Persistent avoidance may also lead to legal consequences.

As an debt collector within the field, Harland had restricted control. They can come to your house and inquire for cash, but they can’t go into your home and take your stuff. 

If you ask them to move out of your property, they must comply on the off chance unless they are enforcement agents with a warrant in hand.

The taking after activities by Harlands Administrations requires earlier court endorsement. 

Does the Debt Truly Belong to You?

Always seek clarity on the debt’s origin. Harlands should provide proof of the debt, ensuring that it’s indeed yours. Miscommunications can occur, so ensure you’re not paying someone else’s debt.

On the off chance that Harlands Gather contacts you, the primary step is to investigate your debt. Inquire the collection organisation to send you a duplicate of the first contract. In the event that all goes well, you should have no issue getting this clarification. If they do not give verification, you shouldn’t pay since, without confirmation, it’s not your blame.  

Reluctance Towards Debt Payment

With the fear and stretch that comes with debt, numerous tend to dodge managing with it. In any case, understanding your choices and commitments is fundamental in overseeing your debt.

You owe it if you have an debt to Harlands or your unique leaser. The debt doesn’t go absent effectively and shouldn’t be ignored. If you skip Harlands, you may confront a bailiff or, on the off chance that you have a contract, a court arrangement.

If you return it in full, that’s for the finest, but avoid dropping into a circumstance where you won’t be able to pay for your necessities. In this case, you can reimburse the debt by marking a contract with a collection company and paying it off in fractional instalments.

Is Your Life Being Overshadowed by Debt Collectors?

Being constantly pursued by debt collectors like Harlands can be overwhelming. Knowing your rights and the appropriate channels to lodge complaints can protect you from harassment.

Collection agents often use all sorts of tactics to get their money back. This may include excessive phone calls and threatening behaviour. This harassment can make the debtor angry, distressed, and anxious. 

The Debt Support Trust has released information showing that nearly half of people with debt problems have suicidal thoughts. The problem is that many debt management companies use a variety of tactics to get their hands on cash, regardless of the debtor’s needs and circumstances. 

Understanding Legal Aspects of Debt Collection

Educate yourself on the Office for Fair Trading guidelines on debt collection. Being well-informed can help you deal with debt collectors confidently.

The Office of Fair Trade (OFT, 2012) has published information on collection agencies and their actions. They were informed that they needed to treat debtors fairly without aggression, provide clear and consistent communication, and be sensitive to the debtor’s situation.

Suppose you feel that Harland needs to treat you fairly and follow its guidelines. In that case, you should consider reporting it to the Financial Ombudsman of your area and the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA). They may have their driver’s license revoked.

Collection agents must be honest about who they are and why they are reaching you. You can make a formal complaint in case the individual claims they are not. 

Strategies to Handle Debt Collectors

Dealing with debt collectors like Harlands can be daunting, yet it’s a situation many of us might face. Following these straightforward strategies, you can handle Harland debt collectors efficiently and confidently.

Understand Your Debt

First and foremost, have a clear understanding of your debt. Harlands should provide a detailed breakdown of what you owe. Do you know the total amount you owe? If not, ask for it. With a clear understanding, you can develop a solid plan.

Open Communication

After understanding your debt, maintain open communication with Harlands. Ignoring calls or letters can lead to legal action. So, always reply promptly to their touch. It could be as simple as an email or a return call.

Debt Validation

Before you decide to pay, ensure the debt truly belongs to you. Ask Harlands for a validation notice, including the amount owed and the creditor’s name. Mistakes happen, and it’s crucial to verify the debt’s accuracy.

Create a Repayment Plan

Creating a repayment plan with Harlands will demonstrate your commitment to repay and help you manage your finances effectively. Work out a plan that fits your income and other essential expenses.

Knowing Your Rights

As a debtor, you’re protected by the Office for Fair Trading guidelines and FCA. Harlands must respect these guidelines, and they can’t harass or intimidate you. If you feel unfairly treated, consider filing a complaint.

Stay Calm and Patient

Debt collectors can be persistent and, at times, intrusive. It’s essential to stay calm and patient during your interactions with Harlands. Remember, it’s not personal; they’re doing their job.

Seek Professional Help

If your debt situation seems overwhelming, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Organisations like National Debtline and Citizens Advice provide free guidance to manage debts.

Typical Behaviours Exhibited

Whereas debt collectors like Harlands endeavour to preserve proficient conduct, a few may resort to pressure tactics. If you are annoyed, know that you can report this conduct.

As a rule, debt collection offices should take exceptional measures to recuperate the sum owed to the indebted person. This incorporates undermining behaviour or suggestive domestic calls. They are not permitted to do so.

They cannot enter the house without authorisation. You can contact the police if they say they will take this activity.

Eliminating Your Debt

You’ll clear your debt by setting up a reimbursement arrangement that works for you. If your circumstances permit, consider looking for the assistance of a debt advisor.

Managing debts can be troublesome, and many people get into inconvenience since of debt issues. The ideal way to bargain with debt is to pay it off or at slightest have a repayment plan and adhere to it.

Managing with collectors can be upsetting. Getting free of this burden will lead to a less unpleasant life.

Support Organisations for Dealing with Debt

Some organisations can offer assistance if you have an inconvenience paying off your debt.

A few are not-for-profits so they can help and encourage for complimentary. There are commercial debt administration companies that can assist you, but they are costly.

Here are the organisations to see to begin with amid troublesome times:

  • National Debtline and Citizens Exhortation
1. Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) You can expect a lot of free help and advice from the CAB. They are there to help people struggling with debt problems. 
2. Christians Against Poverty (CAP) – Provides free advice and support.
3. StepChange – Free online debt advice to help you get out of debt and deal with any debt problem.

Are You Considering Debt Write-Off?

In a few cases, a portion of your debt may be pardoned. This depends on your monetary circumstance and requires proficient counsel.

If you’ve got no way to pay your debts, we prescribe marking an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement). You may formally request a collection office to pay your debt in one instalment or month-to-month instalments.

Doing this may result in losing access to credit for approximately five years. This arrangement may be unsuitable if you plan to take out a mortgage or similar shortly. 

Concluding Thoughts

Dealing with Harlands should be done promptly and professionally. Ensure you understand your rights and the options available to you.

We have heard of changes in the law, harsh government warnings to collection agencies, and even hefty fines. Nonetheless, debt collection companies still mistreat debtors, even for mental problems.

You cannot refuse to pay your debt. If you owe anything, you are responsible for paying it. But no matter what kind of debt you have, there are ways to deal with it. Repayments can be made with a suitable repayment plan. 

Suppose you are being harassed or bullied by a collection agency. In that case, you should report the conduct to the Financial Ombudsman, which may result in losing their licence to conduct debt collection practice.

Many people appreciate the Harlans Group. This is even though we are recovering lost money on gym memberships for many gyms in the UK.

This may be related to the fact that many of the debt accounts Harlan tracks are small, often with a tenor of only one or two months for him to join. We also develop payment plans and offer different payment options.

However, Harlans charges a fee when collecting money, which many say can inflate the amount you have to pay back, often disproportionate to the amount you owe. It is also worth noting. 

Managing Your Debts Effectively

By understanding your situation, verifying your debts, and seeking professional help, you can manage your debts more effectively.

The hardest thing about debt is that the industry needs to be more transparent.

An everyday tactic collection agencies use is multiple names and addresses to contact them.

Sometimes it’s for practical reasons, but it can be confusing and intimidating. Therefore, it is essential to remain calm and investigate what is happening.

Some of the UK’s most prominent collectors operate under multiple names. 

  • Robinson Way may contact you under the name Hoist Finance.
  • Cabot Financial Group recently acquired Wescot Credit Services
  • Credit styles are referred to as both credit styles and CST laws.
  • Lowell Financial also owns Overdale and collects debt in both names.
  • The PRA Group is known to use multiple company names, as you can see in the photo below. 

If you’ve been contacted by a collection agency recently, check your mail and emails to ensure you have received everything, just in case they call you under a different name.  

Contact Details for Harlands Group Debt

Contact Harlands through their official website or phone at +44 1429 800 300 for further assistance.

Telephone: 01444 449156
Email: clubline@harlandsgroup.co.uk
Website: https://www.harlandsgroup.co.uk/

Key Points

  • Harlands Group is a reputable debt collection firm specialising in membership debt from the gym and leisure industry.
  • Many people in the UK can legally write off part of their debt.
  • If Harlands contacts you, please check your debt before paying. Request a copy of the original contract.
  • You are responsible for paying your debts. Please consider making a suitable payment plan with Harlands.
  • If you encounter harassment or mistreatment, please report the conduct to the Finance Ombudsman. Get advice from debt assistance nonprofits such as the Citizens Advice Bureau and StepChange. 


What Happens If I Don’t Pay Harlands?

If you don’t pay Harlands, it’s important to note that as a debt collector, their powers are limited. They can visit your home and request payment but are not legally allowed to enter your home or remove your belongings unless they are with enforcement agents and a warrant in hand. But remember, not paying your debts might have legal implications. 

What Is Harlands on My Direct Debit?

Harlands acts on behalf of various establishments like gyms and entertainment providers to retrieve payment. If there was an issue with your membership cancellation or you missed any payments, Harlands might appear on your direct debit to collect the unpaid fees. 

What Is Harlands on My Bank Statement?

When Harlands handles missed payments, especially for gyms and leisure centres, it often appears on your bank statement. It simply indicates that your membership payments are being processed through Harlands. 

How Do I Contact Harlands?

Harlands can be contacted at their services team on 01444 449166 during their operating hours, from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. Additionally, you can manage your direct debit payments online. 

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