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Remember, not everyone finds themselves in a position where they must pay Hellix Limited. Ignoring them isn’t an ideal choice. This could escalate to a far more difficult situation for the potential outcomes with Hellix. Well, let’s dive deeper into what you can expect.

There are various options for dealing with Hellix Ltd debt collectors and improving your financial situation. Different debt solutions are available in the UK; the correct one for you might eliminate part of your unmanageable debt, but the wrong one could be costly and time-consuming. 

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Table of Contents

1. Who is Hellix Limited?
2. Can a Debt Collector Come to Your House?
3. Who do Hellix Ltd Chase Debts for?
4. Have You Received a Hellix Limited Debt Letter?
5. Can Hellix Limited Take Me to Court?
6. How to Stop Hellix Limited Harassment?
7. Should I Pay Hellix Limited?
8. Ask Hellix Limited to Prove Your Debt First!
9. Hellix Limited Has Proved My Debt – What Now?
10. Keep Up To Date With Your Debts
11. Hellix Limited Contact Details
12. Another Way to AVOID Paying!
13. Key Points
14. FAQ


Who is Hellix Limited?

Hellix Limited is a renowned UK-based debt collection agency that has made a name for itself in the field of debt recovery and debtor tracing. They operate as an intermediary between businesses and customers, working diligently to reclaim unpaid debts on behalf of a broad range of companies.

Hellix Limited is a fully authorised and regulated service provider that strictly adheres to the guidelines laid down by regulatory bodies, offering a fair and professional service to both businesses and debtors.

Hellix Limited is a registered Private Limited Company situated at 1 Golden Court, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1EU from 28th July 2010 under the Company number  07328144. Also, they are registered at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the reference number 690700

Can a Debt Collector Come to Your House?

Debt collectors like Hellix Ltd don’t have any legal rights to enter your home or seize your property. Armed with an official court order, only bailiffs can execute such powers. 

Should a representative from Hellix Ltd turn up on your doorstep, you are well within your rights to request them to leave and continue any correspondence in written form. Standing your ground and knowing your rights in such situations is important.

Hellix Collections is a debt collection agency that cannot enter unlocked residences or confiscate property in order to collect debts. They are not the same as debt collectors, who can enter unlocked doors with a court order.

According to online allegations, Hellix employees have threatened house visits. If they do, kindly request that they leave and instead write to you. If they refuse or attempt to enter, contact the police or the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

Who do Hellix Ltd Chase Debts for?

Hellix Ltd offers its services to a broad spectrum of businesses, tirelessly working to recover the arrears owed to them. Based on several online forum discussions, Hellix Ltd is often associated with motor insurance companies chasing down unsettled debts on their behalf.

Therefore, if you have received a letter or email from Hellix, it could be related to a payment overdue with a motor insurance provider.

Have You Received a Hellix Limited Debt Letter?

If you’ve received a debt letter from Hellix Ltd, it can indeed be a cause for concern. These letters are generally filled with legal jargon and often threaten legal action if the recipient doesn’t clear the debt within a specific timeframe.

It’s of paramount importance not to disregard these letters but instead request Hellix to provide proof of the debt before you proceed with any payment. Hellix Ltd contacts debtors by phone, email, SMS, and letter after they have obtained your most recent address.

These letters, known as Letters Before Action (LBA), are critical forms of communication that may result in legal action if not paid by a certain time.

Can Hellix Limited Take Me to Court?

Yes, technically, Hellix Ltd or their client can take you to court to recover the debt. You might face a County Court Judgement (CCJ) if you don’t mount a defence. This judgement could eventually lead to bailiffs knocking at your door. 

Therefore, regardless of whether Hellix Ltd’s client intends to follow through with their threats or not, it’s crucial to consider every legal threat seriously.

Hellix Ltd’s client may pursue legal action to recover the debt, which might include obtaining a CCJ. Bailiffs may be utilised if the case is not defended. However, the client may be unwilling to pursue legal action, and legal threats may be ineffective. It’s better to presume they’ll act than to take the chance.

How to Stop Hellix Limited Harassment?

Constant calls or letters from Hellix Ltd can become a real nuisance. To stop this harassment, you can write to them stating your preferred means of communication and request them to adhere to it. In case they continue to harass you, you have the right to lodge a formal complaint.

If Hellix reaches you at inconvenient times, respond by giving your communication preferences, such as post or particular times to call over the phone. If they disregard your request, file a complaint, and if it does not address the problem, go to the Financial Ombudsman.

Should I Pay Hellix Limited?

Receiving a debt letter from Hellix Ltd doesn’t mean you must panic and make the payment immediately. Instead, you should ask Hellix Ltd to provide proof of your debt. In order to do this, you can send them a “Prove the Debt”Letter. 

You are not obligated to make any payments until they provide verifiable evidence, such as a signed agreement or original debt document.

If Hellix demands payment, you do not have to pay them right away. There are methods to continue the dialogue without paying or going to court. This response is helpful if you

  • Suspect a mistake
  • Want to buy time to find the money
  • Want to postpone paying

Ask Hellix Limited to Prove Your Debt First!

If you’re unsure about the debt Hellix Ltd is claiming you owe, the first course of action is to ask Hellix to provide proof. Draft a “Prove the Debt” letter formally asking Hellix to prove the debt. This will prevent any immediate payments and could possibly save you from unnecessary legal complications.

If Hellix Limited has not presented you with solid documentation of the debt, request that they do so via a written agreement. Respond to their LBA by explaining that you require proof and will not pay until it is supplied. To save time, get a free prove the debt template letter and preserve a copy for court if the request goes ignored.

Hellix Limited Has Proved My Debt – What Now?

If Hellix Ltd successfully validates your debt, the time to act is now. If you’re unable to clear the debt in full, try negotiating a feasible payment plan with them. Remember, ignoring the issue won’t make it go away and could lead to further complications.

If Hellix Ltd establishes that you owe the money, it’s usually time to think about paying. If the sum owing is too high for you right now, consider negotiating a payment plan with them. 

Alternatively, visit our debt information page for extra assistance with debt management. Don’t overlook the problem because you can’t pay it all simultaneously. This will only make matters worse. 

Some other debt solutions you can look into if you’re facing difficulties in paying include:

Keep Up To Date With Your Debts

Staying on top of your debts is important, especially considering that debt collectors often sell debts to other agencies. Make sure to stay informed and watch out for any communication indicating a change in who owns your debt. 

Because the debt-collecting industry is opaque, it is easy to lose track of bills. It is critical to keep track of debts that are being passed on to other collectors, such as PRA Group Inc., who transferred a debt to Moorcroft Debt Recovery.

Two prominent industry brands, such as

  • Lowell UK 
  • Cabot Finance

are likely to witness such situations. It’s critical to watch out for any hint of debt transfer in your postings and emails, as messages from one collector might be easily missed. Because the debt-collecting industry is opaque, it is easy to lose track of bills.

Keeping track of debts being passed on to other collectors is critical, as they may sell a debt that they feel is unacceptable. So keep an eye out for any evidence of debt transfer in your mail and email, as letters from one collector might be overlooked

Hellix Limited Contact Details

Address: Hellix Limited St Margarets Business ParkUnit 6 Moormead Road, Twickenham, TW1 1JN
Phone: 020 3096 5899
Email: info@hellix.co.uk
Website: www.hellix.co.uk

Another Way to AVOID Paying!

Certain debts are “statute-barred,” meaning they are too old to be legally enforced. If Hellix Ltd is chasing you for such a debt, you can tell them you won’t be paying. However, this situation needs to be handled with care, as acknowledging the debt could reset the clock. Hellix collects unenforceable debts that have passed the statute of limitations.

In order for a debt to be statute-barred, you should meet the following criteria:

  • You have not made any payment in the past six years
  • You have not admitted to owing the debt in the past six years
  • You have not received a CCJ for it

These debts cannot be settled in court, thus making them legally invalid. To determine if your debt is too old to collect, follow these instructions and notify Hellix that you will not be paying owing to the statute of limitations. 

Key Points

  • Hellix Limited, also known as Hellix Ltd, is a legitimate UK-based debt collection agency.
  • It operates as an intermediary between businesses and consumers to recover outstanding debts.
  • A significant number of UK residents may be eligible to legally write off part of their debt.
  • You might fall into this category, especially if you’re facing extreme financial hardship.
  • Hellix Limited, like any other debt collection agency, has no legal right to demand entry into your home or seize your belongings.
  • Don’t rush to clear the debt if you receive a debt collection letter from Hellix Ltd. Instead, request proof of the debt’s legitimacy.
  • It’s crucial to confirm the debt before making any payments.
  • If Hellix Ltd validates your debt and you’re unable to pay it in full, consider discussing a feasible payment plan with them.
  • There’s a possibility that the debt Hellix Limited is chasing you for is statute-barred, meaning it’s too old to be legally enforced. In such cases, you’re not obligated to pay.
  • Experiencing harassment from Hellix Ltd in the form of constant calls or letters can be dealt with by knowing your rights.
  • You can request them to follow your preferred communication method and lodge a formal complaint if they continue to pester you.
  • It’s crucial to stay informed about your debts, especially considering debt collectors often sell debts to other agencies.
  • Regular monitoring can help avoid confusion about who owns your debt.


Can Hellix Limited come to my house to collect debts?

No, Hellix Limited or any other debt collectors do not have the legal authority to enter your home to collect debts. Only bailiffs with a court order can do that.

Who does Hellix Ltd collect debts for?

Hellix Ltd collects debts on behalf of a variety of businesses. They act as an intermediary between businesses and customers who owe debts.

What should I do if I receive a Hellix Ltd debt letter?

If you receive a debt letter from Hellix Ltd, your first action should be to ask for proof of the debt. It’s important to ensure that the debt is legitimate before you consider making any payments.

Can Hellix Ltd take me to court over a debt?

Hellix Ltd can initiate court proceedings if you fail to pay a debt. However, this is usually the last resort after all other attempts to collect the debt have failed.

How can I stop harassment from Hellix Limited?

You have the right to request that Hellix Ltd contact you through your preferred communication method. If they continue to harass you with frequent calls or letters, you can lodge a formal complaint.

Should I pay the debt to Hellix Limited?

Before making any payments, you should ask Hellix Ltd to prove the debt is yours. If they can provide proof and the debt is not statute-barred, you should consider paying it or discussing a payment plan.

What should I do if Hellix Limited has proven my debt?

 If Hellix Ltd has provided evidence that the debt is yours, you should arrange to pay it if possible. If you can’t pay in full, you may be able to negotiate a payment plan with them.

Is there a way to avoid paying Hellix Ltd?

In some cases, a debt might be too old to be legally enforced. These are known as statute-barred debts. However, seeking legal advice before deciding to stop payments is important, as acknowledging the debt might reset the clock.

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