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IMFS Debt: The Truth You Need to Know

Have you ever questioned the fine print of your financial obligations? IMFS Debt is a term that might cause a furrowed brow. However, fear not, as we are about to unveil the real meaning behind this abbreviation and what it could mean for your financial standing.


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Table of Contents

1. IMFS Debt: The Truth You Need to Know
2. The Intricacies of IMFS Debt
3. The Role of IMFS Debt Collection
4. IMFS Debt – Legitimate and Persistent
5. Navigating the IMFS Debt Landscape
6. Standing Up to IMFS Debt Collection: Know Your Rights
7. IMFS Debt Collection: Do You Really Owe Them?
8. Planning Your Next Move with IMFS Debt Collection
9. The Final Verdict: Should You Pay IMFS Debt Collection?
10. IMFS Debt Collection Contact Information
11. Key Points
12. FAQs


The Intricacies of IMFS Debt

IMFS, or Improved Financial Solutions, operates as a debt collection agency within the UK. Established in 2004, they’ve dealt with consumer debt primarily from the financial sector for nearly two decades.

So, if you’ve got an outstanding bill from a credit card, store card, current account, or loan, IMFS Debt is one of the agencies that could knock on your door. Sounds scary?

While their primary sector is financial services, their clients are incredibly diverse. High street brands, hotel chains, and even websites like eBay have availed of their services. Are you beginning to see how wide their net is cast?

The Role of IMFS Debt Collection

In the labyrinth of debts and collections, IMFS Debt Collection stands as a crucial player. But what role do they play? They operate as an intermediary, facilitating the transition of overdue debts from original creditors to their custody. I am sure that you want to know the exact process. Go on reading.

There can be instances that you have lent some money from a bank or an organisation for yourself. But you may not be able to pay it back within the given time period. This is where IMFS Debt Collection comes into play. 

They purchase these overdue debts from your original creditors. Once the overdue debts have been transferred to IMFS Debt Collection, they initiate the recovery procedures. 

This involves contacting you, the debtor, to negotiate repayment terms. This could be a single payment, or it might be multiple instalments over time. Sounds straightforward enough, right?

IMFS Debt – Legitimate and Persistent

IMFS Debt is an award-winning debt collection agency. Being an arm of Integrated Contact Solutions Ltd, IMFS Debt Collection operates under the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority. It is recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is no small feat. 

This adherence to regulation confirms their legitimacy, allowing you to engage with confidence. Verifying the legitimacy of the business that gave you the letter is good practice. Checking to see if the business has a page on Companies House is one of the greatest ways to establish this.

Although Integrated Contact Solutions Ltd., the parent business of it, does, you can access it by clicking this link

Their registered office is located at 4100 Park Approach, Thorpe Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, LS15 8GB, and they have the company number 09972113.

You might wonder if you can wait it out, hoping they would lose interest and stop pursuing the debt. But sadly probability of that happening is very rare.

If you have got a debt, they will continue to chase you.  So, does your heart beat faster? That’s alright because we’ve got solutions coming up next.

Navigating the IMFS Debt Landscape

You will be better able to understand who you are dealing with and why they are contacting you since you have this basic knowledge about IMFS debt collection said earlier.

While IMFS Debt is persistent, it’s crucial to remember they adhere to regulations stipulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. These guidelines protect your rights. How much do you know about your rights when dealing with debt collectors? The better you know better the handling.

Standing Up to IMFS Debt Collection: Know Your Rights

Dealing with IMFS Debt Collection can seem daunting. However, rest assured, you are protected by laws. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates it, enforcing a set of rules and guidelines that the company must follow.

First, try to understand your rights in these situations. That will help you to engage smartly and respectfully.

The Financial Conduct Authority regulates it and its parent company, Integrated Contact Solutions Ltd. As a result, they are both subject to its laws and regulations. You might not be obligated to pay them if they fail to do any of these things.

IMFS Debt Collection: Do You Really Owe Them?

Before anything else, you need to verify the validity of the debt. Is the debt truly yours? It is crucial to look into this.

If you’re responsible for a debt, it’s called ‘being liable.’ It implies that you will be required by law to pay it. You should be allowed to challenge the creditor if you are not liable. 

There might be discrepancies or misunderstandings that could exempt you from the claimed amount. Hence, always seek proof before proceeding with any payments.

‘Prove the Debt’ letter.

Use the “prove the debt” letter below to request the debt collection company to provide evidence that you genuinely do owe the money because it is their responsibility to do so. They frequently mark a debt as settled when they are unable to provide proof of the debt.

After printing and mailing the letter, the debt collection agency could reply to let you know that “we have tracked the debt back to you” and give you a deadline to reply.

You could ignore this since they still have to provide the original credit agreement including your signature, as confirmation of the debt. 

If you are not the valid owner of the debt, you must receive a letter regarding that. The letter must clearly state that the debt has been cleared and you are no longer owed. 

Planning Your Next Move with IMFS Debt Collection

Once you’ve validated your  IMFS Debt, you might be feeling the sense of unease more, and that’s completely okay. So, what you should do next? Let us guide you to find the best route you can follow.

Do not worry. You are not alone in this trouble. In fact, there are several paths you can tread when dealing with it.

Strategy #1: Establish a Payment Plan

One possible route you might consider is setting up a payment plan. IMFS Debt is known for its flexibility when it comes to payment arrangements. 

Just do not struggle alone. IMFS Debt is always there to help you to create a flexible payment plan that suits you well.

While the idea of setting up a payment plan might seem like a relief, it’s crucial to remember one thing. You must ensure that you’re making informed decisions. This requires careful consideration of your current financial situation and future prospects. Are you equipped to do that?

Strategy #2: Seek Professional Advice
Perhaps you’re not confident in setting up a payment plan by yourself. Maybe the concept of dealing with IMFS Debt Collection feels overwhelming. 
There are professional debt advisors who can provide valuable guidance when it comes to dealing with it. They can assess your situation and propose the best course of action. Feeling a bit more at ease now?

The Final Verdict: Should You Pay IMFS Debt Collection?

You’ve reached the crucial question. Should you pay IMFS Debt Collection?

The answer hinges on multiple factors, including the legitimacy of the debt, your financial situation, and your rights as a debtor. Considering all these facts, you can make the best decision that fits you.

Yes, these financial challenges make you feel exhausted. Do not worry. All of your problems must have an answer. Put some effort into figuring it out. Understanding your situation, rights, and the role of IMFS Debt Collection can empower you to manage and potentially overcome these issues.

IMFS Debt Collection Contact Information

There isn’t much information on the IMFS debt collection website. But you can find the address which is mentioned at the bottom place there.

Their website does not provide a way to get in touch with them directly. But if you establish an online profile on their homepage, you can:

  • Manage your account.
  • Make payments.
  • Create a payment schedule
  • uploading files
  • Message them and ask for a callback.

To learn more, Reach out to them using below contact details.

Website: imfs.co.com
Online Support: imfs.co.com
Address: 4100 Park Approach, Thorpe Park, Leeds,

West Yorkshire, England, LS15 8GB

Phone: 01133508520

Key Points

  • A legitimate collection firm in the UK, IMFS Debt Collection specialises in collecting consumer debt from the financial services sector.
  • In the UK, many people have the option of legally writing off some of their debt.
  • Gather prior correspondence and compare amounts if IMFS contacts you; any discrepancy may free you from payment.
  • When dealing with debt collectors, be aware of your rights; IMFS is subject to Financial Conduct Authority regulation and is required to abide by certain regulations.
  • To maybe write off part of your excessive debt, take into account debt solutions; carefully select one depending on your unique situation.


Q1: What is the loan collection process?

The loan collection process begins when a borrower defaults on a loan repayment. The original creditor, such as a bank or lender, may then sell the overdue debt to a collection agency like IMFS Debt Collection.
The agency then contacts the borrower to negotiate repayment terms.

Q2: Who is 01133508520?

01133508520 is often associated as a contact number for IMFS Debt Collection. However, always verify contact details from the official company website or your official communication to avoid potential scams.

Q3: Can debt collectors collect overseas?

Generally, yes. While debt collectors primarily operate within their respective countries, international debt collection can occur.
This depends on the specific agreements between the countries involved and the original terms of the loan or credit agreement.

Q4: Can they prove the debt?

Yes. Use the ‘Prove the Debt’ letter template and send it to IMFS debt collection if you don’t believe the debt is yours.
They must answer in writing and include all relevant information about the debt you owe in order to legally enforce the debt. It is often the case that they can not prove the debt and therefore mark it as settled.

Q5: Have they any rights?

They have rights against you, just as you do against them. It’s important to note that they lack legal authority and do not possess bailiff authority. That means IMFS Debt Collection cannot take any of your personal properties.

But if you are not willing to pay they might go for legal actions.

Q6: Suppose I’m unable to pay them?

Contact IMFS debt collection as soon as you can if you are unable to pay. They may agree to a plan where you pay off the amount in instalments.

Q7: Can I complain to them?

Yes. You should, first of all, address the nature of your complaint to them directly. You should take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service if they don’t answer this.

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