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You might end up paying Intrum Debt Collection agency, while in some instances, you may not. But beware, turning a blind eye to them is a risky game. Plus, you might spiral into a whirlwind you didn’t bargain for. 

As for your next move… hold tight because we will guide you to find options to solve this issue with the following chapters below.

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Last updated on 02 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. You Might Not Have to Pay Intrum Debt Collectors!
2. Introducing Intrum, Who are They in the Debt Collection World?
3. Intrum Company Reviews
4. Is Intrum a legitimate company?
5. Why is Intrum Justitia, the Debt Collection Agency, Trying to Contact You?
6. Is the Debt that Intrum is Referring to Yours?
7. Rethinking Payment: When You Don’t Want to Pay Intrum
8. Intrum’s Influence: Can Intrum really ruin your life?
9. Navigating the Legal Landscape with Intrum Justitia Debt Collectors
10. Understanding How Intrum Justitia Debt Collectors Function and Operate
11. The Pretend Game – Impersonation Tactics: Dealing with deceit
12. Standing Up to Debt Collectors Like Intrum: Fighting Back – You’ve Got This!
13. Seeking Assistance to Deal with Intrum: Getting Help for Debts.
14. Is Writing off the Debt an Option When Dealing with Intrum?
15. How to Get in Touch with Intrum Debt Collectors: Contact Information
16. What Happens Next: Will Intrum Eventually Cease Pursuit?
17. FAQ


You Might Not Have to Pay Intrum Debt Collectors!

There are certain limitations in place by law for debt collection agencies like Intrum company to obey when dealing with their debtors like you. 

Think about these questions,

1. Who is Intrum, and why should you care?
2. Does Intrum debt collection company threaten you with court action to pay your debts? Is there any legal framework where I can report this?
3. Are you feel like they are harassing you to pay the debt? 
4. Are they trying to make you pay a debt that even no whether it is really yours? 
5. Do you have the capability to pay the debt with your current financial situation?

We hope you are desperately seeking answers to the above questions. But fear not. We have covered all of these problems and more with this article.

Therefore let’s dive into the article to understand what your options are.

Introducing Intrum, Who are They in the Debt Collection World?

Intrum, also known as intrum uk, is a debt collection agency that aims to collect debts on behalf of other companies or purchased debts. They have the potential to provide worldwide(24 Countries) services compared to other debt collection firms in the UK.

They also buy outstanding debts from companies like eBay, Paypal, and O2 companies for a fraction of the total debt and chase after debtors to recover the full debt amount. 

Below are the main debt collection services offered by the Intrum Company.

1. Commercial Collection Services – They make sure collected debt instalments are paid on time to their original creditors. 
2. Debt Purchase – They buy debts from original creditors.
3. Debt Collection Agency – You can hire them to collect debts.
4. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – White Label Services 
5. Call Fronting
6.Multinational Collections Hub – they have the ability to manage debt collections across multiple countries.

They have agents who, wait for it, might be on bonuses! Yes, these agents probably have targets and incentives. This means they might use any trick in the book to collect money. 

Here’s the deal – If you can stand strong, you might be able to deal with Intrum without any hassle. But why would Intrum contact you? Let’s find out!

Intrum Company Reviews

Any business can show how great they are while doing business. But sometimes, they are not as great as they show up to be. We will show you some reviews given to Intrum debt collection service by some of the people who dealt with them within the past few years. 

You can decide for yourself what you can expect from them in the near future if you owe them.

Below are some reviews we found online regarding Intrum Company operations.

Trust Pilot reviews of Intrum Company.

They got an overall review score of 1.3 from 407 reviews. (Source)
Trust Pilot reviews of Intrum Company

Very rude
Very rude, give wrong information and just overall disgusting… I am going to complain to my local MP and financial ombudsman. They can’t treat people Like this…
Date of experience: June 23, 2023 – Source.

1. Samantha Jane has stated that,

Ridiculous and repeated threats to pay…Ridiculous and repeated threats to pay a bill that i dont even owe to Vodafone. I cancelled my plan 6 months ago and they still keep billing! But these cowboys wont listen just keep sending threats if i dont hand over nearly €2,400 for a phone bill that was €60 a month. How do they get away with this harassment?Date of experience: June 04, 2023 – Source

2. Kevin Keane has stated that,

Is Intrum a legitimate company?

Simply said, Yes. It is a legitimate company that has been registered and incorporated under the Legal name INTRUM UK LIMITED since 1999. Their company registration number is 03752940.

Also, they are a member of the Financial Conduct Authority under reference number – 718918.

Their Company registered address Is the Omnibus Building, Lesbourne Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7JPR, UNITED KINGDOM.

We think this information is enough for you to understand the legitimacy of this company. Now let’s discuss the main question. “Why are they trying to contact you?”

Why is Intrum Justitia, the Debt Collection Agency, Trying to Contact You?

The most probable reason for Intrum company to reach out to you is that they believe you owe them money. 

Sometimes you may even don’t know who really is this Intrum company at the first place. There can be three instances where this scenario could happen.

1. The Intrum company has reached out to you mistakenly. 
2. Your Original creditor has hired them to chase after you to recover the debt. 
3. Or your Original Creditor has sold your debts to Intrum debt collection company as they are tired of chasing after you to ask to pay back the debt. 

The Intrum Company prefers to purchase debt from original creditors like yours for a fraction of discounted price of the total debt you owe. Sometimes these discounts can go up to 40% of the total debt. After that, they chase after the debtor(you) to recover the total amount.

As you can see, they make a huge profit from just recovering the debt. And in addition, that’s the only way they could generate their income. So they will not stop at anything until recovering a penny from their debtors(you).

If Intrum is contacting you, it means you might have an outstanding debt. But hold your horses! Is the debt even yours? Here’s the real deal.

Is the Debt that Intrum is Referring to Yours?

Sometimes Intrum might contact the wrong person! Sometimes indeed, you might be the right person they are after. 

The first thing you should do is to verify the debt by yourself. 

1. For that, you can check out your credit history.  
2. Or you can reach out to Intrum by a letter to provide you written proof that proves you really owe them. Also, you can avoid paying them if they are unable or fail to provide evidence in a written document. 

And keep in mind to keep copies of your request letter as they come in handy if things get escalate in court with you not getting a reply. Intrum is legally bound law to reply with proof showing you really owe them.

Sometimes you might find you owe them, but the numbers have increased by a considerable amount. It’s because they have added interest and additional fees compared to the time you have been avoiding repaying. 

What do you do? 

Keep reading as we reveal the steps to take when you don’t want to pay Intrum.

Rethinking Payment: When You Don’t Want to Pay Intrum

It’s impossible to live while avoiding debt collection agencies like Intrum Company. It’s only a matter of time until they find a way to make you pay the debt. 

In extreme cases, they will get court approval to use enforcement agents to recover their debts from you if you are proven responsible for paying the debt in court.

Therefore, It’s better to settle the debt and get done with Intrum Debt Collection service if you have extra money in your pocket. Otherwise, you can reach out to them and discuss a payment plan if you are unable to settle debt with a single instalment.

Try to be reasonable(your monthly expenses, including family, apartment rent or mortgage) as much as possible when you try to get into a payment plan agreement. 

Remember that they are not allowed to make your day-to-day life financial expenses vulnerable due to making you agree to an unaffordable payment plan.

Keep in mind debt collection agencies deal with these kinds of issues more than 100 cases a day. Therefore for them, you are just a person who their money. Hence always try to deal with them with proven facts. Otherwise, they will surely give you a hard time when dealing with them.

What should you do if they are harassing you via constant phone calls? 

Keep track of the calls. Report them to the Financial Ombudsman if Intrum breaches Office of Fair Trading(OFT) guidelines.

But wait, there’s more!

Intrum’s Influence: Can Intrum really ruin your life?

Oh, boy! Intrum might seem like a giant waving its big arms. They might call you over and over again. Sometimes they’re like your best friend. But sometimes, they’re your worst nightmare. 

But how much can they really affect your life? 

Fasten your seatbelt because we’re about to go on a wild ride through the world of Intrum’s influence.

Non-stop constant Calling – When Your Phone Doesn’t Stop Ringing

Let’s paint a picture. Your phone is ringing off the hook, and who’s on the other side? Intrum. They just don’t let up. Now imagine that happening every day. It’s like an avalanche that doesn’t stop. 

1. Do you know that you can build a wall to stop this avalanche? 
2. Wait, what? 
3. How can you do that?  

The answer to all three questions above is the same. Simply reach out to Intrum and say at what time you can respond or if you prefer to communicate with letters or emails only. 

You can report to Intrum company at first if their agent does not comply with your request. And you can make a complaint to Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) or Financial Ombudsman if you feel like their reach outs are becoming unbearable and harassing.

Hold on. There is more to this story.

The Emotion Roller Coaster – Intrum’s Nasty and Nice Game

Intrum agents can take you on an emotional roller coaster. They might sweet-talk you one minute and then turn into a roaring lion the next. It’s enough to make your head spin! But don’t let them toy with your emotions. 

Is there a way out of this? You bet, but before we reveal the escape plan, let’s dive into something even more sinister.

Letters, Letters Everywhere – The Paper War

Do you like getting mail? Well, Intrum can flood you with letters. These letters might make your heart race. These letters can imply they are taking

1. Legal action, 
2. Court actions,
3. Bailiff’s involvements. 

It sounds like a horror movie! 

But wait, 

  • Can Intrum really send you to court? 
  • Can they really send bailiffs? 

This brings us to the critical question…

Legal Jargons – Is It All Real?

Yes, all of the legal actions that they say “they are going to take” will come to reality at some point in time if you keep ignoring their reach outs. Legal words can sound like an alien language. Intrum might use terms like “Summons,” “Court,” and “Bailiff.” It sounds scary, doesn’t it? 

Yes, they can go to court and take a warrant or a writ of conduct to use bailiffs to visit your home and seize your belongings. And that’s scary. 

These scary word-added letters come into your home only if you keep ignoring their reach out at all times. 

We have discussed further under the sub-heading “Understanding How Intrum Justitia Debt Collectors Function and Operate.” So keep reading to find out how they do their operations.

Your Armour – Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge can be your suit of armour against Intrum. Knowing your rights can change everything. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) sets the rules. Intrum must obey these rules. 

You will be able to deal with them by keeping your head straight, just reading and getting to know FCA rules. Furthermore, it will help you find what debt collection agencies can and cannot do when it comes to dealing with their borrowers.

You can report Intrum if they break these rules. You can even get legal advice. That’s right, advice that helps you! It’s like having your very own superhero team.

The Secret Weapon – Communication

Believe it or not, sometimes talking to Intrum can help. You might be able to negotiate. You can ask them to stop the calls and letters. Sometimes, they might even agree. But remember, always stay calm and don’t promise anything you can’t deliver.

The Aftermath – Life After Intrum

Can Intrum really have a lasting impact on your life? The truth is, it’s up to you. 

You can lessen their influence with 

1. Knowledge, 
2. Support – Through online reading or legal assistance
3. And sometimes, even through negotiation. 

So take a deep breath. You have the tools. You have the power.

Navigating the Legal Landscape with Intrum Justitia Debt Collectors

Knowing your rights is essential. If Intrum discusses your debt with third parties, that’s a big no-no! It’s against the OFT guidelines and privacy laws. 

Below are some of the basic and valuable when known guidelines made by The Office for Fair Trading (OFT, 2012)

  • Debt collectors are not allowed to use any aggressive practices, such as harassment, bullying etc. when dealing with their borrowers. Plus, they have to make sure the debtors are treated fairly.
  • They must always be transparent about the debt and should provide precise information without including terms and technical words that could confuse or mislead the debtor.
  • Make sure to consider all the circumstances of the debtor’s ongoing life when determining what to do next against them.
  • Show Consideration towards the difficulties that the debtor faces while going through his life financially and non-financially.

As you can see, You can report them to the Financial Ombudsman if you feel like they are violating these guidelines when doing their operations. 

But keep in mind you need provable proof when building a case against this type of institution. Otherwise, it is no use and will become just a waste of time.

Next, let’s see how does Intrum operate? The following section reveals all!

Understanding How Intrum Justitia Debt Collectors Function and Operate

Let’s pull back the curtain and see what really goes on in the debt-collection world of Intrum. How do they operate? What tactics do they use? And how can you stay one step ahead?

Intrum Debt collection process
1. They will send you an initial letter notifying you to pay the debt. 
2. After that, they will use all your contact methods to reach out to ask you to pay back the debt if they do not receive any response to the initial notice letter. Hereafter the torcher begins. You will get several constant calls, Emails, and Letters requesting to pay the debt.
3. In extreme cases where you ignore their communications, they will send your home collection agents as well to convince you to settle the debt. Keep in mind they are not bailiffs. So they do not have legal powers as bailiffs do.
4. Yet if you keep ignoring them, The Intrum company will send you one last letter titled “Letter Before Action” (LBA). This letter will give you the message that implies they are going to take legal action if you do not settle the debt on time. 
5. Next, they will go to court to take County Court Judgement(CCJ) against you. This court order will make you legally responsible for paying this debt.
6. They will go to court again to take a warrant or a Writ of conduct against you to use enforcement agents(bailiffs) to visit your home and seize your valuable belongings if you ignore the CCJ. 
7. The bailiffs will store your items in a warehouse for some time and eventually sell them in an auction to recover their fees and the total debt. The balance of the auction will be debited to your account.

All these steps will be taken against you only if you ignore their reach outs at each level. Therefore We strongly suggest you take action to resolve this issue before coming to a last extent.

Let’s talk about their cheeky actions next,

The Agents – Intrum’s Frontline Soldiers

Imagine this: people working tirelessly, like ants in an anthill. That’s Intrum’s agents for you. They are usually high on energy, and why is that? Well, they are often incentivised. This means the more they collect, the more money they make. Therefore try to use every trick they know of to influence you to pay the debt.

As you can see, you will be able to counter these reach outs if you stand strong and reply to these reach outs confidently. Sometimes you may even get the chance to turn the table around if you listen to them and answer patiently.

But is that all there is to it? No! 

There’s a darker side. 

  • Are they playing fair? 
  • Or are they using some sneaky tactics? 

Let’s dig deeper.

The Tech Factor – Call Technology

Now, let’s talk about technology. Intrum employs advanced call technology. They can call lots of people in a day. Yes, including you. You might think of avoiding these reach out instead of answering. But the catch is things can escalate to horrible situations if you keep ignoring them.

We believe you do not need that. Therefore answer their calls and discuss a solution. With this approach, you will get enough time to find another solution to overcome this debt problem.

But yet, You can make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman if they keep torturing you even after you answered them. What you just have to do is to note down when they call and how often. This info can be your shield. 

We advise you to get in touch with Financial Ombudsman via a phone call to report this issue. Their phone numbers are such as

1. 0800 023 4567 
2. 0300 123 9123

Now, what about the content of those calls? Buckle up as we reveal the nitty-gritty details.

The Talks – Are They Sweet or Sour?

Have you ever tried sweet and sour candy? Intrum’s agents can be like that. Sometimes they are sweet, and other times they go sour. They might call you with polite reminders. But if you don’t pay up, they might change their tune. It’s all a game to them. 

This whole calling operation is programmed in a way to break you at some point to end up paying the debt. Always remember, you are not the only debtor they do deal with per day. Thus they have thousands of experience in handling various types of debt recovery scenarios by phone. So they surely identify how to deal with you with time. 

Therefore always speak with caution and do not give them plus points to counter your arguments.

Rember to report them to OFT If you feel like they are breaking the OFT guidelines.

What to do if they talk to third parties?

Sometimes you find instances where debt collection agencies like Intrum call your home and discuss your debts with anyone who answers the phone to make you embarrass. This is a strict violation of OFT guidelines as well as privacy laws. 

They are only permitted to discuss the issue with their debtor only, which means you. You can report to OFT if they discuss your issues with someone other than you.

Did this surprise you? There’s even more to Intrum than meets the eye. 

  • What other secrets might they have up their sleeves? 
  • What will they do next? 

Keep reading as we dive even further into the world of Intrum Justitia Debt Collectors.

The Pretend Game – Impersonation Tactics: Dealing with deceit

Sometimes, Intrum debt collection agents will visit your home in extreme cases where you ignore all their communications. 

Hold onto your hat! Intrum might pretend to be someone they’re not. We all are humans, and we have bills to pay. This phenomenon is the same for debt collection agents as well. Therefore sometimes, they might act like enforcement agents(bailiffs).

Scary, right? But remember, only real court bailiffs have special powers. Intrum doesn’t. Thus they are not allowed to threaten or enter the premises and seize your valuable items. Always ask for their identification before starting any convocation with them.

You have the right to not open the door or not respond to them at all if they come to your doorstep unless they are bailiffs. Plus, you can call the police if they try to threaten or harass you.

What’s next? Could there be a light at the end of this tunnel?

Standing Up to Debt Collectors Like Intrum: Fighting Back – You’ve Got This!

First, keep your cool. Intrum wants you to lose it. But don’t let them win! Arm yourself with knowledge. Know your rights. Record the times and dates of calls and report any breach of guidelines. 

Be strong, and don’t let them intimidate you! Report them if they cross the line. 

You have agencies like Citizens Advice on your side. Reach out to them.

You might ask your self it’s too much to bear, and is there someone who can help you with this? Yes, there is. Keep reading. You will find it eventually.

Seeking Assistance to Deal with Intrum: Getting Help for Debts.

There are many charity organisations which specialise in helping persons like you who are with difficulties managing and dealing with debt collection agencies on their own. These non-profit organisations offer free one-to-one services to find a solution to get relief from your debt. 

Yes, there are paid institutions as well that provide debt help. But it’s better to seek help from debt charity organisations first with your current financial situation. Below are some institution names where you can seek debt help inside the UK.

1. National Debtline 
2. Citizens Advice
3. PayPlan 
4. Community Money Advice
5. StepChange Debt Charity. Read more about these charity debt organisations.

Is Writing off the Debt an Option When Dealing with Intrum?

Yes, there are options to write off atleast a part of the total debt you owe. Below are some of the options available in the UK. 

1. Apply for a  Debt Management Plan (DMP). – With this method, you come into an agreement with your creditor to pay all your debts. Here you get the chance to arrange a payment plan if your monthly income rates are not enough to make a single full payment.
2. Apply for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) – With this, you get the chance to pay all or some part of the debts. Here, your payments will be divided between all your creditors using an insolvency practitioner.
3. Debt consolidation – This method provides you with the facility to consolidate all of your debts into one single debt source. 
4. Declare Bankruptcy– You will lose all your belongings if declared.

How to Get in Touch with Intrum Debt Collectors: Contact Information

Intrum UK can be contacted at 44(0)1737 735 111 or through their website intrum.co.uk. But what happens next?

Company Name: Intrum 
Other Names: Intrum Holdings Ltd
Address: Intrum UK Limited, The Omnibus Building, Lesbourne Road

Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7JP

Phone: 01737 237 370

Monday to Friday – 08:00 am to 20:00 pm

Saturday – 09:00 am to 13:30pm

Email: compliance.uk@intrum.com
Website: www.intrum.co.uk

What Happens Next: Will Intrum Eventually Cease Pursuit?

No. Debt collection agencies like Intrum generates revenue from collecting these types of unpaid debt on a massive scale. They are not like ordinary creditors. Indeed they find a way to break you and recover their money within the legal frame. 

In extreme cases, they might also sell the debt to another company. But Other than that, they surely recover their money even if it needs to be solved in court. 

Therefore always try to find a solution as fast as you can. Otherwise, things can escalate to a situation where you might find it hard to escape. Plus, standing firm and knowing your rights are fundamental.

Now we believe you have collected enough knowledge to deal with Intcrum effectively.


Get ready, folks, as we’re about to unravel the mysteries surrounding Intrum. We’ve gathered the most common questions that everyone is dying to know the answers to. Here they are!

What Happens if You Ignore Intrum?

Hold on tight! Ignoring Intrum is like ignoring a tornado coming right at you. They might apply for a County Court Judgement (CCJ). With a CCJ conjugation, they can use bailiffs or claim your property if you own one. 

What is Intrum Debt Collection?

Intrum is a debt collection agency who is specialised in collecting unpaid loans, credit cards, and other debts from banks, credit card companies, and even utility providers. 

But wait, there’s more! Not only do they buy debts, but they also collect debts on behalf of others. Intrum is basically the middleman who comes knocking when others can’t get their money back.

How Do I Pay My Intrum Debt?

You can pick up your phone, dial 0330 333 4380, and pay through their Automated Payment Hotline. It’s like a robot cashier. Follow the instructions, and you’re done! 

HWhy is Intrum Calling Me?

Intrum company calls you because you owe money to them or to the client they work for. 
But wait, you don’t recognise them for the first time because your debt was with someone else, and Intrum is like the debt detective sent to find you. They chase customers for payments on behalf of other companies. 

Can Intrum Justitia Take You to Court?

Yes, they can! Intrum UK Limited can waltz into the courtroom to claim the money you owe. They will issue a County Court Judgment that makes you responsible for paying the debt if proven you owe them. 
Eventually, they will ask the court to grant permission to use bailiffs against you to visit your home and seize your belonging if you ignore the court CCJ.

Are Intrum Justitia Bailiffs?

No. Intrum isn’t a bailiff. But hold on, they could ask the courts to send bailiffs your way. You’ll get warning letters so that it won’t be a surprise. 
But remember, a bailiff at your door is not a pleasant visit. It’s best to tackle the debt head-on.

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