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Your IVA completion certificate isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s your ticket to a brighter financial future. This certificate confirms that your IVA has concluded and your remaining debts have been written off. An IVA certificate is important for many reasons. 

In this article, we will cover all these important points and give insight into IVA certificates.

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Last updated on 19 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. What is the IVA Completion Certificate?
2. The Importance of an IVA Completion Certificate
3. How will I receive my IVA completion certificate?
4. How Soon Will I Receive My IVA Completion Certificate Once My IVA Ends?
5. How Long Does an IVA Last?
6. What is the Significance of My IVA Completion Certificate?
7. How Long Will it Take for My Name to be removed from the Individual Insolvency Register?
8. I Have Not Received My IVA Completion Certificate. What Can I Do?
9. Reasons why your IVA Certificate might be delayed
10. I’ve received my IVA completion certificate. What now?
11. Conclusion
12. Need More help?
13. Key Points


Numerous individuals find themselves uncertain about the precise steps to take after completing their final IVA payment. And that alone often leads to difficulties in obtaining their IVA completion certificate. 

In this article, I will address the significance of the IVA completion certificate and provide guidance on expediting its acquisition when your IVA concludes.

What is the IVA Completion Certificate?

An IVA completion certificate is simply a document that confirms that you have successfully completed your IVA and that your remaining debts have been written off. Some points to note about your IVA certificate include:

1. This document is what you will show as written proof in the future to ensure that you have completed your IVA.
2. You will receive your IVA completion form from your Insolvency Practitioner (IP) through the mail.
3. You will get an IVA certificate only if you complete all your payments mentioned in the IVA proposal.
4. Your IP will double-check to see if you’ve made all your payments and then draft an IVA completion certificate to send to you.

The Importance of an IVA Completion Certificate

Many people assume that their IVA is complete once they finish making the payments. But this is not true. Without an IVA completion certificate, you are still legally bound by its terms. 

Two main things that an IVA completion certificate confirms include:

1. You have made all the payments and don’t owe anything.
2. They are no longer your supervisor.

So this is why it’s important that you get your certificate right after you pay off your final payment. Until you do this, your IVA windfall clause will remain active. 

Further, your name will also still be present on the Insolvency Register, and your credit rating will not start to improve like it’s supposed to. 

How will I receive my IVA completion certificate?

Your Insolvency practitioner will directly send the IVA completion certificate to you. It comes as a letter. But note that you will only receive it if you have completed all debts you owe the IVA. 

If your IP believes that there are PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) ms-selling claims that should be paid into your IVA, then your IP will mark your IVA as complete, assuming the role of Trustee. The role of the Trustee is to release PP for the creditors’ benefit. Once an IVA is fully complete, you will no longer have to make any payments monthly. 

How Soon Will I Receive My IVA Completion Certificate Once My IVA Ends?

Your insolvency practitioner (IP) should send you the IVA completion certificate within about 12 weeks after your IVA ends. The process includes:

1. You make your final payment, and your IP confirms that you have made all your payments according to the agreement.
2. IVA completion certificate will be sent only after your IP confirms that you have made all the payments. 
3. This process usually takes up to 12 weeks from the final payment date.
4. Your IP will speak with the Insolvency Company and confirm to them that you have completed your IVA.

How Long Does an IVA Last?

An IVA generally lasts between five to six years, but this varies depending on your situation. Some points to note include:

  • Even though an IVA ends between 5-6 years, it remains in your credit report for around six years.
  • If your IVA extends for over six years, then it will be removed as soon you complete your IVA. 
  • Having an IVA on your credit report greatly impacts your credit score. It also makes borrowing difficult for you in the present and the future. 
  • If you’re currently on an IVA, you cannot borrow more than £500 without the permission of your IP.  

What is the Significance of My IVA Completion Certificate?

Your Financial Freedom Starts Here

Your IVA completion certificate is not just a piece of paper. It is what guarantees that you are debt-free. And it helps you to once again step into financial freedom after years of paying off debt. 

A Clean Slate on Your Record

First off, this IVA completion certificate wipes the slate clean on your financial past. Once you receive it, your name will not be on the Insolvency Register anymore. Having your name on that list can act like a red flag for lenders. 

If you’ve been longing for a clean record, this certificate is your first step. You might be wondering what other doors this opens up for you. Keep reading!

Housing and Loans: A Brighter Path Ahead After Receiving an IVA Completion Certificate

Think about housing applications and car loans. These might have seemed like far-off dreams. Not anymore! With an IVA completion certificate, these are no longer distant hopes but achievable realities. 

The Impact on Your Business Ventures

Dreaming of starting a business? You’re in luck. Your IVA completion certificate also changes the game here. It improves your credibility, making it easier to secure loans or investments for your new venture. 

The Windfall Clause: A Game-Changer

Remember that windfall clause we’ve been hinting at? Once you have this certificate, the windfall clause no longer applies to you. So, if you suddenly come into unexpected money, like an inheritance, it’s all yours to keep! 

Other Benefits You Might Have Missed
  • Credit Score: Your credit score will see a slow but sure climb, opening more doors for you.
  • Freedom to Travel: Some jobs require a clean financial history. With this certificate, such careers become attainable.
  • Peace of Mind: No more sleepless nights worrying about debt collectors!
What Happens Next?

So, what’s the next chapter in your financial fairytale? Well, with your IVA completion certificate in hand, you can start to rebuild. Even though it will take some time, with the proper tools and the IVA certificate in your hand, things will get better for you gradually. 

The Final Word: It’s Not Just a Certificate

Summing it up, your IVA completion certificate is like a master key. It unlocks doors you didn’t even know were closed to you. Each section above isn’t just a standalone benefit; they all interlink to offer you a new financial beginning. 

With your IVA completion certificate, your future looks brighter, more secure, and more prosperous than before. 

How Long Will it Take for My Name to be removed from the Individual Insolvency Register?

It takes three months for your name to be cleared from the Individual Insolvency Register (IIR).

The three months start from the day you make the final payment for your IVA. If it has been over three months and your name is still on the IIR, then you should talk to your IP about it. You can also speak with the Insolvency Company. 

After your name clears out from the Individual Insolvency Register, the proof you have of the completion of your IVA will be the IVA completion certificate. This is why it’s important that you get your IVA certificate before your name is cleared from the Insolvency Register. 

For further information regarding this, you should speak to your IP. 

I Have Not Received My IVA Completion Certificate. What Can I Do?

If you have not received your IVA completion certificate even after three months, then make sure to:

Contact Your Insolvency Practitioner about Your IVA Completion Certificate

The first thing you should do is contact your IP and explain the situation. They should know the details of your IVA and why you may not have received your certificate. It is a big mistake if you lose contact with your IP right after you make the final payment of your IVA. 

Just because you complete the payments doesn’t mean that everything will fall into place on its own. You should stay in contact with your IP to make sure that you receive the IVA completion certificate on time. 

Get in Touch with the Insolvency Service

If you don’t get a proper response from your IP, directly speak with the Insolvency Service. They will give you information regarding the issue, and it might not even take long. 

The Importance of Documentation

Always keep a record of your payments and any communications with your IP. You will need these as proof in the future if you face any issues. 

Consult the Ombudsman

Don’t forget that you have rights. If your IP does not help you out with the issue or guide you on the matter, you can make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). They will review your complaint and take action or provide you with solutions.

The Final Resort: Legal Action

If none of these options work, then you can turn to legal action. However, don’t forget that this option will be expensive and time-consuming. 

Summing It Up

So, what should you do if you haven’t received your IVA completion certificate? You have a range of options, from contacting your IP to taking legal action. Each step you take ratchets up the pressure to get what you’re entitled to: your IVA completion certificate. 

Reasons why your IVA Certificate might be delayed

One of the main reasons why you may not receive your IVA completion certificate is that there are outstanding PPI claims. In a case where their claims haven’t been processed by the necessary banks, they will not release your certificate until these matters are solved and it is finalised. 

The issue with this is that it will keep you from moving forward even after you pay off your IVA debts, and your name will still be there on the Insolvency Register, so your credit will also not improve. The best way to resolve this is by informing your IVA Company that they can keep any PPI paid after issuing the certificate. 

I’ve received my IVA completion certificate. What now?

After receiving your IVA completion certificate, keep an eye on your credit report. If you believe that your IVA should be cleared from your credit report, then contact the three main credit agencies in the UK:

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • Callcredit

They will then look into the matter and remove your IVA from your report. Once this is sorted, you can have a fresh start. Also, don’t forget to rebuild your credit rating. 

To do this, make sure to only take credit in small amounts and always pay them off on time. This will prove that you can handle debt well. But keep in mind that the recovery process of your credit report might take some time, so be patient. 


Your IVA completion certificate is not just another piece of paper. It’s a life-altering document that signifies your liberation from debt. 

Knowing its importance and what you should do if you don’t receive it from your IP is crucial. 

The nitty-gritty details lie in your IVA application form, and a thorough conversation with your IP could unlock additional paths to your financial freedom.

Need More help?

In the United Kingdom, there exist various alternative debt solution options. Selecting the appropriate one for your circumstances could result in the discharge of a portion of your unmanageable debt. 

Conversely, opting for the wrong solution may prove costly and protracted. 

Feel free to fill out this online form from here If you need more help in solving your particular debt issue.

Key Points

  • Obtaining your IVA completion certificate is not just a formality; it’s a crucial document that certifies you’ve successfully completed your IVA. This is the key to your financial freedom and signifies that your debts have been legally written off.
  • In the UK, people can legally write off their debt. An IVA is one of these options that helps to write off debt. 
  • You should typically expect to receive your IVA completion certificate from your Insolvency Practitioner (IP) within about 12 weeks after making your final payment on your IVA. This timeline can vary, so it’s best to maintain open communication with your IP.
  • One of the long-term impacts of getting your IVA completion certificate is its role in future credit applications. It serves as proof that you’ve completed your IVA and is a crucial document when your name is removed from the Individual Insolvency Register.
  • If you don’t receive an IVA completion certificate, make sure to speak to your IP about it. 

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