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There are certain facts that you need to concern about when deciding to pay or not to pay JCIA Debt. But it is crucial not to disregard them since additional enforcement measures could be pursued over you.

Allow me to guide you through the available options and help you navigate this matter effectively.

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Last updated on 18 June 2023
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Table of Contents

1. What is JCIA?
2. The Legitimacy of JCIA: Is JCIA a legitimate business?
3. Understanding Functioning of JCIA Debt: What is a JCIA debt?
4. JCIA’s Commitment to Debt Recovery
5. Some Reviews and forum discussions about JCIA and CARS Debt Firms
6. Ensuring the Validity of Your Debt: Communication with JCIA
7. Dealing with Other Debt Collectors
8. How can I contact JC International Acquisitions (JCIA)?
9. FAQ


What is JCIA?

JCIA Debt refers to outstanding amounts owed to Jefferson Capital International Acquisitions (JCIA) LLC. They are a renowned debt-purchasing company. 

They usually buy debts from other businesses ranging from credit card companies to insurance providers. Their pursuit for debt collection starts after transforming the initial debt into a JCIA debt.

The JCIA always tries to bid lower as possible when acquiring debts from other debt-selling companies. Because of that, they can make a huge profit if the debtor chooses to pay it back. 

Let us take a small and simple scenario to get a good grip on how they make money by purchasing debts for a considerably lower value than the actual value.

1. You have 100$ debts for “A” Company. 
2. Then JCIA purchases those debts from that company for 70$.
3. And let’s say you paid your debts in full to JCIA in the end.

The total profit they make from this hypothetical scenario equals 30$. 

As you can see, Lowering the debt purchase value gives a higher chance of getting a significantly higher profit to JCIA when acquiring debts from its debtors.

The Legitimacy of JCIA: Is JCIA a legitimate business?

It triggers a sense of worry and scepticism often when you are being reached out to by debt-purchasing companies such as JCIA.

Their main reach-out methods are as follows.

1. Letters, 
2. Emails,
3. Or calls

Think about the following problems;

  • Is JCIA a legitimate company? 
  • Can they lawfully ask me to repay the debt they’ve bought? 

These are natural concerns that need addressing. Let’s delve into this.

Is JCIA A Recognised Entity

Well, the rest is assured. The answer is a resounding yes. JCIA operates in full compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority regulations(FCA) in the UK. That fact alone provides enough legitimacy to its operations.

Moreover, they stand amongst many other reputable debt-purchasing companies as a recognised member of the Credit Services Association (CSA).

Regulation Compliance: A Priority for JCIA

“Is JCIA following the rules?” Yes, they are. 

JCIA is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

FCA is a UK governmental body that aims to;

1. Protect consumers. 
2. Keep the industry stable.
3. And promote healthy competition between financial service providers.

Compliance with FCA regulations ensures that JCIA follows fair practices when dealing with customers, further solidifying its legitimacy.

The Role of the Credit Services Association

JCIA adheres to a code of conduct that promotes best practices within the industry as a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA). 

So, when you ask, “Is JCIA doing the right thing?” 

  • The answer is yes.

The CSA encourages and guides its members(like JCIA) to do their operations lawfully. Following are some key practices that they expect from their members.

1. Transparency, 
2. Ethical behaviour,
3. And respect for the rights and needs of customers,

Understanding Functioning of JCIA Debt: What is a JCIA debt?

Now, you might be wondering, “How does a debt-purchasing company operate?” 

Understanding this can be crucial in grasping the concept of JCIA Debt. JCIA buys debts from various businesses. 

This could be 

1. Your unpaid gym fees, 
2. Outstanding credit card balances,
3. Telecommunications businesses,
4. Payday loan providers,
5. Or insurance premiums.

These companies sell your debts to JCIA at a fraction of their actual value. The birth of JCIA Debt happens from there onwards.

JCIA’s Commitment to Debt Recovery

“Will JCIA stop at nothing to recover debts?” Well, it’s their business to recover debts, and they do pursue this vigorously. 

However, JCIA is also bound by regulations and ethical guidelines. Thus they can’t cross certain boundaries.

They can 

1. Send you letters, 
2. Make calls, 
3. And arrange payment plans,
The Interplay Between JCIA and CARS debt recovery

One day, you might receive a call or a letter from an entity called Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions (CARS). 


Don’t be. CARS is a part of JCIA and is primarily responsible for tracing debtors and facilitating their repayment process(getting them to pay. ).

But they can’t intimidate you into paying. Remember your rights and seek advice if you ever feel pressured.

Keep reading the post. Eventually, you will find some reviews that they received from their debtors.

Some Reviews and forum discussions about JCIA and CARS Debt Firms

JCIA and CARS have garnered numerous unfavourable reviews online. Many reviewers expressed grievances about being pursued debts they are not responsible for and enduring harassment. Here are a few instances to illustrate this sentiment:

Some Google map reviews that show how JCIA debt does their operations

For four years, Jefferson Capital has been taking $50 a month out of my bank account to pay off a $1900 debt. With less than $200 to go, Jefferson Capital decided to stop going into my account so they could go after me, legally add court fees and garnish my check…
When I called Jefferson Capital to ask them why they were doing this, they replied as they went into my bank account 3 consecutive months, and that was insufficient funds…Read more

Jennifer Hodge

I have the actual receipt of my final transaction with Verizon, and it shows a balance of $0. I have sent this information to Verizon, as well as another debt collector, before this one.Jefferson isn’t interested in actually settling the debtRead more

Alex Roxburgh

Below are some forum discussions found on the internet regarding JCIA and CARS LLC

Ensuring the Validity of Your Debt: Communication with JCIA

Perhaps you’re wrestling with the pressing question: “Should I pay this JCIA Debt?” 

It’s essential to verify the legitimacy of the debt you’ve been asked to repay before leaping into action. Here’s how to approach this critical stage.

The First Step: The Debt Letter

Have you received a debt letter from JCIA or CARS( their recovery arm)? If so, don’t rush to open your wallet. 

Your first action should be to ensure the debt is rightfully yours. You might ask, “How can I do this?” Read on to find out.

Requesting Proof of JCIA Debt

JCIA is obliged to provide evidence of the debt you supposedly owe, like any debt-purchasing company. 

Request this proof in writing. This may be a credit agreement or a contract you originally signed with the creditor.

Asking for such evidence should be your initial response to the debt letter. Remember, you’re not required to pay until they’ve substantiated the debt.

What If Evidence Isn’t Provided? : Should you pay JCIA debt?

Are you anxious about what happens if JCIA doesn’t provide the necessary evidence? Don’t worry. You still have options. 

If they fail to provide proof, you can hold onto copies of their letters, as they may be useful later. But what’s next? Let’s continue.

Failure to Provide Proof: Your Next Steps

You might be tempted to ignore future letters if JCIA is unable to supply evidence of your debt. However, consider maintaining a record of their inability to produce proof

Why is this important? This record can be beneficial if the matter proceeds to court.

Taking Matters to Court: A Possible Scenario

You may feel uncertain and fearful in a situation where JCIA decides to take you to court over the debt. 

However, having asked for proof and not received it can work to your advantage. Presenting evidence that you requested proof and didn’t receive it can potentially help you win the case. 

Is this the end of the story? Not quite. There’s more you should know about JCIA Debt.

Is there A Potential loophole to avoid JCIA debt?: Statute-Barred Debt

An intriguing aspect of debt in the UK is that some debts become too old to pursue legally after six years. Hence those old debts are sorted under the ‘statute-barred’ debts category. Simply means you don’t need to repay. 

You can inform JCIA that you won’t be paying because your debt falls into this category.

Yes, this might seem like an easy out. But it’s worth noting that your credit score can still be affected by unpaid or statute-barred debts. So tread carefully.

Debunking JCIA Debt Claims

The onus lies with JCIA or CARS to furnish proof of your debt. 


  • You’re under no obligation to make a payment until you receive a copy of your signed original credit agreement or contract. 
  • You have the right to ask for this evidence!

Dealing with Other Debt Collectors

It’s wise to look into any other outstanding debts you might have with other companies or debt collectors. 

Below are four steps that you take to be ahead of these kinds of debt problems,

1. Train your mind to check your credit report atleast once for defaulted debts. 
2. Keep an awareness of  emailsand letters about payment reminders or notices.
3. Read the court record(CCJ records) against you carefully. (Read more about CCJ).
4. Check your bank statement to be aware of other debt collectors to verify whether anyone else has purchased your debts. 

There are a considerable number of debt collector agents and firms inside the UK. 


  • They do not work in the same type of debt category 
  • Or with the same companies that need to collect debts. 

Following the above steps outlined in this guide will save plenty of our stress and a significant amount of money potentially.

How can I contact JC International Acquisitions (JCIA)?

Being informed about how to contact JCIA can be incredibly useful. If you need to get in touch with JCIA, we have listed their contact information for you. 

Remember, communication is key in dealing with any kind of debt situation.

Phone: 0203 437 0310
Post: JC International Acquisition, LLC

5th Floor, MidPoint, Alencon Link, Basingstoke RG21 7PP

mail: jcia@carsuk.org
Website: https://www.jcia.co.uk/


How does JCIA chase debtors like you for payment?

JCIA may contact their debtors directly. It’s more likely that CARS – Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions(a part of JCIA) will contact the debtor if he is in the UK.

CARS is responsible for tracing debtors and getting them to pay. They will send letters asking for payment or get in touch to discuss payment plans. 

These letters may be threatening and could suggest that legal action will be taken if you don’t pay.

How do you verify debt?

Send a letter to JCIA stating that you dispute the validity of the debt and you want a written document verifying the debt is really yours to pay.

Also, request the name and address of the original creditor. You’re not obligated to pay the debt until JCIA has provided this evidence.

What should I do if JCIA contacts me regarding a debt?

  • Do not ignore if JCIA contacts you to discuss about a debt. 
  • Ask for pieces of evidence that can show you really owe them money. 
  • Ignore future letters until they provide some legitimate proof.
  • Keep a copy of the letter that was sent to JCIA asking for evidence. You can use this letter against them in court if they failed to reply before the court date.

Who does Jefferson Capital collect for?

A:  JCIA (JC Internationals Acquisitions) does not collect for other businesses. They purchase debts straight from businesses such as gyms, telecommunications, credit card companies, payday loan providers, and insurance businesses for a discounted value.

As a result, the final ownership of the debt gets changed to DCIA (Jefferson Capital) LLC. Now the debtor has to deal with DCIA Debts instead of the previous owner.

Where can I get further help regarding JCIA debt?

Below are some organisations that provide additional support and guidance regarding JCIA debt inside the UK,

1. Citizens Advice.  
2. PayPlan 
3. Community Money Advice
4. StepChange Debt Charity
5. MoneyPlus Advice
6. Money Wellness
7. Debt Advice Foundation

Click here If you want to know more details about these help services.

It is recommended to speak to these organizations if you have more money worries.

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