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Have you received a notice from Lackfords Debt Recovery? Not everyone is required to pay. However, turning a blind eye could bring about unforeseen complications. Curious about the paths available to you? Hold on; you’re just about to uncover your options with this debt collection company.

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Last updated on 14 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. What is Lackfords Debt Recovery?
2. How does commercial debt recovery work?
3. Who does Lackfords Debt Recovery work for?
4. Lackfords Group reviews
5. Have you received a Lackfords debt letter?
6. Or, have you received a Lackfords Notice of Recovery?
7. Do you have to pay Lackfords?
8. Ask Lackfords Debt Recovery to prove the supposed debt
9. What happens if they prove your debt?
10. Considering Statute-Barred Debt
11. Checking for Other Debt Collectors
12. Lackfords Group Contact Information
13. Key Points
14. FAQ


What is Lackfords Debt Recovery?

Known for its prowess in managing both early and late-stage debt recovery, Lackfords has carved a niche for itself in the UK’s debt recovery industry. Located in London, Cornwall, and Manchester. And they take pride in being a company that has a unique way of resolving debts fast and effectively. 

Their aim is to recover the debt before court action takes place. Since they are also enforcement officers, they have the right to enforce court orders to recover debts. 

How does commercial debt recovery work?

Commercial debt recovery might seem like a daunting term, but at its core, it’s simply all about settling outstanding debts. Companies like Lackfords step in when businesses struggle to retrieve funds from their debtors. These agencies then trace and contact the debtors, requesting repayment. 

If the debtor requests a payment plan, then the company will charge their client a commission or a fee in order to recover the debt. But some debtors don’t pay even after the debt collection company contacts them. 

The main reason for this is that they don’t believe that they actually owe the money. So they assume it’s a mistake. This is true, especially when they don’t recognise the debt collection company. 

In a situation like this, the debt collection company’s client can request court action against the debtor. If the judge asks the debtor to pay, they should. But if they don’t, then they will use enforcement officers, also called bailiffs. 

But the difference between other debt collection companies and Lackfords is that they help both ends of this process. Other debt collection agencies aren’t bailiffs, so they can’t enforce court orders. 

Who does Lackfords Debt Recovery work for?

Lackfords caters to a diverse clientele. From local SMEs to international corporations, they provide tailor-made solutions to facilitate effective debt recovery. Industries range from retail to telecommunications, making their client base varied and expansive. 

With such a broad reach, you might find yourself dealing with this debt collection company. Some of the main industries they work for are: 

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Utility and energy
  • Professional services
  • Insurance
  • Legal services
  • Automotive

Lackfords Group reviews

The Lackfords Group, like many debt recovery agencies, has an assortment of online reviews. From applause for their professionalism to criticism of their methods, experiences can greatly differ. 

This variation highlights the importance of equipping yourself with comprehensive knowledge when dealing with them. Below are some of their positive reviews are as follows:

On the very rare occasion we’ve needed Lackford’s services, they have been 100% effective. Regular communication and speedy settlements really reduce the stress of what is always a difficult time. Would highly recommend.

Julian Rees

Fantastic Service!!! We quite regularly need to chase payments from Clients in our company, and since we have started using Jon and Lackfords, it’s one less thing we need to worry about. We are kept regularly updated on the progress of all collections, and we have managed to recover so much money that we would of previously just written off..

Tom Bragagnolo.

Have you received a Lackfords debt letter?

Receiving a “Letter Before Action” from Lackfords can cause a stir of panic. It signifies the company’s intention to retrieve the debt before resorting to legal steps. If the debt is unrecognisable, it’s crucial to know how to respond. 

Usually, debt collection companies send a Letter Before Action at an early stage. This letter is a document that they send before they take any legal action. Basically, it’s them giving you a chance to pay before getting the court involved. 

It is important that they send this letter to debtors as it’s part of the process when taking legal action. They can’t directly go to court without sending this letter of warning. 

As much as how terrifying it sounds, some companies send a Letter Before Action even if they don’t want to take the matter to court. They do this only to instil fear into the debtor and somehow get them to pay. So you never know their intentions. 

Or, have you received a Lackfords Notice of Recovery?

When you find a Notice of Recovery from Lackfords Collections in your mailbox, it means serious business. These notices are typically issued when a court-ordered debt hasn’t been paid. 

You usually receive this letter from the enforcement agents of the company. 

This letter is also a warning which requests you to pay before bailiffs seize your goods or property. If you make the payment, they will not move forward with the decision. But if you don’t pay or corporate, then bailiffs will enter your house and take any valuable items. 

Furthermore, if you receive a Notice of Recovery letter, you will also have to pay an additional £75 as a bailiff charge. If they visit your home, the charge will be even higher. 

Do you have to pay Lackfords?

In most circumstances, you have to pay Lackfords. But this is not the case all time. In some instances, you may not have to pay them at all. Below we will discuss this in detail.

Evaluate Your Options

So Lackfords has provided proof, and the debt is indeed yours. What now? Do you instantly start making payments? Not necessarily. First, see what your options are. If you have sufficient money, pay off the debt.

But if you can’t, consider a repayment plan. Remember, you have rights even when in debt. Be sure to explore debt management options. We have discussed through separate section about all debt solutions available for your disposal via a separate section. Therefore keep reading to find them out.

Investigating the Age of Your Debt

In England and Wales, after six years, debts become statute-barred. Simply put, they’re too old to be legally enforced! If your debt falls into this category, then Lackfords can’t make you pay. But for your debt to be statute-barred, you should meet these criteria:

1. You haven’t made any payments in the last six years
2. You haven’t acknowledged that you owe the creditor in the last six years
3. You have not received a County Court Judgement (CCJ) for this debt
Responding to Lackfords

Ignoring Lackfords isn’t advisable. Always maintain open communication. If you’re unable to pay, or if the debt is indeed statute-barred, convey this to them. They’re required by law to respect your circumstances. 

Remember, you have options and rights. Seek advice, make informed decisions, and communicate your circumstances.

Ask Lackfords Debt Recovery to prove the supposed debt

Did you know that you can contest a Letter Before Action (LBA) from Lackfords Collections? Yes, you heard that right! It’s your legal right to request proof of the debt. 

You can challenge this debt collection company to prove that you actually owe them by sending a “Prove the Debt” letter. After you send this, they should return to you with a copy of the agreement that you have signed. 

It’s best that you keep copies of the Prove the Debt letter in case they take you to court. You can show this letter to the judge and say that they refused to show you proof. This will make them ineligible to get a court order against you. 

What happens if they prove your debt?

If Lackfords does prove your debt, it’s time to examine your options. Legal action may loom, but various resources are available to navigate this situation. You can go through some debt solutions or even take advice from debt charities such as:

  • National Debtline 
  • Citizens Advice 
  • Debt Advice Foundation
  • StepChange
What happens if you cannot afford to pay the debt?

There are a number of debt solutions available in the UK that you can use to write off fully or partial amount of your total debt. But You need to fulfil unique conditions in order to get acceptance for one of them. 

Following are the debt solutions that are available inside the UK. We have published separate articles for each solution so that for you to get a clear idea of them. Click on the below links to read more about those solutions.

Considering Statute-Barred Debt

If your debt has been hanging around for years, it may be statute-barred. In England and Wales, the typical timeframe is six years. If your debt is over six years old, then they cannot legally enforce it. 

So before you pay, check if your debt meets the criteria for a statute-barred debt. But keep in mind; this does not mean that you don’t owe them. It just means that now they cannot take legal action against you. 

Checking for Other Debt Collectors

Given the spike in personal debt in the UK, Lackfords might not be the only debt recovery agency you might have to deal with. Being vigilant about others is a smart move. So make sure to check your emails, bank statements and post for confirmation. Some debt collection companies to look out for include:

  • Cabot Financial
  • Lowell Financial
  • PRA Group

Lackfords Group Contact Information

Communication can often be the solution to a myriad of problems. If you need to contact Lackfords Collections directly, having their contact information can prove vital. Are you curious about how to reach out to them? Hold on, as we’ve got the details coming up!

Website: lackfords.co.uk
Address: Napier House, 70 Queen St, Newton Abbot TQ12 2ER
Phone: 0333 344 8230
Email: info@lackfords.co.uk

Key Points

  • Lackfords is a renowned UK debt recovery company that provides services for both early and late-stage debts. They use a unique approach for effective and swift debt resolution, which includes enforcement of court orders.
  • Commercial debt recovery, a service provided by Lackfords, entails tracing and contacting debtors to facilitate the repayment of debts. It plays a crucial role in helping businesses recover outstanding funds.
  • Lackfords works with a wide array of clients ranging from local SMEs to international corporations, offering them tailor-made solutions to expedite their debt recovery process.
  • Public opinion about this collection Group varies. While some appreciate their professionalism, others criticise their methods. It’s essential to gain comprehensive knowledge about the company before dealing with them.
  • Upon receiving a Letter Before Action or a Notice of Recovery from Lackfords, it is possible to challenge the debt by requesting proof via a Proof the Debt letter. Ignoring these notices could lead to severe consequences.
  • The decision to pay Lackfords upon receiving a letter or notice from them depends on individual circumstances. It’s crucial to understand the implications of ignoring a Notice of Recovery.
  • In England and Wales, certain debts can become statute-barred after six years, making them no longer legally enforceable. This rule may apply to some debts handled by this debt collection company.
  • Given the rise in personal debt in the UK, it’s possible that debtors may be dealing with more than one agency like Lackfords. Hence, vigilance is key.


How does Lackfords operate?

Lackfords Debt Recovery uses various techniques to recover debts, including sending debt recovery letters, making phone calls, and sometimes issuing court proceedings.

Do I have to pay Lackfords Debt Recovery immediately?

Not necessarily. It’s important to validate the debt first. Ask Lackfords to show proof if you think it’s a mistake. 

What happens if I ignore a letter from Lackfords?

Ignoring debt recovery letters from debt collection companies like Lackfords could lead to further action, such as court proceedings. It’s always best to communicate with them and discuss your financial situation.

How can I contact Lackfords?

You can contact Lackfords through their official website or by calling their customer service line. 

Can I negotiate with Lackfords?

Yes, you can negotiate with Lackfords. But it’s best to take advice from debt charities for better decisions based on your financial situation. 

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