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It indicates payment has been made to a debt collection agency if you find LC Asset 2 SARL on your bank statement. This debt collection agency that your bank statement might be one of the below firms.

1. Link Financial,
2. Asset Link Capital,
3. or perhaps Victoria Asset Finance Ltd.

Let’s uncover the mysteries behind this name. But remember, the plot only thickens from here…

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Last updated on 22 June 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Getting to Know LC Asset 2 SARL: Who are LC Asset 2 SARL?
2. LC Asset 2 SARL Could Potentially Function as a Debt Collection Agency
3. Seeing LC Asset 2 SARL on Your Bank Statement – What Does It Mean?
4. Who Are the Clients of Link Financial or LC Asset 2 SARL for Debt Collection?
5. Is It Mandatory to Settle Debts with Link Financial or LC Asset 2 SARL?
6. Reasons Why Link Financial or LC Asset 2 SARL Might Appear on Your Credit Report?
7. Will They Cease Pursuit?
8. Victoria Asset Finance Limited Contact Details
9. Having Difficulties Managing Your Debts with LC Asset 2 SARL?
10. FAQ


What was the first thing that came up to your mind when you saw a payment made to LC Asset 2 SARL reflected in your bank account statement?

Probably an urge to find who these people are. But don’t worry. We have covered that part in this article for you. Following a thorough investigation, we identified some links between a Luxembourg-based company and certain debt collection businesses in the UK. 

We are about to provide you with the answers you were finding alone desperately. Therefore keep reading the article.

Getting to Know LC Asset 2 SARL: Who are LC Asset 2 SARL?

Do you see “LC Asset 2 SARL” on your bank account and wonder what it signifies? Here’s what you need to know. 

LC Asset 2 SARL is a company registered in Luxembourg, where it is known for its tax haven status. It’s linked to several businesses in the UK. But finding concrete information about them can be a task due to their elusive online presence.

But you can see a reference to LC Asset 2 SARL in the people section of VICTORIA ASSET FINANCE LIMITED on the Companies House website in the UK.

Companies House website

This Victoria Asset Finance Ltd company is typically involved in financial leasing and was known as Asset Link Capital Limited in the past. It is registered under company number 09502421.

Additionally, there is another scenario that could possibly happen. 

You can find another Asset Link Capital Limited in companies house website. It is a trading name used by Link Financial Outsourcing Limited. Link Financial Outsourcing Limited is a debt-collecting agency that provides services in acquiring unpaid debts on behalf of loan companies and alike.

As you can see, we can indeed conclude that this Luxembourg company LC Asset 2 SARL has connections with several loan and debt-collecting companies within the UK. 

LC Asset 2 SARL Could Potentially Function as a Debt Collection Agency

Evidence suggests that LC Asset 2 SARL may have operated or might still be operating as a debt collection agency. The online forum discussion topics regarding “LC Asset 2 SARL” shows that they have been buying unsolicited debts from various creditors and loan givers. 

Additionally, they have sold some debts to debt collection agencies like Link Financial’s debt recovery. Below are some screenshots taken from forum discussions where people have been seeking help online.

User Ritlo is asking for help to solve a debt collection issue in reference to LC Asset 2 SARL company through Money Saving Expert – Forum.

Money Saving Expert - Forum

User MARGARET1612 is asking for help to solve a debt collection issue in reference to LC Asset 2 SARL company through Legal Beagles – Forum.

 Legal Beagles - Forum

A lot of confusion can be seen when it comes to finding who is LC Asset 2 SARL as you can see in the above shots.

Sometimes LC Asset 2 SARL has sold its debts to Link Financials, while in some cases happened, the opposite.

They’ve even had dealings with renowned entities like Lloyds Bank. If you’re receiving letters from them demanding debt repayment, this might be why. 

But who’s now chasing these debts? It really brings confusion. 

Seeing LC Asset 2 SARL on Your Bank Statement – What Does It Mean?

It may indicate a payment to a debt collection agency if you notice a payment to LC Asset 2 SARL or lc asset 2 Sarl Luxembourg on your bank statement. Sometimes they might have charged you on behalf of other debt collection businesses like Link Financials due to their interconnections.

But what if you’ve never agreed to such a payment? Immediately contact your bank and raise the transaction as fraudulent. They can help stop further transactions and assist in getting your money refunded. Also, you can discuss this with the bank to avoid future transactions as well.

It’s better to avoid raising awareness to the bank if you have already been dealing with these companies. Such as,

1. LC Asset 2 SARL
2. Victoria Asset Finance Limited
3. Asset Link Capital 
4. Link Financial 

We have a better suggestion for you instead. Reach out to your original creditor and ask if the debts have been transferred to a particular company. From there onwards, keep following the trail to find the final owner of your debt. 

Sometimes LC Asset 2 SARL might have connections with other debt collection agencies with different trading names as well. Therefore, following the debt ownership trail from the beginning will help you to find whom you need to be dealt with at the end.

Who Are the Clients of Link Financial or LC Asset 2 SARL for Debt Collection?

Link Financial is one entity that LC Asset 2 SARL is linked to, serving as a debt collection agency for many known businesses in the UK. 

These include 

1. Lloyds Bank,
2. Scottish Power,
3. First Utility, 
4. NPower, 
5. and even the DVLA. 

It’s likely due to unpaid debts for one of these businesses if you receive calls from Link Financial.

Is It Mandatory to Settle Debts with Link Financial or LC Asset 2 SARL?

Do you have to pay Link Financial?

Are you wondering whether it’s necessary to repay Link Financial? Let’s delve into this. Now, Link Financial may indeed insist on debt repayment. You may even face threats of court action. 

However, you must remember a critical point. They must provide proof of your debt.

Additionally, depending on where you reside, a debt over five or six years old might be unenforceable. 

Let us walk you through some key points that you need to be aware of when dealing with debt collection firms like LC Asset 2 SARL or Link Financial.

Importance of Legal Proof

It is crucial for Link Financial or any company associated with LC Asset 2 SARL first establish indeed you owe the debt. 

How do they do this? 

They should be able to present, 

1. Documents like the original credit agreement or 
2. A detailed statement of account. 

Always keep in mind to request the proofs in written documents. Additionally, keep a copy of the letter that you used to demand evidence. This will come in handy if things escalate to a court issue without replying to you. (They are bound by law to respond to you with the proof)

But what if they can’t provide such documents? Well, that’s something we will discuss a bit later.

Time and Debt – An Important Connection

Time plays a pivotal role in the enforceability of debts. In certain jurisdictions, if your debt is five to six years old, it might not be legally enforceable. This is often referred to as a ‘statute-barred’ debt. 

You need to check whether your debts comply with the below main points to be accepted for a statute-barred excuse.

1. Check whether the debt is not older than six years.  
2. Check whether you received any communication. 
3. And in addition, check whether you received a court order from them within that period.

But does this mean the debt is wholly forgotten? Can you imagine the implications if it isn’t? Let’s unfold that scenario in a moment.

Statute-Barred Debts – Not an Absolute Escape

While a statute-barred debt might seem like a sigh of relief, it isn’t always a complete escape. Yes, the company cannot make you pay a debt that is statute-barred. 

But it doesn’t completely disappear. It will remain on your credit history and could affect future credit applications

But wait, there’s more to this story…

The Debt Remains – Implications

The lingering presence of a statute-barred debt can indeed be troublesome. 

For instance, the creditor might check your credit history when you apply for credit. Seeing a previous unpaid debt(even if it is statute-barred) could negatively influence their decision. 

This may lead to denial of credit or less favourable terms. 

But what can you do about it?

Taking Control – Addressing Statute-Barred Debts

Just because a debt is statute-barred doesn’t mean it’s not yours to handle. Yes, legally, you might not be obliged to pay it back. 

But it could be beneficial to address considering the potential impact on your future financial dealings. And there’s a twist as well. Sometimes, you might get a chance to restart the clock acknowledging a statute-barred debt. 

Intrigued? We will get to that soon…

Restarting the Clock – A Critical Caution

Acknowledging a statute-barred debt can sometimes reset the limitation period. This means you might revive debt if you make a payment or even acknowledge it in writing.

Suddenly, a debt that was unenforceable becomes enforceable again. But keep in mind that debt collection agencies will start chasing after you from the moment it becomes enforceable. So be prepared to deal with them effectively.

Reasons Why Link Financial or LC Asset 2 SARL Might Appear on Your Credit Report?

It could mean that Link Financial has bought your debt from another business if they appear on your credit report. You now owe the money to Link Financial, and it could impact your credit score negatively if you fail to pay.

Will They Cease Pursuit?

Debt collection agencies are known for their persistence. It’s highly unlikely that they would stop pursuing until the debt is settled. 

The below screenshot shows a debt collection agency following a debt trail of more than 12 years old. Source (Money Saving Expert – Forum)

Money Saving Expert - Forum

Therefore, it’s crucial to take immediate action to prevent further complications.

Victoria Asset Finance Limited Contact Details

Phone: 02920 808 650
Address: Victoria Asset Finance, Brecon House, Caerphilly Business Park, Caerphilly CF83 3GQ
Email: customerservices@victoriaassetfinance.co.uk
Website: victoriaassetfinance.com

Having Difficulties Managing Your Debts with LC Asset 2 SARL?

Debt can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Several debt charities in the UK provide excellent services. You can also read more about debt solutions in various online guides to help manage your debt better.

Below are some debt charity organisations that work in the UK to help people like you for free.

1. National Debtline 
2. Citizens Advice
3. PayPlan
4. Community Money Advice
5. StepChange Debt Charity. Click here to read more about debt charity organisations.


What is the meaning of LC Asset 2 SARL?

LC Asset 2 SARL is a company name often involved in financial dealings such as debt collection. SARL stands for Société à Responsabilité Limitée, which translates to a limited liability company (LLC) in English. LC is often short for ‘Letter of Credit.’ However, the exact meaning may vary depending on the context.

What are LC assets in a bank statement?

In a banking context, LC typically stands for ‘Letter of Credit.’ An LC asset could refer to the financial benefit or value derived from a Letter of Credit. 
Simply, It is a financial document issued by a bank, guaranteeing a buyer’s payment to a seller. If the buyer is unable to make the payment, the bank will cover the amount.

How does LC work in a bank?

An LC or Letter of Credit is used to facilitate international trade. The buyer’s bank issues it to the seller’s bank, guaranteeing full payment. If the buyer is unable to fulfil their payment obligations, the bank will pay on their behalf.

How does a bank make money on an LC?

Banks make money on Letters of Credit by charging service fees. These include costs for opening the LC, negotiation fees, and fees for amending the LC. In some cases, banks may also earn interest on the LC amount.

What are the four types of letters of credit?

The four primary types of Letters of Credit are:

  • Commercial LC: This is a direct payment method where the bank pays the beneficiary on behalf of the customer.
  • Standby LC: This acts as a backup option for payment, used only when the buyer defaults on payment.
  • Revolving LC: This allows for multiple drawings within a certain limit and period.
  • Confirmed LC: This involves a second bank, apart from the issuing bank, guaranteeing the LC.

What are the risks in LC transactions?

1. Risks in an LC transaction include fraud risk,
2. Legal risk (i.e., complying with all applicable laws),
3. Operational risk (i.e., proper issuing, amending, and cancellation of the LC),
4. And credit risk (i.e., the risk that the issuing bank or confirming bank, if any, fails to fulfil its obligations when due).

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