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Link Financial Harassment is not permitted to harass you under any circumstances. You must keep it in mind forever. If they dare to intrude on your peace by calling during inappropriate hours. Also, if they dare to reach out to your employer or, even worse, attempt to intimidate you in person, you’ve got rights. 

So, what can you do about it? Just wait until I tell you the steps of launching a formal complaint. Buckle up because this could be a game-changer.

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Last updated on 31 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Identifying Link Financial: Who Are They?
2. Who Does Link Financial Collect For?
3. Link Financial Reviews and Feedback
4. Have You Received a Link Financial Debt Letter?
5. What Could Happen If I Don’t Settle My Debt with Link Financial?
6. Link Financial Harassment
7. How to Deal with Link Financial Harassment
8. Ask Link Financial to Prove Your Debt
9. Don’t Pay Link Financial If Your Debt is Too Old to Be Collected!
10. How Do I Find Out If My Debt is “Statute-Barred”?
11. Staying On Top Of Your Debts
12. Link Financial Contact Details
13. Get Confidential Debt Help for Free
14. Key Points
15. FAQ


Identifying Link Financial: Who Are They?

Link Financial, a trading style of Link Financial Limited, is a UK-based debt collection company. It is registered as a Private Limited Company on 28th October 2009. The address is The Peak, 2nd Floor, 5 Wilton Road, London, England, SW1V 1AN, under the company number 07059696

They chase overdue payments for other businesses in exchange for a commission on any payments made. But they end up in this picture. Many companies can buy your debt where you owed to a different company, often at a fraction of its value. However, don’t let the unfamiliarity scare you.  

Link Financial is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is a debt-collecting agency that operates under the Link Financial Limited brand. It is registered under the reference number 606817 at Financial Conduct Authority. 

They pursue outstanding debts for other firms in exchange for a fee and a percentage of payments. They may even purchase loans for far less than their true value, generating a profit even if the debtor only pays half of the amount. Link Financial is not an enforcement agent, such as bailiffs, who work for other companies and Financial Conduct Authority authorises and regulates these companies.

Who Does Link Financial Collect For?

“Link Financial” might seem unfamiliar, but it represents a huge range of businesses across various industries. They could knock at your door for unsettled dues. If you’ve shopped at the UK high street, signed up for utilities, or owned a Barclaycard, they might be at your doorstep.

Link Financial may pursue outstanding debts and arrears on behalf of any firm in any industry. They’ve been known to collect for several well-known companies in the past. Examples include 

  • High-street retailers in the United Kingdom
  • Well-known utility corporations
  • Some creditors, such as Barclaycard.

Link Financial Reviews and Feedback

You might get puzzled by the sudden appearance of Link Financial. Your surprise isn’t unique. Various “Link Financial Harassment” reviews online depict the firm as aggressively persistent. Their relentless follow-up can seem overwhelming, whether a two-pence debt or a more significant sum.

Have You Received a Link Financial Debt Letter?

This is where it begins with the Letter Before Action (LBA). As the name suggests, it’s an official communication that precedes legal action. The letter will indicate how much you owe. Also, it provides a deadline for payment. It may even hint at court action if the payment isn’t made. 

So, it is necessary to know how you should respond. Purpose of Link Financial sending a Letter Before Action (LBA) letter to you is to explain the outstanding debt and to give you notice about what will happen if not paid or come to an payment plan agreement before a due date. These letters are properly known as Letters Before Action (LBA). 

These letters allow the debtor like you to pay or agree to a payment plan before initiating legal action. They are a necessary step in the process of going to court. Therefore, it is better to stay vigilant about the letter before action.

What Could Happen If I Don’t Settle My Debt with Link Financial?

You might be taken to court if Link Financial Harassment takes form through LBAs and you fail to pay. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, it’s a scare tactic to hasten payments. And that’s where we’ll help you draw the line. 

Link Financial may file a lawsuit against you if you do not pay after obtaining an LBA. Court threats might be legitimate or meant to intimidate you into paying immediately. Fear of going to court can motivate many people to pay more quickly than required. 

Some may avoid paying at all. It is critical to understand the legal procedure and the potential implications of not paying in order to respond to these letters.

Link Financial Harassment

You might wonder what counts as Link Financial Harassment in the eye of FCA.  

  • Unsocial hour call
  • Reaching out to your employer
  • Frequent calls and texts
  • House visits count as harassment.
  • Begin showing up at your house (but don’t allow them in!)

Fortunately, you’re not helpless in such a situation. If you do not pay Link Financial, they do not plan to take you to court despite their threats. They may call you more frequently and be more pushy. However, Link Financial is committing harassment if they doin one of above.

How to Deal with Link Financial Harassment

Feeling Cornered? Don’t panic. You can combat Link Financial Harassment by clearly communicating your contact preferences. If the harassment continues, escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Armed with substantial evidence, they could penalise Link Financial. 

Link Financial may take legal action against individuals who fail to pay after receiving an LBA. Court threats can be genuine or used as a scare tactic to get people to pay quickly. The fear of being taken to court can lead to people paying quicker than necessary, and some may have avoided paying at all. 

To deal with Link Financial harassment, you can send your contact preferences. Then request that all communications be made in writing. If they fail to follow these preferences, you can make a complaint directly to them. If they persistently ignore your preferences or don’t respond, escalate the complaint to Financial Ombudsman of your area. 

Reporting the behaviour and harassment to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is highly recommended, as they will investigate and punish Link Financial. It is crucial to provide evidence to prove harassment and rule violations.

Ask Link Financial to Prove Your Debt

Don’t be hasty in settling the debt. Instead, request proof of the debt’s validity. Remember, before any payment is made, it’s within your rights to ask for this proof. Rather than ignoring their messages, the best line of action is to request proof of the debt. 

They must show you documentation that you owe the money before they may request you to pay. Here, we explain further and give a free prove-it letter template. 

Don’t Pay Link Financial If Your Debt is Too Old to Be Collected!

In some cases, the debt might be too old to recover. A debt could be classified as ‘statute-barred’ if it has not been pursued for six years. Plus you should not have any communication or court implicatin on you regarding to the debt we are discussing within that 6 years.

Thus you might get a chance to render uncollectable by law. And the court will write off your debt sorting under debt is too old to be retrieved.

This is the reason after six years, many debts cannot be pursued in court. This is explained in full in our statute-barred guide. 

How Do I Find Out If My Debt is “Statute-Barred”?

It’s simple. Consult a UK debt charity or a professional debt advisor. These services can help verify whether your debt is too old to collect. The wrong claim could land you in trouble, so get a second opinion to be safe. 

We can advise you to get expert debt assistance to as certain if your debt is statute-barred. You can’t utilise paid services. However, contacting a UK debt charity can assist. A counsellor can determine the age and collectability of the debt. 

You can seek a second educated opinion, as it’s not a good idea to tell a corporation your debt is statute-barred when it isn’t.

Staying On Top Of Your Debts

The debt collection industry can be cryptic. The same debt collector might contact you under different names, creating confusion. Companies lik e Robinson Way, Cabot Financial Group, Credit Style, and Lowell Financial are known for this practice. To stay on top, maintain a careful track of your communications.

To avoid these challenging parts of the market, conducting research and having a clear mind is critical.

Link Financial Contact Details

Find all essential contact details for Link Financial below:

Website: Corporate Home Page

Customer Home Page

Customer Self Service Portal

Email Customer Service: mail@linkfinancial.co.uk
Email Dispute Resolution Team: complaints@linkfinancial.co.uk
General Enquiries Phone: 0870 845 8484
Customer Service Phone: 800 064 44990
Dispute Resolution Team Phone: 0330 024 7050
Address: The Peak 2nd Floor, 5 Wilton RoadLondon, England, SW1V 1AN
Post: Link Financial Outsourcing LimitedPO Box 107, Caerphilly CF83 3GG
Direct Exchange: DX 148020 Caerphilly 6

Get Confidential Debt Help for Free

After experiencing “Link Financial Harassment”, getting further into debt is the last thing you need. Use this guide to prevent it. If you need more please feel free to contact us via filling this form.

Key Points

  • Link Financial may engage in harassment, including aggressive contact, calling at unsociable hours, or contacting your employer.
  • Tips on dealing with Link Financial harassment, backed by financial experts and research.
  • Link Financial is a debt collection company that chases unpaid debts for other businesses, and the Financial Conduct Authority authorises and regulates these companies.
  • They collect debts for various companies across industries, and some reviews mention aggressive and persistent behaviour.
  • If you receive a Letter Before Action (LBA) from Link Financial, it outlines the owed amount and gives a deadline to pay before taking legal action.
  • If you don’t pay after receiving an LBA, Link Financial may try to contact you more frequently and aggressively, constituting harassment.
  • To deal with harassment, set communication preferences and file a complaint with Link Financial; if unresolved, escalate it to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
  • Instead of ignoring letters, ask Link Financial to prove the debt; they must provide evidence before demanding payment.
  • Some debts can turn into “statute-barred” and uncollectible after six years.
  • You can seek advice from a UK debt charity to determine if your debt qualifies. 
  • There are various kinds of debt solutions available inside the UK for you to use to get relief from debt.
  • The article mentions that staying on top of debts can be challenging due to debt collectors using multiple names and addresses.
  • Contact details for Link Financial, and after experiencing harassment, resources and tips to stay out of debt.


What does Link Financial Harassment mean?

Link Financial Harassment refers to aggressive or persistent tactics used by Link Financial to collect debts. This can include frequent phone calls, texts, emails, or even visits to your home or workplace.

How can I deal with Link Financial Harassment?

If you’re facing harassment from Link Financial, you can communicate your contact preferences, and if the harassment persists, file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

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