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Have you noticed Lowell Telecom appearing on your credit report recently? But you are sure that you didn’t do any deal with Lowell Telecom, Right? Then how can they pop up on your feed?

This implies that Lowell Telecom, a debt collection agency notorious for purchasing debts, might now own an obligation you’re obliged to pay. 

Lowell Telecom on Credit Report - What Is This? A 2023 Guide

Is having a record of Lowell Telecom on your credit report not risky? You barely know about them, or you do not know about them at all. But is it okay to deal with an unknown company? 

That’s why we are here for you with this valuable paper. There’s more to this scenario that you ought to know…

Stay tuned till the end as we delve deeper into the implications of seeing Lowell Telecom on your credit report.

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Last updated on 21 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Overcoming Lowell Telecom Debt Collection Efforts
2. What is Lowell Telecom All About?
3. Ways to Reach Lowell Telecom
4. Why does Lowell appear on My Credit History?
5. Steps to Clear My Debt with Lowell Telecom
6. Lowell Confirmed My Debt – What’s the Next Step?
7. Duration of Lowell Telecom’s Appearance on Credit Report
8. Is It Possible to Request Lowell Telecom to Remove a Default?
9. Seeking Assistance to Battle Against Debt Collectors?
10. FAQ


Overcoming Lowell Telecom Debt Collection Efforts

Fear not if you found a record of Lowell Telecom on your credit report and feeling puzzled. We will provide you with proper guidance to approach their insights carefully and achieve a debt-free life in future.

Understanding the essence of Lowell Telecom and how to confront its debt-collection tactics will grant you the upper hand. Lowell Telecom is well known as an established debt collection agency that purchases your debt from various companies for a fixed fee or commission and chases you for repayment.

They try to understand your situation and devise a proper repayment plan based on their budget calculator. In confirming their experience and professional state, they mentioned that they are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority on their main website. 

The speciality of this company is they Often pursue debt related to telecommunications expenses. However, you can gain an edge by scrutinising the debt’s validity and contemplating feasible UK debt solutions. 

What is Lowell Telecom All About?

In order to deal with every situation, especially when it comes to a debt collector like Lowell Telecom, as usual, the primary key to solving your problem is understanding the situation. The more you know Lowell Telecom, the more you can address any debt issues with them efficiently.

Lowell Financial Ltd is the parent company, and they made their reputation by purchasing debts at a discounted rate and seeking payment from debtors in these past years.This business is also registered as a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA)

The primary function is to collect debts for various businesses on a fixed commission and  they frequently acquire debt from businesses including internet service providers, mobile network operators, and others.

Ways to Reach Lowell Telecom

You can communicate or negotiate with Lowell Telecom via different methods. But always remember that direct communication can prove invaluable in managing your debt situation.

Website: www.lowell.co.uk 
Phone numbers: 0333 556 5835

0333 556 5570

0161 968 7065

0333 344 6379

0333 556 5902

0333 556 5847

0333 556 5562

Email address: post@lowellgroup.co.uk
Postal address: PO Box 1411, Northampton, NN2 1BQ
Office Address: Ellington House 9 Savannah Way, Leeds Valley Park West, Leeds LS10 1AB
Other addresses: PO Box 201 Huddersfield HD8 1EP

PO Box 189 Huddersfield HD8 1DY

Opening times: Monday – Thursday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

As you are using new technology, you can contact us using our contact form. In addition, we can help you to understand and manage your Lowell accounts with all the necessary tools.

Why does Lowell appear on My Credit History?

One common query that many individuals have in this scenario. 

First, let’s be clear: What is a credit file? 

It is essentially a record of any credit or utilities you’ve applied for or taken out in the past and present, including any information about the payments you’ve made or missed. 

A company’s decision to lend you money or offer services is based on the information in your credit file. So now you can understand this section much more easily.

The reasons behind Lowell appearance on Credit History

The actual reason is that Once Lowell Telecom acquires your Debt, Lowell Telecom must report it to credit reference agencies. Unpaid debt is the main reason behind this scenario. But also, here are some more reasons you may have undergone.

  • Delinquent Account – This will happen when you’ve fallen behind on payments for a credit card, loan, or other form of credit. Then the original creditor may have passed your account to a debt collection company.
  • Defaulted Account – If you cannot make payments for an extended period, then your account may have been marked as “defaulted”. It will transfer to a debt collection agency like Lowell Telecom. In this case, they will send you a default notice letter.
  • Mistaken Identity – This is based on credit reports that may contain errors. But do not get any tension, you can contact credit reference agencies for the correction.

You can always review the report carefully and understand the details of the debt and its original creditors. 

The other situation you have to face when you are clearing your debt is that you’ve got more than one debt under your name. Then you have to decide which of them to deal with and pay off first. For that, you can always seek guidance from organisations like Citizens Advice and StepChange.
Why does Lowell appear on my Credit History?
Priority debts and Non – priority debts

When you are dealing with priority debts, they have more severe consequences.

  • Rent
  • Mortgage or Secured loans
  • Council tax
  • Gas or electricity
  • Child maintenance
  • Tax, VAT or National Insurance
  • County Court judgments or Magistrates Court Fines
  • Phone bill
  • TV licence

Also, there are non-priority debts, including:

  • Overdrafts
  • Credit cards
  • Unsecured loans
  • Catalogue debts

However, they can only initiate this process after notifying you via a Notice of Assignment letter. Remember, consistent repayment is crucial in preventing negative entries on your credit file. Otherwise, your credit score and financial well-being are in danger.

Steps to Clear My Debt with Lowell Telecom

Clearing your Debt with Lowell Telecom involves direct contact and negotiation. We can go through step by step, in general, to remove your debt as follows,

  • Review your debt – check your credit report and any correspondence from Lowell Telecom regarding the debt. Always Make sure the debt is yours and all the details are accurate.
  • Direct contact Lowell Telecom – After verifying the debt, contact them through phone, mail or physically and discuss future decisions. But always think wisely before speaking.
  • Negotiate a Payment Plan – Explain your financial situation if you can not make the full payment. Then choose the appropriate payment plan according to your financial status and debt type.
  • Get Agreements as Proof – In the case of any conflicts in the future, this will be used as confirmation of the agreement.
  • Make Payments according to your repayment plan.

As an additional step, If you find the debt-clearing process challenging, always seek Professional Advice from relevant authorities.

You can check your credit report and any correspondence from Lowell Telecom regarding the debt. Always Make sure the debt is yours and all the details are accurate.

However, if you question the debt, you can ask Lowell to validate it first. It is their responsibility to provide you with proof of your debt. Always keep a record of any communication with Lowell for future reference, especially when it comes to proving the existence of the debt.

Lowell Confirmed My Debt – What’s the Next Step?

Upon debt confirmation, you may face potential court action if you don’t make repayments. A County Court Judgement (CCJ) can be issued against you, necessitating repayment to Lowell. Honouring these payments is crucial, as ignoring them may lead to more severe consequences.

Now you are wondering who is a CCJ.

A CCJ (County Court Judgment) is a Court Order registered against someone who owes money to a creditor or a company that has purchased their debt.

Not all debt solutions will be feasible for your situation. Still, you can determine which ones might be by contacting independent organisations offering free debt assistance, including National Debtline. Also, Lowells are there to determine a budget based on all your outgoings and incomings using their budget calculator.

Once CCJ is entered against you, they address a Judgement, which may include payment terms or instalments over some time. You can work with the instructed solicitors and explore affordable payment options.

Remember Ignoring a CCJ could lead you to further legal actions. In the end, it transfers into enforcement action, which includes, 

  • A Warrant of Control
  • An Attachment of Earnings
  • A Charging Order

You can get information about a CCJ from your credit file using your unique Court reference number / Claim Number.

Your goal is to end all financial issues as soon as possible, and your goal is to make your business successful by collecting all the debts from your debtors. So if all two groups work together, you can reach your goal as well as them.

Duration of Lowell Telecom’s Appearance on Credit Report

Should Lowell Telecom appear on your credit report, the record typically remains for six years, regardless of whether you settle the debt. After this period, the entry is automatically expunged from your credit file.

However, acquiring new credit might be challenging during its tenure on your report. When Lowell Telecom’s Appearance is more extended, it significantly lowers your credit score. That will challenge you to qualify for loans, credit cards, or favourable interest rates in the future.

Duration of Lowell Telecom's Appearance on Credit Report

Is It Possible to Request Lowell Telecom to Remove a Default?

First, let us understand what is meant by default on a credit file. Insolvency will appear when you’ve been unable to keep up with payments on an account.

Lowell Telecom employees will send the default notice as a warning. It includes a ‘grace period’ of enough time, usually 14 days, for you to make missing payments if you can. Otherwise, the default will apply to your credit history.

The fundamental matter is can we remove this default from our credit report? The answer is yes. You can undoubtedly request Lowell Telecom to vacate a bankruptcy from your credit file. But how?

You can contact each of the credit reference agencies and inform them of the ongoing credit report dispute. Clearly explain why they should change the credit report, and then they will speak to the original lender – Lowell Telecoms, to check their records properly. 

Your credit file will be shown as “satisfied” if you paid off your debt in full without receiving a discount. If you received a deal on your debt, the default will be recorded as “partially satisfied.”

If Lowell fails to act promptly at that time, you can escalate the issue to credit reference agencies again.

Seeking Assistance to Battle Against Debt Collectors?

Tackling debt collection agencies can be overwhelming. Empowering yourself with the correct information is vital. Also, if you can control the situation intelligently, you will lead a stress-free future related to financial views.

You’ll be more confident during discussions if you know your rights and the debt-collecting procedure. So the first thing is to Know your rights properly, not halfway. Then you will avoid ending up in their traps and unpleasant tactics. 

I can give some quick tips as assistance for your debt-related issues,

  • Assess your financial situation – Gathering and analysing all your debt-related information, such as the amount owed, interest rates, minimum payments, due dates etc.
  • Create a budget – Detailed funding will support your future decisions. 
  • Prioritise debts – When you have multiple debts, Identify the debts with the highest interest rates and concentrate on clearing them first.
  • Negotiate with debt collectors – Discussion can lead to extended payment terms or debt settlement options.
  • Seek professional advice – expert guidance will manage your debt effectively.

Access more comprehensive articles from our debt collection agency hub to enhance your knowledge and mount an effective defence against debt collectors.


Welcome to the FAQ Section!

In addition, This section is designed to provide quick and helpful answers to some of the most common questions related to Lowell Telecom’s debt management. Let’s take a look…

What is Lowell Telecom?

Lowell Telecom is a division of Lowell Financial Ltd, a renowned debt collection agency. Their modus operandi involves purchasing debts from various businesses, often at a lower cost than their actual value. Spotting Lowell Telecom on your credit report typically indicates that they have acquired a debt you owe, most likely associated with a telecommunications company.

What’s a credit file?

A credit file is a collection of information, including the amount of money you’ve borrowed, the amount you’ve paid back, and whether you’ve missed any payments. This is held by a credit reference agency (CRA).

What’s the default?

Your account will enter a default stage when you do not make payments for a specific period, and the creditor may inform you that the agreement has been broken. The negative impact is that this default will be recorded on your credit report.

What happens if I don’t pay?

Lowell Telecoms first try to contact you by phone, letter or email. After all these methods, if you are still not paying your money, then your account will default. So, it will affect your credit score too. After all these actions are taken, they will move into legal action, which could result in fees, charges and interest being added to what you owe. County Court Judgement (CCJ) will play a significant role in this legal action.

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